Rune and Tarot Readings for N.J. with Saint Cyprian

Date: October 23, 2018
Sun Phase: Set, Showers Nearby
Moon Phase: Full Moon in 11 degrees Aries
Mansion of the Moon: Sharatain
Planetary Day: Day of the Moon
Planetary Hour: Hour of the Moon
Activities: Casting of a Natal Chart; Solomonic Ritual Bathing with Hyssop; Preliminary Prayers; Offering to God; Solomonic Bell Sounding to the Spirits of the Quarters; Offerings to Saint Cyprian and Gabriel; Second Phase of Prayers; Invocation of the Divine; Invocation of the Trinity; Exorcism of the Runes and Purification by Holy Water; Solomonic Consecration of the Runes with Frankincense Suffumigations, Holy Water Asperging, and Saint Cyprian Oil Anointing; Invocation of Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Uriel to empower the Runes; Invocation of the Trinity; Canticle of Saint Cyprian; Rite of the Crook of Saint Cyprian; Psalms Recitation; Recitation of al-Fatiha and al-Adiyat; Gifts of Rune Divination and Tarot Divination for a friend; Temple Closing

After consecrating the Runes on the Day and Hour of the Moon on this Full Moon, I cast three Runes for a Three Norn reading for my friend N.J.

Here is what I told N. regarding the two readings.


I asked the Oracle “what will the likely outcome be if N. pursues what he sees as his calling towards the Palo Mayombe tradition?”

For this Three-Norn Reading, I cast a series of Three Runes.

The first Rune is the Norn Urd; the past- past actions & situations that relate to the question. Here, we find Ansuz, linked to knowledge, wisdom, communication, the mouth, and a message. Indeed, Ansuz is primarily Odin’s Rune. The sense is that you have a rich and wise background of spiritual knowledge and yet have been looking for additional signs and confirmations, perhaps wondering if in Palo, you might find the missing answers you still seek.

The middle Rune is Norn Verdandi; the present- what is influencing you right now. Here, you have Thurs. The sense is that right now, you have a sense of a challenge. Thurs is partly Thor’s hammer, but also the giants he fought with it. The sense is that you are experience a sense of potential magical power, but also coming up against forces of chaos. When this Rune comes up, it tends to suggest a Warning against a Temptation. The thorn can be used to pierce the veil, but it also might backfire and stab you. Be careful. This Rune can be a sign that if you push forward along the path you are pursuing, your luck may run out. In connection with your question, this suggests that you are aware that there are dangers in pursuing the Palo path and are trying to assess the possibility carefully to see if it is really the best course of action for you. This is wise, and advised by Thurs here.

The final Rune represents the likely future outcome, Norn Skuld; the future- what will likely happen to answer your question. The Rune here is Isa, which means ice. This Rune has an ambivalent nature; ice may be beautiful, but also dangerous. The sense here, in connection with the other Runes, is that if you pursue the Palo Path, you may be walking on thin ice and face great danger. When Isa comes up, the advice tends to be “don’t rush this decision so that you don’t rashly fall into danger or get yourself stuck in a rut. Patience and wisdom are called for.” One of the darker meanings of Isa is that what may seem like a bridge to somewhere new or a place we are trying to get to (e.g. ice between two shores) can sometimes be that, but it can also be a trap; in trying to cross over the ice bridge, we may fall in and drown. Great caution is advised.”

To seek greater clarity, I then performed a Nine-card Tarot reading, I asked Cyprian “what will the likely outcome be if N. pursues what he sees as his calling towards the Palo Mayombe tradition?”

Here were the results of this second reading:


In this 9-card reading, a type of reading I sometimes use because of the connections of the number 9 to the Moon, which are very appropriate on this Day and Hour of the Full Moon, when I performed the reading, Card 1 is the present. This card represents what is happening to the querent at the present time. It also reflects the querent’s state of mind and how they may be perceiving the situation.

Your Present card is the Two of Pentacles Reversed. Upright, this card tends to suggest multiple priorities, time management, prioritisation, adaptability. Reversed, it can suggest that we are experiencing overcommitment, disorganisation, reprioritisation. We may be juggling two many things–or magical projects!–at once. If we juggle too much, we risk dropping what we’re juggling. You are in a period of transition, of chaos within your order, of trying to reorganize your life and reprioritise. The Two of Pentacles often appears when you are experiencing a state of ‘busyness’, rushing from one thing to the next, with little downtime in between. You may be constantly telling yourself that you don’t have enough time or you’re in a rush. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to be busy to get things done. Sometimes taking a break is the most productive thing you can do. This card brings your awareness to the concept of balance in your life right now. While you can seek out balance and equilibrium, nothing is ever in perfect balance (and if it is, everything is in a state of change so it is likely to get out of balance shortly after). The Two of Pentacles reversed suggests you’re trying to reassess your priorities and find a new sense of balance in your life.

In this 9-card reading, Card 2 is the past. This card represents the events that have lead up to the present situation and may provide some indication of how the challenge came about — this suggests what might have prompted you to consider pursuing Palo.

Your card here is the Eight of Cups Upright. This is a card of disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal, and escapism. You may have faced some challenges, some disappointments, or find yourself having to withdraw or abandon old ways, a relationship, a job, or another tradition. To quote an apt description of this card, “The cups are placed in such a way that it appears as if there is one missing, a sign that emotional fulfilment and wholeness is lacking in some way. The man has turned his back on these cups with a feeling of loss and disappointment, and walks away into the mountains. The river nearby is symbolic of the emotions he is feeling, and the mountains represent awareness that this isn’t going to be an easy journey (though it is a necessary journey for true long-term happiness). The moon in the night’s sky illuminates the path ahead, while suggesting that there may be some level of escape or avoidance in this card, given the man is leaving in the dead of night hoping to go unnoticed.” Are you avoiding something? Are you trying to use Palo as a form of escapism? These are questions this card compassionately raises for our own good.

In this 9-card reading, Card 3 is the Future. This card represents what is likely to occur within the next few weeks or even months if you pursue your perceived calling towards Palo. This is not the final outcome, simply the next step on the journey.

The card here is the Ten of Swords Reversed. Reversed, this card suggests taking on too much, avoiding responsibility. Combined with the avoidance of the Eight of Cups Upright, the suggestion is that if you dive into Palo now, you will be taking on way too much new responsibilities while still avoiding whatever it is you are trying to escape. Reversed, the Ten of Wands indicates that you are unnecessarily holding on to this burden when you do not need to. If you are feeling weighed down by your present circumstances, look at different ways you can lighten the load. Can you delegate certain tasks and responsibilities? Are you worrying about matters that do not concern you or cannot be changed? Do not become a martyr and take on more than you can realistically handle, this card cautions.

In this 9-card reading, Card 4 is the Above Card. This card reflects the querent’s goal, aspiration or best outcome with regards to the situation. It is what the querent is working towards consciously as they attempt to resolve the issue.

The card here is the Ace of Wands Upright. This suggests that you are considering Palo because you feel in it a sense of inspiration, power, creation, beginnings, and potential. You feel as if a “new Wand” or offer is being handed to you and you don’t want to pass it up. You’re excited by the seed of a new opportunity and adventure. However, at the same time, the Ace of Wands suggests a sense of restlessness and uncertainty; you’ve got a burst of energy, but you’re trying to figure out how to channel it effectively, which is wise.

In this 9-card reading, Card 5 is the Below Card. This card reflects that which is within the subconscious realm of the querent and delves much deeper into the core foundation of the situation. It symbolises the underlying feelings and trends associated with the situation and can indicate what is truly driving the querent. This card may bring a surprise message to the querent, particularly if they are not deeply connected to their inner being (watch out for reversed cards here which are likely to indicate that this is an ‘unknown’ to the querent).

Here, you’ve got the Three of Swords, which suggests that you are being subconsciously driven by painful separation, sorrow, heartbreak, grief, rejection. This may suggest that you are coping with some difficult feelings or experiences by wisely seeking out a new beginning, or unwisely trying to run away and avoid this by distracting yourself with a new venture. Which is it here? The other cards suggest avoidance and escapism, so I’m wondering what you might be avoiding? Can you put the Palo plan on hold for a while and work on facing what you’ve been avoiding, processing it fully, and sitting with it so you can integrate it and grow from the experience? This is what this card suggests.

In this 9-card reading, Card 6 is the Advice Card. The advice card takes into account all that is happening within the querent’s life and presents a recommendation for what approach can be taken to address the current challenges.

Here, your card is the Devil Reversed. This suggests that what might be wisest for you right now is for you to focus on releasing limiting beliefs, exploring dark thoughts, and detachment. This follows up on what the other cards have already said. If you’ve been avoiding something, running away, or escaping, or trying to use Palo to do that, the best thing to do is to stop and pause so you don’t slip on thin ice and drown by overwhelming yourself (to link it to the Isa Rune). You’ve got a Thorn in your side right now (the Thurs Rune), but instead of trying to avoid the pain, it might be best to focus on gently examining the wound and removing the Thorn. The Devil Reversed suggests that as well as letting go of whatever materialistic greed you may be feeling that may be pushing you in an unhelpful and unwise direction. This is not a time to rush into Palo, the cards and Runes are in very clear agreement; both suggest slowing down, taking caution, and focusing on your own shadow work instead of using magic as an avoidance tool (whether you are already doing that or *tempted* to do it).

In this 9-card reading, card 7 is External influences.  This card highlights the people, energies or events which will affect the outcome of the question and are beyond the querent’s control.

The reversed Nine of Pentacles is all about self-worth. When you see this card in a Tarot reading, you may find yourself reflecting on your own sense of self-worth and value. You’re going through something that is making you reflect on whether you’re ‘enough’ in some way. You’re questioning or avoiding looking at your own worthiness concerns, and potentially shame. If you’re trying to use Palo to increase your sense of self worth or become worthy, this card, especially combined with the Devil Reversed, suggests questioning the project; maybe you’re *already* worthy and good enough and don’t need Palo to become so. Maybe the systems and Spirits you’re already working with are worthy enough. This card invites reflection on these points.

In this 9-card reading, card 8 is Hopes and/or fears. This is perhaps one of the most difficult positions to interpret. Keep in mind that hopes and fears are closely intertwined, therefore that which we hope for may also be that which we fear, and so may fail to happen.

Your card here is Temperance Reversed. This suggests that you are looking to Palo hoping for healing and realignment, but you are afraid pursuing it will cast you into excess or throw your life even more out of balance. The other cards suggest that this worry is warranted; you are already juggling a lot and Palo is a very demanding tradition that will impose many more demands on you. The other cards are not suggesting to race ahead with this; on the contrary, they are suggesting doing your shadow work, working through your feelings or issues you’re avoiding, and being patient and taking time to figure things out. This is the only way to avoid hurting yourself worse (Thurs Rune) and slipping and drowning through thin ice (Isa Rune).

In this 9-card reading, card 9 is the likely Outcome. This card is representative of where the situation is headed and if/how the issue will be resolved. It assumes the outcome based on the querent continuing their current course of action. Of course, if the outcome card is not a desirable outcome, it is within the free will of the querent to make the necessary changes to their situation.

Card 9 here is the Four of Pentacles Reversed. In this position, this card suggests that if you keep pursuing Palo at this time, you risk experiencing over-spending, greed, or trying to unhealthily protect yourself in a way that won’t help your growth or move you forward. The reversed Four of Pentacles can appear when you are re-evaluating what’s important to you, especially when it comes to material priorities (this card links to the Reversed Two of Pentacles in your Present position). You may have placed too much value on material possessions and have now come to the realization that money and ‘things’ won’t make you happy. As a result, you may be loosening your grip on the need to surround yourself with ‘things’, in favour of seeking out more love and happiness in your life instead. You might be compelled to declutter your home or opt for a minimalist lifestyle. Money is no longer your number one priority and you are redefining your relationship with material possessions and money.

This card may also suggest greed for “more, more, more” in the occult realm too. The card seems to ask if you are only pursuing Palo out of greed masquerading as “noble inspiration and good intentions” (Ace of Wands in your conscious intentions, Above Card position). It also warns you that you may fall into deeper greed if you pursue this path and that this may not be what is best for you. It may also suggest that you risk running into financial problems as you attempt to do everything required for initiation into Palo and the lifetime of demands expected of you thereafter. Once again, the cards invite being careful and not rushing into anything before you take care of the practical matters in your life and the emotional wounds, shame, or residual issues in your inner or emotional life. The Runes suggest much the same thing; these two readings are in complete harmony.

Your above and below cards are contrasting; this suggests that you’re being driven by avoidant motives and past pain you may not even realize are driving you to Palo while you think you are doing it to seek a noble new experience or follow inspiration. Try to bridge the gap by making the unconscious influences conscious and working through whatever feelings you may be avoiding.

Your above and outcome cards are also contrasting; you’re hoping for inspiration, novelty, and a new experience, but you may fall into greed, imbalance, and financial problems if you continue down this path. Be careful.

Your future and outcome card suggest together that if you pursue this path, you’ll risk not only all of the above problems, but also stretching yourself too thin, taking on too many responsibilities, and trying to juggle more than you can keep up with. Stripping down is wiser than taking on more at this time.

If you work on healing the betrayal, pain, or whatever it is you are avoiding, you may be able to avoid falling into imbalance and intemperance (what you’re afraid of). The cards suggest this as the wisest course of action, very clearly. Your Runes agree.

Hope this helps!


Here is what N. shared based on the readings above, after I shared my results with him, so as not to bias my readings:

That is very interesting, brother! Yes very accurate with facing a challenge right now. A little uncertainty with upcoming decisions. Where to place focus in my life as I have achieved previous goals. I agree completely to assess things and see what is the best course action.

Palo initiation would only be a year or so from now, however Nsasi from Palo is reaching out to me in very strong ways. I feel my own energy field changing since the Palo reading. I was told I need to be initiated, otherwise I will have missing pieces in my life and need the protection. (My old mentor has sent attacks to block my roads). He was in palo, but in obeah, voodoo also. So in conclusion brother, with what I perceive with the reading… it to use wisdom, patience and caution. To test things and gain deeper insight into decisions before making them. I completely agree and do not wish to rush into anything.”

I replied:

“Yes, that sounds very appropriate, and the Runes bear out all aspects of what you mentioned above, including coming from a background of having attained your goals and the wisdom you sought in other domains but still seeking more. I agree.”

He added the results of consulting Archangel Cassiel for guidance:

Cassiel, when I asked him, spoke that the decision was ultimately up to me to be made. Between me and God, and it was not his decision. However he did also express the responsibility from this and to always have a sincere heart. In Palo, my intention is not for power, it is the desire to experience the tradition and to be able to acquire ability to help more people. Its been calling very strongly lately. The Spirits of it have been reaching out heavily.”

My reply:

“Cassiel’s advice seems wise. Your Rune and Tarot reading are both pointing out risks, dangers, and potential threats if you dive too rapidly into Palo. They are not outright saying not to pursue it, but they are strongly encouraging working through your own practical life issues and lingering emotional wounds before going further, should you choose to do so.”




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