Michaelmas 2020

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Happy Michaelmas 2020, dear friends, and hail to all Holy Angels! We give thanks for you today with love and respect and glorify your Creator.

This year, I felt moved to make this Michaelmas less about my requests and more about gratitude, celebration of the Angels, and prayers for protection and growth for all as we continue to navigate the global pandemic and all of the chaos and social ills we face at this momentous time.

May all of those who have passed from COVID-19 be lovingly guided into the world to come by Angels sent for this purpose.

May they find peace, rest, and spiritual progression in accordance with His Will.

May all enemies be reconciled, all warring friends brought back together in love, and may we all leave this year with vision and values clearer than ever before.

These things I pray Shem Yeshua ha Mashiach.


Update from the Following Morning:

Last night, I offered water, candles, and Frankincense to all of the Angels with whom I work. I left them to burn overnight.

When I checked the Temple in the morning, however, although all of the candles had been lit at the same time, only one was still lit — the candle of Michael. Today is 8th of a 9-day ritual with the Holy Angel. And he continues to work. Hail, holy Michael! Hail Holy Angels! Glory be to God!

One comment on “Michaelmas 2020

  1. Cherubel says:

    Blood of the cherub-el, I go where I am sent, creature of the beyond.

    I leave you in a-dieu.

    (Blind not what you do not yet see, for an open book has eyes to be.)


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