Pathworking on the 27th Path of Peh (פ)

GoldenDawnlogoDate: August 16, 2018
Time:  8:33 – 8:55 A.M.
Sun Phase: Rising, clear sky
Moon Phase: 69 degrees Waxing Crescent in 2 Degrees Scorpio, Lunar
Mansion of al-Iklil al-Jabhah
Planetary Day: Day of Jupiter
Planetary Hour: Hour of the Sun
Activities: LIRP, Pathworking of the Path of Peh (פ), QC

fe.gifAfter performing the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram in the Invoking mode, and donning the astral form of wearing my white robe, Stole, Lamen, Nemyss, and holding my Solomonic Wand, I astral projected into the 27th Path of Peh (פ), entering it via the exit of the Temple of Hod (הוד).

I found myself in a rocky, red-earthed field with scarce vegetation upon it. In the distance, I could hear what sounded like explosions, the clashing of metal weapons, and the cries of entities at war.
I made an offering to the King of the Spirits of Mars and asked for a Guide to be sent to lead me through the Mysteries of the Path of Peh (פ).

Soon thereafter, a large, muscular entity appeared before me. He was of a masculine form and was much taller than me, perhaps 7 or 8 feet tall. His skin was brown and he wore armor on his bulky muscles. His eyes appeared fiery and red and he appeared to have a pig-like nose. To me, he resembled the spear-carrying Moblins in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but with more resplendent armor, a more articulate disposition, and a firm demeanor tempered with a gruff sense of humor.

I greeted him in peace and with the blessings of ELOHIM GIBOR (אלהים גיבור), the Divine Name of the Path, which he returned, saying “you must have some courage to come to a place like this!”

He asked my business and I said that I had come to ask for guidance through the Mysteries and Wisdom of the Path of Peh (פ). He said he would, but that this was a dangerous realm and I would need to keep my wits about me “as all soldiers must.”

I agreed and asked him his name. He said it was “Pagiel,” a name I had never heard before. Later research revealed that it occurs in Numbers 1:13; 2:277:72,77; and 10:26, where a Prince of the Tribe of Asher and the son of Okran appears by the same name. Pagiel is sometimes translated as “allotment of God,” which evokes a sense of soldierly rationing, but also Divine provision and distribution. It is also sometimes translated as “intervention of God” or “occurrence of God.” In Hebrew, it is written as פַּגְעִיאֵ֖ל and has a Hebrew Gematria value of 194. The word צדק (tzedek) has the same value and means “to be right, blameless, righteous, and upright.” 194 is also the atomic radius of Iron (Fe), which was historically used in the weapons wielded by countless warriors. Other words with the same value are ויבקעו (cleave), לקחנו (to take), פקיד (officer), יחלצון (deliver), and ידליקם (pursue), פצחו (break), which all seem appropriate to the nature of this soldierly Spirit.

Follow me,” he said.

We walked closer to a massive battlefield, where countless soldiers of unknown species were battling in orange and green armor.  Massive catapults launched exploding projectiles which tore through the soldiers with great ease. The roar of conflict was powerful indeed. As Pagiel stood close to me, however, I could still hear his voice as he spoke.

These are the forces of Passion and Reason, spontaneous action and calculated strategy. See how the green-armored soldiers fight with berserk passion while the orange-clad soldiers fight with strategic precision. This is the tension between Netzach (נצח) and Hod (הוד), the foundations of the Pillars of Mercy and Severity. It is ongoing and eternal. But in your world of time, what you see as conflicts seem to come and go. “Conflict” is not always what it seems. What appears as conflict may simply be a re-balancing.”

Be wary to assume one side is “right” and the other is “wrong,” Pagiel said. “Both are valuable. Reason guides, passion enlivens. One supplies direction, the other, drive. One, planning, the other, spontaneity. The tensions of the Path of Peh, the tensions between Splendorous Glory and Victory are the substance of the dynamism of life itself. Know it as such and do not shy away from it in cowardice; embrace the fray with courage and the wisdom of the larger balance.”

As we were talking, the troops swarmed towards us and the fierce intensity of the battle became even clearer. As the conflict crescendo’d, a large Red Dragon swooped down from the sky, blaring fire at the troops through its gaping mouth studded with razor-sharp teeth. At this moment, it occurred to me that the meaning of Peh (פ) in Hebrew is “mouth,” and by extension, “word, speech, expression.” How often do our words and our conflicts create and sustain conflict, the Martian energy of the path!

To my surprise, the Red Dragon landed immediately on top of me and pinned me to the ground beneath one of its massive feet! I wondered if Pagiel would help me or whether I should attack the Dragon myself.

Remaining cool-headed, Pagiel spoke to me and said “Do not be so quick to assume that one who seems to attack you is a foe. A friend may appear as a foe and foe as a friend. Peh (פ) can be speak words of peace and words of attack, words that soothe and words that harm. We are responsible for how we wield its power. You have a choice right now. You can slay this Dragon or trust it. A soldier must practice discernment.

draFollowing my intuition, I decided to trust the Dragon. He immediately began to blast fire into my face, which soon engulfed my entire astral form. Amazingly, I felt no pain from the fire. On the contrary, it occurred to me that this was a fire of purification, of refinement, or alchemical transmutation.

Wise choice,” Pagiel said. “Sometimes, fire is required to purify the excesses of overly analytical or neurotic thinking and deluded and exaggerated emotion — the heart of the War of the Path. Ore must be purified and forged with heat to become a Sword.  When heated and under great pressure, coal becomes radiant Diamond.  Cowards resist pressure and run from it; warriors embrace the pressure and welcome the transformation.”

When the Dragon was finished his work, he lifted his foot off of my body and gestured with his head for Pagiel and me to climb onto his back. We did so and flew over the battling hordes, who continued their relentless combat. From the air, I could see how the soldiers in green armor fought like wild berserkers in a state of reckless, spontaneous abandon to passionate bloodlust and rage. The orange-armored soldiers, in contrast, formed Roman-like formations and deployed and mobilized in strategic configurations. Their very movements belied the differing archetypal forces that drove them — Reason and Passion, Air and Fire.

tower.jpgExplosive projectiles from the catapults blasted apart the foundations and structures of towers and buildings around the battlefield and I was immediately reminded of the Tarot attribution of the Path — the Tower, with its violent portrayal of the toppling of the Tower of Babel via Divine Intervention (“intervention of God” – Pagiel). Both rational and emotional Towers can fall. The superstructures of ideologies and philosophical systems, spiritual systems, political systems, and the “best laid plans of mice and men” can all be toppled by the winds and tides of history. The loving structures of Venus, the domain of Netzach (נצח) , can also fall; relationships can be blown apart, hearts can be broken. But like conflict, apparent falls may simply be forms of rebalancing. Destruction of the old can create the building blocks of the new.

So long as there is creation, there will be destruction, and the tension of sustaining,” Pagiel said. Destruction is neither intrinsically evil nor harmful; it is simply a Force of Nature. The fallen plants of yesterday become the fertile soil for the plants of tomorrow. The despised stone of a fallen Tower can become the cornerstone of a new tower more in line with Divine Will than self-centered delusion. The Martial Arts of Peh (פ) require balance and adaptiveness. When Towers fall; embrace it. In a combat roll, you lean into a fall. Fall with, not against. Flow. And see how the destruction of the Towers of your past may not be a loss, but a gain — the upwelling of potential and liberation.”

The Dragon landed near the entrance to the Temple of Netzach (נצח) , with its vast green dome. I asked Pagiel if he could initiate me into the energetic current of the Path of Peh. He asked me to clasp his right hand in my own and for each of us to place our left hand on each other’s forehead, immediately over the Third Eye. Then he transmitted a red influx of vivifying, encouraging, and strengthening current and resolve that resonated through the Ruachian astral body. I equilibrated the energy with the Qabalistic Cross.

I then asked Pagiel if I could attempt to contact him ceremonially and physically within my Temple. He said he was not sure if he could come down to that level of manifestation, but that he could try. I asked him for his Sigil by which I could reach him and he traced one in the air in red fire:

I thanked Pagiel for all of his guidance and blessed him once more in the Name of ELOHIM GIBOR (אלהים גיבור). “Peace be with you,” I said, before leaving the Path to return to my body.

Peace when possible,” Pagiel said with a smile and a wink, “and war when necessary.