7 Angelic Patronages and Rekindled Relationships with Olympic Spirits

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Date: Monday, August 5, 2019.
Sun Phase: Set.
Moon Phase: Waxing Creacent (69 degrees) in Libra.
Mansion of the Moon: #5, Zubana.
Planetary Day: Day of the Moon
Planetary Hour: Hour of the Moon
Activities: Solomonic Ritual Bathing Offerings to the Most High, to the Angels, to the Saints, to the Ancestors, and to the Olympic Spirits; Scrying with St. Cyprian; Ancestor Messages; Instruction from Archangel Raphael; Formal Assumption of Patronage; Invitation to the Olympic Spirits; Prayers, Purifications, and Temple Closing.

Tonight, with the Moon in Lunar Mansion Number 16, Al-Zubbana, auspicious for prosperity, I felt strongly called to purify myself and enter the Temple. Today, I was nudged into a store by a spirit in my Court and led to purchase a set of gold-rimmed shot glasses for alcohol offerings and small gold-rimmed plates for food offerings. These were Solomonically exorcised, cleansed, and consecrated for spiritual use before being set on the Mensas or Shrine Tables of the Spirits.

I performed ritual bathing with the Sufi Wudu formula and entered the Temple in my white R.R. et A.C. robe.

I began by formally opening the Temple with prayers and proceeding with offerings, first to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then to the Angels, then to the Saints, then to my Ancestors, and finally, to the Olympic Spirits.

The Offerings consisted of goblets of water (Fuentes), Solomonically exorcised and blessed candlefire, consecrated incense, and unleavened bread. After my recent studies of YHVH’s protocols for bread offerings in Leviticus, I was moved to offer unleavened bread offerings. All of the offerings were offered to the greater glory of God in worship of Him alone but with the invitation to the various spirits to partake of them with Divine Grace and to His glory if He so willed. I present offerings in this way to avoid falling into idolatry and keeping the focus squarely on the Most High even while working with other Spirits through Him.

When I got to Raphael’s shrine, his flame blazed brighter and I heard a warm rich voice speak into my consciousness. I recognized it as his. It said “the bread offering must be anointed.” I did not know how that was to be done, but Raphael, ever a great and faithful teacher, taught me a Solomonic-style way. I was instructed to “dip the tip of consecrated Wand in the Solomonic Holy Oil and trace crosses over the bread whilst blessing it.” I did as I was instructed for all of the Offerings, with thanks to the Angel for his generous instruction.

With all of the offerings done, I picked up the Fuente offered to the Saints and invited Saint Cyprian to share any guidance he might have for me. He instructed me to hold the Fuente and face the shrine of Gabriel, then to lift up the glass so that the offered candleflame could be seen through the glass of the water Offering, a variant on the pyrocrystallomancy method Raphael had previously taught me.

When I asked Cyprian for a word of guidance, I heard his deep voice speaking into my mind, “continue to follow the Cross.” Then, I clearly saw the candleflame morph into a clear shape of a Cross, which then turned into an Angel shape I recognized as Gabriel. The suggestion was that the Cross symbolism and Scriptures pertaining to it had more Mysteries to reveal and that the Saint approved of the time I’ve been devoting to biblical and theological study recently. I thanked him for his guidance.

I then picked up the Ancestor Fuente and scryed into it with the candleflame on the Ancestor Mensa burning through its crystal watery depths. I thanked my Ancestors for their guidance, help, and my indebtedness to them for my life and asked if they had any words for me at this time. I received a feeling of love and as I scryed into the glass, an Ancestor said simply and with cryptic depth, “honor us.” I understood that to mean to live in a way that honors their memory and to treat their descendents, my living family, in a way that would honor them as well. I prayed to the Lord to help me to do this in a way befitting of my duties as well as the love and gratitude I feel for them.

I then received another message that I did not expect, that it was time to formalize my Patronages from the Angels. This took me by surprise because I was planning on doing elaborate ceremonial proceedings for each Angel before assuming their Patronage. To my amazement, the sense I got was “that is not necessary. We know you. Accept this gift.” Having worked with all of these Holy Angels before and already received teachings, assistance, and guarantees of willingness to build relationships, my understanding was that the groundwork had already been laid.

It was then that I realized that the 7 Heptameronic Archangels were already present. How strange, since I had not even done the Heptameron Conjurations. But then, they always are present when I do Offerings.

I was shown to dip my finger into the Fuente of each Angel, trace a Cross over the head of its statuary symbol, address the Angel, wait for its answer, and then bless my own forehead with the same water. That was it. So much for my plans for 9 day Novenas for each Angel…

Standing before Cassiel’s statuary, I felt his strong, dark presence. I asked him for his Patronage and his swift, formal reply came at once “It is as thou asketh.” His candle flared up in physical manifestation as bubbles formed in the Fuente.

Michael had already accepted to be my Patron, so when I did the above ritual steps with him, I simply received a fiery warm feeling of confirmation and saw a vision of him nodding.

Sachiel, with whom I already have a strong bond from former workings, confirmed his Patronage with a vision of golden radiance.

Anael confirmed it with a flood of love and acceptance.

Samael provided a vision of slamming a sword into the ground as if to signify a firm bond.

Gabriel confirmed it with a flare of his candle and the words “it is so,” for he had already accepted to be my Patron on January 14, 2018. At that time, when I asked him, he said these wise and stirring words:

As you have asked, it shall be. If you humble yourself and nurture the flames in others, then I will nurture the flame in you. Wherever you are, I too, will be. When you worship your Father, I will be there by your side. As God is in you, so be in God, for you and your Father are One. And there is none that do not abide in Him. Some know it, some do not. Nurture those who know and those who do not alike.

The wise know this: to humble yourself infinitely is to realize the Divine infinity in you. If you are willing to lay yourself so low as to be Nothing, then you shall realize the Nothing that is All. If you raise yourself up, you shall be brought down, but if you bring yourself down, you shall be raised up. To those who offer themselves for the good of the All, the All will be offered for the good of them. Receive by giving.”

Raphael gave me a warm feeling that “it was so before you asked,” and that he had clearly been leading me through the steps without my knowledge. He seemed to be working behind the scenes in ways unknown to me…

Finally, although not a Heptameronic Planetary Angel, I asked Uriel for his Patronage and he confirmed it with a vision of wheat in fruition and the inage of a radiant smile with a paradoxical club thudding to the ground in a way that reminded me of Samael’s Sword.

The feeling of love, supportiveness, and radiance in the Temple at this point was staggering. All of the candles began to flicker more intensively and the incense smoke began to billow upwards…

At this time, I picked up the Fuente for the Olympic Spirits and asked my Angelic Patrons and Saint Cyprian to help me reach out to them. I reminded them that I had given them offerings of bread, water, incense, and candlefire. Then I felt an Angelic nudge to address them each by name, while facing the shrine of the Angel of their corresponding planet.

For instance, facing Sachiel, I intoned “Bethor.” Facing Gabriel, I intoned “Phul,” and so on through all of the Olympic Spirits. I asked them if I has their permission to begin to work with and learn from them more actively and informed them of my current work on a Commentary on the entirety of their primary grimoiric text, the Arbatel de Magia Veterum. I asked if they would consent to teach me more about themselves and help me with the Commentary.

Around the Circle, I saw sparks and a trail of sparkling light that vanished as soon as it appeared. A feeling I can only describe as “respectful openness” seemed to flood the room. I recalled that Cyprian had told me months ago that this moment when I would work with the Olympic Spirits again as I had 10 years ago with Bethor, Aratron, and Haggith would come again, and I wouls begin to work with the others as well. Now it had come. And the feeling was… comforting. Even if the momentousness of the task did not escape me…

I informed them of my consent to work with them with a loving and respectful spirit to the greater Glory of God as the Arbatel‘s Aphorisms teach. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would show me how to work with them in a way consistent with the Divine Will and the Way of my beloved Patron Angels. At the end, I bowed before God in humility, thankfulness, and worshipful gratitude. Then, rising, I purified the whole Temple with Holy Water and asked my Patrons to guide us doing God’s Will in manifesting the Good in daily life and to protect us from harm.

At this point, I received a surprising revelation. The small Offering plates I was guided to purchase today were not for the Angels. They already had their own, so I had wondered why I was being guided to buy them.

They weren’t for the Angels.

They were for the Olympic Spirits.

And they were to be placed beside each corresponding Archangel in their respective shrines and on their corresponding Planetary Mensas.

Therefore, I proceeded to place them accordingly as instructed.

Finally, I invited any Spirits who wished to continue to partake of the Offerings and gave the License to Depart.

I closed the Temple and took the pictures shared here to document this beautiful experience.

Thus began my formal Patronage from the Archangels. Without fanfare. Without extensive ceremony. Without long discourses from them. In other words, it began in every way as I did not expect and contrary to my plans.

And with it, the formal reconnection with my old Spirit friends, Hagith, Aratron, and Bethor. And a kindling of new relationships with Phul, Och, and Phaleg.

I look forward to seeing where this fascinating trip down this rabbit hole of the Mysteries leads.

If this night is any indication, I can be sure it won’t be as I expect.

5 comments on “7 Angelic Patronages and Rekindled Relationships with Olympic Spirits

  1. You are indeed gifted and blessed by GOD,this is so incredible and humbling.I wish more people will aspire to follow this wonderful path.Do you have any plans to work with Metatron,Sandalphon,Raziel & Anaphiel (the keeper of the keys to the courtyard of heaven)?

  2. […] Source: 7 Angelic Patronages and Rekindled Relationships with Olympic Spirits […]

  3. edunewes says:

    Let us know when you are available for “Magic Works” (hiring). I believe the spirits and angels will use you a lot to help the people around you. All the best.

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