Ritual Work for Saturday, November 13, 2010

GoldenDawnlogoDate: Saturday, November 13, 2010
Time: 12:15-1:24 (Hour of Venus into the Hour of Mercury, Day of Saturn)
Sun Phase: Set
Moon Phase: Waxing First Quarter, 47% Full
Activities: Ritual of Purification by Water, Fourfold Breath, Construction of the Three Saturn Talismans, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Circulation of the Light into the Talismans, Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Saturn (RHIS), Prayer, Projection of Saturn Energies into Talismans, Invocation of Agiell, Projection of Saturn Energies into the Talismans, Invocation of Cassiel, Projection of LVX and Jupiter Energies into the Talismans, Prayer, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, LBRP, Prayer of Thanks, Sprinkling of Thyme (Herbal Consecration)

Tonight, I performed the creation, charging, and consecration of three Saturn talismans.  I began to prepare the temple around 11:00 and to get into my robe, nemyss, etc.  I prepared the altar with a number of items with sympathies to Saturn: 3 Hebrew letter Tavs, 2 x 3 Sigils of Cassiel, 3 Sigils of Agiel, 3 Sigils of Saturn, a container of Thyme, a black plate containing Beets, a Black altar cloth, 2 black stones.  Black, as the colour of Saturn, predominated, but dark blue candles were used for lack of black ones.

I performed the Rite of Purification by water and the Fourfold Breath.  Today, Saturday, is the Planetary Day of Jupiter.  I began to create the talismans at 12:15, during the hour of Venus.  The talismans were inscribed with the planetary Qamea of Saturn, the Seal of Saturn with YHVH in Hebrew around it, the Sigils of Cassiel and Agiel, the name יה (YAH or Yod Heh) in Hebrew, a total of 6 invoking Hexagrams of Saturn, (2 on one side, 4 on the other), and a translation of a relevant Psalm, “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness hereof” (Psalm 24.1).

Note: Some may wonder why YAH and not YHVH ELOHIM was used here, since YAH is the Divine Name of the Sphere of Chochmah, not of Binah, the Sphere to which Saturn corresponds.  The reason is that the Gematric value of Yod-Heh is 15, which is the number of each row of the Qamea of Saturn.  Moreover, since one of the intentions of the talisman is to promote the development of Wisdom, which is Chochmah in Hebrew, this usage is appropriate.  However, instead of YAH both in the ceremony and on the talisman, YHVH ELOHIM could also validly been written.  It would be in Hebrew letters as in all other Divine Names on the talismans of the O.’.A.’.L.’. and G.’.D.’.

I said a short prayer expressing the intent of the ritual and performed Adoration of the Lord of the Universe to express my devotion and humble purpose.  This was followed by the Middle Pillar Ritual, after which I circulated the Light into the talismans to begin to charge them.   I then performed the powerful Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Saturn (RHIS).  Due to exhaustion, my focus was not as strong as in the Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Jupiter, but I could still see the Invoking Hexagrams in golden light and feel a current of Planetary energy slowly streaming through them.  The energy was much slower and more subdued, but yet potent, than the more overwhelming and hard-hitting energy of Jupiter.

I traced Invoking Hexagrams and Sigils of Saturn over the talismans in each of the four quarters and projected Jupiter energies into them while vibrating the Divine Name associated with Jupiter and Binah, YAH.  Again, YHVH ELOHIM could also have been used here.

I then prayed to the Lord of the Universe asking for aid in the ritual from the Lord and from the Intelligence of Saturn, Agiel.  Thereafter, I stood in the East facing the altar in the West, traced the invoking Hexagram of Saturn and within it, the Sigil of Saturn, over the talismans in golden Light, and charged them by raising the energies of Jupiter and projecting them into the talismans with the Projection Sign.  While projecting, I vibrated the secret Divine Name of Jupiter from the Sigilum Dei Aemeth, GALAAS. I turned, facing the altar from the South and repeated the same steps.  I did the same in the West and in the North and returned to the West, facing East.   The sense of palpable mystery and magic was strong in the air, but not as strong as in the Jupiter ritual.  This was a more subdued ritual overall.

I then traced Cassiel’s sigil in the air and invoked the great Archangel.  After the invocation had been made, the room became notably more still and a subtle glow of warmth was felt.  I prayed, saying “

Dear Lord, I ask that you allow your Angel, CASSIEL, to Project his Energy into this talisman, that it might acquire the power to clear limitations and obstacles, bring organization, focus, patience, wisdom, and just and fair decisions from members of institutions such as schools to bring good onto the Earth and accomplish the Divine Will without harming any being. This I ask in the Name of the Lord of the Universe, with great thanks to God and to CASSIEL, His Angel.”

I then stated the intent to project the LVX and seal the energies of Saturn in the talismans that they might serve as attractors of magnets the above influences to “bring good onto the earth and accomplish the Divine Will.” I had in mind especially the situation of my friend Alexie, whose cooperating teacher has threatened to fail her for her student teaching field experience, though her supervisor had passed her.  McGill is on the fence and she needs all of the help she can get, not from me, but from the Divine. I  then traced invoking hexagrams with the Sigil of Jupiter within them over the talismans and raised and projected the energies into the talismans from each of the Quarters.  I touched the tip of my wand to each of the talismans while raising my left hand in the air to draw in the forces of Jupiter that they might be conveyed through the arm and wand into the talismans, charging them.

I then made a final statement of the intent of the ritual, a final prayer to the Lord of the Universe, performed the Adoration, and closed with the LBRP.  The Qabalistic cross was completed at precisely 1:24, in the midst of the Hour of Mercury.  We will see whether the talismans bear the fruits that they are intended to; all is in the hands of the One.

At the end of the ritual, I was left feeling energized and calmly peaceful.  I sprinkled thyme herbs on to the talismans, gave a License to Depart to any spirits that had become imprisoned during the ceremony, and declared the temple duly closed.

As a final gesture, I replaced my Altar in the North, the Quarter of the Element of Earth (LBRP symbolism), which is associated with Saturn.   I covered the three talismans in the Thyme from the cup, and placed all of the Sigils on top of them.  I finally placed the Triangle and Cross atop the sigils and left them there overnight in this way, so that the sympathetic energies of  the Sigils and Symbols could coalesce together to provide a final charge to the talismans.

We will see in the coming days and weeks whether they prove effective or not… I will keep one for myself, give one to Alexie, and one to Laney.  This will allow us to have three sets of data about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the talismans.

P.S. The word of the day on Dictionary.com was “alchemical” today, an interesting synchronistic connection to the changes and transmutations this talisman was designed to produce.

Frater S.C.F.V.

Update: Tolka shed some light on the astrological situation at the time that the talismans were made; he suggested that “from the hour of Venus, you may have some success; from the start of the hour of Mercury, the pentacles you made will be stronger one because it is a relevant hour to make things and two because of Saturn’s aspect to the MC. From around 1:00 they will be stronger still but carry problems as Mars (the lesser Malefic) and Cupido (rules over relationships) were in conjunct crossing the IC. Then further towards the end, the worse this became. That will cause arguements so I would recommend scrapping any pentacle made outside of 00:45-1:00 if you don’t want that, but still want good effects.”

Thankfully, the three talismans were all finished well within the hour of Mercury, so the latter effects should not manifest.  I have asked Alexie to keep a daily log for a week of the effects she observes while carrying the talisman.  I will also carry mine today (Day 3 after they were created) and see what I observe.

Results: On Day 1, Laney was very productive and organized and completed an entire essay while she had the talisman near her.  I found my own behaviour to be very focused on specific goals, organized, and responsible.  I was able to get to Heritage and do some final work there as well as procure books that I had left with my cooperating teacher.   We will see what effects we observe in subsequent days.

Day 3: Laney and I brought our talismans with us and went to do work at McGill.  I was extremely productive and made excellent use of my time, completing my Action Plan, Philosophy of Education, and Article Assignment.  The organization, time-management and structured-centered influences of Saturn were all evident here.  I also gave Alexie her talisman today.  She took it to a meeting with the Head of Education at McGill to discuss her failed field experience.  Though she was supposed to fail the term, while carrying the talisman, the Head of the program gave her the opportunity instead to do an additional 4 week mini-field experience to make up for what had happened.  Saturn was in a house governing communication, so this was an excellent result.

Day 4: Saturn rules over time and ever since I made the talisman, I have noticed a strange phenomenon on my computer; every time I sign on, the time is different; it may be several hours or even a few days behind! No matter how many times I change the time, the issue persists.  It is quite strange.  Saturn also rules delays and I have found myself procrastinating today.  I must organize myself and get my university assignments done.


Here is Alexie’s log of her experiences carrying the talisman:

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010: I received the talisman from Adam today. I think the talisman worked! I went into my meeting with Dr. Benson hoping to not be set back another year, but wanting more experience…which is exactly an option Dr. Benson gave me! I had trouble articulating it, but she knew what I needed. I found an incredible well of patience within me, which would normally be severely challenged after reading an email my CT sent about how I was not at all ready to be a teacher. I felt very organized, and Dr. Benson even commented on how organized I was.

Wednesday, November 17th: Today I really realized that I wanted to go home this weekend instead of next weekend. I was just home this past weekend, but after such a turbulent time I realized that I really wanted to see my family sooner than later (I was going to go home for American Thanksgiving, not this week, but next week). My mom called me this evening and asked me if it was better for Sarah and I to come home this weekend. It turned out to be better for Sarah so we decided that we would go home. After I decided that I wanted to go home, but hadn’t told anyone. I think that was the only thing.

Thursday, November 18th: Today my dad came and picked my sister and I up to go back to Plattsburgh. I don’t think the talisman did much today. I was not organized or ready for when my dad came to pick us up because I did not manage my time well at all (Note: Saturn rules delays in its Greater Malefic, negative aspect; Alexie may have been experiencing this effect). My dad did many things to purposefully tick me off and I felt no difference in the level of my patience (Note: Saturn also rules all limitations; the limited patience Alexie experienced here may have been connected to this influence).

Friday, November 19th: Today my family had our own little early thanksgiving celebration. I found that I was able to manage my time pretty well today, and found myself more wrapped up in tradition than normal. Not only did we do our thanksgiving dinner, but after dinner we finished putting ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Saturday, November 20th: Tonight I had better non-verbal communication with my boyfriend in bed. When we hung out earlier, I felt more able to say how I was feeling. It felt like the day lasted forever.


Frater S.C.F.V. Note from January, 2018: Over 8 years after this talisman of Saturn was made, I found it and put it on a shelf near my books, forgetting all about it. My friend, Frater A. P., who is a powerful clairvoyant, came over to discuss magic and alchemy. When he saw the Saturn talisman, he experienced a piercing pain in his forehead in the third eye region and experienced an immediate headache! “Turn that thing away from me,” he yelled! I did so, and his headache subsided… Looks like Tolka was right about the potential Greater Malefic problems posed by Mars, the Lesser Malefic crossing the IC in conjunct with Cupido…. I’ll be taking his advice and disposing of the talisman in a respectful manner as soon as I get the chance.




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