Preparing for Solomonic Work


Today is Easter Monday, a time of symbolic rebirth, renewal, resurrection, and, as Rudolf Steiner points out in his “Easter as a Chapter in the Mystery Wisdom of Man,” symbolic of initiation into a higher phase of life, of a new beginning born from the death of the old.

On this day, the Day of the Moon, the Moon is in the 18th Lunar Mansion of Al-Kalb (the Heart), which is also known as the Caduceus, which links it Hermetically to Hermes Trismegistus. Magically, this makes purchasing tools for use in magic fruitful. According to Abenragel (11th c.), when the Moon is in this Mansion, it is a good time for “receiving honours and power,” or in my case, buying some of the tools I will later purify and consecrate for a ritual with this Jupiterian purpose. The Picatrix notes that this Mansion is “for healing” and protection of the home.

On this day, in the Hour of Jupiter, I purchased a large plate that will become my Tablet of Lights for the Solomonic Candle Magic system of Balthazar that I’ll be using it for. The smaller plate will be used to draw circles on the larger plate. The incenses of Myrrh and Frankincense will be used in various rites. The Apple incense will be used in a Jupiter ceremony, since as Agrippa points out in his Three Books, it is sacred to Jupiter. I also have a circular tin box painted in gold finish, which will be used to make a Jupiter 2nd Pentacle of Solomon. I also purchased chalk markers, which will be consecrated Solomonically, small glass bottles for storing consecrated oils and Holy Water, and a blue votive candle, which will be offered to Sachiel, Archangel of Jupiter. All of these were purchased during the Hour of Jupiter on this magical Easter Day of the Moon.

The only item shown here not purchased on this day is the earthenware Censor, which was gifted to me by my mother many years ago. This Censor has holy roots; it was hand-made by the Trappist Cistercian Monks at the Abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac in Oka as part of their service to the Divine. How appropriate for it to be used in my own prayerful Magic!

A new phase of Solomonic magic is about to begin…


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