A Mind-Blowingly Successful Remote Viewing

summerGoldenDawnlogoI have known C.D. for 14 years now.

We have had a very intense and intimate history, since we were each other’s first love, which has facilitated some fairly powerful spiritual experiences together.

14 years ago, she invited me to practice Remote Viewing of where she was, that is, psychic ability to tune into a person or place and see a location from far away, without the aid of technology or physical vision.

I was a few cities over from where she was at the time and was just starting to experiment with magic and astral projection, but I was happy to experiment for the fun of it.

I performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, then lay down, and astral projected to where she was.

I then attempted to tune into her astral form and through it, into her physical form and surroundings.

As my feeling of her grew stronger, images began to appear in the field of my receptive consciousness.

All of these years later, I still remember these simple pictures as clearly as if I had just seen them.

There was nothing all that special or particularly “magical” about the pictures at all.

I simply saw C.D. seated at her kitchen table with her family.

She was wearing a red sweater with a flame and a logo on it.

Emerging from the vision, I wrote down what I had seen and sent it to her.

I noted the time at which I did the Remote Viewing so she could compare it with where she was at that exact moment.

She was shocked when she received my message.

She had indeed been in her kitchen and wearing a red sweater with a flame and the logo, exactly as I described it.

Fast-forward 14 years to this present year.

Some things have changed, others have stayed the same.

I remain in Montreal.

C.D. has moved to California.

After a recent conversation in which we reminisced about our past spiritual experiences together, she invites me to practice Remote Viewing of her current location just as we did all those years ago.

There are a few twists this time around.

For one thing, I haven’t seen her in 14 years.

The last time I did this, I had seen her the day before and was currently dating her, and head over heels in love.

We are no longer together — we broke up 13 years ago.

The second difference is that she is much further away this time and I had been to the house she lived in at the time I did the previous Remote Viewing.

I knew what that house looked like.

This time around, the challenge was greater — I had never been to her house in California.

I had never even video-chatted, screen-timed, or seen any pictures of what it looks like.

Would these changes make a difference?

I’m curious to find out, so I accept her offer.

To do the experiment, I decide to follow the same procedure that I followed 14 years ago.

On February 8, 2018, on the Day of Jupiter, during the Hour of Jupiter, I perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

I then relax into the theta-gamma synchronized altered state that I have found to be neuropsychologically optimal for skrying, evocation, and astral work, just as I had done years ago.

Having reached this altered st ate, I astral project to where C.D. is in California.

I see her image on the astral plane.

At first, it’s dim, like a candlelight some distance away in a dark forest.

I tune into it and it grows stronger and brighter, like a violin note coming into crisp clarity and growing louder after being dimly heard from far away.

I tune into her energy and fully open the Sphere of Sensation of my consciousness to receive impressions from her and her surroundings.

They come.


The images I see don’t seem to make any sense.

I have no idea what to make of any of them, but I decide to go with them anyway.

I see a golden light.

White horses.

A staircase.

A rainbow.

Plaid fabric.

Returning at last to the ordinary state of consciousness, I write these things down and send what I saw to C.D.

Because of the time difference, it turns out that she was still sleeping in California when I did the Remote Viewing.

A few hours pass before she sees my message.

At long last, I get a reply from her.

It reads as follows:

“Heyy. I got your message. At first, I was confused by it because I wasn’t outside near any horses when you did the remote viewing–

I was asleep in my bed.

And it wasn’t raining, so there were no rainbows around.

But as I was lying on my bed, I looked around my room.

And when I saw the poster on my wall, my jaw dropped.

It’s this beautiful poster called Key to Eternity,

A poster you never saw before.

It looks like this:”

She sends me a link.

I open it up and I see the following:


At first, I don’t quite get why she’s pointing out the poster.

The details are small and hard to make out.

Then she explains:

“As I looked at the poster, I figured it out.

When you came here astrally…

This is what you saw.

Look closely.

Do you see?

There are the stairs.

To the right of them?

The white horses.”

key and horses.png

“Above that, behind the Stonehenge, is the Golden Light.”

gold light.png

“And to the left of that? The rainbow.”


As I read these words, I am utterly blown away.

So is she.

I feel totally and completely in awe, totally wonder-struck by┬áthe mysterious world we live in, where something like this could be possible…

She is so mind-blown that she doesn’t even know what to say at this point. Nor do I.

At last, it occurs to me to ask, “what about the plaid?”

She soon reveals the key to that particular mystery: