Consecrating Talismans on the Subway: The Nitty Gritty of the Magical Life

Date: Monday, September 19, 2011
Time: 10-11:30 A.M.
Sun Phase: Rising
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous 58% of Full
Mood: Stressed then Energized and Invigourated 
Activities: Invocation of the Goddess Ma’at, Extemporaneous Creation and Consecration of a Ma’at Talisman, Qabalistic Cross

In an ideal universe, the magician would always have his or her tools, vestments, and temple space on hand when needed.  In practice, however, we often find ourselves in situations where we have none of these things and only our own consciousness and inward connection to the Divine on which to rely.  Today, I found myself in one such situation.

This morning, L. experienced something approaching a nervous breakdown or a severe panic attack.  She said she felt she could not be alone, like she was in a tremendously vulnerable state.  I stayed with her as long as I could, but I had to be on my way to McGill for 11, and therefore, could not stay with her as long as I had hoped.

When we boarded our subway, headed for McGill, L. asked if I could perform something quick for her in order to give her a sense of safety and guidance.  Since Ma’at had appeared to her yesterday and she had already established some connection to the Godform by means of our ‘Chymical Marriage,’ I decided to quickly create and consecrate a Ma’at talisman for her.  I only had 10 minutes.  Precious little time.  I was in a packed subway car without any of my ceremonial tools and also, therefore, had precious little space

I took out a piece of paper and drew a picture of Ma’at from memory with all of her distinguishing characteristics: feather, wings, dark eyes, etc.  I drew two Eyes of Horus within the circle.  I encircled this central circle with a larger circle in which I wrote: MA’AT, THEMIS, TH’ME, and Yod-Heh-Vahv-Heh in Hebrew.  I drew Stars of David betwen the names in the manner of some of the Pentacles from the Greater Key of Solomon, a convention I often use in talismanic magic. 

I then placed my right hand over the talisman and closed my eyes.  I invoked the Goddess in her Egyptian form as Ma’at, Coptic form as Th’me and Greek form as Themis, and saw her appear in my Sphere of Sensation in all three forms.  I asked Ma’at to guide and care for L., to help her find balance, to assist her in discovering and establishing inner peace and release from the mental vicissitudes that plagued her, and to inspire comfort, caring and contentment within her being. 

I saw the three forms of the Goddess point their respective wands at the astral form of the talisman and project their energies into it.  Simultaneously,  I felt the energies descend through my arm and enter the talisman, infusing it.  I thanked the Goddess and the Limitless Light and One Divine of which she is an archetypal image and saw the three forms of the Goddess slowly fade as they walked out of my sphere of sensation.  I opened my eyes and was jarringly thrust back into the waking experience of Malkuth just as I arrived at my metro station. 

“Hold this and keep it with you,” I said before hugging her quickly and kissing her lips. She was surely cognitively and emotionally ill, but as the metro doors closed behind me, I remembered the fundamental profession of the Rosicrucians: to cure the sick and that, gratis.  God willing, she too, would find her own inward cure, the healing medicine of the Self which alone can cure the ailments of the self. 


I walked up to McGill still buzzing and trembling with energy from the rapid invocation and impromptu consecration of the talisman.  I felt very disequillibrated and, therefore, ducked into a bathroom stall at McGill to perform a quick Qabalistic Cross to balance myself.  Prior to beginning the QC, I invoked the Godform of Ma’at once more and saw her astrally hand me the astral form of the Hegemon’s wand, which I felt in my physical hand and used to physically perform the ritual. Upon its completion, I felt balanced and substantially calmer.  Looking at my face in the mirror, I was struck by how much brighter it seemed.  It seemed to glow, not with my own power, but with that White Brilliance which alone illumines all things.  I had only recently woken up and barely slept, but as a result of the invocation, consecration, and balancing, now felt absolutely energized and keenly awake.

As a final note, there are some who would attack me for performing a talismanic consecration in a subway or a rite as sacred as that of the QC in a public washroom.  To them, I have two points of reply: (1) The first point of reply is that living the practical life of the magician sometimes requires us to practice in places we would ordinarily not choose to do so.  When our inner alchemical conditions and introspective insights incline or call us to a particular action, however, we would be wise to listen, for the Higher Self prompts us with its inner guidance in often unexpected ways.  We are foolish if we refuse its call and cast out its guidance simply because it is unfamiliar or seems to contradict our ideas about what is ‘sacred’ and ‘proper.’  The Higher Self transcends our ideas of propriety; it speaks only to lived necessity, to inner needs and the meeting thereof. 

(2) The second point of reply is that from the Qabalistic point of view, every place is sacred and holy, for all things are none other than the Divine itself.  Every place in the realm of Malkuth–even a mere bathroom sall–is none other than a concrete, physical manifestation of that same Limitless Light or Ain Soph Aur, which preceded from the Void of Ain and took form through the various Spheres and Paths of the Tree of Life.  Every place is fitting for the practice of magic, for the Divine is equally present in and as every place.  If we fail to see the Divine nature of a place, person, or thing, this blindness is a reflection of the limitation of our own perception, and not of the place, person, or thing in question.  Practice deepens insight and insight, in turn, deepens practice.

Invocation of Ma’at and Sacred Sex

Date: Sunday, September 18, 2011
Time: 10-11:30 A.M.
Sun Phase: Rising
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Mood: Exhausted than Ecstatic
Invocation of the Goddess Ma’at, Mystical Union in Sacred Sex

L., has recently been awakening to her calling as a shaman after a series of prophetic dreams, visitations from deceased people in her dreams who have passed on accurate information to her, visions, and fallings into trance states.  I was sleeping next to her yesterday morning in her home when she awoke from her sleep and kissed my cheek.  I turned over to her and saw her smiling.  She started kissing my cheek and neck and I did the same to her until we fell into tender sexual foreplay.

“I had a dream,” she said.
“What did you dream?” I asked.
“I saw a beautiful naked woman; she looked divine, like a goddess.  Her breasts were perfect and she had dark hair and dark eyes.  She had a feather in her hair and told me that if you and I had sex, all would be as it should be.”
Her description of a goddess with a feather in her hair calling her to balance and to return things to their natural state or order, “as they should be,” reminded me intuitively of Ma’at.  I asked if she thought this might have been the goddess.  She said it was possible, though the figure in her dream did not have the characteristic wings of Ma’at.
“Kiss me,” she said.

We began to kiss and caress each other once more and stripped down until we were ‘skyclad.’ As we continued, I closed my eyes and began to invoke the goddess Ma’at into L’s body.  I did not tell her I was doing this; I wanted to see if she would register the goddess’ presence.  I saw Ma’at appear in her white robe in my mind and asked her to be present for our Mystic Union so that we might both unite with her, and through her, with the One Divine Force of All.  This I asked in the name of Yod-Heh-Vahv-Heh.

I entered into her body and we made love with increasing intensity. In my mind’s eye, I saw Ma’at opening her robe and allowing me to become one with her.  Our love-making increased and increased until we reached the crescendo of orgasm.  We kissed softly and laid in each other’s arms.  I thanked Ma’at for being present.

I had not told L. about the invocation, but as I lay there with her, she turned over to me and said:
“Did you… do anything?”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Anything magical.”
“Why do you ask?”
“Because I felt something….”
“I felt like it wasn’t just me and you here… like there was someone else here, someone powerful.”
So she had felt the goddess’ presence, I thought…
“Really? What did it feel like?” I asked, curious, not wishing to bias her description of her experience.
“The sex was good and I was fully present in it.  But at the same time, there was another stream of thought in my mind… a stream of thought that kept thinking about social problems and reaching for solutions… looking for justice.”
“L., I must be honest with you,” I said.
“There was something wasn’t there?”
“Yes. Before we began, I invoked the Goddess Ma’at into your body, the same Goddess from your dream.  She is the Goddess of Truth, Order, Harmony, Balance, and also of Justice.  I am not surprised that you thought of social problems and their solutions…”
“Ah… I had a feeling you had done something… In any case, it was beautiful.”

We lay together for a while.  Later on, we ate some breakfast and went out for a walk to collect natural objects for our Mabon altar.  L. and I found sticks with which to make new wands as well as coloured leaves and seed pods for the altar.  Throughout the day, I felt a great sense of balance within me.  We had come into contact with the Goddess of Balance and that day, we prepared an altar for the coming Autumnal Solstice, the day on which Darkness and Light are balanced in the day and the night.  Ma’at, I thought, Ma’at…