Valentine’s Day Ritual Magic

GoldenDawnlogoDate: February 14, 2018
Planetary Day: Day of Mercury,
Planetary Hour: Hour of the Moon
Activities: LIRP, Statement of Intent, Godform Assumption of St. Valentine, Projection of love to the West, Godform Assumption of Christ, Projection of Love to tbe beings of the East, Godform Assumption of Venus, Projection of Love to the beings of the South, Godform Assumption of Rumi, Projection of love to the beings of the South, Godform assumption of Guan Yin, Projection of love to the beings above and below, (3 signs of the enterer in each direction), mystic circumambulations of all godforms, formulation of a sphere of loving energy synergized by all Godforms, expansion outward to include progressively all beings in all universes that they may be and feel loved and treat each other lovingly, LRP in the Godform of Christ, Closing of the Temple


Temple Altar: Red flashing green altar cloth, red cross, white triangle, green candles, rose petals, tarot card of the Lovers, symbols of Venus

Experience: I performed a Lesser  Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram and Opened the Temple. Then I stated my intent, namely, to perform a ceremony on behalf of all sentient beings, that all beings in all realms may experience freedom from suffering, liberation from bondage, and a feeling of their own worthiness for love, to feel loving in themselves and to one another.

A magical intention of this magnitude needed an intense concentration of power to propel it forth into manifestation. This, I planned to achieve through multiple Godform Assumptions.

I first formulated the image of Saint Valentine, vibrating VALENTINE, and saw the astral form of the Saint appear clad in red robes, with a white beard and cross around his neck. Then I stepped into the Form of Saint Valentine astrally and simultaneously expanded the form of the Saint inwardly from the heart center until it covered my entire Aura. st-valentine.jpg

Assuming the form of the Saint, I felt a warm-hearted devotion flood my Sphere of Sensation. I spoke in his voice, a spontaneous oration, saying:

May the power of this day and the Divine Love flow out through the hearts of all,
For Thy Love is inexhaustible,
And Love is Thy Nature–
Therefore, may the hearts of those who suffer be soothed,
May the despairing be comforted,
May the Holy Spirit of Love open the locked prison doors of sealed hearts,
That the fires of love may ignite within their long-extinguished lanterns,
And burst forth the light that illuminates their inner worthiness of l.ove,
That sends the light of love coursing out through them to all they encounter,
So mote it be in the name of the One who art Love forever,

Still in the form of St. Valentine, I performed the Sign of Projection and blasted energy infused with the loving intention out through the Banner of the West and onto all beings in the West in three repetitions of the Sign of Projection.

I then stepped out of the form of St. Valentine and left him in the Sign of Projection facing the West.

I circulated deosil until I faced East. I then formulated the Godform of Christ, vibrating YESHUAH. His form came together in the swirling of golden light as he appeared in white robes with a red sash and golden Cross over his heart, his hair long, his eyes exuding a loving gaze, his beard brown like his hair.


I then stepped into the Godform, grew the Christ image up within the heart until it completely enveloped my Aura and Christ was I and I was Christ. Assuming his Godform, I immediately felt a powerful force of utterly unselfish love flood through my entire Sphere of Sensation, releasing tensions, and opening up barriers to its presence.

Through the Godform, I spoke a second spontaneous oration, saying:

Father, may all of thy Children know Thee and be like Thee,
For Thou art Love, and whomsoever Loves Thee partakes in Thy Nature–
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light, and the mirror of Thy love,
Whosoever believes in me shall have eternal Life.
May all beings who die unto their lower nature, awaken unto their Higher,
Where hearts are hardened, let love soften them,
Where unworthiness haunts, let love reveal true worthiness,
Where cruelty reigns, let kindness abide,
Where loneliness weighs, let connection release,
Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory,
Let all beings in the realms of the East know the fire of Love!

Still in the Godform of Christ, I then projected Love to all beings in the East through the magnifying lens of the Banner of the East in three Signs of Projection. I then stepped out of the Godform of Christ, leaving him in the Sign of Projection facing the East.

Circulating clockwise to the South, I formulated the Godform of the Roman Goddess Venus, archetypal embodiment of loving energy and lovingkindness, vibrating VENUS. I then assumed the Godform of Venus, immediately feeling my energy shift into her exhuberant, softly feminine loving power.


Speaking on the astral in her melodious voice, I addressed the beings of the South and said:

Mine is the gentle Strength of Love, which subdues the hard and the ferocious with the kindness of touch and sensuous embrace,
May all beings whose hearts rage out of inner hurting be similarly soothed, like the Lion on the Card of Strength,
May love release the floodgates in all hearts,
And spill out into kindness and loving care to all,
So mote it be!


Still in the Godform of Venus, I then projected loving force to all beings in the South through the Enochian Watchtower of the South as as a magnifying focus, in three Signs of Projection. I then stepped out of the Godform of Venus, leaving her in the Sign of Projection facing the South.

Continuing clockwise to the North, I then formulated the form of the Sufi mystic sage and archetype of Divine Love, Rumi, vibrating RUMI. Assuming his Form, I smelled the exotic perfume of Iranian Ithr, and felt the intoxicating divine love permeate my consciousness. Speaking in Rumi’s deep, but light voice, I addressed the beings of the North and said a fourth impromptu and unscripted oration:

Oh Love, oh Friend, thy power is like the finest wine,
As it subdues the drunkard in the swoon of sleep, so does it overtake all who surrender to its might,
May the frenzy of love whirl through all hearts like the devotional spins of the dervishes,
My God is Love and Love, my God,
May all hearts be Unbound and aflame with the power of Love,
That beams out to all like starlight in the deepest Darkness, Ameen!

Still in the assumed Form of Rumi, I began to whirl in the Sufi way around the circumference of the Circle in three complete circumambulations to build up loving ecstatic energy, which I then sent out to all beings in the North by means of three Signs of Projection through the Enochian Watchtower of the North.

I stepped out of the form of Rumi facing the North in the Sign of the Enterer.

Looking up, I formulated the female Godform of Guan-Yin, Bodhisattva of Lovingkindness and Compassion above the circle, vibrating GUAN-YIN. I then formulated the Japanese version of the same Godform below the circle, vibrating KANNON. Assuming in turn each of these Godforms, I made final orations:


May all beings Above and all beings Below be free from the Three Poisons, free from the causes of Suffering–
Let the love of the Buddha-Heart kindle within them in serene power,
And Compassion replace apathy,
Lovingkindness replace callousness,
And nondual Wholeness replace partiality to the self,
For there is no separate self – anatman!
May love fill the 6 directions,
And expand to reach all beings in all realms Above and Below, North and South, East and West!

I then projected three Signs of the Enterer to all beings Above and Below and stepped out of the Godforms, leaving them in the Sign of Projection facing Above and Below.


The Godforms then stepped into the Sign of Silence, and I with them. And then together, we began to circumambulate, all of them before me, with myself last in the procession, until we raised a swirling sphere of energy imbued with the loving force of our collective intention.

I then began to visualize this sphere of love expanding out beyond the Temple to my neighbourhood, city, province, country, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, and all present and actual universes, all parallel and potential worlds, reaching all in an All-Embrace of cosmic nonduality.

Then zooming back in in my astral perspective, back down, down, down into the Temple, I began the reverse circumambulation, during which I dissolved the Godforms with love, respect, and gratitude, all except Venus.


At last, I formulated the Godform of Jupiter. I formulated the image of the High Priestess. I assumed the Godform of Jupiter and she, the Godform of Venus. Then we began an act of sacred lovemaking, raising tremendous energy through the force of our sexual communion of feminine and masculine loving-essence, the communion of God and Goddess, the ultimate symbol of the supreme conjunction of Love.

As we reached climax together, we forcefully projected the energy of our intention for all beings to feel loved and to treat each other lovingly out in a kind of detonating blast of an energetic shockwave out along all planes of the Astral to all beings Above and Below, North and South, East and West.


I then stepped out of the Godform of Jupiter, dissolved the last remaining Godforms, performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and closed the Temple.

— For the first few hours after the ritual, I felt completely drained. Gradually, my energy began to build back up again with an overall mean of warmhearted serenity.
— As I moved through the day, after having performed this ritual in the morning, I felt a loving warmth that radiated out to all of those with whom I interacted. As I passed people in my daily commute, I inwardly sent out my intention, “may you feel loved and happy!”
— I also felt the distinct Jovial happiness, contentment, and self-confidence energy blended with the Venusian radiant loving energy throughout the day.
— Going to see Sorror P.F. at night to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her, I felt a great deal of love for her.
— After tuning into the Christ-love energy, I felt an urge to read Christian devotional texts and returned to the Cloud of Unknowing, the classic Christian devotional text with a deeper loving reverence than before.