Sunday, October 31, 2010 – Samhain Celebration

Date: Sunday, October 31, 2010
Time: 1:30-2:20
Sun Phase: Zenith
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent, 36.7% Full
Activities: Samhain Feast, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Ceremony of Apples for the Dead and Returning Gifts to the Earth

This morning, Laney and I went to the store to purchase some fresh apples, oranges, bread, donuts, and chicken. We set up the food as a Samhain feast and ate it together while expressing thankfulness to the Lord of the Universe and to the Planet Earth. We left a plate for the Spirits. (I do suspect my father ate some of this Spirit food…).

At noon, we wrote messages for the Spirits of the Dead, for on Samhain, the ancients believed that the veil between the World of the Dead and the World of the Living is especially thing.

We attached our messages to apples via strings. I performed the Rite of Purification by Water and we proceeded outside.

Once there, we said we respectfully “break the earth in order to heal the earth.” We then dug a hole beneath the lilac tree. We lit a stick of incense and candle in a green candle holder saying “We light this incense and this candle to announce our presents and our gifts for the Spirits and to help them to find these gifts.”

We then placed light paper in the Earth and I performed the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe towards the East. Laney they did her own silent ritual to the spirits:
–raising her hands to show that she was making a gesture to the Spirits
–then she arched her hands over towards the center to make a primordia mound
–she moved her hands down towards the center to form a yonic symbol for Mother
–she did the symbol for children, with a fist with thumb up on top of an open hand
–she waved her fingers as she spread out her hands to symbolize the spreading out of the Children across the Earth, the mound shape
–she then turned her hands towards the mound and raised the people to the Sky or Heavens.

The message of this ritual was to address the Earth Mother, asking her to bless her Children with increase across the land and to the Heavens and the Spirit World.

Then Laney and I read, in harmony, our letter to all Spirits in the Spirit World, specifically the Spirits, the Earth, the Totems, the Ancient Ones, and those who came before, which read:

“To the Spirit World, Earth, and Totems,

Please have the strength to repair yourself and sustain the children who depend on you. Please bless us with wisdom to care for you and use your gifts to care for ourselves. Please help us to help ourselves and work with you to care for all around us. Please bless us with increase, health, and sustain us through our lives. Thank you for your wisdom, bounty, medicine, and fertility.

Your Children”

Then we lit the fire and placed our letters to our loved ones into it, so that the messages could be conveyed up through the fire to the Spirit world. We then placed in some pieces of birch bark into the fire pit, saying “we return to you your gift of wood.”

Then we put in two stones, saying “we return to you your gift of stone, which has helped our people to become great.” Then, we put in two pennies, saying “we return to you the gift of metal, which has helped our civilization to develop.” Then, we placed some pieces of bread into the pit, saying “we return the gift of bread, which has helped us feed our people from the wheat grown in your soil.” We returned some salt to the pit, saying “we return the gift of salt to the earth, which is an essence of life, within all of us, and gives our life flavour.”

We then sang a song called “Land of the Mother,” which is a beautiful wordless melody. Thereafter, we placed the apples with the attached name tags into the pit, beginning with the Spirit apple, proceeding to the apple for Laney’s father, and ending with the apple for my uncle and grandparents. The fire had burned out by this point.

Then, we said that we would return the gift of the earth that we had broken to the Earth Mother, and said “we wish you will accept our humble gifts, which were given from you to us.” We took turns filling the earth into the pit, over top the apples. While we did this, Laney said “we would like to return the gift of your earth so that you can accept your gifts. We offer thanks to you.” We sprinkled water over the mound of earth and said “we would like to return the gift of water, which has sustained all life, and that we hope to care for the Earth more in the future. We would like you to ask us when you need our help and we will ask for your help in return. We return the earth to help heal the Earth. We offer you the gifts to increase your bounty in order that you might help us increase ourselves. We placed the leaves over our buried earth and apples so that we might heal the scars that we have created.” We did so and left the incense burning so that the Spirits might find where we left their gifts.

We ended with “thank you,” returned the shovel to the shed and carried our implements back into the house.

It was a moving ceremony of thanks, gratefulness, and appreciation for the Earth and our ancestors.

Ritual Work for October 28, 2010


Date: Thursday, October 28, 2010
Time: 8:00-9:12 p.m.
Sun Phase: Set
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous, 65% Full
Jupiter Position: In Pisces, the Sign that it Rules and in which it is strongest
Activities: Rite of Purification by Water (RPW), Cutting out and Inscription of two Jupiter Talismans, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Middle Pillar Ritual, Circulation of the Light into the Talismans, Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Jupiter (RHIJ), Prayer, Projection of Jupiter Energies into Talismans, Invocation of Jophiel, Invocation of Tzadkiel, Projection of LVX and Jupiter Energies into the Talismans, Prayer, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, LBRP

Procedure: Today I performed the creation, charging, and consecration of two Jupiter talismans.  I began to prepare the temple around 7:57 and to get into my robe, nemyss, etc.  I prepared the altar with a number of items: three candles in blue shaded candle holders (blue being the colour of Jupiter), the Cross and Triangle, three drawings of the Sigil of Jupiter, the Grimoiric Seal of Tzadkiel, Sigil of Tzadkiel, Sigil of Johphiel (within the triangle), a crystal of Amethyst within the triangle, and a Canadian 5 dollar bill on the altar.  The 5 dollar bill is predominantly in blue ink, linking it symbolically and sympathetically both to the intended money of the ritual and the blue of Jupiter.

I performed the Rite of Purification by water and the Fourfold Breath.  Today, Thursday, is the Planetary Day of Jupiter.  I began to create the talismans at 8:03, just as the Planetary Hour of Jupiter began.  The talismans were inscribed with the planetary Square of Jupiter, the Seal of Jupiter with YHVH in Hebrew within its quadrants, the Sigils of Tzadkiel and Johphiel, the name EL in Hebrew, a total of 6 invoking Hexagrams of Jupiter, (2 on one side, 4 on the other), and a translation of a relevant Psalm, “wealth and riches are in his house and his righteousness endureth forever.”

I then performed Adoration of the Lord of the Universe to express my devotion and humble intent.  This was followed by the Middle Pillar Ritual, after which I circulated the Light into the talismans to begin to charge them.   I then performed the powerful Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Jupiter (RHIJ).  After this ritual, the room felt like it was humming with energy.  I seemed to see little astral sparks of light in the air.

I then prayed to the Lord of the Universe asking for aid in the ritual from the Lord, from the archangel of Jupiter Tzadkiel and from the Intelligence of Jupiter, Johphiel.  Thereafter, I stood in the West facing the altar in the East, traced the Sigil of Jupiter over the talismans in blue Light, and charged them by raising the energies of Jupiter and projecting them into the talismans with the Projection Sign.  While projecting, I vibrated the Divine Name associated with Jupiter, EL. I turned, facing the altar from the North and repeated the same steps.  I did the same in the East and in the South and returned to the West, facing East.  The dark room was aglow with energy.  The sense of palpable mystery and magic was strong in the air.

I then traced Johphiel’s sigil in the air and invoked the spirit.  After the invocation had been made, the room became visibly more still and yet a holy presence was felt.  I prayed, saying “Dear Lord, I ask that you allow your Intelligence, Johphiel, to Project his Energy into this talisman, that it might acquire the power to attract money without harming any being, for the purpose of securing the necessities of life and doing good on Earth according to God’s Will. This I ask in the Name of the Lord of the Universe, with great thanks to God and to Johphiel His Intelligence.”

I saw, astrally, the form of a presence of Light sending a jet of energy into the talismans from each of the four directional quadrants.  I then invoked Tzadkiel, felt a sense of energetic presence in the room, and made a similar prayer asking for Tzadkiel to charge the talismans with its energy and enable the talismans to serve their purpose.

I then stated the intent to project the LVX and seal the energies of Jupiter in the talismans that they might serve as attractors of magnets for money without harming any being in the process, not out of greed, but to provide for the necessities of life and to do God’s will on earth.  I then traced invoking hexagrams with the Sigil of Jupiter within them over the talismans and raised and projected the energies into the talismans from each of the Quarters.  While projecting, I again vibrated the Name El.

I then made a final statement of the intent of the ritual, a final prayer to the Lord of the Universe, performed the Adoration, and closed with the LBRP.  The Qabalistic cross was completed at precisely 9:12, 1 minute after the Hour of Jupiter came to a close.  The timing in this ritual was perfect.

At the end of the ritual, I was left feeling energized and with a heart full of mystery, reverence and wonder.  There was no trace of doubt in my mind.  The ceremony had been successful and I was now in the possession of two charged Jupiter talismans.

We will see in the coming days and weeks whether they prove effective or not…

Frater S.C.F.V.

P.S. The traditional effects of a Jupiter talisman include the attraction of “Gains and riches, favor and love, peace, concord, influence, appeasement of enemies, confirmation of honors, dignities and counsels,” and the “dissolving of enchantments.”  They may also include the expansion of religious faith and general growth.

Day 1, Oct 29:  While carrying both Jupiter talismans today, I was surprised to observe some striking changes in my overall psychology.  The power and intensity of the changes suggests that they were more than accidental; they were likely products of the energies of the Greater Benefic.  My mind was totally clear and peaceful.  My habitual nervousness was replaced with a total and unwavering confidence.  My body language was different; I stood tall and confident.  In interactions with people, I was calm and I noticed that I held more people’s attention.  I appeared more charming as well and found favor and deeper friendship with an acquaintance.  I noticed people gathering around to speak with me in one of my McGill classes, who rarely do so ordinarily.

I also noticed a greater sense of piety, one might say, an expansion of  religious faith.  I felt thankful to the Lord of the Universe and filled with hope for what was to come.  I did not come across any money today, however.  We will see if that aspect unfolds in the coming days and weeks.  I gave one of the talismans to Laney; we will see what fruits it bears for her.

Update: I have received word that last night, October 29, Laney received a money transfer of $400 from her aunt.  She may have been planning to do this anyway or the talisman may have had some effect in bringing it about.  Either way, it was in line with the intent of the ceremony.  We will wait and see if more telling results come to pass.

Day 2, Oct 30 and Day 3, Oct 31: The same effects of confidence and ease of conversation have persisted while wearing the talisman today.  I did notice something less productive than the other effects, however; Jupiter is the Planet that rules leisure time and I have felt absolutely no motivation to do my marking today.  I have been relaxing the whole day with leisurely activities, which, while pleasant, is not terribly positive, for I am falling behind on my work.   I must be careful with this aspect in the future, and balance this tendency with real effort to stay on top of my work.

Day 4, Nov. 1: The positive results continue to flow from this talisman.  I noticed that as soon as it is brought near my body (e.g. put into my pocket), my mind calms down as if I had just been meditating.  I carried the Talisman with me to work today and noticed that my students calmed down, respecting my authority much easier.  A teacher with whom I had often argued talked to me with favour and kindness and my calm confidence continues to flourish.

Ritual work for October 24, 2010

Date: October 24, 2010
Time: 11:30-12:27 p.m.
Sun Phase: Zenith
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous, 97% Full
Activities: Rite of Purification by Water (RPW), Adoration of the Lord of the Universe,  THME Meditation, Fivefold Elemental Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, Middle Pillar, Rite of Elemental Equilibration, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Qabalistic Cross, Blessing and Parting 

Today’s rituals proceeded much the same as yesterday’s.  However, there were some changes.  I added the Battery of Four Knocks from the Neophyte Ritual and sounded my Tibetan Singing Bowl four times at the beginning and ending of the ceremony.I performed the Ciceros’ THME meditation at the beginning of the rituals before the FELIRP, which now includes the invocation of Spirit and the formulation of the Spirit Wheel to equilibrate the elemental energies.  It is seen and felt as shining within the internal Hexagram in the column at the center of the body.

During the Middle Pillar, I attempted something new, namely, vibrating the Divine Names twice in a single breath to shift consciousness into a one-pointed concentration.  There was some success with this technique, which produced a strong sense of the energy of LVX.

At the closing of the rituals , I saw THME salute me with the Projection Sign, which I answered with the Sign of Silence.  I then saluted her with the Projection Sign and she answered me in like fashion, with the Sign of Silence.  I blessed myself with each of the symbols of the elements and closed the temple.

An interesting thing I have noticed in the last two days is that the sprig of Cedar that I found after doing an Invocation of the Earth Element on the grounds of a Quartz Crystal Mine has a strong sense of energy to it.  When I put it to my forehead, I can almost feel it humming with power.   I had found it after invoking the earth element, sitting in the grass amongst rows of evergreens, and meditating on the element.  I then asked the Gnomes to guide me to something I could use on my path.  I followed my intuition and was led to this particular sprig, for which I thanked the Elementals and which I then took home with me.  It now sits on my altar in the Northern section.

Frater S.C.F.V.


The Divine as the Inner and the Outer

The 99 Names of God are 99 Arabic Names that are used to refer to God in the Qur’an. On this page, you will find a list of the 99 names, a translation of each in English, and a list of passages in the Qur’an where the Name is mentioned.

The only detail I would add to this is the meaning of “Allah.” The website translates it as “Allah.” However, the correct English translation can be obtained by breaking down the word into al-Lah. This literally means “The God.” The word has no plural in Arabic to emphasize the absolute monotheism entailed by the term.

One of the passages of the Qur’an, which contains 4 of the 99 Names, and which spoke most deeply to me as a mystic was verse 57:3:

He is the First and the Last, and the Outward and the Inward; and He is Knower of all things.

The Names used here are al-Awwal (First) and al-Akkhir (Last) and al-Zahir (the Outer or the Manifest) and al-Batin (the Inner or the Hidden). The latter suggests, when read radically, the Sufi doctrine that God alone is, that the “la illaha ill Allah” (“there is no god but Allah”) is to be read as “there is nothing independent of God; all is God, from the Inner to the Outer.”

As a Golden Dawn magician, it also, for me, refers to the Power of God that works between the “Above” and the “Below,” the Inner and the Outer, the First and the Last. It is the Divine Light that the magician asks for God to send down and directs only with God’s will.

Frater S.C.F.V.

Ritual work for October 23, 2010

Date: October 23, 2010
Time: 5:30-6:06 p.m.
Sun Phase: Setting
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous, 87% Full
Activities: Rite of Purification by Water (RPW), Invocation of THME, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Middle Pillar, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Invocation of MAAT and THEMIS, Blessing and Parting

Today’s rituals were done during the day in the darkness of the Temple as the sun set outside.  Prior to entering the temple, I performed our Order’s Rite of Purification by Water (RPW),  which has been modified based on the magical practice of our members to its present state.  I found it worked quite effectively, providing both a sense of physical cleanliness and a feeling of inner or astral purification.

I then entered the Temple and put on the Robe, the Sash and the red Outer Order Initiate’s Socks.  I lit the candles and incense and put on low ambient music of droning deep sounds, which facilitates the shift in consciousness that is essential to magic and meditation.

I then  took up the wand of the Hegemon.   I invoked the godform of THME and asked Her to empower me with the right to use the wand of the Hegemon to perform the day’s rituals.  I asked her to help me to guide my students and fellow Order members on the way of Light.  I saw her, in white robes, with a black and white striped nemyss, and carrying the Lotus Wand in one hand and the Hegemon’s wand in the other.  She handed me the Hegemon’s wand astrally and I took up the physical wand of the Hegemon.

I performed the Qabalistic cross and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.  The music, the smell of the incense, and the feel of the material of the robe gliding against my naked skin–for I wore nothing under it–brought me into an altered state of consciousness and I felt the Light enter my body.  I performed the Projection Signs by first drawing up my hands while visualizing the energy moving through my body towards my head, from which I would project it outwards to charge the Pentagrams.  This more fluent and graceful gesture felt more effective than my past approach.

The Middle Pillar Ritual also produced a strong feeling… I felt the column of Light forming and shining within me.  After the Middle Pillar ritual, I performed the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe with great feeling.   I then made a prayer for success in my teaching field experience, for the power to be able to finish marking all of my students’ research papers by Sunday night, for the power to relax during the coming weeks, and for Laney to receive the money she desperately needs–without anyone being harmed in the process.

I then invoked the other forms of the godform of THME, MAAT and THEMIS.  They formed and took up their Lotus Wands, holding them above my head.  They put them together and touched the top of my head and I felt a flood of Light and warmth.  MAAT took up a white Feather and affixed it to the top of my head.  I thanked them and watched as the three forms slowly faded away.

I closed the Temple, performed a short meditation on the Elemental symbols on the Altar and touched each of them to my forehead so that I could feel One with each of them in turn.  I then stood between the Pillars and contemplated the Banner of the East, praying to the Lord of the Universe to allow me to walk between the Pillars of Mercy and Severity and embody wisdom, compassion and strength as my magical motto enjoins me to.

I closed with the three sets of three knocks and the Golden Dawn words:


Frater S.C.F.V.

The Magical Circle

In magic both ancient and modern, the circle is not only a symbolic protective barrier but an image of the universe, a kind of micro-stage of the larger world. The magician acts or operates upon this microcosmic stage, which reflects the macrocosmic world (‘As above, so below; as below, so above’).

To center the energies of the Divine names within the magical circle is symbolically to focus them from all directions in the larger cosmos, drawing them inward like the point of sunlight through a magnifying glass.

At first, the point is fuzzy, but when the magnifying class is placed at the perfect height, the point comes into sharp focus and the solar energy is intensified there. In this analogy, the sun is the Divine, and the magnifying glass is the ritual.

Frater S.C.F.V.