Lost Journal Entry from 2010 – Outdoor LRP in the Rain

2018 Preface

Here is a lost magical journal entry from 2010 that I recently rediscovered. The awe and zeal for the path I felt then are very evident in these words. Rereading them all these years later, I feel myself tuning into the openness I felt as a beginner on the magical path, a reconnection to this ritual in the rain, a memory long since washed away like rivulets of rainwater in the earth…


2010 Magical Journal Entry


Date: 16/07/2010
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent, 27% Full
11:17 P.M.
Activity: Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

I just had a truly moving experience. While walking home tonight, the rain started to pour down around me. I had an umbrella, but after walking for twenty minutes or so, I had the intuitive sense that I should close it and embrace the water element embodied in this precipitation. I did so, and held out my arms at my side, turning my face towards the sky as I walked, embracing the rain, not pushing it out with an umbrella. As I walked I thought “Water within me, the substance of life; water around me, the lifeblood of the Earth…”

My intuition led me to take a detour and not head home right away, despite the great torrents of rain that thoroughly soaked me. I walked instead into a grassy clearing and intuitively felt “it is here that I should perform the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram…”

I proceeded to do so. My vibrating voice blended with the fall of the rain. In the darkness of the night, my visualizations seemed heightened. I saw the jet-blue of the pentagrams, the white circle of light… While performing the Kabbalistic cross, I felt the light flowing through my body, centering me, clearing me, cleansing me like the water that fell upon my clothes. As I vibrated the Divine Names, the rainfall seemed to intensify.

During the invocation of the Archangels, however, it was Gabriel that stood out the most, which was appropriate, given that I was immersed in the water element. But there was also the wind, and the grass at my feet, and the light of the stars above me…

After I completed the ritual, I stood there, in the falling rain, for some time. The space felt lighter, more peaceful, more clear.

My own mind was crystalline, transparent, my heart, emptied of doubts and worries and fears… clarity, contentment, peace all gently washed over me…

After a few moments, I walked home, happy, content, my emotions in sync and in harmony with the falling water element around me. As I walked home, the rain died down around me to a soft gentle curtain, almost seeming to reflect the peace I now felt within. Arriving home, I smiled and felt clear, blessed, and unspeakably fulfilled.

P.S. I should note that above me, the moon was a waxing crescent. I had the feeling that my magical practice was moving forward with the “increasing” of the moon.

The Ritual and the Rain
by Frater S.C.F.V

The pouring of the rain upon my clothes,
A black umbrella closed.
I have put it away to feel the rush of the rain,
The waters that propel themselves at the earth around me,
Which are one with the waters within me,
The Waters of Life.

My feet upon the grass,
The darkness of the Night,
The curtain of cascading rain,
The thudding of my heartbeat,
All merging together
In a single wave of the
World Ocean.

And there, beneath the stars,
Amidst the falling waters,
In the breath of the wind,
Surrounded by trees and grass,
I stand and perform the ritual.

The Kabbalistic cross,
The blazing blue pentagrams,
The charged names of Divinity,
All light up the astral Night,
Light merging with falling water.

The Archangels
Towering powerfully over the circle,
Gabriel’s cup overflowing,
Pouring over the world,
Soaking my town,
Cleansing my being.

The Kabbalistic cross,
Repeated with a surge of light,
Inside, a glowing beam expands
In a pristine cross of White,
While about me flames the Pentagram,
And within me shines the Six-Rayed star.

And there I stand, soaked,
Cleansed, purified,
The ritual complete,

My emotions are harmonized,
With the Waters of the World,
While above me glows the waxing moon,
Shining over the advancement of my Path,
Glinting off each falling rain drop,
Like a thousand sparks
In a thousand jewels.