Solomonic Invocation of Archangel Anael and Emergency Petition for a Friend

By Frater S.C.F.V.


Date: Friday, March 15, 2019
Sun Phase: Afternoon
Moon Phase: Waxing in First Quarter in 12 degrees Cancer in the Nathra Mansion of the Moon
Mansion of the Moon: Thurayya
Planetary Day: Day of Venurs
Planetary Hour: Hour of Venus
Activities: Ritual Bathing; Oratio dicenda quando induitur vestis; Dressing Candle for Anael; Preliminary Prayers; Offerings to the Most High, to Ancestors, to Patron Saints and Teachers, and to the Angels; Heptameron Prayer; Invoking the Angels of the Four Directions as per Heptameron; Conjuration of Anael;

A dear friend of mine, whom I will refer to as S.H. to preserve her privacy, is presently in an emergency situation where she is at risk of becoming homeless in a two week period. As a result, I felt moved to invoke the great Archangel Anael on the day of Venus in the Hour of Venus for help with the situation and also to go deeper into discussions of Divine Love with the Angel. The Moon today is in Lunar Mansion #8, al-Nathra, which is useful for actions of love and friendship. It is an appropriate time do a loving gesture with the Archangel of Venus on behalf of a friend.

I completed a 3-day regime of ritual purity in preparation, culminating in today. After a ritual bath, I got into my white robe (while reciting the Heptameron prayer for donning the vestments, “Oratio dicenda quando induitur vestis”) and put on my stole, put on my Cyprianic rosary, scapular, Cyprianic bracelet, and Solomonic Pentagonal Figure. Proceeding to the Temple, which had already been arranged prior to the beginning of the Planetary Hour, I sounded the Bell of Art three times before entering the Circle as per the Hygromanteia. Then, I entered the Circle, and began preliminary prayers to the Divine while asperging the Circle, Altar, and all Instruments of the Art with Holy Water.

The Altar featured a green Altar cloth, which looks blue in these images, a large green candle, a small green candle dressed with St. Cyprian Oil and Thyme, which is sacred to Venus according to Agrippa’s First Book of Occult Philosophy, Chapter XXVIII, a Virgin Mary Statue, a censor with stick incense placed inside my Cauldron consecrated to Archangel Gabriel, Epiphany Holy Water, bread and water Offerings to Anael, my Wand, a vial of San Cipriano Oil, my Bells, a scrying Crystal, and the seal of Anael on Virgin Paper set on a golden Laurel Wreath. I took up my Solomonic Sword and traced over the outer line of the Circle with its point. With the Circle thus sealed, I put down the Sword and picked up my Solomonic Wand.


First, I presented Offerings to the Most High El Elyon and asked for His Help in sending His servant, Anael to be present with me and aid me in this Operation of the Art. Next, I presented Offerings to my Patrons, including St. Cyprian of Antioch, my Ancestors, the Angels and Archangels, and the Olympic Spirits, requesting their help in this Operation. The Offerings included exorcised and consecrated goblets of spring and filtered water, candle offerings, bread, and for Anael, a green candle dressed with St. Cyprian Oil and Thyme, bread sprinkled with Thyme, and incense. I asked St. Cyprian to assist me in conjuring Anael with the aim of learning more about the Divine Wisdom and assisting a friend in need.

After more preliminary Prayers, I formally opened the Temple for the Solomonic Invocation. I felt an intuitive nudge from my Spirits to proceed with the Heptameron conjurations and prayers in Latin today, so I obliged. The Altar was set up to face the current location of Venus in the sky, which was determined using an astronomical program. Standing facing the Altar in the direction of Venus, I took up my Wand and the grimoire in the other hand and began the opening prayers.


I said the opening line “O Angels [sic] supradicti, estote adjutores meæ petitioni, & in adjutorium mihi, in meis rebus & petitionibus” then called the Angels that rule the Air on this Day, intoning their names 3 times each in their respective directions, then praying “O vos omnes, adjuro atque contestor per sedem Adonay, per Hagios, etc…”

Having called the Angels of the 3rd Heaven ruling the Day in their respective Quarters I proceeded to the Conjuration of Friday to invoke Anael, namely:

Conjuro & confirmo super vos Angeli fortes, sancti atque potentes, in nomine On, Hey, Heya, Ja, Je, Adonay, Saday, & in nomine Saday, qui creavit quadrupedia & animalia reptilia, & homines in sexto die, & Adæ dedit potestatem super omnia animalia: unde benedictum sit nomen creatoris in loco suo: & per nomina Angelorum servientium in tertio exercitu, coram Dagiel Angelo magno, principe forti atque potenti: & per nomen Stellæ quæ est Venus: & per Sigillum ejus, quod quidem est sanctum: & per nomina prædicta conjuro super te Anael, qui es præpositus diei sextæ, ut pro me labores, &c.

I then did a second complete Conjuration in English, adding my intent for the ritual and petition, and requesting help from the Divine, my Patrons, Saints, Ancestors, and Teachers for help in making it succcessful.

Then, I began to chant the name ANAEL for an extended period of time while waving the Wand in rhythmic motion, facing the direction of Venus. I continued and continued, my chanting growing in intensity and melodic harmonies while tracing his Sigil in the air with my Solomonic Wand until I felt a shift in the energy in the room, a sense of loving warmth begin to grow like light over the horizon at dawn. I saw sparks of light and drifting spiritual ‘tracers’ outside the Circle. Then Anael’s offering Candle flared up. I welcomed the Spirit and asked the Spirit in the name of Tetragrammaton to confirm its presence if it was indeed here by moving both incense sticks’ streams of smoke to the left in unison. This happened immediately, confirming the Spirit’s presence.


I greeted the Spirit with great love and respect and thanked the Archangel for coming and being present for this ceremony. I then knelt before the Altar, placed Anael’s offering candle behind the Crystal Ball and began to scry into the flame through the crystal in the pyrocrystallomancy method taught me to by Raphael in a previous conjuration. I then asked the Angel to assist me in tuning into his presence. I gave him consent to manifest sensations, emotions, and thoughts, to draw on my memory to facilitate the communication, and to guide me in inducing appropriate states of consciousness to facilitate the attunement.

Still kneeling, I then proceeded to scry into the Crystal until a pulsation began to emerge in the center of my forehead, my vision began to darken out while the fire in the crystal began to grow brighter. Then I saw a kind of misty-light like effect swirl around the outside of the Crystal. In the process, my eyes grew heavier and heavier and I heard Anael speaking into my mind, suggesting that I could close my eyes and need not strain them. In any event, they fell closed of their own accord without me having much say in the mater…

I greeted the Angel with great love and respect, which Anael reciprocated with his warm, adrogynous voice, saying “greetings, Child of God” with great affection.

I asked if he could give me a revelation-image of his presence and immediately I saw a beautiful winged figure, this time appearing with long blonde hair and an emerald robe, with a face of pure light. To my surprise, however, the image shifted into a green winged heart, which then morphed into a sprout germinating out of the ground and growing into a grove of verdant trees.

I asked Anael what this vision signified and he spoke in the poetic way he sometimes does, the words appearing smoothly spoken into my mind in the Angel’s voice while my forehead continued to pulsate with the throbbing light feeling:

My form is an image of Love,
The green of Nature, which is love growing into life,
The heart of the World, the sprouting of new love,
The growing wisdom of love extending outward,
The forest an image of love growing out in waves.”

I asked the Angel if this was an image of Divine Love. The Angel replied:

God’s Love is far greater than this,
Greater than your human mind,
Which thinks in time and bounded, limited concepts
Can fathom.”

I asked if the Angel could give me an analogy as to what Divine Love is like.

“The Divine Love that sustains the universe is like an ocean,
Every form and phenomenon that appears is like a droplet in that ocean,
Always embraced by the ocean, always part of it, and yet appearing separate,
Seeming to change like the waves on the service,
Yet ever still and eternally held like the ocean depths,
This is what God’s Love is like.”


I asked Anael if he could share more about the nature of Divine Love:

“God’s Love holds the entire universe within it, excluding nothing.
Creation itself was the flowering of that eternal Love into the sparking-forth of Time,
A Love so infinite it could bloom into finitude, a Love so vast it could pretend to be Other,
There is not a particle that appears in this world that is not held by that Love,
That Love is the particle, and the particle is that Love,
Do not imagine that it is Other than you.
The Love, the God, and the Creation are only different in appearance, not in Reality,
It is Love itself that brings-into-being phenomena, phainomenon, means appearing-into-view, through the Power of that Love, which Loves to Appear and be Appeared to.”

When asked if God’s Love was like human life in any way we could relate to, Anael replied:

Not quite! Your human love is often conditional,
Bound by expectations, limited by arising and subsiding in Time,
Exclusive of some, inclusive of others.
God’s Love is entirely different from that.
And yet even finite human love is but an appearance
of that Love without which nothing is.
God’s Love never began and will never end.
God hates no one; His Love never turns to hate as human love often does.
It does not exclude or include in a dualistic sense.
It is not earned, nor can it be lost.
It has no expectations and no conditions;
It is you humans who make up the requirements and conditions!
It cannot be approached or moved away from;
It is always available at all times,
More subtle than the subtlest,
More intense than the greatest Starry inferno,
Small enough to hold the tiniest particle,
Vast enough to embrace all that is, was, and ever shall be,
Who can say what it is like?
It is here and now, always available.
But your Father
–and Father and Child are just metaphors to try to help you humans understand–
Loves you so that He sets you free to turn away from Him,
To forget Him, to pursue your own ideas,
Giving you everything that was ever created,
Present with you in every moment,
And yet how ungrateful you humans are!
Despite that ingratitude, His Love never retreats a step from you,
Never distances itself as you humans do when you pull away in hurt.
God’s Love never fails, nor ever leaves you.
Whenever you wish, it is given fully, nothing held back.”


Hearing this, I wondered why we seem so unaware of it. Anael explained:

“There are no barriers to God’s Love except the ones you imagine there are.
Imagining there to be barriers, you make up stories about how to “earn” God’s love.
In so doing, you miss the mark of the Good and the True,
And imagine that your “sin” disqualifies you from Divine Love,
Nothing could be further from the truth!
God loves you before you stumble, while you err,
And after you have realized your mistake.
Does a good father see a child stumble and hate the child for acting out of ignorance?
Of course not! Do you imagine Divine Perfection to be less than that?
Confession, the changing of minds,
The honest admission of where you’ve missed the mark,
Is a Gift to yourself from yourself;
Your Father does not need it, but He asks for it for *you.*
In so doing, your lighten your heart,
And your imagine barriers to His Love dissolve,
So that you become more aware of what is always here.
Truly, your humanness is but a wave in this ocean.
Your ultimate nature is far beyond an ephemeral animal form bound by Time;
In loving God, you realize yourself and He realizes Himself in you;
“You” and “Him” are but metaphors to help you try to understand,
But in Truth, there are no two things, only in appearance,
Only in Love-appearing for the play of change in Time.
But how could you possibly understand?
You cannot. But as you surrender your ignorance,
The Truth reveals itself, without requiring a word.
For Truth was silent for billions of years before the first human spoke.
The “Word” itself is metaphor,
A Mercy to a human mind.”

I thanked the Archangel for these beautifully rich, although humbling, words and proceeded to my request for the Angel to assist my dear friend S.H., who is at risk of becoming homeless in a few weeks. I asked if Anael could help as best he can. Before Anael, I prayed to God, to whom belongs all of Creation, all homes, and all riches, to extend His Goodness and thanked Him for what he’s doing to help his Child S.H.


After the prayer, Anael reassured me:

“We were working on your friend’s problem before you and she even asked.
Tell her that help will come, though not necessarily in the way she expects.
Tell her also that although she has felt as though God’s Love and presence had retreated from her, they have always perfectly been there;
It is only her imagination that has shifted,
And made what was not so, appear to be so.
If she corrects her imaginings with right understanding,
She will have a transformation of mind,
And the ever-present Love will reveal itself,
Unlosable, unfailing, and ever-here for her.
Tell her also that the matter she is worrying about
That she did not tell you has already been addressed.
Her part is to do what she can and act on what you and others have shared with her.
God and we will attend to the rest.
From our perspective, it is already done.
From your perspective, it will come.
Trust and have faith. All will be well.
God does not forsake His Beloveds,
No matter how you humans may imagine He does.”

I thanked Anael for this great kindness and help and asked if I could publish the record of this conversation and pass on these words to S.H. Anael replied:

Yes, but do not pass on what I am about to tell you. It is for you alone.

I will not reveal what was said next, but I can say that after I heard it, I felt a wave of warmth flood through my body. Tears formed in my eyes, and I felt as though the Angel’s wings were wrapping around me in the way Soror R.A. often described to me.

Finally, I asked the Angel if he would be willing to be my Patron and to speak with me again so that I could continue to learn from him.

It shall be so, Child of God. Keep up the good work you are doing in service of others. Sanctification can feel like difficulty,
But that is only the process of transforming your ignorance and arrogance,
Changing your mind.
That too, God only wants for you,
Because Eternal Freedom Wills that you be free from all that you imagine binds you.
From our perspective, you already are;
From yours, you will seem to be.
Patience and humility reconcile the two views.

With tears in my eyes, I thanked the Angel deeply. I continued to kneel there in his presence for what felt like a long time, simply abiding in that clean, clear, loving safety and warmth.

At last, I stood, thanked the Angel for coming and invited him to partake of the offerings and go at his own leisure. Then I did the License to Depart to all of the Angel and Spirits called in the four Quarters as per the Heptameron‘s procedure. With final prayers and sprinklings, I closed the Temple with the pulsing in my forehead finally beginning to dwindle, but the warmth in my heart continuing to kindle.


Update – May 1st, 2019: All of the Angel’s words came to pass as described. Through gigs and her tax return, my friend was able to earn enough money to pay for her rent for May. Another friend from the community also helped her to write a letter to enter a business partnership with local stores to sell her excellent oils and other products. I believe the Angels and the Holy Spirit were at work in this. She has also had several job interviews in the past month. I was confident one would pan out eventually. As the Angel had said, “help will come, though not necessarily in the way she expects.” That is precisely how it did come. As Anael had said, “her part is to do what she can and act on what you and others have shared with her.” This is precisely what she did do and she was blessed for her hard efforts — a few weeks later, she was hired at a job she loves and now enjys a financial stability she never knew before. How often answers to prayers and magic come through seemingly naturalistic means, while we are waiting for some supernatural manifestation to appear in the sky…

The “the matter she is worrying about that she did not tell you has already been addressed” was a problem she was having in communicating with a partner who did not care about her spiritual path, which was so central to her values and what was important to her. They tried to work on it, but the resolution ended up being them parting ways. The Angels and Holy Spirit had left openings for it to be addressed through communication or through parting ways so that each could be free to be with a partner better suited to them. There was no fatalism here; there were options, both of which would resolve the problem. The second was the way things went. It was hard at first, but ended up being for the best. Such is the Way of God and of the Holy Angels.

Hail to you, Holy Angel Anael. Thank you for your help and guidance, thank you for your wisdom. We praise the Lord God in your name and honour and humble ourselves before Him in gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This we pray in Yeshua’s Holy Name. Amen.

Ryptoconsecratiocay: Eflections-ray on-way e-thay agical-May onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-thay olomonic-Say Grimoires [Pig Latin Translation]

By Adam-way -Jay. Earsonpay


[Introductory Note: In her whimsical brilliance, the talented occultist and equally-adept comedian Kate Gunther Bowers decided to translate the entirety of Cryptoconsecratio: Reflections on the Magical Consecration by Mass in the Solomonic Grimoires into spellbindingly stunning American Pig Latin. The result, in my humble opinion, is hilarious.  Kate kindly gave me permission to share her exemplary work here.

If you choose to read it, please give yourself the gift of reading it out loud for maximum comedic impact.  Special thanks to Kate for this surprisingly amusing “translation.” I hope that those with a sense of humour as random and deranged as our own will enjoy this beautiful abomination. I’m just staggered by the fact that this exists at all, to be honest.]

Onsecrationcay is-way one-way of-way e-thay undamental-fay ethods-may, ot-nay only-way of-way e-thay aditional-tray iestly-pray art-way of-way e-thay exoteric-way iest-pray, ut-bay also-way of-way e-thay aditional-tray edieval-May and-way enaissance-Ray agician-May. As-way einrich-Hay ornelius-Cay Agrippa-way (2000) eveals-ray in-way is-hay ird-Thay ooks-Bay of-way Occult-way ilosophy-Phay, iests-pray and-way agicians-May alike-way ave-hay ong-lay used-way a-way ariety-vay of-way ifferent-day ethods-may o-tay onsecrate-cay agical-may and-way acred-say objects-way, ethods-may ich-whay ange-ray om-fray e-thay use-way of-way acred-say ells-bay o-tay e-thay asting-cay of-way exorcised-way alt-say and-way anctified-say oly-Hay aterway:

“Bells y-bay onsecration-cay and-way enediction-bay eceive-ray irtue-vay at-thay ey-thay ive-dray away-way and-way estrain-ray ightnings-lay, and-way empests-tay, at-thay ey-thay urt-hay ot-nay in-way ose-thay aces-play ere-whay eir-thay ounds-say are-way heard; in-way ike-lay anner-may alt-Say and-way ater-Way, y-bay eir-thay enedictions-bay and-way exorcisms-way, eceive-ray ower-pay o-tay ase-chay and-way ive-dray away-way evil-way spirits” (Agrippa, 2000).

The exorcisms-way and-way enedictions-bay y-bay onsecrated-cay ater-Way and-way alt-Say of-way Art-way o-tay ich-whay Agrippa-way alludes-way ere-hay are-way well-known o-tay olomonic-Say Magicians; indeed-way instructions-way or-fay oth-bay are-way esented-pray in-way apters-Chay 5 and-way 11 of-way ook-Bay II-way of-way Peterson’s (2004) avicula-Clay alomonis-Say or-way ey-Kay of-way olomon-Say. Elsewhere-way, Agrippa-way (2000) alludes-way o-tay e-thay use-way of-way ire-Fay and-way Incense-way in-way exorcisms-way, onsecrations-cay, and-way essings-blay of-way agical-may ools-tay, as-way in-way e-thay uffumigations-say e-way ind-fay ithin-way e-thay ey-Kay (Peterson, 2004).

However, e-thay ommensurate-cay ower-pay of-way ells-bay emselves-thay o-tay exorcise-way and-way ess-blay acred-say aces-spay ithin-way e-thay olomonic-Say adition-tray is-way often-way neglected; or-fay is-thay eason-ray, I-way undertook-way a-way etailed-day and-way omprehensive-cay udy-stay of-way e-thay use-way of-way ells-Bay and-way umpets-Tray of-way Art-way in-way e-thay olomonic-Say imoires-gray. owever-Hay, oth-bay e-thay eat-gray Agrippa-way imself-hay and-way ontemporary-cay agicians-may ike-lay yself-may o-whay umbly-hay and-stay on-way is-hay oulders-shay ave-hay ong-lay omitted-way one-way additional-way ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay at-thay is-way employed-way in-way e-thay edieval-May and-way enaissance-Ray imoires-gray. Indeed-way, is-thay arginalized-may ethod-may emains-ray as-way oft-neglected, understudied-way, or-way ismissed-day as-way e-thay onsecrational-cay use-way of-way Bells.

This ysterious-may ethod-may is-way one-nay other-way an-thay e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay Mass,which I-way ill-way efine-day or-fay e-thay urposes-pay of-way is-thay article-way as:

The ocess-pray of-way iritually-spay empowering-way or-way anctifying-say either-way agicians-May or-way agical-may objects-way ough-thray eir-thay esence-pray in-way e-thay ormal-fay erformance-pay of-way iturgical-lay or-way otive-vay istian-Chray assesmay.

In is-thay article-way, I-way ill-way analyze-way a-way eries-say of-way ey-kay instances-way of-way is-thay oft-neglected ormula-fay in-way ee-thray olomonic-Say imoires-gray, amely-nay, uratus-Jay onorii-Hay or-way e-thay e-Thay orne-Sway ooke-Bay of-way onorius-Hay, oane-Slay 3847 – e-Thay avicle-Clay of-way olomon-Say evealed-Ray y-bay olomy-Ptay e-thay ecian-Gray, and-way e-thay eptameron-Hay or-way agical-May Elements-way. After-way us-thay establishing-way a-way eoretical-thay and-way istorical-hay ounding-gray or-fay e-thay ethod-may, I-way ill-way en-thay oceed-pray o-tay are-shay ome-say actical-pray uggestions-say or-fay ow-hay ontemporary-cay agicians-May an-cay apply-way is-thay agical-may echnique-tay in-way order-way o-tay optimally-way enefit-bay om-fray its-way owers-pay and-way ost-may osely-clay ollow-fay e-thay otocols-pray outlined-way y-bay e-thay imoiric-gray systems.


Inway istory-Hay and-way Manuscripts: onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-thay olomonic-Say imoire-Gray raditiontay

The ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May occurs-way in-way ultiple-may imoires-gray, erhaps-pay ecause-bay e-thay ower-pay of-way e-thay ass-May as-way a-way magico-spiritual eremony-cay as-way ividly-vay apparent-way o-tay e-thay erical-clay authors-way o-whay enned-pay e-thay ate-Lay edieval-May and-way enaissance-Ray exts-tay (Leitch, 2009). In-way order-way o-tay illustrate-way ome-say examples-way of-way oth-bay ow-hay e-thay ethod-may as-way aditionally-tray applied-way as-way ell-way as-way e-thay ontexts-cay in-way ich-whay it-way as-way used-way, I-way ill-way iefly-bray onsider-cay ee-thray imoiric-gray examples-way ere-hay, amely-nay, ose-thay of-way uratus-Jay onorii-Hay or-way e-thay e-Thay orne-Sway ooke-Bay of-way onorius-Hay, oane-Slay 3847 – e-Thay avicle-Clay of-way olomon-Say evealed-Ray y-bay olomy-Ptay e-thay ecian-Gray, and-way e-thay eptameron-Hay or-way agical-May Elementsay.

  1. agical-May onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-Thay orne-Sway ooke-Bay of-way Honorius

First, iber-Lay uratus-Jay onorii-Hay or-way e-thay e-Thay orne-Sway ooke-Bay of-way onorius-Hay as-hay e-thay istinction-day of-way eing-bay one-way of-way e-thay earliest-way extant-way edieval-May imoires-gray available-way o-tay ontemporary-cay actitioners-pray and-way scholars; indeed-way e-thay ost-may eliable-ray and-way omplete-cay anuscript-may of-way e-thay ext-tay, oane-Slay 3854, art-way. 9, ol-fay 117-144, eems-say o-tay ate-day o-tay e-thay 14th entury-cay (Peterson, 2009). In-way is-thay ascinating-fay ext-tay, e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May is-way interestingly-way employed-way, ot-nay o-tay urify-pay, ess-blay, and-way empower-way agical-may objects-way, ut-bay o-tay enact-way e-thay ame-say acred-say ansformation-tray on-way e-thay agician-May. As-way oseph-Jay -Hay. Peterson’s (2009) edition-way of-way e-thay ext-tay ays-lay are-bay, iber-Lay uratusrequires-Jay e-thay agician-May o-tay enlist-way e-thay elp-hay of-way a-way “wary and-way faithful” iest-pray o-whay is-way illing-way o-tay ork-way ith-way and-way urify-pay him–in eeping-kay ith-way its-way istorical-hay ontext-cay and-way edieval-May ender-gay iases-bay, e-thay ext-tay assumes-way a-way ale-may practitioner–for is-hay [sic] Operations-way ith-way e-thay irits-spay. As-way e-thay ext-tay explains,

” Let [the Magician] ave-hay a-way ary-way and-way a-way aithful-fay iest-pray ich-whay ay-may ay-say unto-way im-hay … a-way ass-May of-way e-thay oly-Hay ost-Ghay, and-way in-way is-hay introit-way et-lay im-hay ay-say e-thay 13th ayer-pray, and-way after-way e-thay offertory-way e-thay 9th ayer-pray. en-Thay ake-tay ankincense-fray and-way incense-way and-way ense-cay e-thay altar-way aying-say e-thay irst-fay ayer-pray, and-way ecause-bay e-thay oly-hay athers-fay id-day ust-tray in-way e-thay aints-say at-thay ere-way ere-thay amed-nay, erefore-thay ey-thay id-day o-say, and-way if-way e-hay at-thay all-shay ork-way ave-hay ore-may evotion-day o-tay any-way other-way aints-say, en-thay e-bay ere-thay amed-nay, et-lay im-hay ange-chay ame-nay or-fay ame-nay, or-fay aith-fay oth-day always-way ork-way, as-way I-way aid-say before.”

Then et-lay e-thay 2nd ayer-pray e-bay aid-say immediately-way and-way after-way e-tay igiter-way in-way e-thay Mass; et-lay e-bay aid-say e-thay 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and-way 8th ayers-pray in-way onsecrating-cay of-way e-thay ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray, et-lay e-thay iest-pray ay-pray or-fay im-hay at-thay all-shay ork-way at-thay ough-thray e-thay ace-gray of-way od-Gay e-hay ay-may obtain-way e-thay effect-way of-way is-hay etition-pay. And-way o-say ust-may e-thay iest-pray o-day in-way all-way is-hay ayers-pray at-thay e-hay all-shay ay-say or-fay im-hay at-thay all-shay ork-way, ut-bay add-way othing-nay else-way o-tay em-thay. Also-way after-way e-thay ommunion-Cay, e-thay iest-pray all-shay ay-say e-thay 26th ayer-pray, and-way after-way ass-may e-hay at-thay all-shay ork-way all-shay eceive-ray e-thay acrament-say aying-say e-thay 19th and-way 20th rayerpay.

But et-lay im-hay ake-tay eed-hay at-thay e-hay eceive-ray ot-nay e-thay ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray or-fay an-way evil-way urpose-pay, or-fay at-thay ere-way eath-day unto-way im-hay, erefore-whay ome-say en-may ave-hay entitled-way is-thay ook-bay alling-cay it-way e-Thay eath-Day of-way e-thay oul-Say, and-way at-thay is-way ue-tray o-tay em-thay at-thay ork-way or-fay an-way evil-way intent-way and-way urpose-pay, and-way ot-nay o-tay ave-hay ome-say ience-scay or-way ome-say ood-gay thing; or-fay e-thay ord-Lay ayeth-say “Ask, and-way it-way all-shay e-bay iven-gay ou-yay, eek-say and-way e-yay all-shay finde,” and-way in-way another-way ace-play e-hay ayeth-say “where 2 or-way 3 are-way athered-gay ogether-tay in-way y-may ame-nay, I-way am-way in-way e-thay idst-may of-way em-thay and-way everything-way at-thay ey-thay all-shay ask-way e-thay ather-fay in-way y-may ame-nay and-way e-hay ill-way ulfill-fay and-way o-day it.”

The agician-May of-way iber-Lay uratus-Jay is-way eld-hay o-tay a-way ery-vay igh-hay andard-stay of-way oral-may urity-pay, a-way iritual-spay and-way itual-ray ate-stay at-thay is-way ere-hay agnified-may y-bay e-thay priest’s onsecration-cay of-way “he at-thay all-shay work”–the text’s erm-tay or-fay e-thay agician-May or-way Exorcist–by e-thay ower-pay of-way e-thay ass-May and-way oly-Hay ommunion-Cay (Peterson, 2009).

Two additional-way ings-thay are-way orth-way oting-nay about-way is-thay interesting-way assage-pay. irst-Fay, e-thay articular-pay ass-May at-thay e-thay imoire-gray ecommends-ray is-way a-way ecial-spay ‘votive’ or-way evotional-day ass-may alled-cay e-thay “Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Ghost,” ow-nay alled-cay e-thay “Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Spirit,” ich-whay as-way used-way in-way e-thay 14th entury-cay o-tay invoke-way e-thay oly-Hay irit-Spay and-way ask-way or-fay uidance-gay and-way wisdom; e-thay invocation-way of-way ivine-Day ower-pay and-way isdom-way is-way, of-way ourse-cay, ery-vay elevant-ray o-tay e-thay ork-way of-way a-way istian-Chray Magician.

Econdsay, e-thay ass-May is-way ere-hay iven-gay in-way a-way odified-may ersion-vay in-way ich-whay e-thay ecific-spay umbered-nay ayers-pray iven-gay in-way e-thay imoire-gray are-way inserted-way into-way it-way and-way e-thay iest-pray ays-pray or-fay e-thay uccess-say of-way e-thay Magician’s operation-way at-way e-thay ost-may auspicious-way of-way oments-may, amely-nay, uring-day e-thay “consecration of-way e-thay ody-Bay of-way Christ,” in-way ich-whay e-thay afer-way as-way elieved-bay y-bay atholics-Cay o-tay e-bay ansubstantiated-tray om-fray an-way ordinary-way afer-way into-way Christ’s ody-bay itself-way. e-Thay et-nay effect-way of-way aking-may ese-thay anges-chay o-tay e-thay andard-stay ipt-scray of-way e-thay ass-May is-way o-tay oduce-pray a-way ind-kay of-way imoiric-gray ass-May at-thay is-way an-way explicitly-way agical-may itual-ray in-way itself-way ough-thray its-way onnection-cay o-tay e-thay iber-Lay Juratus ocedurespray.

Aterlay in-way e-thay ext-tay, e-thay agician-May is-way instructed-way o-tay onduct-cay a-way olonged-pray eries-say of-way asts-fay, ayers-pray, and-way urifications-pay, and-way once-way again-way, is-way instructed-way o-tay attend-way e-thay ass-May. ere-Hay, owever-hay, “he at-thay all-shay work” is-way instructed-way o-tay ay-say ecific-spay ayers-pray, ich-whay are-way iven-gay in-way e-thay ext-tay, ile-whay eceiving-ray e-thay oly-Hay ommunion-Cay or-way e-thay ody-Bay and-way ood-Blay of-way ist-Chray in-way e-thay urch-Chay (Peterson, 2009). As-way iber-Lay uratus-Jay explains:

“If erefore-thay anybody-way ishes-way o-tay operate-way ith-way ose-thay irits-spay, e-way ust-may irst-fay arn-way im-hay ictly-stray at-thay e-hay ust-may e-bay oroughly-thay urified-pay, as-way e-way ave-hay aid-say in-way e-thay eceding-pray, until-way e-hay omes-cay o-tay e-thay ourteenth-fay ay-day, on-way ich-whay ay-day e-hay ust-may egin-bay is-hay ast-fay. en-Thay en-whay e-thay ass-May of-way e-thay oly-Hay irit-Spay is-way eing-bay aid-say or-way elebrated-cay, en-whay e-thay operator-way is-way eceiving-ray e-thay ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray (eucharist), e-hay ould-shay ay-say ayers-pray 19 and-way 20 (LXXVII-LXXIX), as-way e-way ave-hay aid-say, en-whay e-thay iest-pray is-way olding-hay up-way e-thay ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray (i.e. aferway), o-tay eveal-ray it-way o-tay e-thay ongregation-cay, e-hay ould-shay ay-pray on-way ehalf-bay of-way e-thay Operationay.”

This assage-pay is-way oteworthy-nay ecause-bay it-way ays-lay ear-bay e-thay otion-nay at-thay or-fay e-thay author-way of-way iber-Lay uratus-Jay, e-thay exoteric-way ass-May and-way e-thay esoteric-way ork-way of-way e-thay onjurer-cay ere-way ot-nay een-say as-way o-tway eparate-say ings-thay, as-way ome-say ontemporary-cay eorists-thay o-whay ostulate-pay a-way igid-ray ivide-day etween-bay e-thay echniques-tay of-way “magic” and-way “religion” ay-may uggest-say. Instead-way, e-thay ork-way of-way e-thay ass-May as-way artof-pay e-thay agic-may and-way upplied-say art-pay of-way its-way iritual-spay empowerment; in-way e-thay iber-Lay Juratus‘s ystem-say, e-thay eparatory-pray urifying-pay ites-Ray and-way e-thay ater-lay allings-cay of-way e-thay irits-spay are-way art-pay of-way a-way ingle-say magico-religious ontinuum-cay. Indeed-way, ithout-way e-thay onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May, e-thay agician-May as-way eld-hay o-tay e-bay unfit-way and-way insufficiently-way urified-pay o-tay oceed-pray ith-way e-thay Operations-way ith-way irits-spay (Peterson, 2009).


  1. agical-May onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way oane-Slay 3847 – e-Thay avicle-Clay of-way olomon-Say evealed-Ray y-bay olomy-Ptay e-thay Eciangray 

Second, e-thay ame-say inciple-pray at-thay e-thay istian-Chray ass-May itself-way as-hay e-thay ower-pay o-tay onsecrate-cay oth-bay actitioners-pray and-way ools-tay of-way e-thay Art-way is-way applied-way in-way another-way imoiric-gray ext-tay, amely-nay, oane-Slay 3847 – e-Thay avicle-Clay of-way olomon-Say evealed-Ray y-bay olomy-Ptay e-thay ecian-Gray. is-Thay ext-tay is-way one-way of-way e-thay earliest-way available-way anuscripts-may of-way e-thay ey-Kay of-way olomon-Say and-way eems-say o-tay ate-day o-tay 1572, e-thay only-way earlier-way one-way I’m aware-way of-way eing-bay -BNFay or-way Bibliothèque ationale-Nay e-day ance-Fray Ital-way 1524, ich-whay ates-day o-tay 1446 (Peterson, 1999). In-way oane-Slay 3847, e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May is-way applied-way ot-nay only-way in-way e-thay onsecration-cay of-way e-thay ools-Tay of-way e-thay Art-way, ut-bay also-way in-way e-thay onsecration-cay of-way e-thay entacles-Pay. As-way ill-way e-bay een-say, e-thay ocess-pray iven-gay or-fay onsecrating-cay e-thay entacles-Pay is-way onsiderably-cay ore-may involved-way and-way emanding-day in-way is-thay anuscript-may an-thay in-way ater-lay anuscripts-may of-way e-thay avicula-Clay alomonis-Say, ich-whay ay-may uggest-say at-thay ater-lay iters-wray ay-may ave-hay abrogated-way e-thay ext-tay o-tay implify-say e-thay method.

In oane-Slay 3847, e-thay agician-May is-way equired-ray o-tay ave-hay ot-nay one-way, ut-bay ultiple-may asses-May aid-say over-way e-thay anetary-Play entacle-Pay o-tay onsecrate-cay and-way empower-way it-way, as-way e-thay ext-tay explains:

“The entacles-Pay e-bay ade-may upon day, and-way in-way e-thay our-hay of-way Mercury,(…). ave-Hay a-way ouse-hay or-way ecret-say amber-chay ean-clay and-way oodly-gay erein-whay all-shay one-nay inhabit-way, ut-bay e-thay eefe-chay oniurer-cay and-way is-hay ellowes-fay, and-way ake-may a-way umigation-fay ere-thay and-way inckle-spray it-way ith-way ewater-yay, as-way it-way is-way aid-say (…) and-way ave-hay our-yay aper-pay or-way etter-bay, irgin-vay aper-pay and-way egin-bay at-thay our-hay o-tay ite-wray e-thay oresayde-fay entacle-pay of-way oble-nay ollour-cay as-way is-way emabrium-way or-way elestem-cay oniured-cay and-way exorsized-way as-way it-way is-way sayd.

For e-thay en-Pay and-way e-thay Inke-way, et-lay em-thay e-bay itt-wray and-way other-way inges-thay o-tay e-bay exorsized-way, and-way en-whay ey-thay e-bay itten-wray erfectly-pay, at-thay our-hay if-way ey-thay e-bay ot-nay ompleted-cay, oe-day ot-nay ease-cay untill-way ey-thay e-bay ullfilled-fay en-whay e-yay ay-may. en-Thay ake-tay ome-say oble-nay oth-clay of-way ilke-say erin-whay e-yay ay-may old-hay e-thay oresayd-fay entacles-pay, and-way ave-hay ere-thay an-way earthen-way ot-pay eat-gray, and-way ull-fay of-way oales-cay, and-way et-lay ere-thay e-bay of-way igno-lay astico-may asculo-may & igno-lay aloe-way, oniured-cay, and-way et-lay e-yay oniurer-cay e-bay eare-clay [24v] as-way it-way is-way eete-may, and-way ave-hay ere-thay epared-pray Arthanum-way upatum-nay [the ill-Quay knife] in-way e-thay uice-jay of-way impernell-pay and-way e-thay ood-blay of-way a-way oose-gay ade-may and-way ompleted-cay upon-way ercuries-May ay-day in-way e-thay augementinge-way [waxing] of-way e-thay oone-may ere-whay upon-way et-lay 3 asses-May e-bay onge-say ith-way ospells-gay and-way umigate-fay it-way ith-way umigations-fay of-way e-yay ife-knay, at-thay e-yay ust-may ut-cay and-way ake-may aicum-may Isopi-way [hyssop], ith-way our-yay ole-whay inde-may and-way umble-hay euotion-day, ayinge-say ese-thay almes-Psay ith-way eoration-yay followinge…”

Nor is-way at-thay all-way. e-Thay agician-May is-way en-thay equired-ray o-tay omplete-cay a-way eries-say of-way ayers-pray over-way e-thay ext-nay ee-thray ays-day, and-way “cause” an-way additional-way eries-say of-way asses-May o-tay e-bay aid-say over-way e-thay entacle-Pay o-tay activate-way it-way and-way en-spirit it-way ith-way agical-may force:

Say is-thay 3 ayes-day ontinuall-cay upon-way e-thay oresayed-fay entacles-pay and-way ause-cay 3 assesto-May e-bay ayed-say of-way e-yay oly-Hay ost-Ghay, and-way one-way of-way Our-way ady-Lay, and-way afterward-way ut-pay e-thay oresaid-fay ignes-say, in-way a-way ilke-say oth-clay ith-way oodly-gay auours-say, and-way ut-pay em-thay up-way in-way a-way eane-clay place.

And en-whay it-way is-way eede-nay, e-yay ay-may orke-way as-way it-way is-way aid-say of-way e-thay artes-way agicall-may, of-way y-thay oth-clay ere-way ecked-day ith-way old-gay it-way ere-way of-way ore-may efficacye-way, and-way en-whay ey-thay e-bay ut-pay in-way a-way eane-clay ace-play, umigate-fay em-thay and-way incle-spray em-thay ith-way ater-way and-way Isope-way [hyssop] and-way oe-say et-lay em-thay alone-way. ey-Thay ave-hay immumerable-way ertues-vay as-way it-way is-way ontained-cay heareafter.

Nor is-way e-thay ormula-fay of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May only-way applied-way or-fay entacles-Pay. e-Thay avicle-Clay also-way equires-ray it-way or-fay e-thay onsecration-cay of-way “the Conjurer’s” ools-tay, uch-say as-way e-thay ife-Knay, and-Way, and-way eedlenay:

“With uch-say a-way ife-knay as-way e-thay ircles-cay ould-shay e-bay ade-may ith-way, if-way it-way e-bay eevous-gray or-fay ou-yay o-tay ake-may uch-say a-way ife-knay, inde-fay ome-say ife-knay of-way e-thay oresaid-fay ashion-fay, ith-way a-way aft-hay all-way ite-whay or-way all-way acke-blay, and-way ite-wray upon-way anicumor-may aft-hay e-thay oresaid-fay ordes-way, after-way e-thay mañer aforesaid-way of-way at-thay ife-knay, and-way upon-way e-thay ate-play begiñinge om-fray e-thay oynt-pay, ite-wray ith-way encausto-way onjured-cay, Alpha-way et-way omega-way, agla-way, a-Jay, el-way, ou-way, emeumaton-pray, yrnel-say, afrnel-way, and-way ause-cay o-tay e-bay ayd-say over-way is-thay ife-knay 3 asses-may, one-way of-way e-thay oly-hay ost-ghay and-way 2 of-way our-way ady-Lay and-way umigate-fay im-hay, ith-way e-thay umigations-fay ollowinge-fay, and-way esse-blay im-hay ith-way ater-way as-way olloweth-fay, onjuring-cay ayinge-say, in-way omine-nay atris-pay ilii-fay et-way -Say. ancti-Say Amen-way, and-way ut-pay im-hay in-way a-way ilke-say oth-clay, of-way uch-say as-way olloweth-fay, until-way e-yay ill-way orke-way, and-way of-way at-thay ife-knay et-lay e-thay ircles-cay of-way artes-way e-bay ade-may, and-way ith-way at-thay ife-knay, et-lay ings-thay ecessary-nay o-tay e-thay artes-way or-way experiments-way e-bay ut-cay, ikewise-lay et-lay Artanus-way e-bay ade-may, ut-bay ey-thay eede-nay ot-nay o-tay e-bay ut-pay in-way any-way operation-way. et-Lay other-way Instruments-way of-way Iron-way, or-way aves-stay, or-way odds-ray excersised-way in-way artes-way or-way experiments-way e-bay onsecrated-cay, on-way at-thay mañer, if-way ey-thay e-bay InstrumtsLet-way em-thay e-bay ade-may on dayes and-way is-hay our-Hay as-way it-way is-way aid-say of-way e-yay ife-knay, and-way Arthano-way [the ill-quay knife], and-way et-lay ese-thay at-thay olloweth-fay e-bay itten-wray upon-way them…”


This assage-pay is-way ascinating-fay or-fay a-way umber-nay of-way easons-ray. irst-Fay, it-way eems-say o-tay uggest-say at-thay a-way ingle-say ife-knay an-cay e-bay used-way, ot-nay oth-bay a-way black-handled ife-knay and-way a-way white-handled ife-knay as-way in-way ater-lay anuscripts-may, ut-bay a-way ife-knay “with a-way aft-hay [handle] all-way ite-whay or-way all-way black” (Peterson, 1999). is-Thay all-smay, ut-bay ignificant-say ifference-day aces-play is-thay anuscript-may ore-may osely-clay in-way ine-lay ith-way e-thay ygromanteia-Hay, ich-whay only-way eatures-fay a-way ingle-say ife-knay (Marathakis, 2011). As-way -Dray. ephen-Stay inner-Skay explains-way in-way is-hay etailed-day analysis-way ithin-way e-thay ame-say edition-way of-way e-thay ext-tay, in-way e-thay ygromanteiay,

“The ade-blay of-way e-thay ife-knay ust-may e-bay om-fray an-way older-way ord-sway or-way ife-knay at-thay as-hay ought-bray eath-day, ut-bay e-thay andle-hay ust-may e-bay ade-may om-fray e-thay orn-hay of-way a-way ack-blay he-goat. -Pay as-hay she-goat instead-way and-way -Gay oes-day ot-nay efer-ray o-tay e-thay andle-hay at-way all-way. According-way o-tay A-way, -Bay, -Gay and-way B3 ertain-cay omina-nay arbara-bay ave-hay o-tay e-bay itten-wray on-way e-thay ife-knay, and-way it-way ust-may e-bay onstructed-cay on-way e-thay ay-day and-way e-thay our-hay of-way arsmay.

Except or-fay is-thay ection-say and-way e-thay ubsequent-say entions-may of-way e-thay ack-blay andled-hay ife-knay in-way e-thay aking-may of-way e-thay en-pay, e-thay archment-pay and-way e-thay ircle-cay, e-thay anuscripts-may ention-may e-thay ife-knay in-way elation-ray o-tay a-way umber-nay of-way independent-way ivinatory-day operations-way at-thay ill-way e-bay eated-tray of-way elow-bay. e-Thay oldest-way eference-ray o-tay e-thay black-handled ife-knay, ought-bray o-tay y-may attention-way y-bay avid-Day ankine-Ray, omes-cay om-fray ashi-Ray (Rabbi omo-Shlay Yitzhaki), e-thay amous-fay 11th entury-cay ommentator-cay of-way e-thay almud-Tay. ashi-Ray, ommenting-cay on-way a-way almudic-Tay assage-pay, says: “He o-whay is-way articular-pay about-way e-thay essel-vay (by eans-may of-way ich-whay e-hay divines), at-thay e-hay annot-cay o-day anything-way ithout-way e-thay essel-vay at-thay is-way equired-ray or-fay at-thay ing-thay, as-way, or-fay instance-way, e-thay “princes of-way e-thay thumb”, or-fay ich-whay ey-thay equire-ray a-way ife-knay, e-thay andle-hay of-way ich-whay is-way ack-blay, or-way e-thay “princes of-way e-thay cup”, at-thay ey-thay equire-ray a-way up-cay of-way glass.”(…)

Another early-way eference-ray o-tay e-thay ack-blay andled-hay ife-knay an-cay e-bay ound-fay in-way e-thay ecension-Ray -Cay of-way e-thay estament-Tay of-way olomon-Say, ich-whay, according-way o-tay own-McCay ay-may elong-bay o-tay e-thay 12th or-way 13th entury-cay. In-way is-thay ext-tay, eelzeboul-Bay says: “Take ifty-fay one-way in-way umber-nay ack-blay unborn-way ids-kay, ing-bray e-may a-way ew-nay ife-knay ith-way a-way andle-hay ade-may om-fray ack-blay orn-hay and-way attached-way y-bay ee-thray ivets-ray, and-way in-skay e-thay ids-kay [baby goats].”

It is-way additionally-way orth-way oting-nay e-thay explicit-way istianity-Chray of-way is-thay assage-pay om-fray e-thay avicle-Clay, ich-whay ot-nay only-way equires-ray “3 asses-May, one-way of-way e-thay oly-Hay ost-Ghay and-way 2 of-way our-way ady-Lay [the irgin-Vay Mary]” o-tay e-bay aid-say over-way e-thay ife-Knay of-way Art-way, ut-bay also-way onjures-cay e-thay ife-Knay y-bay eans-may of-way e-thay inity-Tray, “in omine-nay atris-pay ilii-fay et-way -Say. ancti-Say Amen” (Peterson, 1999). is-Thay ands-stay in-way ontrast-cay o-tay ater-lay anuscripts-may of-way e-thay ey-Kay of-way olomon-Say, ich-whay eliminate-way all-way istian-Chray eferences-ray in-way an-way attempt-way o-tay ake-may e-thay ext-tay appear-way entirely-way ewish-Jay, and-way us-thay, ore-may in-way ine-lay ith-way e-thay eligion-ray of-way its-way eudepigraphic-psay author-way, ing-Kay olomonsay.

In e-thay interests-way of-way evity-bray, I-way ill-way ot-nay ote-quay all-way of-way e-thay assages-pay oncerning-cay onsecrations-cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-thay avicle-Clay, or-fay ere-thay are-way any-may, ut-bay it-way ay-may uffice-say o-tay ay-say in-way ummary-say at-thay asses-May are-way also-way equired-ray o-tay e-bay ecited-ray over-way e-thay “Virgin ax-Way or-way Earth” (“three Masses”), e-thay eedle-Nay of-way Art-way (“three Masses”), e-thay irgin-Vay archment-Pay (“three Masses”), and-way e-thay ilk-Say oth-Clay or-fay apping-wray implements-way of-way e-thay Art-way (a aggering-stay “9 Masses!) (Peterson, 1999).

As ese-thay assages-pay eveal-ray, onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May as-way onsidered-cay y-bay e-thay author-way of-way e-thay avicle-Clay, at-thay is-way, Pseudo-Ptolemy e-thay ecian-Gray in-way oane-Slay 3847, o-tay e-bay a-way undamental-fay and-way essential-way agical-may echnique-tay or-fay onsecrating-cay all-way of-way e-thay ools-Tay of-way e-thay Art-way as-way ell-way as-way e-thay entacles-Pay oduced-pray using-way e-thay avicular-Clay ethod-may (Peterson, 1999). As-way uch-say, e-thay absence-way of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May in-way ater-lay anuscripts-may of-way e-thay ey-Kay, arguably-way a-way oduct-pray of-way attempts-way o-tay eamline-stray and-way acilitate-fay e-thay olomonic-Say ethod-may, is-way emarkably-ray conspicuous.


  1. agical-May onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-Thay eptameron-Hay or-way agical-May Elements-way eudepigraphically-Psay attributed-way o-tay eter-Pay e-day Abano

Third, onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May also-way igures-fay ongly-stray in-way e-thay eptameron-Hay or-way agical-May Elements-way, in-way o-tway ey-kay espects-ray, amely-nay, e-thay onsecrations-cay of-way e-thay entacle-Pay and-way arment-Gay and-way e-thay ord-Sway of-way Art-way. As-way e-thay ext-tay, in-way Peterson’s (2018) edition-way, explains:

“The Operator-way ought-way o-tay e-bay ean-clay and-way urified-pay y-bay e-thay ace-spay of-way ine-nay aies-day efore-bay e-thay eginning-bay of-way e-thay ork-way, and-way o-tay e-bay onfessed-cay, and-way eceive-ray e-thay oly-hay ommunion-Cay. et-Lay im-hay ave-hay eady-ray e-thay erfume-pay appropriated-way o-tay e-thay ay-day erein-whay e-hay ould-way erform-pay e-thay ork-way. e-Hay ought-way also-way o-tay ave-hay oly-hay ater-way om-fray a-way iest-Pray, and-way a-way ew-nay earthen-way essel-vay ith-way ire-fay, a-way esture-Vay and-way a-way Pentacle; and-way et-lay all-way ese-thay ings-thay e-bay ightly-ray and-way uly-day onsecrated-cay and-way epared-pray. et-Lay one-way of-way e-thay ervants-say arry-cay e-thay earthen-way essel-vay ull-fay of-way ire-fay, and-way e-thay erfumes-pay, and-way et-lay another-way ear-bay e-thay ook-bay, another-way e-thay arment-Gay and-way entacle-Pay, and-way et-lay e-thay aster-may arry-cay e-thay Sword; over-way ich-whay ere-thay ust-may e-bay aid-say one-way ass-may of-way e-thay oly-Hay Ghost.”

Similarly, a-way ater-lay assage-pay arifies-clay at-thay e-thay onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May ust-may ot-nay only-way e-bay erformed-pay or-fay e-thay ord-Sway, ut-bay also-way or-fay e-thay Pentacle:

“Let it-way e-bay a-way Priest’s arment-Gay, if-way it-way an-cay e-bay ad-hay, et-lay it-way e-bay of-way inen-lay, and-way ean-clay. en-Thay ake-tay is-thay entacle-Pay ade-may in-way e-thay ay-day and-way our-hay of-way ercury-May, e-thay oon-May increasing-way, itten-wray in-way archment-pay ade-may of-way a-way ids-kay in-skay [goat skin]. ut-Bay irst-fay et-lay ere-thay e-bay aid-say over-way it-way e-thay ass-May of-way e-thay oly-hay ost-Ghay, and-way et-lay it-way e-bay inkled-spray ith-way ater-way of-way baptism.”

As ese-thay assages-pay eveal-ray, e-thay Pseudo-Peter e-day Abano-way of-way e-thay eptameron-Hay also-way aw-say e-thay onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May o-tay e-bay a-way ucially-cray important-way ethod-may or-fay imbuing-way e-thay ord-Sway and-way entacle-Pay ith-way eir-thay agical-may owerpay.

To ing-bray ese-thay ee-thray analyses-way ogether-tay, e-thay agical-may eoretic-thay ogic-lay at-way ay-play ehind-bay oth-bay Juratus’ onsecration-cay of-way e-thay agician-May y-bay ass-May and-way e-thay avicle-Clay and-way Heptameron’sconsecrations of-way e-thay ools-Tay and-way entacles-Pay y-bay ass-May eems-say o-tay e-bay argely-lay e-thay ame-say. In-way oth-bay ases-cay, oximity-pray o-tay or-way immersion-way in-way e-thay oly-Hay ass-May ings-bray e-thay agician-May and-way e-thay ools-Tay into-way ympathetic-say esonance-ray ith-way e-thay oly-hay orces-fay at-thay ey-thay are-way intended-way o-tay elp-hay onjure-cay and-way irect-day o-tay agical-may ends.

To e-thay atholic-Cay agicians-May o-whay enned-pay ese-thay ee-thray imoires-gray, it-way as-way only-way atural-nay o-tay aw-dray upon-way e-thay ost-may owerful-pay eremony-cay of-way ich-whay ey-thay ere-way aware-way, in-way ich-whay e-thay ody-Bay and-way ood-Blay of-way eir-thay aviour-Say ere-way ymbolically-say ingested-way in-way e-thay ystery-May of-way Eucharist-way, o-tay empower-way eir-thay instruments-way, a-way ogic-lay Agrippa-way explains-way in-way is-hay analyses-way of-way ympathetic-say “occult vertue” (Agrippa, 2000). Indeed-way, e-thay act-fay at-thay e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May ecurs-ray in-way o-say any-may influential-way and-way early-way exts-tay only-way akes-may its-way aring-glay omission-way y-bay ost-may odern-may agicians-May all-way e-thay ore-may iking-stray. y-Bay omitting-way it-way, ontemporary-cay actitioners-pray isk-ray eaving-lay out-way a-way ey-kay omponent-cay of-way e-thay agical-may ethod-may and-way eory-thay enshrined-way in-way ese-thay ivotal-pay texts.


Resurrecting e-thay onsecration-Cay y-bay Mass: actical-Pray uggestions-Say or-fay e-thay ontemporary-Cay ractitionerpay

In ight-lay of-way e-thay method’s owerful-pay istorical-hay egacy-lay in-way e-thay imoires-gray and-way in-way e-thay interests-way of-way aithfulness-fay o-tay e-thay ource-say exts-tay, at-whay are-way ontemporary-cay actitioners-pray o-tay o-day if-way ey-thay ish-way o-tay implement-way e-thay onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May into-way eir-thay own-way 21st-century orkway?

Three ain-may options-way emain-ray open-way o-tay ontemporary-cay agicianmays:

1) ey-Thay an-cay ollow-fay iber-Lay uratus-Jay and-way y-tray o-tay ind-fay a-way “faithful and-way wary” ordained-way iest-pray o-whay is-way illing-way o-tay elp-hay in-way erforming-pay asses-May over-way em-thay or-way eir-thay agical-may implements-way. is-Thay is-way ossible-pay in-way ome-say ases-cay, ut-bay iests-pray illing-way o-tay ooperate-cay in-way occult-way enterprises-way an-cay e-bay ew-fay and-way ar-fay etween-bay. is-Thay unfortunate-way ate-stay of-way affairs-way is-way edominantly-pray ue-day o-tay e-thay ontinued-cay igmatization-stay of-way esotericism-way as-way ecessarily-nay and-way intrinsically-way emonic-day at-thay eigns-ray ithin-way e-thay ontemporary-cay urch-Chay. ith-Way at-thay aid-say, everend-Ray Aaron-way eitch-Lay oes-day offer-way a-way ervice-say of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May or-fay ose-thay o-whay ould-way ike-lay o-tay enlist-way is-hay services.

2) ey-Thay an-cay ecome-bay ordained-way as-way iests-pray and-way erform-pay e-thay asses-May over-way eir-thay own-way implements-way ourselves-way. o-Tay aid-way and-way upport-say ose-thay o-whay are-way interested-way in-way oing-day is-thay, I-way ave-hay included-way a-way ull-fay atin-Lay ext-tay of-way e-thay “Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Ghost” alled-cay or-fay in-way e-thay aforementioned-way imoires-gray in-way Appendix-way I-way of-way is-thay article-way. e-Thay ourney-jay o-tay authentic-way ordination-way is-way a-way ong-lay one-way equiring-ray eat-gray evotion-day and-way ommitment-cay, ut-bay is-thay econd-say option-way is-way often-way ill-stay easier-way an-thay e-thay irst-fay, and-way indeed-way, I-way ow-knay everal-say individuals-way o-whay ave-hay aken-tay is-thay approach.

3) e-Thay ird-thay and-way inal-fay ethod-may is-way e-thay approach-way I-way affectionately-way efer-ray o-tay as-way yptoconsecratio-cray, at-thay is-way, e-thay andestine-clay onsecration-cay of-way objects-way erformed-pay in-way ublic-pay. In-way is-thay ase-cay, yptoconsecratio-cray entails-way inging-bray agical-may items-way o-tay urch-Chay and-way aying-pray over-way and-way onsecrating-cay em-thay ecretly-say uring-day e-thay ass-May itselfay.

Oneay allenge-chay osed-pay y-bay is-thay atter-lay approach-way, owever-hay, is-way at-thay, as-way e-way ave-hay already-way een-say, e-thay “Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Spirit” escribed-pray above-way is-way ot-nay e-thay andard-stay unday-Say iturgical-lay ass-May, ut-bay ather-ray a-way otive-vay or-way evotional-day ass-May at-thay is-way arely-ray erformed-pay y-bay ost-may urches-Chay oday-tay at-way all-way if-way ot-nay once-way or-way a-way ew-fay imes-tay er-pay ear-yay (Rex, 2014). ankfully-Thay, actical-pray experimentation-way as-hay evealed-ray at-thay e-thay andard-stay ass-May, ile-whay ot-nay as-way optimally-way aligned-way ith-way e-thay imoiric-gray ecifications-spay as-way e-thay ass-May of-way e-thay oly-Hay irit-Spay, orks-way early-nay as-way ell-way or-fay our-way purposes.

acticalpray ips-Tay or-fay yptoconsecrating-Cray agical-May Objects-way y-bay assmay

Thosay o-whay ould-way ike-lay o-tay attempt-way e-thay yptoconsecratio-cray ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May, an-cay acilitate-fay eir-thay ask-tay y-bay acing-play agical-may items-way in-way an-way unsuspicious-way ag-bay uch-say as-way a-way ackpack-bay, urse-pay or-way atchel-say, ich-whay ey-thay ing-bray ith-way em-thay into-way e-thay urch-Chay. Ideally-way, e-thay objects-way o-tay e-bay onsecrated-cay ould-way e-bay aced-play as-way ose-clay o-tay e-thay Altar-way as-way possible; indeed-way, e-thay grimoires’ authors-way envisioned-way e-thay items-way eing-bay aced-play on-way e-thay Altar-way itself-way. owever-Hay, as-way er-pay Agrippan-way occult-way ilosophical-phay ogic-lay, e-thay items-way an-cay emain-ray in-way e-thay ews-pay if-way necessary; ince-say e-thay ass-May echnically-tay unfolds-way oughout-thray e-thay entire-way urch-Chay, its-way “occult vertue” and-way ympathetic-say empowerment-way an-cay ill-stay e-bay ansferred-tray o-tay any-way ocation-lay ithin-way e-thay urch-Chay uring-day e-thay ass-May ovided-pray appropriate-way and-way effective-way ayers-pray are-way used-way o-tay irect-day e-thay ocess-pray (Agrippa, 2000).

The oser-clay o-tay e-thay Altar-way, e-thay etter-bay, owever-hay. e-Thay oldest-bay agicians-May an-cay it-say in-way e-thay ont-fray ow-ray and-way ereby-thay e-bay as-way ose-clay o-tay e-thay Altar-way as-way ey-thay an-cay ossibly-pay e-bay ithout-way eing-bay e-thay officiating-way iests-pray emselves-thay. If-way actitioners-pray are-way erforming-pay e-thay andestine-clay yptoconsecratio-cray om-fray eir-thay ews-pay ith-way e-thay items-way in-way a-way ag-bay eside-bay em-thay, en-thay uring-day e-thay ass-May, ey-thay an-cay imply-say and-way iscretely-day ace-play a-way and-hay over-way e-thay items-way o-tay e-bay onsecrated-cay and-way ay-pray over-way em-thay o-tay omplete-cay e-thay consecration.

Praying over-way e-thay items-way ultiple-may imes-tay oughout-thray e-thay ass-May eems-say o-tay e-bay ost-may effective-way approach-way, as-way actical-pray experimentation-way as-hay evealed-ray. owever-Hay, e-thay ost-may ucial-cray oment-may o-tay erform-pay uch-say andestine-clay ayers-pray is-way en-whay e-thay iest-pray is-way initiating-way e-thay ansubstantiation-tray or-way e-thay ystic-may ansformation-tray of-way e-thay ead-bray and-way ine-way into-way e-thay ood-Blay and-way ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray (Peterson, 2009). iber-Lay uratus-Jay akes-may e-thay esoteric-way otency-pay of-way is-thay oment-may abundantly-way ear-clay in-way e-thay aforementioned-way assage-pay egarding-ray e-thay ayers-pray o-tay e-bay ecited-ray y-bay “he at-thay all-shay work” (Peterson, 2009). ollowing-Fay Agrippa-way once-way again-way, e-thay agical-may ationale-ray is-way clear; ince-say e-thay iest-pray is-way erforming-pay a-way acred-say ansformation-tray, e-thay oment-may is-way egnant-pray ith-way e-thay ‘occult vertue’ of-way at-thay acred-say ansformative-tray power–quite ike-lay an-way auspicious-way and-way enefic-bay astrological-way election–thus acilitating-fay e-thay onsecration-cay of-way e-thay argeted-tay agical-may objects-way y-bay e-thay ass-May (Agrippa, 2000).

At is-thay oint-pay, I-way anticipate-way at-thay y-may intelligent-way and-way practically-minded eaders-ray ill-way ikely-lay ose-pay a-way ery-vay understandable-way question: at-whay about-way e-thay ord-Sway — urely-say it’s ot-nay o-say easy-way o-tay yptoconsecrate-cray as-way all-smay objects?

Admittedlay, e-thay ord-Sway of-way Art’s ize-say oes-day eem-say o-tay ose-pay a-way oblem-pray. ankfully-Thay, owever-hay, it-way is-way one-way easily-way olved-say. ince-Say e-thay ord-Sway oes-day ot-nay it-fay in-way ost-may ags-bay, it-way an-cay instead-way e-bay aced-play in-way e-thay ase-cay of-way a-way usical-may instrument-way — a-way uitar-gay ase-cay, or-fay instance-way, orks-way emarkably-ray ell-way. Once-way again-way, as-way in-way e-thay ase-cay of-way e-thay ags-bay, andestine-clay actitioners-pray eed-nay only-way ace-play a-way and-hay over-way e-thay ord-Sway as-way it-way ies-lay idden-hay in-way its-way ase-cay and-way ay-pray over-way it-way o-tay onsecrate-cay it-way uring-day e-thay ass-May. Exorcisms-way of-way e-thay items-way o-tay e-bay onsecrated-cay an-cay e-bay one-day in-way e-thay Magician’s ivate-pray emple-Tay ior-pray o-tay oing-gay o-tay urch-Chay or-fay e-thay ass-May and-way inal-fay uffumigations-say and-way oly-Hay ater-Way inklings-spray of-way e-thay items-way an-cay e-bay one-day upon-way eturning-ray omhay.

In ort-shay, ether-whay ough-thray a-way iestly-pray ally-way, ough-thray ecoming-bay iests-pray, or-way ough-thray iscrete-day yptoconsecratio-cray erformed-pay uring-day asses-May officiated-way y-bay others-way, e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May emains-ray accessible-way o-tay is-thay ayday.

A ystic-May egacy-Lay ith-way Enduring-way Value: oncluding-Cay ords-Way on-way an-way Ongoing-way acticepray

In onclusion-cay, e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May as-hay a-way espectable-ray imoiric-gray edigree-pay and-way emains-ray accessible-way oday-tay ough-thray ethods-may uch-say as-way e-thay ee-thray approaches-way uggested-say in-way is-thay article-way. imoiric-Gray aditionalists-tray and-way istian-Chray agicians-May ay-may ind-fay articular-pay alue-vay in-way e-thay ethod-may. Non-Christian actitioners-pray ith-way an-way open-mind and-way a-way uriosity-cay about-way agical-may ethods-may om-fray other-way ultures-cay, owever-hay, ay-may ill-stay ind-fay at-thay e-thay ethod-may offers-way a-way ertile-fay agical-may echnology-tay under-girded y-bay undreds-hay of-way ears-yay of-way esoteric-way istory-hay as-way ell-way as-way a-way ascinating-fay avenue-way or-fay exploration.


 Appendix I-way – e-Thay atin-Lay ext-tay of-way e-thay ‘Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Ghost/Spirit,’ ared-shay ere-hay om-fray e-thay ublic-Pay omain-Day (for e-thay English-way ext-tay, ee-say is-thay ist-Lay of-way esources-Ray om-fray -BJay Swayne):

[Adam’s Note: Brace yourself for a truly glorious abomination of Pig Latin-ized actual Latin...]

Missa e-day iritu-Spay Sancto Introitus. ap-Say. -lay, 7.

Spíritus Dómini replévit orbem-way terrárum: et-way oc-hay, od-quay cóntinet ómnia, sciéntiam abet-hay vocis. (T.P. Allelúja, allelúja.)

Ps. 67,2. Exsúrgat eus-Day, et-way dissipéntur inimíci ejus: et-way fúgiant, i-quay odérunt eum-way, a-way fácie ejus. ℣. Glória Patri.


Deus, i-quay orda-cay fidélium ancti-Say Spíritus illustratióne docuísti: a-day obis-nay in-way eódem Spíritu ecta-ray sápere; et-way e-day ejus-way emper-say consolatióne gaudére. er-Pay Dóminum . . . in-way unitáte ejúsdem Spíritus Sancti.

Léctio Actuum-way Apostólorum.

Act. 8, 14-17. In diébus illis: um-Cay audíssent Apóstoli, i-quay erant-way Jerosólymis, od-quay recepísset Samaría erbum-vay ei-Day, misérunt ad-way eos-way etrum-Pay et-way Joánnem. i-Quay um-cay veníssent, oravérunt o-pray ipsis-way, ut-way accíperent Spíritum Sanctum: ondum-nay enim-way in-way emquam-quay illórum vénerat, ed-say baptizáti antum-tay erant-way in-way nómine Dómini esu-Jay. unc-Tay imponébant anus-may uper-say illos-way, et-way accipiébant Spíritum Sanctum.


Ps. 32, 12 et-way 6. Beáta ens-gay, ujus-cay est-way Dóminus eus-Day eórum: pópulus, em-quay elégit Dóminus in-way hereditátem sibi. ℣. erbo-Vay Dómini oeli-cay firmáti sunt: et-way Spíritu oris-way ejus-way omnis-way irtus-vay eórum. Allelúja, allelúja. (Hic genuflectitur) ℣. eni-Vay, ancte-Say Spíritus, eple-ray tuórum orda-cay fidélium: et-way ui-tay amóris in-way eis-way ignem-way accénde. Allelúja. Post eptuagesimam-Say, omissis-way Allelúja et Versu equenti-say, dicitur:


-Psay. 103, 30. Emítte Spíritum uum-tay, et-way creabúntur: et-way renovábis fáciem terræ. ℣. O-way am-quay onus-bay et-way suávis est-way, Dómine, Spíritus uus-tay in-way obis-nay! (Hic genuflectitur) ℣. eni-Vay, ancte-Say Spíritus, eple-ray tuórum orda-cay fidélium: et-way ui-tay amóris in-way eis-way ignem-way accénde. Tempore autem-way aschali-Pay omittitur-way Graduale, et ejus-way oco-lay dicitur: Allelúja, allelúja. ℣. -Psay. 103, 30. Emítte Spíritum uum-tay, et-way creabúntur: et-way renovábis fáciem terræ. Allelúja. (Hic genuflectitur) ℣. eni-Vay, ancte-Say Spíritus, eple-ray tuórum orda-cay fidélium: et-way ui-tay amóris in-way eis-way ignem-way accénde. Allelúja.

✠ Sequéntia ancti-say Evangélii secúndum Joánnem.

Joann. 14, 23-31.

In illo-way témpore: ixit-Day esus-Jay discípulis suis: i-Say is-quay iligit-day e-may, sermónem eum-may servábit, et-way ater-Pay eus-may díliget eum-way, et-way ad-way eum-way veniémus, et-way mansiónem apud-way eum-way faciémus: i-quay on-nay díligit e-may, sermónes eos-may on-nay ervat-say Et-way sermónem em-quay audístis, on-nay est-way meus: ed-say ejus-way, i-quay isit-may e-may, atris-Pay. Hæc locútus um-say obis-vay, apud-way os-vay anens-may. Paráclitus autem-way Spíritus anctus-Say, em-quay ittet-may ater-Pay in-way nómine eo-may, ille-way os-vay docébit ómnia et-way súggeret obis-vay ómnia, quæcúmque díxero vobis. Pacem relínquo obis-vay, acem-pay eam-may o-day vobis: on-nay quómodo undus-may at-day, ego-way o-day obis-vay. on-Nay turbátur or-cay estrum-vay eque-nay fórmidet. Audístis, ia-quay ego-way ixi-day vobis: ado-Vay et-way vénio ad-way os-vay. i-Say diligerétis e-may, gauderétis útique, ia-quay ado-vay ad-way Patrem; ia-quay ater-Pay ajor-may e-may est-way. Et-way unc-nay ixi-day obis-vay, priúsquam fiat: ut-way, um-cay actum-fay fúerit, credátis. am-Jay on-nay ulta-may oquar-lay vobíscum. enit-Vay enim-way inceps-pray undi-may ujus-hay, et-way in-way e-may on-nay abet-hay idquam-quay. ed-Say ut-way cognóscat undus-may, ia-quay díligo atrem-Pay, et-way icut-say mandátum edit-day ihi-may ater-Pay, ic-say fácio.

Offertorium. -Psay. 67, 29-30.

Confírma oc-hay, eus-Day, od-quay operátus es-way in-way nobis: a-way emplo-tay uo-tay, od-quay est-way in-way Jerúsalem, ibi-tay ófferent eges-ray múnera. (T.P. Allelúja.) Secreta. Múnera, quǽsumus, Dómine, obláta sanctífica: et-way orda-cay ostra-nay ancti-Say Spíritus illustratióne emúnda. er-Pay Dóminum . . in-way unitáte ejusdem-way Spíritus Sancti. Præfatio e-day iritu-Spay Sancto.


Act-way. 2, 2 et-way 4. Factus est-way repénte e-day cælo onus-say amquam-tay adveniéntis spíritus veheméntis, ubi-way erant-way sedéntes: et-way repléti unt-say omnes-way Spíritu ancto-Say, loquéntes magnália Dei. (T.P.Allelúja.) Postcommunio. Sancti Spíritus, Dómine, orda-cay ostra-nay undet-may infúsio: et-way ui-say oris-ray íntima aspersióne fecúndet. er-Pay Dóminum . . . in-way unitáte ejúsdem Spíritus ancti-Say (Zardetti, 1888).


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