Novena of Saint Cyprian 2018 Day 7: Invocation of Archangel Michael

By Frater S.C.F.V.


On this Sixth Day of my 2018 Novena to Saint Cyprian of Antioch, September 23, 2018, I arose and performed a ritual bath and worship. I listened to a sermon and attended Church, where I encountered an amusing synchronicity — the same passage from Micah that I had prayed the night before turned up in the morning’s sermon! I was even more amused when a passage cited immediately after that then turned up in the Daily Orison work in Dr. Mal Strangefellow’s Cyprian Orisons for the day!

My stomach aching with fasting, I went on with the day’s activities. As the Hour of the Sun on the Day of the Sun ruled by Michael approached, I took another ritual bath and fixed the offering candles for the ritual to come. For Cyprian, I fixed a candle with San Cipriano Oil, cinnamon, and all-spice:


For Michael, the candle was fixed with Holy Oil, clove, and cedar, the latter two of which are both included in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Book I, Chapter xxiii. How we shall know what Stars naturall things are under, and what things are under the Sun, which are called Solary.


In addition, I placed fresh cedar leaves, reverently picked from a local tree on my walk home from Church under the scrying Crystal in order to receive their sympathetic “occult vertue,” to quote Agrippa. Additional cedar was included in the Offerings brass as well as in pieces in the fixing of Michael’s candle.

At last, I entered the Temple, where I began, as usual, with offerings to God and prayers. I picked up my Solomonic bell, sounded it three times before entering the Circle as per the Hygromanteia and then, from within it, thrice to each of the Quarters, greeting the Spirits of the East, South, West, and North with great love, respect, and  blessings of Adonai. I proceeded to give Offerings to God and to Saint Cyprian and began to pray and recite Psalms while holding my Solomonic Wand of Art.

I then used the prayer from the Heptameron to ask for God’s help in calling Spirits and proceeded to a formal Invocation of Archangel Michael, Angel of the Day of the Sun and of Sunday. After prolonged additional conjurations and vibrating of Michaell’s name while gazing into the crystal with his candle burning behind it–pyrocrystallomancy, as shown to me by Archangel Raphael–I felt the Angel’s presence as his candle literally began to spark in explosive little pops. It was the first time I had ever seen this happen and it was definitely a highly solar mode of appearance, which reminded me of solar flares.  Michael’s presence felt strong, but gentle, fiery, but composed, secure and unwavering, and above all courageous and ready to act at a moment’s notice. Upon his arrival, I greeted him with great love and respect and Offerings of his fixed and dressed candle and Musk incense, sacred to the Sun as per Agrippa, as gifts of friendship.

At first, I greatly struggled to communicate with Michael. It felt like trying to tune into a radio frequency that kept going in and out of focus. I would ask him a question and get a hint of an answer, but then it would trail off… I would re-ask the question and again the same would happen. Frustration began to arise because of all of the Invocations in this series for Saint Cyprian’s Novena, Michael’s was the one to which I was most looking forward. However, I remembered Saint Cyprian’s advice from a prior ritual session, “persevere!” And so I did. I tried scrying into Michael’s candle, but it was not of much more help. After an hour of trying, and completely at my wit’s end, I asked Saint Cyprian for guidance as I held my Solomonic wand in one hand and the miniature Crook from his statue in the other.

As I pressed Cyprian’s Crook to my forehead, out of the mists of the black space of my mind, Cyprian slowly walk into view. I asked him how better to communicate with Michael since I seemed to be so out of sync today. His answer was exceedingly strange to me and which I had never before read anywhere. He told me to “take two sprigs of cedar and place them behind each of your ears. Place another under your tongue.” I didn’t understand why at first, but I trusted him and did it. After some time remaining like this, I took the piece of cedar from under my tongue and placed it on top of the scrying Crystal.

I then resumed scrying into the Crystal and lo an behold, I finally broke through into being able to speak with Michael. It was as if the cedar had harmonized me with his solar nature and ‘tuned’ the Crystal so that he could more easily communicate through it and through me. Ah, the power of Agrippan “occult vertue” and sympathetic resonance! And great thanks to Saint Cyprian!


I asked Michael about his station and office and as I gazed into the flickering Crystal, he spoke words into my mind in a bright and friendly voice without the formality of Cassiel:

Mine is a role of illumination and protection, of might and defense, of aid and swift action.”

I asked him if he might share with me something about the key to the courage he so embodied and his reply was:

“True courage comes not from trusting oneself, but from trusting the Source of all courage. As he Wills, I act. And if I act as He Wills, what cause is there for naught but courage? What can be lost when the Source of all is behind us? What is there to fear when the Source of all might lights our way?”

When asked if he could offer guidance on building inner strength, he said:

Fortitude, too, comes through trust. Remember past victories and take encouragement in them now. Trust not your own strength, but God’s infinite Might. Cast your weakness on Him and let His strength guide your next steps.”

I asked him if he might show me a vision to better appreciate his nature, and closing my eyes, an ethereal scene emerged:

An Angel with a face that shone like the golden Sun, clad in red, streaming like flames. A sword that blazed as bright as a solar core, licked in tongues of pinkish-red. The figure swiftly coursing to action. No hesitation. Only acting as ordered, as Willed. No reluctance, only execution. Pure efficiency, fiery might.

I thanked the great Archangel for the gift of this vision and asked if I could share what he had shared with me with others for their edification and our mutual betterment. He said yes, but only if I added also this final exhortation, the last thing he shared with me:

“Be quick to act with strength, slow to believe you are weak.
Be quick to do the courageous, slow to cower and wait. 
Be quick to do the Good, slow to do the evil.
Be quick to trust in God, slow to distrust yourself.
Be quick to listen to counsel, slow to offer your own.
Be quick to learn from others, slow to begin to teach. 
Be quick to strengthen hope, slow to surrender to doubt.
Be quick to build up others, slow to knock them down.
Be quick to speak to empower, slow to weaken resolve.
And quick to reach for wisdom, slow to cling to old ways.
Act before cowardice can take hold–
Let courage quicken you, and be quick to act with courage.”

Having said these final words, his candle flame abruptly went out, much to my surprise, as that had never happened before with any other Spirit.

I sensed he was preparing to charge off out of the Circle, so I thanked him for his presence and asked him to come again in friendship to share his wisdom. I received a warm feeling of, how appropriate… encouragement. And his incense burned out and just like that, as swiftly as he had come, he was gone.

I said a final set of prayers and closed the Temple. Hail to thee O Michael, may we act with courage like you! Hail to thee O Cyprian, may your mastery of mystery grow in us! Praise to thee O Source of Strength, may we learn to trust in You!


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The Staggering Power of the Stele of Jeu or the Rite of the Headless One

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Introduction – Apotheosis, Identification and Graeco-Egyptian Magic


After a powerful Invocation of Cassiel, Archangel of Saturn and Angel of Saturday from the Heptameron on the Day and Hour of Saturn during Day 6 of my Novena to Saint Cyprian of Antioch, I felt moved to perform a powerful and ancient Rite.

The Stele of Jeu or Rite of the Headless One occurs in the Greek Magical Papyri or Papyri Graecae Magicae V. 96-172. As Dee Rapposelli (2016) points out,

The Greek Magical Papyri are a compilation of highly syncretic texts that date from the 2 century BCE to 5 century CE of Hellenistic Egypt. They are Graeco-Egyptian magical spells and are loaded with Egyptian, Greek, Gnostic, Orphic, and Hebrew [Divine Names]—sometimes all in the same [papyrus.]

The rite has classically been understood as a powerful ritual of exorcism, for it contains repeated references to subjugating all daimons and casting out all daimons that may be adversely influencing one (e.g. “deliver me from all restraining daimons and misfortune“).

The manner in which it does this goes far beyond an exorcism however. One identifies completely with the cosmic Source of all, with the Godhead itself, and casts one’s Earthly human identity into the great void of the Eternal and primordial to abide as no less than the Supreme itself. As such, the Stele of Jeu can be understood from another lens , not only as a rite of exorcism, but also as a rite of Theurgy and mystical identification with the Godhead. My yogic teachers might describe it as a way of realizing and abiding as Brahman, the ultimate reality that appears both as and beyond all things. But it is even more than this; it is a Graeco-Egyptian hybrid of invocation and evocation at once. As Rachel Isabella (2003) explains:

To evoke a spirit is to call it/her/him to one’s immediate vicinity. To invoke a spirit is to call it/her/him into oneself. This Rite does both at once. It’s customary upon completion of the Rite, with the invoked power still humming in you, to state a specific intent or prayer in the voice of the God.

The result of this total identification with the Godhead is intense to say the least. It can feel disorienting, possessing, transformative, and moving beyond explication and articulation. It is nothing short of a mystico-magical Apotheosis, as Leonardo of Voces Magicae (2015) explains:

Invocations such as the Stele of Jeu (PGM V. 96-172) and the Invocation of Typhon from PGM IV. 154-285 reach a magical crescendo when the ritualist self-identifies with the target of the invocation and speaks as that deity.

This ritual apotheosis heralds the moment at which the practitioner wields the necessary authority to manifest their desire – whether to call forth a spirit to appear or to successfully cast a spell.

This method is, of course, very reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian spells from the Pyramid Texts, Coffin Texts, and so on, which involve the priest assuming the identity of a God and speaking and acting magically within the power of the assumed Divinity. It is ancient magic par-excellence with syncretic Hellenistic, Gnostic, and Jewish twists. And it is powerful.

The Experience of the Stele of Jeu

On this particular occasion, the version I opted to perform can be found in Dr. Maleficarus Strangefellow’s official Prayer Book of the Order of Saint Cyprian of Antioch (OSC), of which I am a Novitiate, Cyprian Orisons (2017).   I will provide a full transcription of the text below. Standing in the Circle, with Offerings of Candles and Incense burning before me, clad in my robe and Stole and wearing a golden Crown, I held my Solomonic Wand and began the ritual.

As I began the ritual, I immediately felt myself hooked into its ancient Graeco-Egyptian current of power. Wearing my Saturn ring, I loudly proclaimed the assertive words of the text’s opening, which, in English translation, read:

Subject to me all daimons, so that every daimon, whether heavenly or aerial or earthly or subterranean or terrestrial or aquatic, might be obedient to me and every enchantment and scourge which is from God.

I summon you, Headless One, who created earth and heaven, who created night and day, you who created the Light and the Darkness; you are Osoronnophris whom none has ever seen; you are Iabas; you are Iapos; you have distinguished the just from the unjust; you have made female and male; you have revealed seed and fruits; you have made men love each other and hate each other.

The evocatory formula within the ritual is perhaps most evident here, but already the power of this potent Being as Source of all begins to be laid clear.

After this point, the Ritualist self-identifies first as Moses then as a Messenger of Osiris, declaring:

I am Moses your prophet to whom you have transmitted your mysteries celebrated by Israel; you have revealed the moist and the dry and all nourishment; hear me.

I am the messenger of Pharaoh Osoronnophris; this is your true name which has been transmitted to the prophets of Israel. Hear me, ARBATHIAŌ REIBET ATHELEBERSĒTH ARA BLATHA ALBEU EBENPHCHI CHITASGOĒ IBAŌTH IA; subject to me all daimons, so that every daimon, whether heavenly or aerial or earthly or subterranean or terrestrial or aquatic, might be obedient to me and every enchantment and scourge which is from God.

Thereafter, the text shifts into an Invocatory mode. And as I bellowed these words, I felt the boundaries of my body feeling less and less distinct, as a potent and ancient force seemed to wash over me like warm and invigourating water…

I call upon you, awesome and invisible god with an empty spirit, AROGOGOROBRAŌ SOCHOU MODORIŌ PHALARCHAŌ OOO. Holy Headless One, deliver me from all restraining daimons and misfortune, ROUBRIAŌ MARI ŌDAM BAABNABAŌTH ASS ADŌNAI APHNIAŌ ITHŌLETH ABRASAX AĒŌŌY; mighty Headless One, deliver me from all restraining daimons and misfortune. MABARRAIŌ IOĒL KOTHA ATHORĒBALŌ ABRAŌTH, deliver me from all restraining daimons and misfortune, AŌTH ABRAŌTH BASYM ISAK SABAŌTH IAŌ.

He is the Lord of the Gods; he is the Lord of the Inhabited World; he is the one whom the winds fear; he is the one who made all things by command of his voice.

Lord, King, Master, Helper, I call upon you, IEOU PYR IOU IAŌT IAĒŌ IOOU ABRASAX SABRIAM OO YY EY OO YY ADŌNAIE, immediately, immediately, good messenger of God ANLALA LAI GAIA APA DIACHANNA CHORYN.

Thereafter, the strangest thing began to happen: my voice shifted. It grew deeper, raspier, and sounded both intimate and foreign at once. This shift continued to grow stronger and stronger through the words that followed…

I am the Headless Daimon with sight in my feet; I am the mighty one who possesses the immortal fire; I am the truth who hates the fact that unjust deeds are done in the world; I am the one who makes the lightning flash and the thunder roll; I am the one whose sweat falls upon the earth as rain so that life can begin; I am the one whose mouth burns completely; I am the one who begets and destroys; I am the Favor of the Aion; my name is a Heart Encircled by a Serpent; Come Forth and Follow.

Neither the hosts of demigods nor the great sages know My origin, for, in every respect, I am the source of the demigods and the sages. He who knows Me as the unborn, as the beginningless, as the Supreme Lord of all the worlds-he, undeluded among men, is freed from all sins.

Intelligence, knowledge, freedom from doubt and delusion, forgiveness, truthfulness, self-control and calmness, pleasure and pain, birth, death, fear, fearlessness, nonviolence, equanimity, satisfaction, austerity, charity, fame and infamy are created by Me alone.

As these words were spoken forth, my perspective seemed to become less and less “my” perspective… “I” became That which saw the Magician “Adam” standing in his Temple speaking the words; the sense of being shifted from the relative human stance to the primordial Absolute, back and forth, back and forth…

The seven great sages and before them the four other great sages and the progenitors of mankind are born out of My mind, and all creatures in these planets descend from them.

He who knows in truth this glory and power of Mine engages in unalloyed devotional service; of this there is no doubt.

I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who know this perfectly engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.

The thoughts of My pure devotees dwell in Me, their lives are surrendered to Me, and they derive great satisfaction and bliss enlightening one another and conversing about Me.

To those who are constantly devoted and worship Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me.

Out of compassion for them, I, dwelling in their hearts, destroy with the shining lamp of knowledge the darkness born of ignorance.

I am the Self, seated in the hearts of all creatures. I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all beings.

More and more, a frenzy of energy began to whirl through the room, and the ancient presence began to shake and tremble the body as my raspy, deepened, strangely transformed voice proclaimed the words of the Rite at an increasingly fast pace, whipping into an ecstatic stream of syllables…

Of all creations I am the beginning and the end and also the middle. Of all sciences I am the spiritual science of the Self, and among logicians I am the conclusive truth.

I am all-devouring death, and I am the generator of all things yet to be. I am also the gambling of cheats, and of the splendid I am the splendor. I am victory, I am adventure, and I am the strength of the strong.

Among punishments I am the rod of chastisement, and of those who seek victory, I am morality. Of secret things I am silence, and of the wise I am wisdom.

Furthermore, I am the generating seed of all existences. There is no being-moving or unmoving-that can exist without Me. Know that all beautiful, glorious, and mighty creations spring from but a spark of My splendor. With a single fragment of Myself I pervade and support this entire universe.

Thus completing the rite, the ritual text fell from my hand. And the strangest things began to happen. A cosmic awareness felt like it encompassed all that it held within it; like it was all that could be experienced. I was the candle, the incense, and the Altar. i was the Circle, the walls, and the Temple. I was the breathing man wielding the Wand. I was the air in the room, the beginning and the end, the order and chaos, the All and the None.

I watched as my human body began to shake in strange ways as the ancient force convalesced and convulsed through it in powerful tremors like the earthquakes Archangel Cassiel had shown me… Then my body began to sway and sway as if dancing, as the vibrating, humming energy reached a fever pitch. My hands formed strange spiritual gestures or mudras. My body swayed and swayed. My arms drifted this way and that in the graceful movements of a dancer. On and on it went…

My eyes fell shut. I was a cosmic light. I was before the cosmos. I was the universe in its arising, sustaining, and destruction. I was the first and the last, the living and the dead. I stood as Osiris, with green skin and white wrappings. I stood as Christ, nailed to the Cross. I stood as the Godhead, formless and birthing all form. As all of this was inwardly seen and felt, still my body continued to dance its strange and graceful movements, shifting in and out of tremors and shaking…

At once, my eyes burst back open and my awareness drifted back into the confines of the body-mind. Once again, I became local. I was somewhere, somewhen. Here. Now.

And yet, I had not forgotten my Divine nature beyond this humble human form.

I remained That; and That continued to appear as “me.”

Breathing deeply, there I was, fully human, and That which appeared as human without being bound by it.

Thus is the power and the mystery of the Stele of Jeu. 

Novena of Saint Cyprian 2018 Day 6: Invocation of Archangel Cassiel

By Frater S.C.F.V.


On this Sixth Day of my 2018 Novena to Saint Cyprian of Antioch, September 22, 2018, I arose and performed a ritual bath and ecstatic worship. I went to the store to purchase wine and spring water to serve as Offerings to Saint Cyprian. My stomach ached slightly from my fast for all of the day until the Ritual, which was interrupted only by the drinking of water and the eating of a single apple.

In the Day and Hour of Saturn, after a ritual bath and worship, I entered the Temple. I took up my Solomonic bell, sounded it three times before entering the Circle as per the Hygromanteia and then again thrice to each of the Quarters, greeting the Spirits of the East, South, West, and North with great love, respect, and  blessings of Adonai. I proceeded to give Offerings to God and to Saint Cyprian and began to pray and recite Psalms while holding my Solomonic Wand of Art. On this Saturday, Cyprian’s Day, I gave Cyprian Offerings of fresh Spring Water, Sage Incense, and Wafers consecrated in the Neophyte Ceremony of the Golden Dawn as last performed by our G.D. Order.

I dressed two candles as Offerings, one with Cyprian Oil, sage, cinnamon, and all-spice for Cyprian and one with sage, cumin, and Solomonic Holy Oil for Cassiel. I prayed over them to exorcise and consecrate them with their intended Powers. I then put on my Ring of Saturn, which contains lead and a strong black stone, given to me as a gift by my friend Sarah Wreck, making a prayer as I did so I used the prayer from the Heptameron to ask for God’s help in calling Spirits and proceeded to a formal Invocation of Archangel Cassiel, Angel of the Day of  Saturn and of Saturn.

After prolonged additional conjurations and vibrating of Anael’s name while gazing into the crystal with Cassiel’s candle burning behind it–pyrocrystallomancy, as shown to me by Archangel Raphael–I felt the Angel’s presence as his fixed candle, Offered unto him, flared up behind the Crystal. Feeling his presence, which was stern, heavy, grim, and no-nonsense, I offered him Frankincense, noted by Agrippa as sacred to Saturn as an additional offering.

Cassiel remains the most stern, severe, and no-nonsense Archangel with whom I have ever worked, even more so than Samael in my experience. He is direct, cuts right to the chase, and when he speaks, his replies come fast and immediate. At least in his communications with me, he also tends to speak in a more formal, antiquated style, which I also use to sympathetically connect with him. Upon appearing in the Circle, he immediately spoke unto my mind:

Wherefore hast thou called me?”

I respectfully explained my intent, to offer him gifts of love, devotion, and friendship in this consecrated and blessed Candle and Incense of Art and to learn from him whatever wisdom he would impart to me concerning his role, Office, and the things under his power.

When asked what was his role and Office, Cassiel spoke these words into my mind as I gazed entranced into the Crystal, while Cassiel’s flame flickered behind it and dark, Saturnian ritual music played in the background:

Mine is the Office of binding and the imposition of barriers and limits without which, no structure can emerge and there can be no order. Mine is the overseeing of Time and temporarily, of arising, abiding, and subsiding. Mine is the constriction of pure force into bounded form, that all things may be accomplished in apparent finitude and time.”

When asked for the wisdom behind his powers of binding and constricting, Cassiel replied:

Binding and barriers need not be but forms of imprisonment and holding back of freedom, as thou humans assume. Binding and barriers are freedom in action. Without limits on the shape of a thing, there can be no shape. Without shape, there can be no action taken by that shape. All of the multitudes of forms in nature depend on binding and barriers for their operations. Finitude is but apparent; everything apparently finite is simply the Divine Infinite constrained by its own Power to enable the freedom of its manifestation.

Nor do binding, barriers, and constrictions imply separation. All is the Divine appearing in, as, and to itself. No apparent form is separate in reality from any other, only in relative functioning in time and in appearance. Whosoever realizes this knows the Face of God is everywhere, within and without, not merely beyond apparent form, but in, as, and within it.”

When asked what attitude this wisdom should give rise to in us, Cassiel replied:

Right discernment. Discern one type of apparent form from the next; note their discrete qualities, which could not arise if not for the Powers of binding and barriers, of constrictions of form upon which all structure and Order depends. At the same time, discern the Ultimate; nothing apparent, nothing formed, nothing shaped, nothing seemingly cut-off is so in its Absolute nature. All of the relative forms are none other than the Absolute. God hides in plain sight.

Those who know this will understand, and understanding, live in the light of that wisdom. In this way, they will not fall for the delusions of the world, that death is the end or shape limits the infinite. Only the unlimited can appear to be limited, and only so that anything can appear at all. Creation depends on constriction, not Ultimately, but in relative appearance. This is the Mystery of Divine creation itself.

I was amazed by the rapidity, clarity, and immediacy with which Cassiel communicated, perhaps unsurprising for the Archangelic Master of Time, but surprising for me, who had was so accustomed to the slower, gentler ways of speaking of other Spirits.

I asked Cassiel if he could give me a vision to explain further how “creation depends on constriction.” Immediately, as with his prior replies, Cassiel spoke into my mind as I gazed into the Crystal, “close thy eyes and it is done.”

My eyes fell heavily closed, slowly and smoothly as my spine straightened up, erect. Before I knew it, I looked no longer at the black space of closed eyelids. Instead, I saw a great Angel clothed in black, darkly powerful, flying over a landscape that was tremoring and shaking, a land of rock and desert. His face shone so bright over his black robed figure that it could not be seen, blinding golden light…

Behold how formation requires constriction. As the Earth shakes, form tenses, collapses, and falls apart. Heat agitates the structures of form and they shake apart. In this potentiality and chaos, binding and barriers can constrain new forms into being.”

As he said this, an earthquake shook the land, which split open. Bright lava could be seen below. As tectonic plates smashed together, a mountain began to take form.

“Smashing together, seems apparent violence… but is in truth creative force. Constrained and pressured, the mountain takes form as stone is bound not to flow some ways and permitted only to flow others. So it is that binding produces order through constellating chaos. So it is for all creation, for all arising of all phenomena. Imposed limitation enables the freedom of form appearing and functioning. This is the foundation of the World.”

The scene shifted to a plant growing from a sprout into a beautiful mature form.

“For leaves to appear, for stems and cells, there must be boundaries and forces constraining the tissues. The limitation enables the freedom. So it is with thou human beings, which are the Divine Infinite constrained through binding and Time into relative discrete appearance.”

The vision abruptly cut off and I felt my Astral form slammed back into my body with great severity. My eyes opened and I was back in my Temple.

After asking Cassiel to let his power move through me, correcting any apparent limitations that did not serve or were dysfunctional he did immediately. Holding the Solomonic Holy Oil-anointed Crook of Saint Cyprian and pressing it to my forehead, I felt a flood of heavy, constraining energy flood through my Sphere of Sensation. My eyes fell closed again and I behind my closed eyelids, I saw images of forms breaking apart and new ones taking their place, of subtle shifts and felt changes unfolding that I did not understand…

When it ended, my eyes opened and returned to the Crystal ball. My head felt like it was spinning from the rapid flow of all of this information that Cassiel had shared and thus, I thought it perhaps best to move the Invocation to its conclusion. Thanking Cassiel with great sincerity for being so forthcoming and helpful, I asked if he had any final wisdom to reveal before bringing our time together to a close.

“See not forms as separate; they are not. The Infinite can but take form through apparent boundaries and constriction. See not discipline as blocking freedom; it does not. Discipline is freedom in action and the enabler of freedom. The lack of discipline is not freedom, it is chaos. Image the Ordering Power of the Creator; live in discipline that thou mayst be freer still.

Whatever thou lookest upon, know it as Thy Divine Self hiding in finitude, the unlimited appearing through limitation, the unbound appearing through seeming binding, the unarisen disciplining itself into arising, the Eternal appearing as time. In this way, all dualities will be cut off, and both poles negated, nonduality itself will collapse. What remains is the Ultimate as it is, and thou art That. There is nothing else. Indeed, all that apparently is, is but the Unformed playing itself into form.”

With great humility and gratitude, I thanked the great Archangel for these potent revelations and invited him to take his leave if he wished or stay and pray with me. I thanked him and asked him I could share what he had shared with me with others to correct misconceptions and for the greater Good of freedom for all through discipline. I asked that he move the stream of smoke from his incense to the left if he agreed, and so it moved, immediately. I then asked him if he would kindly return again to work with and teach me if it pleased him and God, and received an affirmative answer as well.

I then said a final battery of prayers, and asked for Saint Cyprian’s help in one final task: creating Cyprianic Holy Oil. I did this by taking a base of olive oil and adding to it cinnamon essential oil, the herbs, soil, spices, and other curio from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company’s Saint Cyprian Oil, some of this same oil, and some of another San Cipriano Holy Oil imported via a local botanica to which I had been led by Saint Cyprian at an earlier date. I prayed for the good Saint to charge it and shortly thereafter, the Crucifix hanging from the rosary wrapped around his statue began to slowly wave from side to side.


Moved by a flood of inspiration, before I ended the ritual and closed the Temple with prayers, I felt moved to perform a powerful and ancient ritual… the Stele of Jeu or Rite of the Headless One from Greek Magical Papyri V. 96-172. What followed was one of the most powerful magical experiences of my life.

But that, shall is a matter for another post.

Novena of Saint Cyprian 2018 Day 5: Invocation of Archangel Anael

By Frater S.C.F.V.


On Friday September 21, 2018,  I began Day 4 of my Novena to Saint Cyprian of Antioch by waking up early to ritually bathe and worship with a full and open heart. Thereafter, I entered the Temple. I took up my Solomonic bell, sounded it three times before entering the Circle as per the Hygromanteia and then again thrice to each of the Quarters, greeting the Spirits of the East, South, West, and North with great love, respect, and  blessings of Adonai. I proceeded to give Offerings to God and to Saint Cyprian and began to pray and recite Psalms while holding my Solomonic Wand of Art.

I then used the prayer from the Heptameron to ask for God’s help in calling Spirits and proceeded to a formal Invocation of Archangel Anael, Angel of the Day of Venus and of Friday. After prolonged additional conjurations and vibrating of Anael’s name while gazing into the crystal with Anael’s candle burning behind it–pyrocrystallomancy, as shown to me by Archangel Raphael–I felt the Angel’s presence as his candle flared up. Anael’s presence felt warm, gentle, and comforting. I further asked Anael if he–I say he out of respect for Hebrew tradition, although “he” felt somewhat androgynous or beyond gender to me–could confirm his presence by moving the stream of incense offered to him noticeably to the left and so it happened immediately.

I greeted the Archangel with great love and respect and offered him–I say him, although “he” felt somewhat androgynous to me–Offerings of a lavender candle and Incense. I then asked if Anael could show me in the Crystal or in my Mind a vision of his office and role. Nothing happened for a moment and it occurred to me that the Crystal was somewhat smudged; therefore, I lifted it and wiped it clean, before replacing it over Anael’s Sigil from the Heptameron:


After anointing his Seal with Holy Water and Saint Cyprian Oil, I saw a vision of a beautiful Angel in flowing emerald green robes, graciously tending to countless hearts, like a Mother or Father gently consoling infant children. How tender, we all are, at heart, despite the veneer of adulthood, the phantasms of fear, and the hardness of past hurt that grow within us in the battlegrounds of life experience… Trough all of this, the heart remains ever-vulnerable like a child. And behind the veil of ordinary life, Anael tends to these vulnerable hearts, loving them as Christ did when he said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” (Luke 18:15-17).

I asked Anael if he could kindly present a sense of how God Loves, or what is the heart or innermost nature of Divine Love. As I gazed into the Crystal filled with flickering fire, Anael spoke these words into my mind:

Divine Love is complete, always and eternally. It encompasses the Inner and the Outer. It loves without cause or reason. It is unconditioned, unrelenting. It has neither motive nor aim for gain. It loves only because to love is its Nature, and the Nature of what it loves is naught but lovable in its eyes.”

When asked how we humans, with all our faults and psychological challenges, can come to love as God loves, Anael answered:

“When you love your fellow humans, be not hindered by the superficial appearance. Love the heart of the child within as God loves His children. The unconditionally innocent heart is worthy and lovable without cause; God loves in this way, the hearts of his creation, long in patience. The power to love in you images the Divine power of love. Trust it over the fear that seems to cover it and guide you away. First love, then act with discernment.”

These words resonated with a well-known verse, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.  The one who fears is not made perfect in love.  We love because He first loved us”  (1 John 4:18-19).

When asked how we can learn to love ourselves, in the relative human sense rather than the Ultimate Divine Self that appears as all, as God loves us, Anael replied:

Cast aside the barriers you build up as reasons not to love. The seeming barriers are mere illusions. They are fabrications of falsehood. To be lovable and worthy is your nature; this is the Divine Truth and how God sees you. Therefore, model God’s vision as your power to love mirrors God’s own unfailing love. Regard yourself nakedly of all your concepts about “me.” In the absence of the concepts, the love that is already there will reveal itself. You cannot be unloveable in truth; you can only seem to think you are.”


I asked if Anael could transmit to me an influx of the loving energy that is his nature. I was moved to place my Solomonic Wand of Art to my forehead. Immediately, a flow of warmth, loving force flickered and waved through my Sphere of Sensation, feeling cleansing, warm, safe, gentle, comforting, encouraging. The feeling was familiar — the ordinary, every day feeling of loving and being loved, an exoterically mundane phenomenon that hides an esoteric Mystery of infinite profundity: the core of the Divine Nature.

I thanked Anael with great love, respect, and gratitude and asked if he had any final things he would like to show me. As I gazed within the Crystal, I saw what Anael described as “an image of Love” — a heart set ablaze with fire. Is that not how it feels, to be passionately in love? As if our hearts are burning with wildfire altogether beyond our control? True love is effortless and all-consuming; is this not how the Divine loves? I was reminded of Isaiah 54:10: “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,’ says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” 

As the image of the burning heart blazed in the Crystal, Anael spoke these final words of encouragement:

“Oh Son of Adam, leave your fear behind and dive deep into love through trust. For what is more fulfilling, a life sullied by fear, or bathed in love?”

I thanked Anael with a deep bow for his insight, teaching, guidance, and help. I asked if he would accept from me the gift of loving friendship and be willing to come again to teach me and worship with me and received a “yes, with joy” as a reply. It occured to me at that moment that “Haniel,” an alternate name for Anael, means “Joy of God” הניאל‬ or חַנִּיאֵל‬, “Grace of God” (El). I asked Anael if he would help me to learn to live and love and service of others more deeply and if I could share what he had shared with me for the greater good of others. Both questions received affirmative in the form of shifting in the candle flame.  I closed the invocation by inviting Anael to go in peace with the blessings of God or feel free to remain in worship for the final prayers.

I then said the final prayers and thanked Cyprian with the OSC’s Canticle of Saint Cyprian and asked him for his continued guidance and Patronage. The Cross hanging from his Statue began to slowly and gently wave as I said these words. With this done, I closed the Temple, leaving the Offerings of candles and incense to complete their burning in thanks.



Novena of Saint Cyprian 2018 Day 4: Invocation of Archangel Sachiel

By Frater S.C.F.V.


On Thursday, September 20, 2018,  I began Day 4 of my Novena to Saint Cyprian of Antioch by waking up early to ritually bathe and worship with a full and open heart. I then traveled into the city to visit older adults in the company of a physiotherapist and social worker to serve these elderly individuals with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, injuries from falls resulting in a broken hip, and hearing impairments. The home visits all went beautifully well.

Throughout the day, I felt repeatedly blessed by the kindness of those who interacted me. In something of a miracle, a woman with advanced dementia remembered my face and even my role and her face lit up when I came back to see her. The social worker I was with was amazed by this. I thanked God for this great and special gift.

As the day unfolded, the kindness and blessings continued to unfold. I met new people, was invited to attend a training for free, was blessed to be able to help a colleague struggling with a concussion, was smiled at and helped by strangers, and simply felt grateful and joyful to be wherever I was today, being as best of service as I could be. The Holy Spirit seemed to glow within me and I knew in my heart that Saint Cyprian was with me, helping me in his mysterious way, behind the scenes.

In the Day and Hour of Jupiter, despite being deeply exhausted, I entered the Temple, I picked up my Solomonic bell, sounded it thrice before entering the Circle as per the Hygromanteia and then again to the Quarters, greeting the Spirits of the East, South, West, and North with great love, respect, and the blessings of Adonai. I proceeded to give Offerings to God and to Saint Cyprian and began to pray and recite Psalms. I was happily surprised to see that my Novena candle had burned all the way down in less than 4 days, and had burned cleanly, leaving only white soot behind with no cracks or blackening in the glass — all very auspicious signs in the Esperitismo and Hoodoo interpretation of Novena candle magic.

Amazingly, I could already feel the transformative effects of the petition manifesting in my life in the form of greater insight, improved discernment of Spirits, trust of God in daily life, and deepened faith. May the Glory for these changes be not unto me, but unto God, with thanks and blessings to my great helper in this process, beloved Saint Cyprian.  And all of this just 4 days into a Novena intended to manifest the petition by the Feast Day of Saint Cyprian on Day 10!

I then used the prayer from the Heptameron to ask for God’s help in calling Spirits and proceeded to a formal Invocation of Archangel Sachiel. Great and beloved Sachiel! What a great, wise, beautiful, and powerful being!

When his presence was made known, I heard my cat began to meow outside the Temple door.  Sachiel’s energy was so vast, expansive, kind, loving, and warm, with the authority of a wise and beloved ruler — how fittingly Jupiterian! While some Spirits seem to be very blunt and speak few words, I was happy to find that Sachiel gave robust and insightful answers.

I used the scrying method of pyrocrystallomancy–as I neologistically refer to it–which the Archangel Raphael had shown me. This method consists of placing a candle offered to a Spirit behind a crystal ball and scrying through the crystal and magnified flame. This allows the Spirit to manipulate the candle flame and suggest different imagery through the crystal. I was in awe at how brightly and expansively Sachiel’s candle flame shone, beaming considerable light through the transparent Crystal. The flame danced wildly and beautifully. Meanwhile, the consecrated incense offered to him cast wide and slowly waving streams of smoke, which were mesmerizing.

I greeted him with great love and respect and blessings in the name of the beloved Most High. I asked him to move the stream of incense smoke to the right if he was pleased with his Offerings. It happened immediately as his candle simultaneously began to flicker in confirmation. I then asked if he would kindly guide me in any way he wished into greater understanding of prosperity and wisdom and his role in his Sphere of influence.

He showed me through the Crystal a vision of a beautiful forest over which a great Archangel in a blue robe graciously drifted with a face beaming pure and effulgent, radiant light. I asked if the Angel in the vision was him and his candle began rapidly flickering in confirmation. The sense was that Sachiel powered and nourished the growth of prosperity like a gardener nurturing the Garden, but could also oversee the culling and cutting down of the “plants” grown therein.

I asked Sachiel how to nurture the garden of wealth in our own human lives. He showed me a beautiful red rose. I asked him its meaning and he spoke into my mind these words: “Prosperity and wisdom are like roses — nurture them and they grow; neglect them and they whither. Nurture them with right action, faith and trust in God’s provision, a grateful heart. Lean not on extremes — seek balance.”

I asked him what I could do to communicate more efficiently with Angels. Sachiel said: “Make your mind like Light and it will harmonize better with our nature.”

I asked how to do this and he said:

Surrender all ideas, memories, and preconceptions and abide silently and vividly in the inherent awakeness of your own Spirit.”

I asked what he meant by abiding in this sense and he replied:

“Rest in the Source of all, from which all appears, but which itself never appears.”

When asked how to do that, Sachiel said:

Momentarily abandon all concepts. Stay wide open, awake, present.”

I asked how I could scry in the Crystal more efficiently after telling him what Raphael had taught me– “do not do; let be done to you.” Sachiel said, very insightfully:

This is true. Look not in or at the Crystal, but through and beyond it. Look deeper than with the eyes. Gaze as if peering through the center of your forehead, the seat of the Inner Vision.

Then cease to try make anything “happen.” Instead, be inwardly silent. Surrender. Open fully and receptively to whatever comes. The more you try to force it, the less you’ll see; the less you force, the more will appear.”

I spent some time quietly abiding in Sachiel’s warm, loving, joyful, and expansive presence, which was deeply calming and heartwarming. At last, I asked Sachiel if he had any final wisdom to share:

Oh Son of Adam, to those with greed, all will be taken away [in the end]; to those without greed, all will be given. Be without greed and ask for wisdom and prosperity to give and serve others rather than for yourself. Thus it will be freely given from the Treasurehouse of God’s Glory.”

I thanked Sachiel deeply and sincerely for his insight and asked if I could call him againt to work with him or learn more from him in the future. His candle flickered brightly and he spoke into my mind “with joy.” I thanked him once more and blessed him and prayed for him. I asked for his continued guidance into wisdom and prosperity in my life for the good of those in my care and his blessings and prayers on all my family and friends. I also asked for his help in helping Soror R.A. to be promoted to the position at her work where she can best be of service and work in harmony with her deepest aspirations in service for others as she had asked me to do.

He said: “if it is God’s Will, it will happen.

Finally, I asked for healing of the face of another friend if it be in his power.

All things are in God’s Power” was his reply.

I gave him license to depart or remain and pray with me for the final prayers and he happily opted to remain. I asked for his permission to share what he had shared with me for the benefit of others and he gave it. I thanked God for His help and praised and glorified Him. I also thanked Saint Cyprian for his help and scryed into the Crystal while asking if he had any words of guidance to share.

In his deep, warm voice, he spoke into my mind:

Your hard efforts are being rewarded. Continue to persevere.”

I asked him to confirm that it was truly he who had spoken those words by moving the Cross on the rosary hanging from his statue. Slowly, it began to move in confirmation. I thanked him with the Canticle of Saint Cyprian from the OSC orisons and performed my final prayers. Thereafter, I closed the Temple and Circle and remained there until I felt Sachiel’s presence, as it were, fading into the background of consciousness. I left the candles and incense Offerings to burn themselves out to fully give their gifts to the Spirits.

The feeling of warm, loving, restful and expansive kindness remained with me for hours after the Operation. Blessings be upon you, O Sachiel, and thanks to beloved Cyprian for his profound mastery of mystery…

Novena of Saint Cyprian 2018 Day 3: Invocation of Archangel Raphael

By Frater S.C.F.V.


On Wednesday, September 19, 2018,  I began Day 3 of my Novena to Saint Cyprian of Antioch with ritual bathing and worship. I then went to my social work classes, completed some clinical work, and updated my ritual plans for the coming few days of the Novena.

By the time I finally got home, it was 11 o’clock p.m. I made my lunch for the next day and proceeded to perform ritual bathing and open the Temple. I felt utterly exhausted and had caught a cold from the shockingly cold temperatures today, as a result of which I had a runny nose, sore throat, and cough. Nonetheless, I was determined to continue on with the Novena and prayed for help to complete it.

First, I lit a candle as an offering to the Most High. Then, I picked up my Solomonic Bell of Art, sounded it thrice before entering the Circle as per the Hygromanteia and then again to the Quarters, greeting the Spirits of the East, South, West, and North with great love, respect, and the blessings of Adonai.

I formally opened the Temple and offered Saint Cyprian a fresh glass of water, a new purple candle, and new Frankincense with 9 knocks on the Altar and 9 repetitions of his name. I then proceeded through a series of prayers, invocations of the Trinity, and extensive reading of Psalms while holding my Solomonic Wand of Art.

I then prayed the Prayer for help in conjuring Spirits from Joseph H. Peterson’s edition of the Heptameron and proceeded with a formal conjuration of the great Archangel Raphael after sprinkling Holy Water, suffumigating, and anointing my eyes, forehead, and heart with San Cipriano Oil. I blended Raphael’s Sigil with Holy Water and placed it under the scrying Crystal.

His presence was light and gentle, even soothing, strikingly different from the effulgent majesty of Gabriel and the calm and grim severity of Samael. At the very moment I felt him appear, my cat began to meow outside the door and I said “even my cat welcomes you, O Raphael!”, smiling. Upon the great Archangel’s arrival, I welcomed the great Archangel with blessings and Offerings of a candle and Frankincense.

I then asked him if he was pleased with rhe offerings, to please move the two streams of incense smoke from straight upwards over to the right, which proceeded immediately to happen. Thereafter, I asked Raphael if he could show me how best to communicate with him and help me to improve at scrying in the Crystal.

The response was an intuitive nudge to do something I had never done before: move the candle offered to Raphael behind the Crystal so that the candle Offering could illuminate the Crystal from behind. The result was that the Spirit could manipulate the candle flame and the result would be magnified though the crystal. How fascinating — crystallomancy and pyromancy in one! Coining a word, it seemed I could refer to it as pyrocrystallomancy. 

I asked Raphael if I had done this correctly, and his candle immediately began to flicker strongly in confirmation.

Next, I asked him if he could explain how to scry more efficiently. As I gazed into the illuminating Crystal, I began to enter a state of trance and it was then that I noticed a calm and gentle voice had begun to speak into my mind, slowly and gradually saying:

Be calm, be quiet. Open fully. Do not aim to speak. Listen. Open. Receive. Let thought be still. Simply receive.

I listened and opened and the state began to deepen. Once the gaze stabilized, I began to ask questions and receivr slow and gentle answers.

The first was as brilliantly succinct as it was memorable. I asked what the key was to scrying Angels. Raphael replied:

Do not do. Let be done to you.”

What a beautiful articulation of his message of being fully receptive and emptying yourself fully in order to silently receive.

When asked what is the nature of the Angels, Raphael replied

Light and pure knowledge.

When asked what Angels do, he replied

God’s Will.

I asked if he could heal at will and he said,

If God Wills.”

When asked what was the key to healing others, Raphael replied

Faith, love, and the right alignment of conditions.”

When asked if I could share his answers for the greater good and edifying of my brothers and sisters, he said “yes.

Finally, I asked Raphael if he could please heal me of my present illness as Christ had healed. He said

Yes, if God Wills. You will know not by what I say, but by what I do.”

I thanked him sincerely and invited him either to go in peace with the blessings of Adonai, or to remain for the prayers to follow and join me in prayer as he willed. I also invited him to communicate with me in dreams if he had a wise word to communicate for which I did not know how to ask. Finally, I asked if he would accept my friendship and be willing to come again and teach me more in the future with gifts of more Offerings. His candle began to flicker in affirmation.

I proceeded with more Psalmody, prayers, hymns, and blessings, as well as the Canticle of Saint Cyprian. After an intense hour and a half of ritual, I formally closed the Temple feeling blessed, grateful, and my heart awash with love and gratitude to Saint Cyprian, to kind Raphael, and above all, to the Most High, who lives and reigns now and unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen!

Update: A little over a day later, my cold is almost entirely healed as physically evidenced by my mucus no longer running green, but clear, my runny nose being gone, by the vanishing of my fever, and by my cough being nearly completely gone. Thanks be to the great Archangel Raphael and praise and glory to Adonai Rapha, Lord of Healing!

Novena of Saint Cyprian 2018 Day 2: Invocation of Archangel Samael

By Frater S.C.F.V.


On Tuesday, September 18, 2018,  I began Day 2 of my intensive Novena to Saint Cyprian of Antioch with ritual bathing and worship, then dedicated my day to community service to serve older adults in the Montreal community. I also continued prayers throughout the day, and listened to two Church services to immerse myself in an attitude of devotion.

At night, I returned to the Temple, where the Novena candle continued to burn on the Altar. Once there, I sounded my Solomonic Bell of Art three times before entering the Circle, as per the Hygromanteia, then 9 times to each cardinal direction as a modified form of the “sounding of the Quarters” based on Leviticus that we find used with the Bell/Trumpet in the Key of Solomon.

Thereafter, I performed prayers, Holy Water blessings, incense suffumigations, Offerings to Cyprian and the Divine, readings of several Psalms, and a full-blown Exorcism / Invocation of the power to Conjure all spirits celestial and chthonic through the authority of Christ. As I called out the litany of Divine Names, a mysterious breeze drifted through the Temple with no clear origin since the window and door were both closed. It felt refreshing and invigourating.

I then asked Saint Cyprian to aid me in a formal invocation of the Archangel Samael through prayers and Conjurations from the Heptameron. After the Conjuration, I greeted Samael with Offerings of Frankincense and a candle Offering. I asked him how best to communicate with him. He did not seem to resonate much with the Crystal in which I had asked him to appear, or with lecanomancy in a glass of water offered to Saint Cyprian.

I asked him if he would prefer another method to communicate At this very moment, the Crucifix at the end of the rosary that I had wrapped around Cyprian’s statue after its connecting thread snapped in half yesterday suddenly began to sway. It had been stationary all of this time and there was now no breeze in the room. It was swaying in the direction of the candle I had given as an offering to Samael. I asked for confirmation if he meant he would like me to scry into its flame via pyromancy and the Cross mysteriously swayed again in confirmation, again with no breeze in the room…

I then gazed into the flame as it contorted in fascinating ways. The Spirit seemed to guide me in how best to sustain a kind of quasi-hypnotic gazing trance while opening up my inner senses. I asked Samael if he could tell me anything about death. “Is death an initiation?” I asked. After gazing into the flame for some time, Samael spoke a brief and cryptic, but fascinating and profound answer into my mind: “Death is life.” I asked if he cared to explain what he meant, but he remained silent.

I was reminded of the equally cryptic, but wise instruction I had received from Cyprian on Day I of this Novena — “Be patient.” The message seemed to be to sit with the idea or carry it with me without pushing for too much to be revealed at once. I respected that. I thanked Samael for helping me to learn how to do pyromancy, a process I had never performed before. I also thanked him for his word of wisdom and patience. I asked him if he would be willing to work together again, and the Cross again began to sway. I further asked him if he could empower me with a strengthening influx of his power and he did so; as he did so, I seemed to stand up taller, feeling confident and yet grounded. The feeling reminded me of his presence — strong and mighty, severe yet calming.

Finally, I invited both he and Saint Cyprian to appear in my dreams if they would like to teach anything more. I thanked Samael once more for his guidance and presence and gave him the License to Depart with prayers, blessings of Adonai, and well wishes. I finished with more Psalms, the Canticle of Saint Cyprian, prayers and blessings and formally closed the Temple. Thus ended a very intense Novena Day 2.


Update:  Last night, I had a powerful dream in which a monstrous green disembodied head with large, gnashing teeth attached only to a neck, with no other body parts, appeared before me, snarling viciously. I felt terrified by it and my first impulse was to move to destroy it.

However, at that moment, a figure in the form of a gentle, but stern woman suddenly appeared next to the monstrous creature.

Her eyes were severe and stared straight at me as if at once protective and suggesting that I pay attention. She placed one hand on the creature’s next and gently began to caress it and it amazingly calmed its aggression and settled down…

I was immediately reminded of the core message of the Strength Card. It occurred to me then that a disembodied head cannot possibly be all that dangerous; and yet, I was moved to destroy it.

I was reminded of Cyprian’s message to me once more, “be patient.” With patience, we can calmly consider options beyond rushing to a fear-based response of attacking and destruction when compassion and strength in gentleness may sometimes resolve a situation and calm aggressiveness just as well and without harm.

I am not entirely sure who this mysterious Teacher was, but its energy of calm, severe power was very reminiscent of how I experienced Samael. “Death is life,” he had said, perhaps alluding to the nonduality of phenomena we humans conceptually categorize as “life” and “death,” which to him, appear as not-two, not-separate, ultimately but apparent waves of relativity on the surface of the Absolute.

Indeed, things are not always as they seem. When Saint Cyprian first appeared to me in a dream, he did so in the form of one of my female friends, calling me to join her in working with him. Life and death may not be ontologically opposed states, but rather more continuous in their core reality than we can understand. A situation that seems to prompt a hard, aggressive counterresponse may really call for a strength in compassion, which holds the alchemical power to transmute an apparent threat into a friend. The Way of Love is not always rosy; it may be firm and severe, like Samael, even in pacifying gentleness — the core of the Martial skill of diplomacy.

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Novena of Saint Cyprian 2018 Day 1: Invocation of Archangel Gabriel

by Frater S.C.F.V.


Last night, on Monday, September 17, 2018, I completed the first day of my Novena—a nine-day series of rituals and prayers–culminating, on the 10th Day, in Saint Cyprian’s Feast Day on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

I began by writing out my petition of intention for the Novena:


I then anointed it with saliva in the Sign of the Cross, and placed within it some locks of my hair to link it to me sympathetically.


I folded and taped the petition to the bottom of the Novena candle and fixed the candle with Saint Cyprian oil, cinnamon, and all-spice and then dressed it downwards, pulling additional oil down towards the petition so that not only the candle itself, but also the glass was anointed with my intention.


Next, I formally lit the Novena candle on the Altar after making offerings of Frankincense, Church wafer, and water to Saint Cyprian and formally inaugurating the Novena as dedicated to him and intending to formally welcome him as my Patron. Thereafter, I prayed over the Novena candle, recited Psalms over it, prayed with Saint Cyprian, performed the Daily Exorcism of the Order of Saint Cyprian in its presence, and used a prayer from the Heptameron to invoke the Archangel Gabriel to empower it to manifest in the direction of the petition.

I felt a sense of holy vastness after invoking Gabriel. His presence felt ancient, mysterious, and overwhelmingly powerful and wise beyond human comprehension. After I asked Gabriel for guidance, I gazed into the scrying Crystal placed before Cyprian’s statue and heard a deep, peaceful, powerful voice speak into my mind from what felt like above me, saying:

Trust in God and do not despair.”

Then the candle before me began to grow bright and dim in noticeable waves. Comfort, love, and gratitude dawned within as Gabriel’s presence intensified. Hail to you, dear Archangel of Monday and of the Day of the Moon!


Throughout the ritual, I felt a great sense of sacredness, peace, and Divine presence. I had recently been researching different kinds of Crucifixes to use in an upcoming amethyst rosary for dedicated use with Cyprian, but was unable to decide between them. When I was removing the rosary I had asked Cyprian to charge for me in the meanwhile while I waited for my amethyst beads to arrive in the mail, to my surprise, the rosary chain snapped in half!

The message from the Trickster Cyprian seemed to be “just use the Crucifix on this rosary!” This was fine with me as it had already been Solomonically exorcised, blessed with Holy Water, suffumigated, and anointed with Saint Cyprian oil as well as consecrated through use.

Praise God, and thank you for your guidance, dear Saint Cyprian! Please pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen!

Update: After completing my ritual session, I received an email informing me that I had formally been accepted into the Novitiate of the Order of Saint Cyprian of Antioch. Alleluia!

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An Exorcism Experience with Saint Cyprian


By Frater S.C.F.V.

Tosay, I performed my weekly Offerings to Cyprian: a glass of water, some Church wafers, and incense. I prayed Our Fathers before his Altar on a rosary, which I exorcised and blessed with Holy Water. I asked him to charge the rosary and wrapped it around his statue.

I asked Cyprian to exorcise any malevolent Spirits who might be influencing me. I then performed the Sign of the Cross with his Golden Crook and to my surprise, immediately felt my whole body shaking. I was amazed to hear what sounded like growling and roaring coming out of my house. I performed the Sign of the Cross again through clenched teeth, continuing to shake, and suddenly it felt like a weight had lifted off of me. I praised God and thanked Cyprian for this then performed ritual bathing to purify myself. I prayed and worshipped God and after performing the Qabalistic Cross, saw a bright light behind my closed eyes and strongly felt the invoked Divine energy cascading through me…

I returned to Cyprian, thanking him again, and asked him if he was pleased with the offerings, to move the stream of incense smoke to the right. It then happened. I thanked him, and the stream of smoke moved to the right again in confirmation.

I asked Cyprian for a word of wisdom or guidance for me for today. I gazed into the crystal ball on his altar for what felt like a long time, entering a state of entranced focus until finally the room around me faded slightly into darkness. I then saw his face in the crystal and his deep, calm voice spoke two simple words in the space of my mind: “be patient.”

I thanked him for this, prayed a final prayer and closed the ritual space. Later this day, I had several occasions to be patient while my bus was first delayed, then caught in traffic. At other moments today, people tried to tempt me into arguments, but I remained calm and practiced patience instead. Thank you, Saint Cyprian, for your wisdom, powers of exorcism, guidance, and protection!


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The Cyprianic Call – Or the Strange Story of How I Came to Work With Saint Cyprian of Antioch

By Frater S.C.F.V.


Introduction – Enter Saint Cyprian

2018 has been, without exaggeration, the most magical year in my life thus far. Not only is our G.D. Order happily thriving, but I have also been very grateful to have been able to go further into the Art of traditional Solomonic magic and more deeply into rigorous esoteric scholarship than I have ever gone before.  Perhaps the most unpredictable shift of all to unfold for me in the course of the Earth’s current circumambulation around the Sun, however, has been the commencement of my serious working relationship with Saint Cyprian of Antioch.

This surprising turn of events is rendered all the more shocking by the fact that in the past 30 years, I had never before seen the appeal of working with Saints in the classically Catholic manner, not even at the height of my faith in Catholicism itself.  To me, the practice smacked dangerously of violations of the First and Second Commandments from Exodus 20:2-17 to “have no gods but God” and not worship any “graven images.”  Moreover, later on, whilst studying Buddhism and Hinduism, I preferred to focus on Sutras than to contemplate the invocation of yogic Rishis and Buddhas.  Similarly, while practicing Islam and working the Qabalah, I was too reluctant to risk potential shirk or idolatry to even contemplate the idea of Saint work or veneration.  Indeed, throughout all of this time, I had been committed to working with Divine as directly as possible and the notion of working with Saints seemed like an unnecessary addition of a redundant intermediary.

My strongly Saint-aversive history only makes the recent transformation of my life into an adventure set ablaze with a zealous and heartful passion for full-fledged Saint work all the more astonishing.  After three long decades of avoidance of the practice as well as the theory behind it, I have found myself inexplicably called to work with Saint Cyprian of Antioch, the hieromartyr of the Greek Orthodox Church who was reputed to have departed from his mastery of the Ancient Mysteries and ceremonial and necromantic magic to embrace a heartfelt Christian faith out of love for his fellow martyr, the pious St. Justina, and respect for the power of the Cross to overcome all of his most formidable demonic Operations (Bailey, 2017).

As the tides of history have shown, with his one foot in the Pagan Mysteries, ceremonial magic, and necromancy and his other foot planted squarely in Christian Orthodoxy, Saint Cyprian of Antioch would come to inspire a paradoxical blend of generations of pious Christians and practical Magicians alike.  Indeed, the 4th century C.E. saw the appearance of three principal texts detailing the legend of Cyprian composed by three different authors, namely, The Conversion of Saint Cyprian, The Confession of Saint Cyprian, and The Martyrdom of Saint Cyprian, which collectively came to be known The Acts of Saint Cyprian of Antioch (Bailey, 2017).  The legends contained therein, via their cross-continental transmission through very disparate cultural and geographic milieus, would later spark raging fires of magical creativity and devotional passion.  The result was a completely distinct vein of grimoiric literature that can be distinguished from the parallel and sometimes inter-influencing streams of the Solomonic and Faustian grimoires (Leitão, 2014; Stratton-Kent, 2014).

After departing from the soil of Antioch, the legend and magico-religious influence of Saint Cyprian traveled to Scandinavia, where they inspired the magical “blackbooks” attributed to him; to the Iberian peninsula, where they sparked Portuguese and Spanish “Cyprianic” grimoires in his name; to Haiti, where they shaped the work of select Vodoun Houngans and Mambos; and finally, to North and South America, where they came to influence a staggering array of Brujos, Quimbanderos, Hoodoo practitioners, Rootworkers, Conjure Doctors, Santeros, and  Paleros and Tatas (Ali, 2013; de Mattos Friswold, 2013; Leitão, 2014; Stratton-Kent, 2014; Maggi, 2016).  As Jake Stratton-Kent is wont to point out with his characteristic warm and mischievous fondness, Saint Cyprian’s global magical legacy arguably overshadows that of even the great King Solomon himself, the pseudonymous inspiration of the tremendously influential tradition of Solomonic grimoires (Leitch, 2009; Stratton-Kent, 2014).


Gateways through Dreams and Intuition: My Personal Call to the Mysterious Saint of Magicians

My journey with Saint Cyprian of Antioch was at first astounding only in its utterly uneventful blandness.  I had encountered his name in passing in the works of Jake Stratton-Kent, Jason Miller, Dr. Al Cummins, and a few other authors whom I greatly enjoy and respect, but I did not at first feel any inspiration to pursue the Cyprianic Arcana or the intriguing historical trajectories of Cypriana and soon returned to my well-traveled journeys with the Golden Dawn and Solomonic systems.

Thankfully, however, this odd tale does not come to an anticlimactic culmination there.  To reach the odd zenith of this particular foray into the the mysterious and inexplicable, we must fast-forward to a few months ago, when I abruptly found myself stricken by a deep yearning to swan-dive into the Cyprianic mythos.  Seemingly out of nowhere, an obsession with the mysterious Sorceror-turned-Saint exploded within me like a blazing fire.

Before I knew it, texts about Cyprian were nearly all I was reading.  At a head-spinning and frenetic pace, I read through the three Acts of Saint Cyprian of Antioch texts, Jake’s two volumes of The Testament of Saint Cyprian the Mage, Jason Miller’s Cyprianic posts, Dr. Al’s articles, works by Humberto Maggi and José LeitãoAlexander Eth and Gordon White’s Cyprian-related podcast episodes, and every single article on Cyprian ever posted in Aaron Leitch’s Solomonic group, of which I am a Moderator, as well as in the history of Jake’s Attendants of Adrasteia.  Every time I heard the name “Cyprian,” I felt a mystifying flood of devotional love and awe fill my heart in a totally unprecedented way that was utterly incomparable to any affective response I had ever had towards any other Saint, Angel, or Spirit.  The change was so radical and so rapid that I was absolutely astonished by this rapid turn of events.  How had I, the most Saint-averse person I knew, suddenly become so enraptured by all things Cyprianic?

At first, I skeptically chalked the transformation up to the dawning of mere intellectual curiosity.  After all, the origins of passionate preoccupations were as mysterious to the Ancients as they are to our contemporaries. But then, truly magical events began to unfold, events that would vigorously shake the foundations of my casually blasé skepticism.

St Cip3.jpg

A Push from a Dream: Or How Two Lives Collided from a Continent Away

The truly strange events began to unfold when a Facebook friend named Joanne, with whom I had never before had a one-on-one conversation or met in person–as she lives on the opposite side of the continent from me–suddenly appeared to me in a dream.

In this brief, but extremely vivid dream, she did not speak, but instead stood with a mysterious smile, silently gesturing for me to join her, mysteriously beckoning, but to what, I did not know.  I awoke feeling utterly puzzled by the enigmatic dream.  Why Joanne?  And what was her oneiric appearance drawing me towards?

As my interest in Cyprian continued to build, I asked the Saint that if he wished for me to work with him, then he should kindly guide me in acquiring items to build him an Altar for our work. Within a single week, an Altar table was put out by the garbage on the very same street on which I lived, where I would easily find it.  With gratitude to Cyprian, I carried the table home and washed, exorcised, and consecrated it according to Solomonic methods.  Within this same short period of time, I also ordered a Statue of the Saint and inexpensively obtained all of the items I would require for his Altar.  I thanked him for his help and purchased 42 offering candles to gradually give to him over the course of our work together out of gratitude for his help, wisdom, initiatory empowerment, and instruction.


Throughout this process, I spoke regularly with my spiritual brother Chijioke, in Nigeria, who kindly shared various resources on Cyprian with me to help me along on my peculiar new Path.  After I told him about purchasing the supplies for Cyprian’s Altar, Chijioke told me that a friend of his had started working with Cyprian a month beforehand and that Cyprian had “guided the hands of my friend to sculpt an image of him. He spoke with her for over an hour.  He insisted that she must make a Halo over the head of the statue. Cyprian even knocked down a very securely-placed statue, after she told him “I’m not even convinced you are a Saint!” much to her startled surprise!”

I was fascinated by the story and asked if the friend he was talking about was the same one he had told me about previously, but he said:

“No, this is another friend, Joanne.”

My jaw dropped.


I asked for her last name and much to my surprise, Chijioke confirmed that it was indeed the same Joanne that had appeared in my enigmatic dream, the same Joanne that lived on the other side of Canada from me, both of us an ocean away from Chijioke’s home in Nigeria, Africa…

As the weight of this revelation began to truly sink in, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and chills ran through my body.

Oh Cyprian, I thought, and it occurred to me that I could almost see him smile.

Chijioke and I completely blown away by the fact that Joanne and I had independently started working with Cyprian without either of us knowing it only to be fortuitously brought together by an enigmatic dream in which she had silently beckoned me to join her.

Reflecting on this point, I suddenly came to understand the hitherto veiled meaning of my bizarre and cryptic dream — the astral image of Joanne had evidently been inviting me to join her in working with Cyprian and sharing our experiences with one another. Or perhaps, I wondered, the apparent “Joanne” might have really been the inscrutable Spirit himself appearing to me in her form in the dream in order to bring us into conversation for our mutual growth and edification.  As Gordon White once pointed out, “Cyprian’s plan isn’t clear, but he definitely has one.”


Shortly thereafter, I sent Joanne the first message I had ever sent her and told her about this impenetrably curious turn of events.  As I unraveled the events of the narrative thus far, she was as floored as I was since she had had no idea that I had been working with Cyprian at all, as I had not publicly shared this fact, nor had I privately shared it with anyone but Chijioke.  And yet, the more we talked, the more we discovered we had a shocking number of things in common, not only in terms of our mutual love for Runes and Druidic lore, but also in the way our twin journeys with Cyprian unfolded.

Joanne’s own journey had begun enigmatically similarly to my own. As she explained, “He came on very strong right from the beginning: I found myself obsessively thinking and learning about him and that hasn’t stopped.” How similar that was to my own shockingly passionate and obsessive immersion in Cypriana! She also explained that “apart from the Orishas, Saint Cyprian is by far the most powerful Spirit that I have ever worked with.”

My own experience was conspicuously convergent with Joanne’s.  It is clear to both of us that the Spirit that answers to “Saint Cyprian of Antioch,” whoever he is, has a remarkably distinct energy that is unlike any other Spirit we have ever encountered, and that he is a legitimately formidable force to reckon with.  Indeed, he remains as enigmatic and mysterious to Joanne as to me. “I have no idea who Cyprian truly is,” Joanne admitted to me in one of our resulting conversations, “but he has held nothing back in letting us know what he is capable of.  He has never demanded ‘worship’ from me, but I feel that he is a very old and powerful Spirit form.  He’s always with me now but I still retain a sort of spiritual sovereignty:  I can choose to ignore him but most often do not.”  My sense of Cyprian was precisely the same.

Thereafter, Joanne went on to explain that when she was working on her Cyprianic sculpture, even though she had never sculpted before, “for at least 2 months prior to the night I began, I was receiving visual thought forms of how to proceed with the sculpting. When I would be moved to pick up certain supplies, I would, and often without fully understanding why.  And I always got good deals!” How similar her experience with  procuring the necessary materials for work with Cyprian was to my own experience of sourcing and acquiring the items for Cyprian’s Altar!

“After initially receiving some help in the process from a Jinn I later came to believe was a subservient of Cyprian, Cyprian himself became my Muse and guide to lend a sense of proportion to the sculpture…,” Joanne told me. “I would ask him questions and would receive intuitive guidance. All I had to do was listen and follow. Once the basic ‘structure’ of the face was done I became aware of Cyprian’s presence. Whenever I would hit a roadblock, I would ask him “what next?”… Then I would somehow intuitively just start modelling the clay! I worked in trance induced by Shamanic drumming nonstop from Friday night until Saturday morning around 1:30 am… Thereafter, Cyprian was very clear that he wanted me to thank both the Jinn and himself appropriately.  I poured Cyprian a glass of wine and offered my homemade incense as demonstrations of thanks.”

The resulting statue was stunning in its piercing power and enigmatic radiance, and I share it here with Joanne’s kind permission:


If I am being completely honest, however, I was not without my reservations about working with Cyprian, and I candidly shared these with both Joanne and Chijioke alike.  For one thing, I was disturbed by the lack of archaeological evidence to support some aspects of St. Cyprian’s legendary story–the detailed records of the lists of Bishops of Antioch from the period conclusively show, as Dr. Ryan Bailey (2017) reveals, that “no Bishop of Antioch ever bore the name of Cyprian” (p. 52).  It was, of course, still possible that a great magician had become a priest of Antioch without ever being consecrated Bishop and that the Bishop detail was later interpolated into Cyprian’s hagiography to increase his Orthodox prestige at a later date. Joanne had found an alternative and very elegant solution to the problem of Cyprianic historicity as an obstacle to practical work with the legendary Magus-cum-Sanctus— she rendered it irrelevant.  In her insightful words,

“To my mind, whether “Cyprian” ever really existed [in the way he is legendarily alleged to have done so] is pretty much irrelevant.  To me, he is an emanation of Spirit that has chosen to enter my conscious awareness at this time in my Spiritual quest for enlightenment and gnosis.  I trust that this is no accident and that the lessons learned will serve the greater Good.”

With these wise words, Joanne deftly and graciously laid my final reservations to rest.  After all, if I have learned anything on the Way of the Mysteries, it’s that “Adam,” “Joanne,” and “Cyprian” are all simply characters in Brahman’s dreaming within the play of consciousness.  All of these seeming individuals are ultimately appearances of the Divine to itself, which it uses to realize itself (gnosis), to awaken to the realization of its fundamental unity (yoga); indeed, the deepest teachings of Advaita Vedanta, the Kabbalah, and Dzogchen Buddhism fundamentally converge on the idea that the appearance of diversity and multiplicity is only relative and apparent, while nothing is separate in the final analysis.

In this grand process of cosmic awakening, we, the Divine,  appear as distinct individuals who have roles to serve in “walking each other Home,” to quote Ram Dass.  In this process, we can speak of distinctive functions being played by the apparently distinct Adam, Joanne, and Cyprian to “serve the greater Good,” as Joanne puts it, even though ultimately, Brahman, Plotinus’s One, the Ein of the Qabalah is at once the served, the serving, and the servant.

To quote the great sage Nisargadatta Maharaj (1973):

Questioner: A message in print may be paper and ink only. It is the text that matters. By analysing the world into elements and qualities we miss the most important – its meaning. Your reduction of everything to dream disregards the difference between the dream of an insect and the dream of a poet. All is dream, granted. But not all are equal.

Nisargadatta: The dreams are not equal, but the dreamer is one. I am the insect. I am the poet – in dream. But in reality I am neither. As the Absolute, I am beyond all dreams. I am the Light in which all dreams appear and disappear. I am both inside and outside the dream. Just as a man having headache knows the ache and also knows that he is not the ache, so do I know the dream, myself dreaming and myself not dreaming – all at the same time. I am what I am before, during and after the dream. But what I see in the dream, l am not.

Questioner: Even as a dream you are a most unusual dream.

Nisargadatta: I am a dream that can wake you up. You will have the proof of it in your very waking up.

Within this great mystical context, I came to suspect that one reason that Cyprian had brought the Joanne and the Adam ‘dream characters’ together, to borrow a phrase from Advaita Vedanta, was to enable me in particular to move beyond an imbalanced preoccupation with clinging to academic issues of strict historicity, which would otherwise likely proven a sticking point to my rigorously scholastic and fact-driven mind.  Indeed, for Cyprian, as for Joanne, such intellectual debates are besides the point when there is concrete practical work to be done.  It was a lesson that was at once humbling and helpful.


Altar to Cyprian of Docteur Caeli d’Anto.

Guidance from the Sorceror Saint: How I Mysteriously Came to Acquire His Oil

The second unusual story that I will share in this brief compendia of strange but true Cyprianic tales is an anecdote that lucidly illustrates one way that Cyprian as a “teaching and guiding Spirit” can operate through intuitive nudges and gut feelings.  This story took place on the very day of this writing.  Early this morning, I was on a bus heading to the agency at which I am doing my clinical social work training when I was shockingly informed by my Supervisor that a gas leak had occurred in our building and the power was out on the entire block.  The surrounding streets were in a state of chaotic pandemonium after the police barricaded the street and traffic was being rerouted. The space was sonically awash with horns honking, people getting out of cars, police sirens and whistles blaring, confused and worried phone calls sounding through cell phones held by trembling hands.  Because we could not access the files of any of our clients as they were all on the computers which we lacked the electricity to turn on, I was told not to come in to work.

As a result of this startling plot twist in my habitual trajectory to work, I found myself an hour and twenty minutes away from my home with a free day ahead of me.  At that moment, I felt an intuitive to do something I had never done before — instead of taking a series of buses and metros to rapidly travel to my university to do my weekly work for that institution, I opted to take a 3-hour peripatetic stroll through three different boroughs of the city to circuitously arrive there instead.

After an hour of walking, I again felt yet another very strong intuitive nudge or “pull.” It later occurred to me that Cyprian often operates through a chain or series of intuitive nudges of this type. This time, however, the cryptic sense was that I needed to walk down a road that was completely perpendicular to the path I would need to take to get to the university, completely out of the way and in a totally different direction.  Why, I did not know.  All I knew is that doing so felt resonantly “right.”  However, I had been studying Cyprian’s history and working with him long enough to know that when such strong intuitive nudges come, it can be worthwhile to follow them and see where they lead.

Thus, I found myself walking down a street on which I had never before laid foot, in a part of the city I had never previously explored.  After ten minutes of walking, I was stunned by what I suddenly came upon: an occult store, and one I had never visited or even heard of before…

Intrigued, I looked into the shop window and was swiftly taken aback by the synchronistic sighting of glittering set of purple amethyst geodes.  This detail surprised me because I had received yet another Cyprianic nudge towards making an amethyst rosary for use in my work with him, such as my planned upcoming novena leading up to his September Feast Day.  Purple, indeed, seems to be his favourite colour, with its rich royal and ecclesiastical implications, as Conjureman Ali (2013) has explained, as well as the colour of the candles and Altar cloth I had purchased for him.  Therefore, I made my way into the store to see what curios it might have on offer.

St Cip3

The Metaphysical Institute’s storefront, showing the striking purple amethyst geodes in the window.  Photograph taken by yours truly.

Once inside, I greeted the owners, who were kind and welcoming.  Again, I felt a persistent gut feeling or intuitive nudge, this time, to gravitate towards the store’s selection of Oils.  Never having been here before, it took me a moment of surveying the different sections of the store before I found the Oils arrayed in a shelving unit behind the counter.

A moment after perusing the Oils, my jaw dropped yet again — have you noticed that this tends to be a rather striking  theme in work with Saint Cyprian? There it was, the very item I had been futilely searching in every other esoteric store in Montreal to find: San Cipriano Oil the Oil of St. Cyprian of Antioch.

St Cip1

Furthermore, I was delighted to find that the Oil was very affordable and bought the only two vials of Cipriano Oil that the shop had in its inventory.  Amused by the day’s surprising series of events–which had also included being intuitively nudged into a thrift store in which I found a 1,500.00$ blazer in my size, which I purchased for 10$–I shared with one of the shop’s Owners the story of how I had begun to work with Cyprian and had been serendipitously led to discover her store and buy the Oil by a series of strangely fortunate intuitive nudges that I can only attribute to the mysterious Saint.

She was awed by the story–the usual response to Cyprianic doings–and before I left, she took me aside and told me:

“You know, it’s no coincidence that you happened to come here today. We almost never have this Oil in stock.”

Once again, as through a glass darkly, I could almost see Saint Cyprian smile.

St Cip2


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