Michaelmas 2020

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Happy Michaelmas 2020, dear friends, and hail to all Holy Angels! We give thanks for you today with love and respect and glorify your Creator.

This year, I felt moved to make this Michaelmas less about my requests and more about gratitude, celebration of the Angels, and prayers for protection and growth for all as we continue to navigate the global pandemic and all of the chaos and social ills we face at this momentous time.

May all of those who have passed from COVID-19 be lovingly guided into the world to come by Angels sent for this purpose.

May they find peace, rest, and spiritual progression in accordance with His Will.

May all enemies be reconciled, all warring friends brought back together in love, and may we all leave this year with vision and values clearer than ever before.

These things I pray Shem Yeshua ha Mashiach.


Update from the Following Morning:

Last night, I offered water, candles, and Frankincense to all of the Angels with whom I work. I left them to burn overnight.

When I checked the Temple in the morning, however, although all of the candles had been lit at the same time, only one was still lit — the candle of Michael. Today is 8th of a 9-day ritual with the Holy Angel. And he continues to work. Hail, holy Michael! Hail Holy Angels! Glory be to God!

Evocation of Archangel Michael: Cyprianic Warnings, Cleansing Miasmatic Tools, and Breaking and Reflecting Back Curses

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Date: Sunday, September 20, 2020.
Sun Phase: Set.
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent at 19 % Illumination in 19 Degrees Scorpio.
Mansion of the Moon: #5, al-Kalb (the Caduceus)
Planetary Day: Day of the Sun.
Planetary Hour: Hour of the Sun.
Activities: Ritual Ablutions after 6 days of Daniel-fasting with no sex, alcohol, or meat; Prayers; Opening by the Bell of Art; Conjuration of Angels of the Lord of the Four Directions as per Heptameron; Conjuration and Evocation of Michael to visible appearance; Ritual cleansing of miasmatic contaminated objects; Curse-Breaking and defensive reflective magic against past and future curses; License to Depart; Prayers.

After 6 days of Daniel-fasting, no sex, no alcohol, and no meat, I felt an inner nudge to call on Michael for assistance in the current work on which I have been focused for the past week. It was the Hour of the Sun on the Day of the Sun with the Moon waxing in the Lunar Mansion of Al-Kalb, the Caduceus. This Mansion is very much in harmony with some of the work with which I would seek the Angel’s help, particularly, as Christopher Warnock notes, for defensive work. In addition, as Volguine notes, al-Kalb “exerts an especially favourable influence for exposing enemies,” and as Agrippa indicates, is useful for ” revenge from enemies” and “frees captives.” All of the above were highly appropriate for the work at hand.

I cleansed myself with ritual ablutions for purification, garbed myself in a white robe, my L-skin belt, and my Sacred Magic of Abramelin Crown, and picked up my Key of Solomon Wand. After sounding the Solomonic Bell of Art three times before entering the Circle, as per the Hygromanteia, I enterered the Circle then sounded the Bell to each of the full Quarters, as per the Key of Solomon.

In the Circle, Michael’s spirit Table with his statue was placed in the current direction of the Sun as assessed with astronomical software. The Table also featured offering candles; a glass of fresh water offered to God on behalf of the Angel; a vessel filled with a cleansing mixture of Holy Water, Florida water, and waxing Moon Rain Water; my Black and White-Handled Knives as well as Lemegeton’s Goetia Pentacle to be cleansed from recent miasmatic contamination; the Black Mirror of Art; the Heptameron Sigil of Michael, and other tools.

For the Evocation of Michael, I began a new method emerging from a synthesis of methods of Conjuration from the Arbatel and Heptameron Grimoires. After practicing a method for sealing the Spirit Body I learned from the Esperitista, I began the prayer from Arbatel Aphorism 14, modified to include the name of Michael:

O Lord of heaven and earth, Creator and Maker of all things visible and invisible; I, though unworthy, by thy assistance call upon thee, through thy onely begotten Son Jesus Christ our Lord, that thou wilt give unto me thy holy Spirit, to direct me in thy truth unto all good. Amen. Because I earnestly desire perfectly to know the Arts of this life and such things as are necessary for us, which are so overwhelmed in darkness, and polluted with infinite humane opinions, that I of my own power can attain to no knowledge in them, unless thou teach it me: Send me therefore thy Spirit Michael, who may teach me those things which thou wouldest have me to know and learn, to thy praise and glory, and the profit of our neighbour. Give me also an apt and teachable heart, that I may easily understand those things which thou shalt teach me, and may hide them in my understanding, that I may bring them forth as out of thy inexhaustible treasures, to all necessary uses. And give me grace, that I may use such thy gifts humbly, with fear and trembling, through our Lord Jesus Christ, with thy holy Spirit. Amen.

After additional prayers, I prayed a modified version of the prayer from Arbatel Aphorism 21:

Omnipotent and eternal God, who hast ordained the whole creation for thy praise and glory, and for the salvation of man, I beseech thee that thou wouldst send thy Spirit Michael of the solar order, who shall inform and teach me those things which I shall ask of him; Nevertheless not my will be done, but thine, through Jesus Christ thy onely begotten Son, our Lord. Amen.

As per the Heptameron, I proceded with the Conjuration of the Angels of the Quarters for Sunday:

At the East. • • Samael. Baciel. Atel. Gabriel [*Fabriel]. Vionatraba. • •
At the West. • • Anael. Pabel. Ustael. Burchat. Suceratos. Capabili [*Capabali]. • •
At the North. • • Aiel. Aniel, vel Aquiel. Masgabriel. Sapiel. Matuyel. • • At the South. • • Haludiel. Machasiel. Charsiel. Uriel. Naromiel.

Finally, I proceded to the Heptameron Conjuration of Michael for Sunday, holding the Wand of Art, with my Solomonic Sword linked to Michael near at hand:

I Conjure and confirm upon you, ye strong and holy Angels of God, in the name Adonay, Eye, Eye, Eya, which is he who was, and is, and is to come, Eye, Abray; and in the name Saday, Cados, Cados, Cados, sitting on high upon the Cherubin; and by the great Name of God himself, strong and powerful, who is exalted above all Heavens; Eye Saray, maker of the World, who created the World, the Heaven, the Earth, the Sea, and all that in them is in the first day, and sealed them with his holy Name Phaa; and by the name of the holy Angels, who rule in the fourth Heaven, and serve before the most mighty Salamia, an Angel great and honourable; and by the name of his Star, which is Sol; and by his Sign; and by the immense name of the living God, and by all the names aforesaid, I conjure thee, Michael, O great Angel, who art chief Ruler of the Lords day; and by the name Adonay, the God of Israel, who hath created the world, and all that therein is, That thou labour for me, and fulfil all my petitions, according to my will and desire, in my cause and business.

I performed additional prayers and Conjurations, additional purifications and sprinklings with the Holy Water mixture, offerings of Candles and Water to God on behalf of the Angel, and sat down.

I began to gaze into the Mirror while continuing to vibrate and chant the name MICHAEL. Then I entered a free-flow rapid stream of prayers and free-form Conjurations, while gazing into the Mirror. I continued and continued until the room began to fade darker and the Spirit Table appeared to shine brighter. Mysterious lights and streaks began to drift around the Circle, indicating the presence of the Spirits.

Then the offered candles dimmed down before flaring up again and I heard an infinitely warm and rich voice speaking into my mind while a light seemed to concentrically glow and fade into the center of the Mirror. I recognized the arrival of Michael with an immensity of warmth and light, a terrifying power but a comforting loving presence…

M:Greetings Adam, Son of Adam,” the warm voice said, playing on the familiar title “Son of Adam” for humankind and my literal name.

I greeted the Angel with love and respect and asked if I could ask both his insight and his assistance with things in harmony with the Will and Nature of God. I began by asking the Angel for his impression of the cessation of my work with “St. Cyprian of Antioch” and the processes involved with ending that work such as severing the pacts, destroying the ritual tools, burning and smashing the statues, etc.

M: “You have done well. Did I not warn you that that “Saint” was no Saint, but a legion of Liars and Impostors? Did I not warn you lest you fall into a pit of deceit? This, you did. But now, at least, you shall be clear of your folly.”

I repented of my foolishness in believing the spirit’s lies about who it was and what it claimed to be doing and that I had not listened sooner.

M: “Be comforted, you are not alone. This legion of “Cyprians” draws new fools every day by the force of their greed, lust for power, gullibility, and arrogance. Some of these impostors mean well, but most are dark and intend nothing but deception and destruction to their own gain. Being Sons of Hell, they turn those who follow them into even worse Sons of Hell than they are. Fools under their sway among you humans propagate their lies and illusions and catch more souls in the web of their deceptions. Many are those who fall into their snares. Many are those who are puppets in their clutches. Many are those who are food on which for them to feed. Many are those who stumble into the pit alongside them. Truly, they will reap the fruits of their folly in destruction worse than they imagine. Tell your humans to beware lest they be prey for Liars more cunning than they!

After hearing these chilling words, I asked how I could possibly express this to them when they so fervently believe the opposite about “Cyprian.”

M: “It is not for you to make them believe or disbelieve. You can put point to the cliff towards which they stumble and warn them that they are in danger of a terrible fall. Some will listen. Most will not, and ignoring all warnings, plummet off the cliff to their destruction. Then their “Cyprians” will abandon them, laughing at their demise. And they will be shocked, but it will be too late. The Jaws of Evil gape wide to catch, devour, and consume the unwary. But you humans trust lies and ignore the truth. You take darkness to be light and light to be darkness, but some among you, might, by Grace, understand.”

I explained that I had already destroyed all of the statues, implements, and tools of my work with “Cyprian and Justina” and dismantled and cleansed the Table on which those tools and statues had once stood.

M: “You did well, but have more to do, as I see, you know. Pick up your Knives and Pentacle. Wash them in the Water (Holy Water, Florida Water, Rain Water). Then press each in turn to the head of my Statue. Three times through flame. Then ground them against the blade of your Sword and leave them on my Table.”

I did as I was instructed for each item in turn. When I touched each item to the head of the Statue, I seemed to feel a flush of energy, like a vibrating wave of warmth flooding through my forehead.

I thanked the Angel for his help with this and asked if it was acceptable to use the Mirror of Art with him, as I had never done so before, and had many who cautioned against using the dark Mirror with Angels, favouring instead, the Crystal.

M: “Is my name not upon the Mirror’s back? You can use it. Next time, use also the Triangle with it. I will help you with the Triangle to focus on my Presence and those of others whom you Call. Fear not the Triangle will offend. Is it not my Sigil inscribed three times upon it? Should I be offended by my own name, when the concentrating power is mine by grace of His (God’s)?

I was surprised to hear him invite me to use the Triangle for communicating with him as I had only ever seen it recommended for malevolent daimons, but I was remembered of the Table of Art in some grimoires, which employs a triangle shape. His logic was sound, and who was I to argue after all?

I asked him if he could give me a visual of his face in the mirror.

M: “Have I not shown you before? Why do you ask for a Dream when you could have Reality? My face is no face. My wings are no wings. But focus anyway and see.”

As the room darkened once again, I seemed to see a vague outline of a face in the Mirror. Resembling a man. Strong. Mature. Wise. And then it faded out.

M: “Dreams upon Dreams. Symbols upon Symbols. Your kind hunger for these, but they are pale substitutes for Truth.”

I asked the Angel about another matter about which I had been wondering and never asked, Heaven and Hell. I asked “is there really a Heaven and a Hell? The answer that came was cryptic and enigmatic, but profound and incisive:

M: “Heaven and Hell are both metaphors and literal. They are metaphors for your feeble mind to relate to that which you can neither understand nor relate. Their literal Truth is more than you can understand and not what you imagine. You think in time and space but they are neither in time nor in space.

Do not confuse imagination for Truth or image for Being. Is it your business to know all things or that of the One who made all things? Some things will not fit in terms your mind can grasp. Your reason is a pale light, like a candle in the dark. Yet you expect it to light up the whole universe. How can a candle light the universe?

The Mysteries of God are beyond conception. And Heaven and Hell are Mysteries of God. Yet you humans try, in vain, to conceive despite this fact. And then you cling to the models you have made, the shades of your ill-conception, and call them God’s. How are they God’s? You made them.

They are like children’s drawings. Yet you take them to be accurate maps of the entirety of Being. Would you navigate by the crayon map of a child? Of course not. Yet you try to navigate the Unknowable by your mind’s crayon maps and call that “knowledge.” That is not knowledge, but make believe. Instead of make believe, simply believe. In what? What God will give you to know

I was reminded of the Espiritista’s recommendation that I drop the overanalytic machinations of my mind and lean more on sensation and experience. I asked the Angel if he had any recommendations for working with the Cuadro Spirits that the Esperitista had shown me:

M: “You will learn in time. Trust the one I sent to teach you and whom I sent you to learn from. He will show you the way. He is a friend — was his name not a hint from me? Continue with your baths and prayer. More will be revealed in time.”

I asked if the Angel had any insights or guidance to offer to better serve my Social Work clients:

M: “Continue to learn and listen. Humble your heart, listen well to criticism and suggestions, and trust in God. He will give to you what you are to say and do. When they speak to you, those in your care, listen to them as if God Himself were speaking to you. For how will you know when he is or is not? You cannot. Therefore listen with a humble heart and have faith.”

I turned to the final matter about which I was concerned. I asked if others had indeed worked malefic magic against me as the Esperitista had indicated and I had already suspected:

M: “Yes. Two men, in fact. But I will help. God nurtures and protects those who choose Him, who are those whom He has chosen. Their curses will be sent back upon their heads, magnified threefold in accordance with God’s Justice to the ones He loves and calls His own. I will tend to that. For you, forgive them. Leave it to God and do what I tell you now.”

The Angel instructed me to proceed with working defensive spiritual work to reflect back all past and future curses from this point on, such that they will be magnified and strike back three times as severely as what they intended for me. He did not permit me to share everything involved in this, as it was private and so that those men who sent the curses, one of whom reads this blog, could not counter them. He prevented only for me to share this:

M: Take up my Mirror. Reach into… [redacted] and trace three times [redacted]. Cast… [redacted] in each direction in turn, saying… [redacted]. Pick up the Sword, trace a Cross in each direction, then stab that direction, proclaiming [redacted]. Call on God by the Names… [redacted] and recite the incantation “The curses thou send now to me, / Turn back around and go to thee, / The curses thou send now to me, / reflect back to thee now times three.” Continue with [redacted] and [redacted]. All will be taken care of. Your Father is a loving and faithful. He will protect and nourish you with all you need to know and do. My Sword will cut through all according to His will.

This charm will remain in place going forwards from now on as an enduring Ward and defensive work against any who would work malefic witchcraft against me again.

I thanked the Angel again for his wisdom and insights, as well as his much-appreciated help. After a series of final prayers, I prayed the second prayer from Arbatel Aphorism 21:

Forasmuch as thou camest in peace, and quietly, and hast answered unto my petitions; I give thanks unto God, in whole Name thou camest: and now thou mayest depart in peace unto thy orders; and return to me again when I shall call thee by thy name, or by thy order, or by thy office, which is granted from the Creator. Amen

I thanked Michael once more and proceeded with more prayers then gave the License to Depart to the Angel and the other spirits previously Conjured. Just as suddenly as he had come, he was gone.

I sounded the Bell to the four Quarters in reverse Order and formally closed down the Temple.


By Frater S.C.F.V.

Last year, I published a detailed article on a variety of folk magical traditions and rituals surrounding the blessed Feast of Epiphany.

Today, I celebrated the Feast as per tradition, with the doorway chalking ritual, house exorcisms and blessings, and offerings to the Lord to commemorate the Gifts of the Magi to the Holy One Who Was And Is To Come.

I spent the day in service to the poor and people with cognitive and physical disabilities and illnesses to symbolize Christ’s Gifts to the least fortunate members of society.

In addition, I took this hallowed opportunity to clean my dedicated Temple and exorcise, bless, and reconsecrate all of the water goblets I use for Offerings to the Most High on behalf of my spiritual Court.

Thereafter, I made fresh Offerings and took time for communion with the Divine and reconnection with my Ancestors, Patron Angels, and Olympic Spirits. Stepping out of the business of daily life to stand in the Holy and Eternal space of the Spirits with nourishing and inspired a deep sense of peace in the tumult of the day.

Finally, I used this sacred Epiphany to exorcise my Pentagonall Figure of Solomon, about which Joseph H. Peterson’s (2019) edition of the Lemegeton’s Goetia states:

“This figure is to be made in Sol or Luna and worne upon the brest with the seal of the spirit on one [the other] side of itt. It is for to preserve [the Exorcist] from danger, and allso to command by &c.

My own Pentagonall Figure was finely crafted by Adley’s Magical Art out of gold-plated brass. Since the grimoire allows “Sun or Luna” and the Day of Epiphany fell on the Day of Luna this year, I exorcised, blessed, and consecrated it on the Day of Luna.

How did you spend your Day of Epiphany? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


As the Magi gifted Christ with Myrrh, Frankincense, and Gold, may the Lord bless, increase, gift and guide you and all you care for out of the infinite riches of His Grace. SHEM YESHUAH, Amen!

Michaelmas 2019: Consecrations of the Belt, Triangle, and Sword of the Art

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Date: Sunday, September 29, 2019
Sun Phase: Mid-day
Moon Phase: Waxing post New Moon
Mansion of the Moon: Zubana.
Planetary Day: Day of the Sun.
Planetary Hour: Hour of the Sun.
Activities: Solomonic bathing; opening by Bell of Art; greeting spirits of the Four Directions and Heptameron for Sunday; exorcisms of candles, incense, and tools; offerings to the spirits of my spiritual court; Conjuration of Michael; Calling upon all spirits whose names are inscribed on the belt for aid in its empowerment; Consecrations of Belt, Triangle, and Sword; Conversation with Michael; License to Depart; greetings to Quarters; Temple closing.

After a Solomonic bath, I put on my Robe, Rosary, and Bracelet of St. Cyprian and entered the Temple. I did preliminary prayers and exorcised the fire, incense, bread, and water. I then performed offerings of water, bread, incense, and candlefire to God in the name and honour of all of my Patron Angels, Saints, Ancestors, and the Olympic Spirits as well as the spirit of the LS Belt.

This belt was ethically and legally obtained from a reputable vendor. Her spirit arrived in the Temple in a state of agitation and fear. It took some loving, gentle work to help her feel safe, loved, and protected, but now she seems to have settled in nicely.

I picked up the Bell of Art and positioned myself outside the Circle of Art. I sounded the Solomonic Bell of Art three times before entering the Circle, as per the Hygromanteia, then sounded the Bell to each of the full Quarters, as per the Key of Solomon, saying “I greet and bless the Spirits of the (direction) with great love and respect in the Name of Adonai!” I continued greeting the spirits of all other directions. As I did this, I began to see sparks of light flickering around the Circle, suggesting the presence of spirits. I performed the Calls to the spirits of the Directions, Seasonal spirits, and spirits of Sunday.

As an experiment, I attempted to begin an audio recording to see if I capture anything on audio from the session. I was shocked, however, to later discover that the audio strangely cut out right before the spirit arrived… The following entry was, therefore, written down by memory as faithfully as I could manage with guidance from the Angel. I take credit only for any errors that may be contained herein; all credit for whatever is valuable and true in this account due to the mighty Prince himself.

I performed the preliminary prayers followed by the Heptameron‘s Conjuration of Michael in Latin. It works just as well in Joseph H. Peterson’s English translation in my experience, but the Latin original felt most intuitively suitable to this particular occasion. Thereafter, I sung the Archangel’s name again and again while ringing the Bell of Art until I felt his presence appear…

When the Angel arrived, the 3 candles offered in his honour all seemed to shine brighter. I asked the spirit to swear by the name of Jesus Christ that he really was Michael the Archangel and he confirmed that he was by moving the three incense streams of smoke to the left simultaneously at my request.

I greeted the Angel by first performing a great confession of my faults, flaws and sins in the style of Book I, Chapter IV of the Key of Solomon, pouring out my heart. I asked him if he would deign to aid me although I am undeserving of his help, endlessly sinful and hypocritical in my heart despite my best efforts and intentions.

I invited the Angel to communicate with me via the incense smoke, candle flame, or speaking into my mind, as he preferred. Michael greeted me with his characteristic warmth and might. I was struck by how the great Archangelos always manages to be both simultaneously comforting and terrifying in his vast power.

His voice, which strangely sounded both deep and luminescent at the same time, began to speak into my consciousness saying:

Oh Son of Adam, Child of God, be encouraged. Yours is a Lord of Mercy. And many are we Angels who come to the aid of a human being who even takes the first step towards a good end, a path of repentance, and towards changing their life in a worthy direction. Who wills the Good wills with God. And He is ever-ready to forgive when you stumble on the way if you put your faith in him, continue to try, and do what you can.”

I explained my purpose for calling him. First, I gave thanks to the Lord God for sending him and for his kindneds and Grace in creating us both and bringing us together. Then, I presented my offerings to the Lord on Michael’s behalf and invited him to partake of them as he wished as I had to my other Angelic Patrons, Ancestors, Saints, and Olympic Spirits beforehand.

I then proceeded with the final exorcisms and consecrations of all of the tools. I asked the Archangel to empower the Triangle with his might to constrain and focus spirits to appear, emppwer mmthe Belt with his protection, and the Sword with his might and protection against malevolence. I further asked all of the Angels and Olympic Spirits whose names and Sigils were emblazoned on the belt to grace it with their own power. All was duly performed as asked.

I gave thanks to the spirits and praise and worship to the great YHVH. I then proceeded to a series of traditional prayers in honour of St. Michael.

Hymn: Te, splendor et virtus

O Jesu! life-spring of the soul!
The Father’s power and glory bright!
Thee with the Angels we extol;
From thee they draw their life and light.

Thy thousand thousand hosts are spread
Embattled o’er the azure sky;
But Michael bears thy standard dread,
And lifts the might Cross on high.

He, in that sign, the rebel powers
Did, with their dragon prince, expel;
And hurled them from the heavens’ high towers,
Down, like a thunderbolt, to hell.

Grant us, with Michael, still, O Lord,
Against the prince of pride to fight;
So may a crown be our reward,
Before the Lamb’s pure throne of light.

To God the Father praise be done,
Who hath redeemed us through his Son;
Anoints us by the Holy Ghost,
And guards us by the Angel host. Amen.

~ The Roman Breviary

O Victorious Prince, most humble guardian of the Church of God and of the faithful souls, who with such charity and zeal took part in so many conflicts and gained such great victories over the enemy for the conservation and protection of the honor and glory we all owe to God, as well as for the promotion of man’s salvation; come, I pray thee, to the assistance of my soul, which continually is besieged with such great peril by its enemies, the flesh, the world, and the devil. And as thou wast a leader for the people of Israel through the desert, so also be my faithful leader and companion through the desert of this world, until thou conduct me safely into the happy land of the living, in that blessed fatherland from which we all are exiles. Amen.

~ St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Then I proceeded to the following potent prayer, about which my dear friend Agostino Taumaturgo wrote that the “Exorcismus in Satanam et Angelos Apostaticos by Leo XIII – also called the “St. Michael Exorcism” or the “Exorcism Against Satan and the Rebellious Angels” was

“directed at exorcizing objects and places. This exorcism was published in English translation in several pamphlets each bearing the imprimatur, that is, official permission, of various Bishops, who explicitly stated that this exorcism was allowed to the laity so long as they omitted a small handful of words.”

I performed this mighty Exorcism on myself and my Home while wielding my Solomonic Sword consecrated under the power of Michael and tracing each Cross with the Sword point itself.

Exorcism Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Most glorious Prince of the Celestial Host, Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the conflict which we have to sustain against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places (Eph. 6.12). Come to the rescue of men whom God has created to His image and likeness, and whom He has redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil. It is thou whom Holy Church venerates as her guardian and protector; thou whom the Lord has charged to conduct redeemed souls into Heaven. Pray, therefore, the God of Peace to subdue Satan beneath our feet, that he may no longer retain men captive nor do injury to the Church. Present our prayers to the most High, that without delay they may draw His mercy down upon us. Seize the dragon, the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, bind him and cast him into the bottomless pit, that he may no more seduce the nations (Apoc. 20.2-3).


In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, strengthened by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Blessed Michael the Archangel, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and all the Saints, [and powerful in the holy authority of our ministry]*, we confidently undertake to repulse the attacks and deceits of the devil.
*Lay people omit this text

Psalm 67

Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered: and let them that hate Him flee from before His face.

As smoke vanishes, so let them vanish away: as wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.

V. Behold the Cross of the Lord! Flee, bands of enemies.
R. The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Offspring of David, has conquered.
V. May Thy mercy descend upon us.
R. As great as our hope in Thee.

(The crosses (†) below indicate a blessing to be given if a priest recites the Exorcism; if a lay person recites it, they indicate the Sign of the Cross to be made by that person.)

We drive you from us, whoever you may be, unclean spirits, Satanic powers, infernal invaders, wicked legions, assemblies, and sects. In the name and by the virtue of Our Lord Jesus Christ †. May you be snatched away and driven from the Church of God and from the souls redeemed by the Precious Blood of the Divine Lamb †.

Cease by your audacity, cunning serpent, to deceive the human race, to persecute the Church, to torment God’s elect, and to sift them as wheat †. This is the command made to you by the Most High God †, with Whom in your haughty insolence you still pretend to be equal †. The God Who will have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth (I Tim. 2.4). God the Father commands you †. God the Son commands you †. God the Holy Ghost commands you †. Christ, the Eternal Word of God made Flesh, commands you †. He Who to save our race, outdone through your malice, humbled Himself, becoming obedient unto death (Phil. 2.8). He Who has built His Church on the firm rock and declared that the gates of hell shall not prevail against Her, because He dwells with Her all days, even to the consummation of the world (Matt. 28.20). The hidden virtue of the Cross requires it of you, as does the power of the mysteries of the Christian Faith †. The glorious Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, commands you †. She who by Her humility and from the first moment of Her Immaculate Conception crushed your proud head. The faith of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul and of the other Apostles commands you †. The blood of the Martyrs and the pious intercession of all the Saints command you †.

Thus, cursed dragon, and you, wicked legions, we adjure you by the living God †, by the true God †, by the holy God †, by the God Who so loved the world, as to give up His only-begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him may not perish but may have life everlasting (St. John 3.16). Cease deceiving human creatures and pouring out to them the poison of eternal perdition. Cease harming the Church and hindering her liberty. Retreat, Satan, inventor and master of all deceit, enemy of man’s salvation. Cede the place to Christ in Whom you have found none of your works. Cede the place to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church acquired by Christ at the price of His Blood. Stoop beneath the all-powerful Hand of God. Tremble and flee at the evocation of the Holy and terrible name of Jesus; this Name which causes hell to tremble; this Name to which the Virtues, Powers and Dominations of Heaven are humbly submissive; this Name which the Cherubim and Seraphim praise unceasingly, repeating: Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord, the God of Hosts.

V. O Lord hear my prayer.
R. And let my cry come unto Thee.
V. May the Lord be with thee.
R. And with thy spirit

Let Us Pray.

God of Heaven, God of earth, God of Angels, God of Archangels, God of Patriarchs, God of Prophets, God of Apostles, God of Martyrs, God of Confessors, God of Virgins, God who has power to give life after death and rest after work, because there is no other God than Thee and there can be no other, for Thou art the Creator of all things, visible and invisible, of Whose reign there shall be no end. We humbly prostrate ourselves before Thy glorious Majesty and we supplicate Thee to deliver us from all the tyranny of the infernal spirits, from their snares, their lies, and their furious wickedness. Deign, O Lord, to protect us by Thy power and to preserve us safe and sound. We beseech Thee through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

V. From the snares of the devil,
R. Deliver us, O Lord.

V. That Thy Church may serve Thee in peace and liberty,
R. We beseech Thee to hear us.

V. That Thou would crush down all enemies of Thy Church [the community of the faithful],
R. We beseech Thee to hear us.

(Holy water is sprinkled in the place where we may be.)

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Divine Power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Having performed this potent Rite, both I and the room felt considerably lightened, while my arm felt ironically weighted from the heavy Sword.

At 51 inches, it has considerable heft. It should ideally be wielded with two hands, but I traced my Crosses with one hand so as to liberate my other hand to hold the text of the Rite. With Michael thus celebrated in honour of his Day, with the exorcisms and consecrations all duly completed, and with the powerful Exorcism of the room and my person as the magician all performed, I felt prepared to relax and learn what I could from the Angel before his departure.

On Hypocrisy

I began by asking him about a subject that has been occupying my mind lately, the nature of hypocrisy. I asked the Angel if he could comment on it and how best to avoid it. He began

Hypocrisy is the basic state of humanity — to say one thing and do another, to divide inwardly, to desire one thing and claim to want another. At its root, hypocrisy’s nature is dishonesty, falsehood, a tearing of values. Those who are called to truth must ever work to purify hypocrisy from the soil of their heart. Take up the Sword of truth and cut the false away from the true. Do as you say and say as you do. Let the heart drive the head and the hand in harmony. For an example of perfect harmony, look to Christ, who lived a life free from hypocrisy. His word and his deed, his heart and his action were ever One. Strive for that unity of Inner and Outer, which is called Integrity.”

On St. Cyprian of Antioch

I asked Michael about the identity of the mysterious Saint Cyprian of Antioch, a subject that has long puzzled me and left me with more questions answers in my research and practical work with the alleged “Patron Saint of Sorcerors.” The Archangel’s reply was fascinating to say the least:

There is not one Cyprian. The spirits who answer when the name is called are many. There was never a Bishop by that name in Antioch. Nor are the spirits Saints. Some of them are the souls of past workers of your magical arts who embraced the faith of Christ and now aim to assist humans to make amends for the sins of their past. They use “Cyprian” as a bridge to do their work.

Other “Cyprians” were never human, but merely resonate with the legend. Some “Cyprians” delight in the Good and shepherding humans in the ways of righteousness. Others who answer to Cyprian are evil and delight in malevolence, chaos, and havoc as well as hindering and destroying under the guise of helping.

“Others still are players of tricks who find joy in lying deceit and setting traps for the unwary. Many have fallen to the schemes of these “Cyprians.” Many still fall today. And many more will fall. Some delight in encouraging humans to fall or condemn themselves. Others delight in guiding them to salvation.

Therefore, be discerning about whatever a “Cyprian” tells you to cut the good from the evil. Let the Sword of Truth slice through the lies and the guidance of the Holy Spirit illuminate your way. Fall not for the snares of the malevolent “Cyprians” while you strive to learn from the good spirits who go by the name. Beware. And test the spirits in all that they say lest you fall headlong into a pit of folly or malevolent cunning.”

On the Olympic Spirits of the Arbatel

Encouraged by the clarity and generosity of the Angel’s revelations, I decided to push forward and ask the great Michael about the Olympic Spirits of the Arbatel grimoire. Who are they? Where do they fall in the hierarchy of spirits? What is their role?

The Angel explained:

Those spirits whom your book calls Olympic Spirits are mighty beings who embody the raw forces of the Planetary powers. Theirs are currents that aid in the manifestation of events in their domain. They do not rule over us Planetary Archangels, nor can they overpower us. Rather, they are subjected to us and to their Lord. They do not command us, but operate in harmony with our Office and work.

Many have fallen into error by worshipping them and mistaking them for gods. They are not. Nor should you fall into that sin and folly. Worship the Creator alone Who made you and them and us as One, extensions of Himself. Rather, you may work with them to manifest effects pertaining to their sphere. Tap into their currents and they may assist you. Greet them with love and respect as a Child of God.

Be humble, but do not prostrate before them. They bow to the One alone and so should you. If you call on us when calling on them, we may assist you to crystallize and focus their raw currents into concrete form. Call on the Divine Name of our Father pertaining to our Sphere. Through the Name, call on us, the Archangels of the Planets. Through us, call on them. I can aid you to call Och, Raphael to call Ophiel, Anael to call Hagith, and on through the ranks and Spheres.

These great spirits command many others below them in the service of the God who made them all to serve clear functions in his Creation. Those they command are closer to your world than to ours. But any you call should be called but in reverence of our mutual Lord and awed submission to His might. Ask His Holy Spirit to help you avoid sin, folly, and error in your work with them less you miss the mark and damn yourself as many before you have been damned.

These Spirits can be mighty allies, but make poor idols; good friends, but poor “gods;” strong aids, but weak replacements of the Lord of All; powerful beings, but weak without His lended Might through which He didst grace them as He graces you.

When I asked the Holy Angel what would be his message for humanity at this moment in our historical unfolding, his reply swiftly came in smooth-flowing words, without delay:

For too long, you have been blinded by yourselves. You have been blinded by self-absorption and worshipped yourselves as the pinnacle of worth ans he apex of value. You have loved yourself first and beyond all others, beyond even the Earth on which you depend.

Now, if you are to survive and thrive to the best of your potential and God’s Will for you, you must reverse the trend. Love your neighbours as yourself, love the Earth as yourself. Learn to sacrifice your own comfort and desires for the good of your planet and each other. Learn to give first and put aside the thought of what you will receive for your gifts. You will not lack; your Father will provide if you give to His children as He had given unto you.

Surrender your pride to the nectar of humility that opens the heart. See with the eyes of a heart illuminated by love lest you be blinded in your heart by self-absorption. Nurse the needs of your fellows and your planet and your Father will nurse your needs. Wake up and serve one another and tend to your planet or die in your selfish sleep. Follow the example of the Lord of the Garden and tend, give, nurture, maintain. Serve as we serve. For service to the Good is true freedom and all else is but veiled bondage.”

I thanked the Angel for these helpful words and asked if he had any personal guidance for me. I received this reply:

Your lesson is discernment, the perception of the Sword of truth. Discern the valuable from the valueless, the trustworthy from the untrustworthy, the true from the false. Out of certain ruin, you were lifted by the Grace of your Father. Be true, therefore, to Him — turn from every other deity, worshipping none, for He is your Lord, the One, the Source. Let not prayers to others escape your lips in ungratefulness to Him who saved you. Forsake not Him who did not forsake you despite your faults and erring.

Let all your work pass through Him and He will aid you. Therefore, forsake hypocrisy lest integrity escape you. To harmonize your life with the Good is true freedom; to seek freedom in desire is slavery, the folly of your times. Strive for integrity and you will mirror Him who loves you. Aim for the Good and you will harmonize with the Angels who ever rush to the aid of those who act to manifest it. Love as you are loved, serve as you are served. Abandon what you are not and be what you are.”

I thanked the Angel for his wisdom and the generosity of his sharing as well as for his help. I invited him and all of my Patrons to enjoy the offerings and go in peace with love and respect. I gave the License to Depart to the spirits in all directions in turn, ringing the Bell of Art as I sent them off with love and blessings.

Michael’s presence departed like a flash of light, as sudden as it had come. And as the candles continued to flicker and the incense wafted up to Heaven, I duly closed the Temple, with a joyful heart and a clarified mind.

Solomonic Mercury Magic: Consecrating the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Pentacles of Mercury

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Sun Phase: Dawn
Moon Phase: Waxing at 99.8% Full in Aquarius.
Mansion of the Moon: #25, Sa’d al-Ahkbiyah (the Lucky Star of the Hidden)
Planetary Day: Day of Mercury.
Planetary Hour: 2nd and 3rd Hours of Mercury.
Activities: Solomonic Ritual Bathing with Hyssop; Offerings to the Most High in the name of Saint Cyprian of Antioch, and to the Angels; Engraving the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Pentacles of Mercury; Solomonic Bell Sounding to the Spirits of the Quarters; Prayers of Intent; Inscribing the Vigil of Raphael with his Sigil from the Heptameron; Tracing out the 3rd Pentacle of Jupiter on the Tablet of Lights; Conjurations of Raphael, Kokaviel, Savaniah, Ghedoriah, and Chokhmahiel; Spirit Petitions and Consecrations of the Pentacles; Prayers and Temple Closing.

In the past two weeks, a number of factors coalesced to inspire me to plan to do some serious work with Mercury tonight. First, after nearly a year of work collaborating with fellow magicians in 3 different countries, we were able to purchase the skin of a non-poached lion killed by an African farmer for hunting in his field. We were able to divide the hide between 5 magicians in 4 countries on 3 different continents to each be able to fashion lion skin belts for grimoire work and thereby honour the spirit of the lion while also not supporting the poaching trade.

The challenge, however, lay in safely shipping the belt across multiple international borders. One of the aims of tonight’s work was to seek the aid of Mercurial spirits for helping to ensure that the belts arrive at the homes of their rightful owners.

Second, it seemed to me that while I was going to be opening the Temple and invoking Raphael, it would be a fitting occasion to also fashion the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Mercury Pentacles from the Key of Solomon. I would be able to use these Pentacles to experiment with their capabilities and also support my work in communication and clear thinking to serve the people in my care in my professional practice.The Moon is currently in the 25th Lunar Mansion of Sa’d al-Akhbiyah, which, according to Christopher Warnock, is excellent for growth, protection, and studies and intellectual activities. As I interpret these aspects of this Mansion’s image, they are all rather auspicious for Mercury pentacle work of the kind I was anticipating. The Lucky Star of the Hidden resonates with the occult virtues of the 3rd Pentacle of Mercury in its power to reveal hidden knowledge and mysteries.

In the 2nd Hour of Mercury on the Day of Mercury, I printed my ritual script as well as paper versions of the Pentacles. These, I cut out, and reserved to be placed on the Altar in before the evening ritual work. Throughout the day, while serving my clients, I reflected on the nature of Mercury and read writings from Sam Block, Frater Acher, and Frater Ashen Chassan about the Olympic Spirit of Mercury, Ophiel, and Archangel Raphael to begin to attune myself to the Mercurial energy more deliberately.

I performed a Daniel fast to prepare myself inwardly for the spiritual work to come.As the 3rd Hour of Mercury approached, I set up the Temple for the ritual, placing Raphael’s mensa (spirit table) facing the current location of the planet Mercury in the night’s sky, as calculated by the astronomical Sky Walk 2 application.

On the Altar, I placed my Tablet of Lights with the 3rd Pentacle of Mercury drawn in chalk marker consecrated on the Day of Epiphany.

I used the same consecrated Epiphany chalk to write ELOHIM TZABAOT (אלהים צבאות) and draw the Heptameron’s Sigil of Raphael on the Vigil candle.

I also wrote out a petition asking for the empowerment and consecration of the Pentacles to be made and for help in communication, thinking, and the safe transportation of the lion skin belts to their intended recipients.

I wrote this petition on the back of the 3rd Pentacle of Mercury printed in the 2nd Hour of Mercury on the Day of Mercury with the Moon waxing.

I folded the petition up and placed it on the underside of the Vigil candle to be offered to Raphael.
With the Temple duly prepared, I purified myself with Solomonic hyssop bathing while praying for help and success. In this process, I did a total confession of sins in the style of the Key of Solomon Book I, Chapter IV, “The Confession To Be Made By the Exorcist. I then donned my scapular of Saint Cyprian, white Solomonic robe, priestly Stole, and placed my Cyprianic Rosary around my neck. When the Hour of Mercury began, I immediately began to draw the 2nd and 4th Pentacles of Mercury in ink consecrated in the Day and Hour of Mercury on the twin surfaces of a foldable mirror. I obtained the inspiration for this unorthodox Pentacle construction from reading Agrippa’s First Book of Occult Philosophy Chapter XXIX, in which he writes that:

“Things under Mercury are these; amongst Elements, Water, although it moves all things indistinctly; amongst humors, those especially which are mixed, as also the Animall spirit; amongst tasts [tastes] those that are various, strange, and mixed: amongst Metals, Quick-silver, Tin, the Slver Marcasite; amongst stones, the Emrald [emerald], Achates [agates], red Marble, Topaze, and those which are of divers colours, and various figures naturally, & those that are artificial, as glass…”

I placed Topaz on the Altar to add to the Mercurial occult virtues of the setup. However, the key words here are that even artificial glass and, by extension, plastic, would be Mercurial, and thus, useable for talismanic purposes. It seemed to me, therefore, that a foldable pocket mirror could be used to make Mercury Pentacles. The mirrors are silvery and reflective like quicksilver, sacred to Mercury, while made out of artificial glass, sacred to Mercury, and with plastic backing of “divers colours,” also sacred to Mercury by the extension of the logical esoteric principle laid out by Agrippa above.

After finishing drawing the Pentacles on the two mirror sections of the foldable mirror in consecrated Ink of Art, the 2nd Pentacle on the top and the 4th Pentacle on the bottom, I took my consecrated Solomonic burin and immediately engraved both Pentacles into the glass. The result was a foldable double-Pentacle that presented as innocuous and ordinary on the outside…

…while containing two Key of Solomon Pentacles engraved with a Solomonic burin and inked in consecrated Solomonic Ink of Art concealed in its interior:

Having finished engraving the Pentacles, I took them into the Temple, folded the double-mirror shut, and placed it atop the folded petition directly under the central Vigil candle for Archangel Raphael. I then picked up my Bell of Art and positioned myself outside the Circle of Art. I sounded the Solomonic Bell of Art three times before entering the Circle, as per the Hygromanteia, then sounded the Bell to each of the full Quarters, as per the Key of Solomon, saying “I greet and bless the Spirits of the (direction) with great love and respect in the Name of Adonai!” I continued greeting the Spirits of the Above and Below and all other directions. As I did this, I began to see sparks of light flickering around the Circle, suggesting the presence of Spirits.

I picked up my Solomonic Sword and commanded malevolent daimons in all directions to depart in the name of Yeshuah and traced over the Circle with the Blade as recommended by Dr. Stephen Skinner. I then formally opened the Temple in the name of YHVH. I then unwrapped my Solomonic Wand from its white covering and began preliminary prayers.

I lit four large candles in each of the Four Directions as offerings to the Most High. I dressed an additional orange Vigil candle for Raphael with Solomonic Holy Oil, Parsley, Cinnamon, and Cinnamon Essential Oil; these herbs and spices are associated with Mercury according to Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy for their variegated and multi-partite natures. I also added Savoury, which some magicians also regard as sacred to Mercury.

I used my Solomonic Wand to trace Holy Anointing Oil in the form of a cross on the unleavened bread offerings to be presented to the spirits in the way Raphael had taught me. I then sprinkled these with the Mercurial herbs and spices to link them to the spirits to be conjured through the sympathetic resonance of their occult Virtues.

I also prepared offerings of orange candles for the four Holy Angels to be conjured under the authority of Raphael, namely, Kokaviel, Savaniah, Ghedoriah, and Chokhmahiel. These were placed around the central Vigil on the Epiphany chalk-drawing of the 3rd Pentacle of Mercury, which facilitates communication with the Mercurial Angels.

Formally presenting the offerings to my Patron St. Cyprian of Antioch, I asked for his help in conjuring the Good Spirits and received a vision of his face in my mind speaking “it shall be done.”

I then proceeded to Solomonically exorcise and consecrate all of the tools to be used (e.g. fire, incense–along with a batch of all new Frankincense I purchased recently–wax, etc) using the usual Key of Solomon formulae. I should note that the talismanic base–the foldable mirror–was exorcised, sprinkled with Holy Water with my Solomonic Aspergillum of Art, suffumigated with consecrated Frankincense, and anointed with Holy Oil traced in the form of the Cross prior to my engraving it.

I then proceeded with the conjuration of Raphael in the Nameof ELOHIM TZABAOT (אלהים צבאות), giving several knocks on his table, offering prayers to God, and formally invoking him. I felt a glowing, warm, radiant presence begin to fill the room, the familiar sense of Raphael.

I asked Raphael to confirm his presence through a physical manifestation, first by increasing the flare of his Vigil candle flame, which he did, then by moving the filament of incense smoke distinctly to the left, which he did as well.

I then asked the Spirit to swear by the blood of Christ that he was indeed the holy Angel Raphael, which he did. I invited him to partake of the bread, candlefire, incense, and water on the table offered to God on his behalf. A notable streak of light moved along the outside of the Circle after this.

I asked the Angel if he would please bless me by helping me to consecrate the Mercury Pentacles on the Altar and enliven the Olympic Spirit Seals and Angelic Sigils on the Altar that they might facilitate communication with the spirits.

It shall be done if it is God’s Will…

boomed a loving, warm voice in the interior of my consciousness,

“…but only if you use these tools for Good ends and if it is your time for their use. If you try to use them for evil, you will receive no help from me and surely reap what you sow. But whatever Good uses you put them towards to God’s Glory, I will strengthen and assist.”

I bowed, humbled myself, and expressed that I was grateful for this and would respect it as best I could. I did not know what he meant by “and if it is your time for their use” — I would find that out in the shocking and dramatic events that would folllow in the days to come — but I continued with the ritual in a spirit of faith.

I then asked for Raphael’s permission to proceed with conjuring four additional Mercurial Angels under his authority and the aegis of the Divine name ELOHIM TZABAOT (אלהים צבאות), and he nudged me to proceed.

I proceeded to conjure the four Angels in turn, briefly speaking with each in turn, asking it about its particular specialty, and inviting it to use its specialized skill towards the success of the Operation.

First, I conjured Kokaviel, lighting his candle as I did the conjuration.

I found myself nudged to vibrate his name in a resonant, harmonious, and very drawn-out tone, and felt myself attuning to a spirit newly arriving. When the spirit arrived, I observed a very peculiar effect. The candle flame offered to him visibly dimmed very low and then swelled in a golden swell of light before stabilizing. I interestingly observed precisely the same effect when each of the other three spirits arrived after him, which I found very interesting, as I had never seen that effect before, let alone four times in a row.

I greeted Kokaviel with great love and respect and invited him to partake of the offerings. I tested his identity by having him swear by Divine Names, a trial he passed, and verified his presence with physical confirmation by asking him to move the incense smoke noticeably to the right.I invited Kokaviel to present a vision to me to give me a sense of his nature. I saw a vision of a blue-robed elderly man with white hair and a white beard. When I asked the spirit about his nature, he said:

Mine is the power of the penetrating intellect, the mind that pierces through barriers and limitations to reveal secrets and knowledge, the power to bypass boundaries and reveal hidden depths. The penetrating power of Mercury is my domain.”

I asked if he would use his penetrating Mercurial power to help penetrate and enliven the Pentacles and help ensure that the lion skin belt would penetrate all obstacles to arrive to me.

It shall be so,” answered the spirit.

Second, I conjured the great spirit Savaniah, who appeared entirely different from Kokaviel. After observing the same dimming and flaring candle effect as with Kokaviel, the spirit appeared as a flashing, flickering being resembling a golden light with rapidly-moving wings that reminded me, somewhat humorously, of the Snitch from Harry Potter. I greeted him with great love and respect and invited him to partake of the offerings. The incense smoke began to billow and move left and right fascinatingly when I asked for physical confirmation of his presence. He confirmed his identity by swearing by Divine Names.

When I asked what his office was, Savaniah answered, in a voice that spoke rapidly and in a scintillating tone:

Mine is the power of conveyance, of transmission from origin to destination, of the current of movement, of the transfer of information in communication and matter in travel. All that darts from here to there, all that travels, all that is transmitted partakes of my power under the authority of Raphael.”

Savaniah seemed to be in constant movement, flittering back and forth, to and fro like a darting insect. How different he was from the wisely stationary Kokaviel with the warmly penetrating presence…I asked Savaniah to please convey the current of Mercurial power into the Pentacles and also to help endue them with the power to facilitate the conveyance of information in communication and the conveyance of the lion skin belts to our homes.

So shall it be

was the response.

Third, I conjured the great Ghedoriah and observed the same dimming and flaring candle effect. Ghedoriah appeared to me as being of golden light, but wearing a long red cape. As with the other spirits, I greeted him with great love and respect, invited him to partake of the offerings, sought physical confirmation of his presence, tested his identity, and asked him for his office. Ghedoriah’s voice was deep, ethereal, and almost reverent sounding.

Ghedoriah spoke, saying:

Mine is the Mercurial power to manifest change, transformation, the bringing into being through shifting the patterns of consciousness, mind, and matter.”

I asked him if he would please imbue the Pentacles with the power to cause changes and transformations, in harmony with the purpose of the 2nd Pentacle of Mercury, which causes changes in events sometimes contrary to Nature, and the purpose of the 4th Pentacle of Mercury, which causes transformations of knowledge and understanding through revelation of hidden knowledge. I also asked if he could transform circumstances to help ensure the safe transmission of the lion skin belts to their destinations.

The changes will come

was the answer.

Finally, I conjured the great spirit Chokhmahiel. After the same dimming down low and then flaring up of the flame on the candle offered to him, I astrally perceived a charming, intellectually pleased-sounding laugh. Then a warm voice came as the spirit introduced himself. As with the other spirits, I greeted him with great love and respect, invited him to partake of the offerings, sought physical confirmation of his presence, tested his identity, and asked him for his office.

Chokhmahiel said:

Mine is the Mercurial manifestation of Divine wisdom. Mine is the power to coordinate disparate elements into harmonious changes in harmony with the Good, for such is the role of wisdom, to bring the right elements together to produce better ends.

Mine is not mere understanding, the grasping of a concept, or mere knowledge, the registering of information, but the power to draw on both and direct them to manifest improvements to situations. When reasoning blossoms in wisdom of mind and action, my power is manifest.

I asked him if he could please use his wisdom to empower the Pentacles to provide wisdom in thinking, communication, and the wise conveyance of the lion skin belts. Chokhmahiel seemed to speak through a smile,

Of course, if it is wise.

I thanked Raphael and all of the spirits for their assistance. I then prayed closing prayers of thanksgiving, worship, and gratitude to God for all of His help and requesting His aid, wisdom, power, and support in guiding me to use these Pentacles in ways in harmony with His Will. I exorcised and consecrated the golden Altar Cross on the Altar, which had not yet been consecrated. I then snuffed out the Quarter candles, leaving the offering candles to Raphael and the four spirits burning on the Altar.I invited the spirits to remain as long as they wished to partake of the offerings, and then gave the License to Depart in the Name of ELOHIM TZABAOT (אלהים צבאות), bidding them to return to their planes but to come swiftly when called, with love and respect. Tetelestai – it was finished.


  • August 16, 2019 – While the main double mirror-engraved Pentacle continues to rest beneath the Vigil of Raphael, I carried one of the consecrated paper 4th Pentacles of Mercury I made with me to work today. Communication was a breeze all day. I was stunned when a client who usually refuses to meet with me and speaks in gibberish when he does speak witb me not only accepted to meet with me today, but spoke lucidly when we did meet! Since this was the first time this had occurred in months of working with this client, nothing else having changed, I can only attribute it to the effects of the Pentacle and the work of the Spirits who empowered it. Hail to thee, mighty spirits!
  • Sunday, August 18, 2019 – The candles offerered to Kokaviel, Savaniah, Ghedoriah, and Chokhmahiel have all burned cleanly down to the base of the Tablet. Raphael’s Vigil continues to burn clean and clear. Today, while carrying the paper 4th Pentacle of Mercury at Church, I felt myself conversing easily with my fellow brothers and sisters. Much to my surprise, a woman in the worship band came down from the stage and walked all the way to my pew to speak with me during the meet and greet time where we shake hands and offer peace to one another. She told me “I know we’ve never spoken, but I felt drawn to speak with you for some reason…”
  • We had a wonderful conversation for which I was very grateful. Meanwhile, the main engraved Pentacles continue to be worked upon by the Angels beneath the Vigil candle of Raphael still burning on the Altar…
  • Monday, August 19, 2019 – While I was carrying the paper 4th Pentacle of Mercury, I received a call from a low-income elderly friend with cancer who called me in desperation saying that she had received a Seizure of Property notice from the Montreal Municipal Court and had to pay nearly 2,500.00 $ in fines. She asked if I could help her and call the Courthouse on her behalf. I did so and explained that she had neither the finances nor the physical ability in her advanced age to do community service to repay her debts. I asked how she should proceed. I felt the Spirits of the Pentacle working on my communication as I learned about an organization I had never heard of that advocated for people in situations like these.
  • The next day, on August 20th, I accompanied my friend to that organization, carrying the Pentacle. The worker there helped us to work out a repayment plan where my friend wous only have to pay the Court 5$ per month and she would be safe from repossession! She was so happy and relieved she had tears in her eyes. Glory be to God!
  • Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 – While carrying the paper 4th Pentacle of Mercury, I went to work and was alarmed to find out that we had a mandatory meeting in the afternoon at the same time I had previously booked a session with a client that took months to book because she repeatedly refused to meet and cancelled the previous session. I did not have high hopes that she would accept to reschedule the appointment later in the week. When I called her to ask if we could reschedule with the Pentacle on my person, I was shocked by her answer: “sure, no problem.” What?! Huh?! It was that easy. I was stunned. That same morning, as I studied and wrote about Matthew 6:21, I felt a flood of insights into the verse and felt the Holy Spirit was revealing things previously unknown and unseen to me in the verse and the Ancient Greek language in which it was written. I was filled with wonder and gratitude at it all as I remembered the Key of Solomon‘s description of the Pentacle as bestowing the power to help the magician “to acquire the understanding and knowledge of all things created, and to seek out and penetrate into hidden things…” Thus far, I had learned that it had the power by the grace of God to reveal not only spiritual knowledge, but also practical knowledge, such as the knowledge of legal recourses and previously unknown organizations I used to help my vulnerable friend in need…
  • Wednesday, August 21, 2019 – Catastrophe Strikes: Today, I had a very difficult meeting planned, so I decided to borrow the engraved mirror 2nd and 4th Pentacles of Mercury to help me through the day. The began wonderfully, but soon took an unexpected turn when the double-Pentacle of Mercury spontaneously fell out of my pocket. The 4th Pentacle of Mercury remained impeccably preserved, but the 2nd smashed to pieces on the hard tiled floor on this Day of Mercury of all days… I was reminded that Mercury rules all transportation and I immediately felt the impact of the broken Pentacle. As soon as I stepped onto the metro carrying the broken Pentacle, the power immediately went out on the entire train. I mean within moments of me embarking. I was shocked. But that wasn’t all. When the emergency lights came on, they were followed by an announcement to say that there was smoke throughout the tunnel of a complete metro line. It was down and had to be evacuated. What’s more, 3 other metro lines in the system were down. Dear God… I took this picture after the emergency lights came on in the train:
  • Later in the day, I reached out to the Holy Archangel Raphael and asked if he would kindly bestow some insight what had happened with the shattering of the 2nd Pentacle of Mercury. What followed was well-deserved severity. The Angel informed me that
  • You suffered the consequences of two great blunders, O Son of Adam. First, for your hunger and greed for power. Your work now is to center on the 4th Pentacle of Mercury and on knowledge, wisdom, understanding, revelation of Mysteries, and communication, gifts in which I can aid you through the 4th Pentacle. For that reason, I did not destroy the 4th and you find it unharmed. In your greed, however, you tried to claim the wonder-working of the 2nd Pentacle of Mercury as well. That is not for you now. Had you asked me, I would have guided you on this point — have I yet misled you in any matter? Rest assured, I will guide you when the time has come to work with the 2nd Pentacle. But that time is not now. Therefore, your 2nd Pentacle has been destroyed. Be encouraged — you will remake it when the time to learn its lessons has come.”
  • “Your second blunder was to take the Pentacle from the Altar before my Candle burned to its base. You removed it prematurely and presumptuously without consulting the Wisdom of God first, preferring instead to rely on the foolishness of your own intellect. This was a break of our protocol and a violation of the working. Had you asked me, I would have instructed you in this — that you would not remove the Pentacle from the Altar until at least the morning of the Day of Jupiter a week after its consecration. But again, you chose to lean on your own understanding rather than on the ways of those who could instruct you in wisdom. Be cautioned against meddling with great Forces you do not understand — lest the Forces disrupt your world and bring you to a halt, like a stalted train.”
  • I understood what that last sentence meant all too welll. It was a clear reference to the incident with the train. apologized sincerely, regretting my own errors. The Angel responded with a a glowing feeling of loving warmth and consolation.
  • You are forgiven. Did I not say that this is a time of initiation into wisdom and learning for you? Next time, humble yourself and ask. I am happy to help. Did I not teach you in the ways of scrying and the consecration of the bread of Offering? Why should I fail you now? I delight in teaching you what you can use to bless others as God Wills.
  • I thanked the Angel sincerely and asked what I should do about the broken Pentacle. The Angel explained:
  • Remove and deconsecrate the remaining shards from the case that houses them. Pray over them that the Most High removes all blessings and virtues bestowed on them and that they be restored to naught but shards of glass. Dispose then of them. If you do this, no more negative consequences will follow you. Repent of the spirits, learn, and do not repeat the blunders of today in the freshness of tomorrow. If you return the 4th Pentacle to the Altar until my Vigil has burned to its base, the protocol will be restored and we will complete the work.
  • I agreed to do all of these things. Before the Day of Mercury came to a close, all these things were accomplished as the Angel instructed. I placed the engraved Pentacle back on the Altar beneath the Vigil candle of Raphael as the Angel instructed.
  • Examining the water goblets (Fuentes) offered to St. Cyprian of Antioch and the Angels, I noticed a tremendous difference. Both goblets were offered at the same time from the same container of filtered water. The Angels’ Fuente was crystal clear. Saint Cyprian’s on the other hand, was absolutely filthy, a dark, murky white. I understood immediately that Saint Cyprian had shielded me from negative consequences I would have incurred from the Spirits angered by the involuntary smashing of their Pentacle. I thanked the great Saint for his help, threw the murky water out of my house, thoroughly cleansed his goblet with soap and water, and then offered fresh, clean water in thanks both to him and to the Spirits. The image below shows the striking contrast between the clear water offered to YHVH on behalf of Angels on the right and the murkiness in Saint Cyprian’s water on the left:
  • Friday, August 23, 2019 – With the protocols all rectified, the Vigil is burning smoothly this morning. These candles normally burn to their base within 7 days. We’re 9 days in now and it’s still going strong.
  • Today, I received four bottles of Florida water. Prompted by the spirit, I added them to the Altar, asking the Lord to exorcise them and bless them to serve in the cleansing, exorcism, and purification of magical tools. Note that Florida water is highly flammable. The only reason I felt comfortable adding them to an Altar with a burning candle is that the Vigil candle is nearly out and well protected by its casing and ceramic base. Do not place Florida water near any unprotected open flames and beware placing it near glass-cased vigil candles that are at risk of shattering. It can be difficult to work in an exploded Temple…
  • Saturday and Sunday, August 24 and 25: The Pentacles continue to sit on the Altar and the Vigil continues to burn.
  • Monday, August 26th: This 6-day Vigil candle has been burning for an amazing 12 days. I had an intuitive nudge that Raphael and his Angels will finish their work on the Pentacles tonight. The candle will be out by morning.
  • Tuesday, August 27th: The Vigil candle is out. I approached the Altar this morning and asked Raphael if I coupd respectfully begin to carry the 4th Pentacle now. I received this reply from the Angel: “Yes, thank you for your patience. Take it freely. May it aid you in accomplishing all good works involving communication and discovery of hidden truth.” Thanking the spirits for their help, I picked up the Pentacle and reverently and gratefully slipped it into my pocket.
  • Tuesday, August 27, 2019 – Against all odds, I was informed by my fellow magician in the U.S. that the lion skin belts had been safely conveyed across international lines all the way from Namibia, Africa into the United States. Customs had not even opened the package, but allowed them through any way! Not only did they safely arrive, but they safely arrived one day early!
  • September 4-11, 2019: The spirits continue to oversee the safe transmission of the belt aided by respect for permits and laws. On the Day of Mercury, September 4th, it arrived in Denver, Colorado. On the Day of Jupiter, overseen by my Patron Sachiel, it arrived in San Francisco, California. On the Day of the Sun, September 8th, overseen by my Patron Michael, who rules over Solar animals like Lion, the belt crossed the U.S. Border into Canada. Raphael and his four Angels continued to oversee its transmission until the belt arrived in my city in Montreal on the Day of Mercury, September 11th.
  • September 12, 2019 – As promised by the Angels, on the Day of Jupite while I carried the 2nd Pentacle of Jupiter, my Patron Sachiel gave me the good fortune of ensuring the belt safely arrived in my home. Hail to you, Holy Angels and great Archangel Raphael! Thank you Lord and Source of all Good!
  • September 15, 2019 – In the Day and Hour of the Sun, I opened the package and did a ritual to welcome the spirit of the lion into my spiritual Court. I calmed the spirit’s fear and distrust of humans, nurtured her with soothing and offerings, brought her under the protection of my Patrons. I obtained her consent to work together for our mutual benefit and permission to inscribe nomina magica on the inside of the belt for our mutual protection.
  • I’m so grateful to the One who made us both Who generously brought us together and to all of the spirits He allowed to assist us in this matter. I thanked them with additional offerings offered to God on their behalf for all of their help. Hail to you, Holy Raphael, Kokaviel, Savaniah, Ghedoriah, and Chokhmahiel! Hail to you dear Sachiel and Michael! Hail to you Holy Angels of the 2nd Pentacle of Jupiter and all praise and worship to the God who made us all, spirits and matter, lions and men! Thank you, thank you!

7 Angelic Patronages and Rekindled Relationships with Olympic Spirits

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Date: Monday, August 5, 2019.
Sun Phase: Set.
Moon Phase: Waxing Creacent (69 degrees) in Libra.
Mansion of the Moon: #5, Zubana.
Planetary Day: Day of the Moon
Planetary Hour: Hour of the Moon
Activities: Solomonic Ritual Bathing Offerings to the Most High, to the Angels, to the Saints, to the Ancestors, and to the Olympic Spirits; Scrying with St. Cyprian; Ancestor Messages; Instruction from Archangel Raphael; Formal Assumption of Patronage; Invitation to the Olympic Spirits; Prayers, Purifications, and Temple Closing.

Tonight, with the Moon in Lunar Mansion Number 16, Al-Zubbana, auspicious for prosperity, I felt strongly called to purify myself and enter the Temple. Today, I was nudged into a store by a spirit in my Court and led to purchase a set of gold-rimmed shot glasses for alcohol offerings and small gold-rimmed plates for food offerings. These were Solomonically exorcised, cleansed, and consecrated for spiritual use before being set on the Mensas or Shrine Tables of the Spirits.

I performed ritual bathing with the Sufi Wudu formula and entered the Temple in my white R.R. et A.C. robe.

I began by formally opening the Temple with prayers and proceeding with offerings, first to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then to the Angels, then to the Saints, then to my Ancestors, and finally, to the Olympic Spirits.

The Offerings consisted of goblets of water (Fuentes), Solomonically exorcised and blessed candlefire, consecrated incense, and unleavened bread. After my recent studies of YHVH’s protocols for bread offerings in Leviticus, I was moved to offer unleavened bread offerings. All of the offerings were offered to the greater glory of God in worship of Him alone but with the invitation to the various spirits to partake of them with Divine Grace and to His glory if He so willed. I present offerings in this way to avoid falling into idolatry and keeping the focus squarely on the Most High even while working with other Spirits through Him.

When I got to Raphael’s shrine, his flame blazed brighter and I heard a warm rich voice speak into my consciousness. I recognized it as his. It said “the bread offering must be anointed.” I did not know how that was to be done, but Raphael, ever a great and faithful teacher, taught me a Solomonic-style way. I was instructed to “dip the tip of consecrated Wand in the Solomonic Holy Oil and trace crosses over the bread whilst blessing it.” I did as I was instructed for all of the Offerings, with thanks to the Angel for his generous instruction.

With all of the offerings done, I picked up the Fuente offered to the Saints and invited Saint Cyprian to share any guidance he might have for me. He instructed me to hold the Fuente and face the shrine of Gabriel, then to lift up the glass so that the offered candleflame could be seen through the glass of the water Offering, a variant on the pyrocrystallomancy method Raphael had previously taught me.

When I asked Cyprian for a word of guidance, I heard his deep voice speaking into my mind, “continue to follow the Cross.” Then, I clearly saw the candleflame morph into a clear shape of a Cross, which then turned into an Angel shape I recognized as Gabriel. The suggestion was that the Cross symbolism and Scriptures pertaining to it had more Mysteries to reveal and that the Saint approved of the time I’ve been devoting to biblical and theological study recently. I thanked him for his guidance.

I then picked up the Ancestor Fuente and scryed into it with the candleflame on the Ancestor Mensa burning through its crystal watery depths. I thanked my Ancestors for their guidance, help, and my indebtedness to them for my life and asked if they had any words for me at this time. I received a feeling of love and as I scryed into the glass, an Ancestor said simply and with cryptic depth, “honor us.” I understood that to mean to live in a way that honors their memory and to treat their descendents, my living family, in a way that would honor them as well. I prayed to the Lord to help me to do this in a way befitting of my duties as well as the love and gratitude I feel for them.

I then received another message that I did not expect, that it was time to formalize my Patronages from the Angels. This took me by surprise because I was planning on doing elaborate ceremonial proceedings for each Angel before assuming their Patronage. To my amazement, the sense I got was “that is not necessary. We know you. Accept this gift.” Having worked with all of these Holy Angels before and already received teachings, assistance, and guarantees of willingness to build relationships, my understanding was that the groundwork had already been laid.

It was then that I realized that the 7 Heptameronic Archangels were already present. How strange, since I had not even done the Heptameron Conjurations. But then, they always are present when I do Offerings.

I was shown to dip my finger into the Fuente of each Angel, trace a Cross over the head of its statuary symbol, address the Angel, wait for its answer, and then bless my own forehead with the same water. That was it. So much for my plans for 9 day Novenas for each Angel…

Standing before Cassiel’s statuary, I felt his strong, dark presence. I asked him for his Patronage and his swift, formal reply came at once “It is as thou asketh.” His candle flared up in physical manifestation as bubbles formed in the Fuente.

Michael had already accepted to be my Patron, so when I did the above ritual steps with him, I simply received a fiery warm feeling of confirmation and saw a vision of him nodding.

Sachiel, with whom I already have a strong bond from former workings, confirmed his Patronage with a vision of golden radiance.

Anael confirmed it with a flood of love and acceptance.

Samael provided a vision of slamming a sword into the ground as if to signify a firm bond.

Gabriel confirmed it with a flare of his candle and the words “it is so,” for he had already accepted to be my Patron on January 14, 2018. At that time, when I asked him, he said these wise and stirring words:

As you have asked, it shall be. If you humble yourself and nurture the flames in others, then I will nurture the flame in you. Wherever you are, I too, will be. When you worship your Father, I will be there by your side. As God is in you, so be in God, for you and your Father are One. And there is none that do not abide in Him. Some know it, some do not. Nurture those who know and those who do not alike.

The wise know this: to humble yourself infinitely is to realize the Divine infinity in you. If you are willing to lay yourself so low as to be Nothing, then you shall realize the Nothing that is All. If you raise yourself up, you shall be brought down, but if you bring yourself down, you shall be raised up. To those who offer themselves for the good of the All, the All will be offered for the good of them. Receive by giving.”

Raphael gave me a warm feeling that “it was so before you asked,” and that he had clearly been leading me through the steps without my knowledge. He seemed to be working behind the scenes in ways unknown to me…

Finally, although not a Heptameronic Planetary Angel, I asked Uriel for his Patronage and he confirmed it with a vision of wheat in fruition and the inage of a radiant smile with a paradoxical club thudding to the ground in a way that reminded me of Samael’s Sword.

The feeling of love, supportiveness, and radiance in the Temple at this point was staggering. All of the candles began to flicker more intensively and the incense smoke began to billow upwards…

At this time, I picked up the Fuente for the Olympic Spirits and asked my Angelic Patrons and Saint Cyprian to help me reach out to them. I reminded them that I had given them offerings of bread, water, incense, and candlefire. Then I felt an Angelic nudge to address them each by name, while facing the shrine of the Angel of their corresponding planet.

For instance, facing Sachiel, I intoned “Bethor.” Facing Gabriel, I intoned “Phul,” and so on through all of the Olympic Spirits. I asked them if I has their permission to begin to work with and learn from them more actively and informed them of my current work on a Commentary on the entirety of their primary grimoiric text, the Arbatel de Magia Veterum. I asked if they would consent to teach me more about themselves and help me with the Commentary.

Around the Circle, I saw sparks and a trail of sparkling light that vanished as soon as it appeared. A feeling I can only describe as “respectful openness” seemed to flood the room. I recalled that Cyprian had told me months ago that this moment when I would work with the Olympic Spirits again as I had 10 years ago with Bethor, Aratron, and Haggith would come again, and I wouls begin to work with the others as well. Now it had come. And the feeling was… comforting. Even if the momentousness of the task did not escape me…

I informed them of my consent to work with them with a loving and respectful spirit to the greater Glory of God as the Arbatel‘s Aphorisms teach. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would show me how to work with them in a way consistent with the Divine Will and the Way of my beloved Patron Angels. At the end, I bowed before God in humility, thankfulness, and worshipful gratitude. Then, rising, I purified the whole Temple with Holy Water and asked my Patrons to guide us doing God’s Will in manifesting the Good in daily life and to protect us from harm.

At this point, I received a surprising revelation. The small Offering plates I was guided to purchase today were not for the Angels. They already had their own, so I had wondered why I was being guided to buy them.

They weren’t for the Angels.

They were for the Olympic Spirits.

And they were to be placed beside each corresponding Archangel in their respective shrines and on their corresponding Planetary Mensas.

Therefore, I proceeded to place them accordingly as instructed.

Finally, I invited any Spirits who wished to continue to partake of the Offerings and gave the License to Depart.

I closed the Temple and took the pictures shared here to document this beautiful experience.

Thus began my formal Patronage from the Archangels. Without fanfare. Without extensive ceremony. Without long discourses from them. In other words, it began in every way as I did not expect and contrary to my plans.

And with it, the formal reconnection with my old Spirit friends, Hagith, Aratron, and Bethor. And a kindling of new relationships with Phul, Och, and Phaleg.

I look forward to seeing where this fascinating trip down this rabbit hole of the Mysteries leads.

If this night is any indication, I can be sure it won’t be as I expect.

Ecstasysong: A Hymn of Praise

By Frater S.C.F.V.


Glorious One,

Beloved of All,

Who shines as One in All,

Invisible in the visible,

Sovereign in Silence,

How my heart longs to cry out to You!

Infinite music streams from I Know Not Where,

And fills the world with harmony.

Yours is this ecstasysong,

Yours the Glory, and the Love,

As John the Baptist said,

“I must decrease so He can can increase…”

Let “me” decrease as you increase,

Your Presence vibrating through every level and layer of awareness,

And through the darkened depths of the Unknown,

For you are the Unknown who staggers the mind,

And yet Know All—


Let “me” dissolve in “You”

Until “me” and “You” are lived not-two!

Oh Lord,

Power that powers all,

Love that loves in all,

Source of all that is,

Prior to being and not-being,

Ineffable Glory!

In all things, my heart bows to You

And knows that you are Sovereign.

What bliss it is to worship You,

Who are worthy of All praise,

None know this bliss

But those in whom You spark it–

This outer wave of Your inner Glory!

You alone I worship,

I take no god but You,

I praise no being but You,

Nor bow before any idol,

For the dead stone of Dagon,

Fell before You,

As all will fall!

All Offerings I give to You

And You Alone,

With prayers that you may permit your servants to share in them.

But my ultimate Offering is my “self,”

Let “I” burn in the pyre of “You,”

That Truth should blaze in Glory!

Lord, You are the Inner and the Outer,

Lover of the Heavens and the smallest mote of dust,

Sustainer of All,

Creator and Nurturer,

Sword and Shield,

Lord of the Light and of the Darkness,

Beloved One of All,

What words can catch Your praise?

Words fall like idols,

Before your Majesty,

The fire of Silence burns them up,

And from the ash,

A Phoenix-Love does rise.


I praise You Father,

I worship You, King,

I bow in body and in heart,

I leap from the cliff of all I know,

And plummet into the Depths of You, Unknown, Unguarded,

Stripped, laid bare,

Vulnerable and open,

My heartsong booming

A Holy Roar of God!

Burn in me now,

O Holy Fire,

Consume all falsehood that abides in “me,”

Burn up all evil, cleanse all sin,

Destroy all ignorance,

Banish every Enemy,

Let my heart be your Throne,

And the Temple be clean!

Glorious One,

I stumble

When I strive to speak of You,

And therefore let “me” bow in Silence

And let my tongue be Still.

Words and Wonder: Mysterious Synchronicities and Covert Solomonic Consecrations by Easter Mass

By Frater S.C.F.V.


A. An Unexpected Trinity: Trifecta of Mysterious Synchronicities

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, the Holy Day on which Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, which enabled him to complete his mission of establishing the New Covenant, liberating humanity through faith from their ancient legacy of erroneous action that missed the mark (hamartia, sin) of the Good Willed by God, and to send the Holy Spirit to dwell within us as a sanctifying, guiding, and empowering Force. My upcoming article Charismata Magica: Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Solomonic Grimoires will go into into some depth of how the latter event impacted the grimoire authors and how the Fruits, Graces, and Gifts of the Holy Spirit play fascinating roles within the European grimoire tradition.

As I was fading off to sleep, I was contemplating some passages of Scripture that I had recently read and the idea occurred to me that perhaps it would be ceremonially and spiritually fitting for me to commemorate my return to Christianity through a water Baptism. I had already been Baptized by water once within the Catholic Church and completed all of the sacramental initiations up to and including Confirmation, but after my long time away from the faith studying other traditions, a new Baptism might be appropriate. Still, I had never heard the Pastor of my Church speak about water Baptisms for adults in the entire year I had been attending this particular Church and I was not sure how they handled such things.

In the morning, I began to celebrate Easter by reading from the New Testament. My attention was called to 1 Corinthians 15 in the Amplified Bible, which reads:

1 Now brothers and sisters, let me remind you [once again] of the good news [of salvation] which I preached to you, which you welcomed and accepted and on which you stand [by faith].

2 By this faith you are saved [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, and set apart for His purpose], if you hold firmly to the word which I preached to you, unless you believed in vain [just superficially and without complete commitment].

3 For I passed on to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to [that which] the Scriptures [foretold],

4 and that He was buried, and that He was raised [and Reaurrected] on the third day according to [that which] the Scriptures [foretold],

5 and that He appeared to Cephas (Peter), then to the Twelve.

6 After that He appeared to more than five hundred brothers and sisters at one time, the majority of whom are still alive, but some have fallen asleep [in death].

7 Then He was seen by James, then by all the Apostles,

8 and last of all, as to one [b]untimely (prematurely, traumatically) born, He appeared to me also.

9 For I am the least [worthy] of the Apostles, and not worthy to be called Apostle, because I [at one time] fiercely oppressed, [killed Christians,] and violently persecuted the Church of God.

10 But by the [remarkable] grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not without effect. In fact, I worked harder than all of the Apostles, though it was not I, but the grace of God [His unmerited favor and blessing which was] with me.

11 So whether it was I or they, this is what we preach, and this is what you believed and trusted in and relied on with confidence.”

Humbled by this reading, I took a ritual bath to prepare for Church, worshiping the Most High through worship songs and Psalm passages as I do every morning.  Then, I walked to Church with Soror R.A. Along the way, she expressed some doubts about how we could possibly know whether Christ had really been Resurrected and what ancient textual evidence there was that Christ even existed. I told her about the extra-biblical evidence for Jesus we have from Tacitus and Josephus and about how, until recently, many archaeologists had doubted whether Pontius Pilate had even existed until 1961, when the Pilate Stone was unearthed, which bore the inscription, as translated from Latin into English:

To the Divine Augusti [this] Tiberieum
… Pontius Pilate
… prefect of Judea
… has dedicated [this]



Further evidence was revealed in 2018 when a ring that had been discovered in Herodium near Jerusalem and which bore the inscription “of Pilates” was deciphered using advanced photographic technology.  To quote the Jerusalem Post,

It reads “of Pilates,” in Greek letters set around a picture of a wine vessel known as a krater, and is said by archaeologists to be only the second artifact from his time ever found with his name. Kraters are a common image in artifacts of that time and place.”


We arrived at Church and joined in the worship. When the Pastor began to deliver his Easter Message, however, I was blown away by not one, not two, but three synchronicities, a veritable trifecta:

(1) For the first time ever, the Pastor described the procedure for Water Baptisms for Adults and explained that an opportunity for Water Baptism would be happening within the next two weeks. He also explained that they were accepting sign-ups for anyone interested. I was amazed given the reflections that had come to me the night before. I wondered if the Holy Spirit had given me a Word of Knowledge through that.

(2) The Pastor described the archaeological and textual evidence for Christ and Pilate, including the very Pilate Stone I had discussed with Soror R.A. Her mouth fell open in awe when he started to discuss this.

(3) The Pastor then went on to analyze 1 Corinthians 15, the very passage I had been nudged to read that very morning! I bowed my head, humbled at this, giving thanks and honouring the mysterious ways of the Holy Spirit, who abides in all of the faithful and guides, teaches and sanctifies them from within as they learn to walk in the Spirit in whom they “live, move and have [their] being” (Acts 17:28).


B. Phylactery, Cauldron, and Daggers: Covert Solomonic Consecrations by Easter Mass

On this auspicious Easter Sunday, Day of the Sun, I performed Cryptoconsecratio by Mass–covert consecration of magical items performed in Church–of the gold disc phylactery depicted above, which features the names and sigils of the 7 Heptameron Archangels and the 7 Olympic Spirits of the Arbatel De Magia Veterum traced over with a consecrated Solomonic Burin of Art.  Since gold is a soft metal, it is fairly easy to engrave; a compass and ruler facilitated the tracing of the circle and straight lines respectively.

By way of context, I have already established relationships with all 7 of these Archangels and with the Olympic Spirits Bethor and Aratron, the latter two relationships of which I began back in 2010 when I first conjured those two spirits to assist with making Pentacles of Jupiter and Saturn respectively. In the coming year, however, I plan to begin work with all 7 of the Arbatel Olympics and wear this phylactery in work with them. I also plan to wear the seal under my shirt in daily life for general protection and to faciliate maintaining my connection with the spirits represented within it.

Out of respect for traditionalism, however, I have to point out here that this seal combining Heptameron and Arbatel spirit names and sigils does not occur in either the Heptameron or the Arbatel, although the sigils of the Archangels and Olympics contained here are exactly rendered as depicted in those two grimoires. As I learned through the kind sharing of knowledge from my friends BJ Swayne, Billy Ashford-Webb, Chijioke Onyeogubalu, and Andy Foster, I was able to learn that this combined seal was designed by the talented Frater Asterion. Through additional research, I traced it back to a 2011 post he made on Solomonic Magic, which is accessible here and in which Asterion refers to it as his Planetary Lamen. 

Frater Asterion explains the structure of his design and the traditional inspiration for it in this way:

“This pentacle was inspired by a figure in the last book of Faust’s Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis, only he used Olympic Spirits alone and I used Archangels too. My blog banner is based on that, if you look closely. I wrote [the Names] in Latin characters for illustrative purposes, for my upcoming book to be published in Romania, Cartea Arhanghelilor (The book of Archangels), and also as a didactic chart for my personal students.”

Through his own diligent research, Billy Ashford-Webb was able to locate the original diagram in Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis from which Asterion derived his inspiration for this combined Arbatel and Heptameron phylactery:


Frater Asterion’s sleek and efficient design, with its inclusion of the Arbatel and Heptameron Sigils of the Olympic Spirits and the Archangels suits my purposes well as defined above and was accepted under the guidance of the Angels and Olympics involved. Please note that although I have received commission requests from several people to craft a version of Asterion’s Planetary Lamen, I will not be doing any of these. Frater Asterion retains the copyright and all credit for his own design work. Anyone who would like their own version of this lamen to be crafted should message him directly. 

In this same Easter Sunday Mass, I also performed Cryptoconsecratio by Mass on my new White-Handled Knife, Black-Handled Knife, and also the Cauldron consecrated to Gabriel that I alluded to in a prior post. All of the above were covertly carried into Church in a backpack, which I prayed over during the Mass. Before the Mass, I exorcised these tools and the phylactery and consecrated them with Solomonic Holy Water and consecrated and exorcised Frankincense, both prepared according to the instructions of the Key of Solomon, before bringing them with me to Church. 

The experience was powerful and moving as always and the trifecta of mysterious synchronicities made it even more so. Glory to you, YHVH, El Eloah, Adonai Rapha, Glory to Yeshua Risen, Glory to the Holy Spirit who lives and works within us! In the name of Yeshua, we give thanks and praise. Amen.


Solomonic Invocation of Archangel Anael and Emergency Petition for a Friend

By Frater S.C.F.V.


Date: Friday, March 15, 2019
Sun Phase: Afternoon
Moon Phase: Waxing in First Quarter in 12 degrees Cancer in the Nathra Mansion of the Moon
Mansion of the Moon: Thurayya
Planetary Day: Day of Venurs
Planetary Hour: Hour of Venus
Activities: Ritual Bathing; Oratio dicenda quando induitur vestis; Dressing Candle for Anael; Preliminary Prayers; Offerings to the Most High, to Ancestors, to Patron Saints and Teachers, and to the Angels; Heptameron Prayer; Invoking the Angels of the Four Directions as per Heptameron; Conjuration of Anael;

A dear friend of mine, whom I will refer to as S.H. to preserve her privacy, is presently in an emergency situation where she is at risk of becoming homeless in a two week period. As a result, I felt moved to invoke the great Archangel Anael on the day of Venus in the Hour of Venus for help with the situation and also to go deeper into discussions of Divine Love with the Angel. The Moon today is in Lunar Mansion #8, al-Nathra, which is useful for actions of love and friendship. It is an appropriate time do a loving gesture with the Archangel of Venus on behalf of a friend.

I completed a 3-day regime of ritual purity in preparation, culminating in today. After a ritual bath, I got into my white robe (while reciting the Heptameron prayer for donning the vestments, “Oratio dicenda quando induitur vestis”) and put on my stole, put on my Cyprianic rosary, scapular, Cyprianic bracelet, and Solomonic Pentagonal Figure. Proceeding to the Temple, which had already been arranged prior to the beginning of the Planetary Hour, I sounded the Bell of Art three times before entering the Circle as per the Hygromanteia. Then, I entered the Circle, and began preliminary prayers to the Divine while asperging the Circle, Altar, and all Instruments of the Art with Holy Water.

The Altar featured a green Altar cloth, which looks blue in these images, a large green candle, a small green candle dressed with St. Cyprian Oil and Thyme, which is sacred to Venus according to Agrippa’s First Book of Occult Philosophy, Chapter XXVIII, a Virgin Mary Statue, a censor with stick incense placed inside my Cauldron consecrated to Archangel Gabriel, Epiphany Holy Water, bread and water Offerings to Anael, my Wand, a vial of San Cipriano Oil, my Bells, a scrying Crystal, and the seal of Anael on Virgin Paper set on a golden Laurel Wreath. I took up my Solomonic Sword and traced over the outer line of the Circle with its point. With the Circle thus sealed, I put down the Sword and picked up my Solomonic Wand.


First, I presented Offerings to the Most High El Elyon and asked for His Help in sending His servant, Anael to be present with me and aid me in this Operation of the Art. Next, I presented Offerings to my Patrons, including St. Cyprian of Antioch, my Ancestors, the Angels and Archangels, and the Olympic Spirits, requesting their help in this Operation. The Offerings included exorcised and consecrated goblets of spring and filtered water, candle offerings, bread, and for Anael, a green candle dressed with St. Cyprian Oil and Thyme, bread sprinkled with Thyme, and incense. I asked St. Cyprian to assist me in conjuring Anael with the aim of learning more about the Divine Wisdom and assisting a friend in need.

After more preliminary Prayers, I formally opened the Temple for the Solomonic Invocation. I felt an intuitive nudge from my Spirits to proceed with the Heptameron conjurations and prayers in Latin today, so I obliged. The Altar was set up to face the current location of Venus in the sky, which was determined using an astronomical program. Standing facing the Altar in the direction of Venus, I took up my Wand and the grimoire in the other hand and began the opening prayers.


I said the opening line “O Angels [sic] supradicti, estote adjutores meæ petitioni, & in adjutorium mihi, in meis rebus & petitionibus” then called the Angels that rule the Air on this Day, intoning their names 3 times each in their respective directions, then praying “O vos omnes, adjuro atque contestor per sedem Adonay, per Hagios, etc…”

Having called the Angels of the 3rd Heaven ruling the Day in their respective Quarters I proceeded to the Conjuration of Friday to invoke Anael, namely:

Conjuro & confirmo super vos Angeli fortes, sancti atque potentes, in nomine On, Hey, Heya, Ja, Je, Adonay, Saday, & in nomine Saday, qui creavit quadrupedia & animalia reptilia, & homines in sexto die, & Adæ dedit potestatem super omnia animalia: unde benedictum sit nomen creatoris in loco suo: & per nomina Angelorum servientium in tertio exercitu, coram Dagiel Angelo magno, principe forti atque potenti: & per nomen Stellæ quæ est Venus: & per Sigillum ejus, quod quidem est sanctum: & per nomina prædicta conjuro super te Anael, qui es præpositus diei sextæ, ut pro me labores, &c.

I then did a second complete Conjuration in English, adding my intent for the ritual and petition, and requesting help from the Divine, my Patrons, Saints, Ancestors, and Teachers for help in making it succcessful.

Then, I began to chant the name ANAEL for an extended period of time while waving the Wand in rhythmic motion, facing the direction of Venus. I continued and continued, my chanting growing in intensity and melodic harmonies while tracing his Sigil in the air with my Solomonic Wand until I felt a shift in the energy in the room, a sense of loving warmth begin to grow like light over the horizon at dawn. I saw sparks of light and drifting spiritual ‘tracers’ outside the Circle. Then Anael’s offering Candle flared up. I welcomed the Spirit and asked the Spirit in the name of Tetragrammaton to confirm its presence if it was indeed here by moving both incense sticks’ streams of smoke to the left in unison. This happened immediately, confirming the Spirit’s presence.


I greeted the Spirit with great love and respect and thanked the Archangel for coming and being present for this ceremony. I then knelt before the Altar, placed Anael’s offering candle behind the Crystal Ball and began to scry into the flame through the crystal in the pyrocrystallomancy method taught me to by Raphael in a previous conjuration. I then asked the Angel to assist me in tuning into his presence. I gave him consent to manifest sensations, emotions, and thoughts, to draw on my memory to facilitate the communication, and to guide me in inducing appropriate states of consciousness to facilitate the attunement.

Still kneeling, I then proceeded to scry into the Crystal until a pulsation began to emerge in the center of my forehead, my vision began to darken out while the fire in the crystal began to grow brighter. Then I saw a kind of misty-light like effect swirl around the outside of the Crystal. In the process, my eyes grew heavier and heavier and I heard Anael speaking into my mind, suggesting that I could close my eyes and need not strain them. In any event, they fell closed of their own accord without me having much say in the mater…

I greeted the Angel with great love and respect, which Anael reciprocated with his warm, adrogynous voice, saying “greetings, Child of God” with great affection.

I asked if he could give me a revelation-image of his presence and immediately I saw a beautiful winged figure, this time appearing with long blonde hair and an emerald robe, with a face of pure light. To my surprise, however, the image shifted into a green winged heart, which then morphed into a sprout germinating out of the ground and growing into a grove of verdant trees.

I asked Anael what this vision signified and he spoke in the poetic way he sometimes does, the words appearing smoothly spoken into my mind in the Angel’s voice while my forehead continued to pulsate with the throbbing light feeling:

My form is an image of Love,
The green of Nature, which is love growing into life,
The heart of the World, the sprouting of new love,
The growing wisdom of love extending outward,
The forest an image of love growing out in waves.”

I asked the Angel if this was an image of Divine Love. The Angel replied:

God’s Love is far greater than this,
Greater than your human mind,
Which thinks in time and bounded, limited concepts
Can fathom.”

I asked if the Angel could give me an analogy as to what Divine Love is like.

“The Divine Love that sustains the universe is like an ocean,
Every form and phenomenon that appears is like a droplet in that ocean,
Always embraced by the ocean, always part of it, and yet appearing separate,
Seeming to change like the waves on the service,
Yet ever still and eternally held like the ocean depths,
This is what God’s Love is like.”


I asked Anael if he could share more about the nature of Divine Love:

“God’s Love holds the entire universe within it, excluding nothing.
Creation itself was the flowering of that eternal Love into the sparking-forth of Time,
A Love so infinite it could bloom into finitude, a Love so vast it could pretend to be Other,
There is not a particle that appears in this world that is not held by that Love,
That Love is the particle, and the particle is that Love,
Do not imagine that it is Other than you.
The Love, the God, and the Creation are only different in appearance, not in Reality,
It is Love itself that brings-into-being phenomena, phainomenon, means appearing-into-view, through the Power of that Love, which Loves to Appear and be Appeared to.”

When asked if God’s Love was like human life in any way we could relate to, Anael replied:

Not quite! Your human love is often conditional,
Bound by expectations, limited by arising and subsiding in Time,
Exclusive of some, inclusive of others.
God’s Love is entirely different from that.
And yet even finite human love is but an appearance
of that Love without which nothing is.
God’s Love never began and will never end.
God hates no one; His Love never turns to hate as human love often does.
It does not exclude or include in a dualistic sense.
It is not earned, nor can it be lost.
It has no expectations and no conditions;
It is you humans who make up the requirements and conditions!
It cannot be approached or moved away from;
It is always available at all times,
More subtle than the subtlest,
More intense than the greatest Starry inferno,
Small enough to hold the tiniest particle,
Vast enough to embrace all that is, was, and ever shall be,
Who can say what it is like?
It is here and now, always available.
But your Father
–and Father and Child are just metaphors to try to help you humans understand–
Loves you so that He sets you free to turn away from Him,
To forget Him, to pursue your own ideas,
Giving you everything that was ever created,
Present with you in every moment,
And yet how ungrateful you humans are!
Despite that ingratitude, His Love never retreats a step from you,
Never distances itself as you humans do when you pull away in hurt.
God’s Love never fails, nor ever leaves you.
Whenever you wish, it is given fully, nothing held back.”


Hearing this, I wondered why we seem so unaware of it. Anael explained:

“There are no barriers to God’s Love except the ones you imagine there are.
Imagining there to be barriers, you make up stories about how to “earn” God’s love.
In so doing, you miss the mark of the Good and the True,
And imagine that your “sin” disqualifies you from Divine Love,
Nothing could be further from the truth!
God loves you before you stumble, while you err,
And after you have realized your mistake.
Does a good father see a child stumble and hate the child for acting out of ignorance?
Of course not! Do you imagine Divine Perfection to be less than that?
Confession, the changing of minds,
The honest admission of where you’ve missed the mark,
Is a Gift to yourself from yourself;
Your Father does not need it, but He asks for it for *you.*
In so doing, your lighten your heart,
And your imagine barriers to His Love dissolve,
So that you become more aware of what is always here.
Truly, your humanness is but a wave in this ocean.
Your ultimate nature is far beyond an ephemeral animal form bound by Time;
In loving God, you realize yourself and He realizes Himself in you;
“You” and “Him” are but metaphors to help you try to understand,
But in Truth, there are no two things, only in appearance,
Only in Love-appearing for the play of change in Time.
But how could you possibly understand?
You cannot. But as you surrender your ignorance,
The Truth reveals itself, without requiring a word.
For Truth was silent for billions of years before the first human spoke.
The “Word” itself is metaphor,
A Mercy to a human mind.”

I thanked the Archangel for these beautifully rich, although humbling, words and proceeded to my request for the Angel to assist my dear friend S.H., who is at risk of becoming homeless in a few weeks. I asked if Anael could help as best he can. Before Anael, I prayed to God, to whom belongs all of Creation, all homes, and all riches, to extend His Goodness and thanked Him for what he’s doing to help his Child S.H.


After the prayer, Anael reassured me:

“We were working on your friend’s problem before you and she even asked.
Tell her that help will come, though not necessarily in the way she expects.
Tell her also that although she has felt as though God’s Love and presence had retreated from her, they have always perfectly been there;
It is only her imagination that has shifted,
And made what was not so, appear to be so.
If she corrects her imaginings with right understanding,
She will have a transformation of mind,
And the ever-present Love will reveal itself,
Unlosable, unfailing, and ever-here for her.
Tell her also that the matter she is worrying about
That she did not tell you has already been addressed.
Her part is to do what she can and act on what you and others have shared with her.
God and we will attend to the rest.
From our perspective, it is already done.
From your perspective, it will come.
Trust and have faith. All will be well.
God does not forsake His Beloveds,
No matter how you humans may imagine He does.”

I thanked Anael for this great kindness and help and asked if I could publish the record of this conversation and pass on these words to S.H. Anael replied:

Yes, but do not pass on what I am about to tell you. It is for you alone.

I will not reveal what was said next, but I can say that after I heard it, I felt a wave of warmth flood through my body. Tears formed in my eyes, and I felt as though the Angel’s wings were wrapping around me in the way Soror R.A. often described to me.

Finally, I asked the Angel if he would be willing to be my Patron and to speak with me again so that I could continue to learn from him.

It shall be so, Child of God. Keep up the good work you are doing in service of others. Sanctification can feel like difficulty,
But that is only the process of transforming your ignorance and arrogance,
Changing your mind.
That too, God only wants for you,
Because Eternal Freedom Wills that you be free from all that you imagine binds you.
From our perspective, you already are;
From yours, you will seem to be.
Patience and humility reconcile the two views.

With tears in my eyes, I thanked the Angel deeply. I continued to kneel there in his presence for what felt like a long time, simply abiding in that clean, clear, loving safety and warmth.

At last, I stood, thanked the Angel for coming and invited him to partake of the offerings and go at his own leisure. Then I did the License to Depart to all of the Angel and Spirits called in the four Quarters as per the Heptameron‘s procedure. With final prayers and sprinklings, I closed the Temple with the pulsing in my forehead finally beginning to dwindle, but the warmth in my heart continuing to kindle.


Update – May 1st, 2019: All of the Angel’s words came to pass as described. Through gigs and her tax return, my friend was able to earn enough money to pay for her rent for May. Another friend from the community also helped her to write a letter to enter a business partnership with local stores to sell her excellent oils and other products. I believe the Angels and the Holy Spirit were at work in this. She has also had several job interviews in the past month. I was confident one would pan out eventually. As the Angel had said, “help will come, though not necessarily in the way she expects.” That is precisely how it did come. As Anael had said, “her part is to do what she can and act on what you and others have shared with her.” This is precisely what she did do and she was blessed for her hard efforts — a few weeks later, she was hired at a job she loves and now enjys a financial stability she never knew before. How often answers to prayers and magic come through seemingly naturalistic means, while we are waiting for some supernatural manifestation to appear in the sky…

The “the matter she is worrying about that she did not tell you has already been addressed” was a problem she was having in communicating with a partner who did not care about her spiritual path, which was so central to her values and what was important to her. They tried to work on it, but the resolution ended up being them parting ways. The Angels and Holy Spirit had left openings for it to be addressed through communication or through parting ways so that each could be free to be with a partner better suited to them. There was no fatalism here; there were options, both of which would resolve the problem. The second was the way things went. It was hard at first, but ended up being for the best. Such is the Way of God and of the Holy Angels.

Hail to you, Holy Angel Anael. Thank you for your help and guidance, thank you for your wisdom. We praise the Lord God in your name and honour and humble ourselves before Him in gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This we pray in Yeshua’s Holy Name. Amen.

Ryptoconsecratiocay: Eflections-ray on-way e-thay agical-May onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-thay olomonic-Say Grimoires [Pig Latin Translation]

By Adam-way -Jay. Earsonpay


[Introductory Note: In her whimsical brilliance, the talented occultist and equally-adept comedian Kate Gunther Bowers decided to translate the entirety of Cryptoconsecratio: Reflections on the Magical Consecration by Mass in the Solomonic Grimoires into spellbindingly stunning American Pig Latin. The result, in my humble opinion, is hilarious.  Kate kindly gave me permission to share her exemplary work here.

If you choose to read it, please give yourself the gift of reading it out loud for maximum comedic impact.  Special thanks to Kate for this surprisingly amusing “translation.” I hope that those with a sense of humour as random and deranged as our own will enjoy this beautiful abomination. I’m just staggered by the fact that this exists at all, to be honest.]

Onsecrationcay is-way one-way of-way e-thay undamental-fay ethods-may, ot-nay only-way of-way e-thay aditional-tray iestly-pray art-way of-way e-thay exoteric-way iest-pray, ut-bay also-way of-way e-thay aditional-tray edieval-May and-way enaissance-Ray agician-May. As-way einrich-Hay ornelius-Cay Agrippa-way (2000) eveals-ray in-way is-hay ird-Thay ooks-Bay of-way Occult-way ilosophy-Phay, iests-pray and-way agicians-May alike-way ave-hay ong-lay used-way a-way ariety-vay of-way ifferent-day ethods-may o-tay onsecrate-cay agical-may and-way acred-say objects-way, ethods-may ich-whay ange-ray om-fray e-thay use-way of-way acred-say ells-bay o-tay e-thay asting-cay of-way exorcised-way alt-say and-way anctified-say oly-Hay aterway:

“Bells y-bay onsecration-cay and-way enediction-bay eceive-ray irtue-vay at-thay ey-thay ive-dray away-way and-way estrain-ray ightnings-lay, and-way empests-tay, at-thay ey-thay urt-hay ot-nay in-way ose-thay aces-play ere-whay eir-thay ounds-say are-way heard; in-way ike-lay anner-may alt-Say and-way ater-Way, y-bay eir-thay enedictions-bay and-way exorcisms-way, eceive-ray ower-pay o-tay ase-chay and-way ive-dray away-way evil-way spirits” (Agrippa, 2000).

The exorcisms-way and-way enedictions-bay y-bay onsecrated-cay ater-Way and-way alt-Say of-way Art-way o-tay ich-whay Agrippa-way alludes-way ere-hay are-way well-known o-tay olomonic-Say Magicians; indeed-way instructions-way or-fay oth-bay are-way esented-pray in-way apters-Chay 5 and-way 11 of-way ook-Bay II-way of-way Peterson’s (2004) avicula-Clay alomonis-Say or-way ey-Kay of-way olomon-Say. Elsewhere-way, Agrippa-way (2000) alludes-way o-tay e-thay use-way of-way ire-Fay and-way Incense-way in-way exorcisms-way, onsecrations-cay, and-way essings-blay of-way agical-may ools-tay, as-way in-way e-thay uffumigations-say e-way ind-fay ithin-way e-thay ey-Kay (Peterson, 2004).

However, e-thay ommensurate-cay ower-pay of-way ells-bay emselves-thay o-tay exorcise-way and-way ess-blay acred-say aces-spay ithin-way e-thay olomonic-Say adition-tray is-way often-way neglected; or-fay is-thay eason-ray, I-way undertook-way a-way etailed-day and-way omprehensive-cay udy-stay of-way e-thay use-way of-way ells-Bay and-way umpets-Tray of-way Art-way in-way e-thay olomonic-Say imoires-gray. owever-Hay, oth-bay e-thay eat-gray Agrippa-way imself-hay and-way ontemporary-cay agicians-may ike-lay yself-may o-whay umbly-hay and-stay on-way is-hay oulders-shay ave-hay ong-lay omitted-way one-way additional-way ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay at-thay is-way employed-way in-way e-thay edieval-May and-way enaissance-Ray imoires-gray. Indeed-way, is-thay arginalized-may ethod-may emains-ray as-way oft-neglected, understudied-way, or-way ismissed-day as-way e-thay onsecrational-cay use-way of-way Bells.

This ysterious-may ethod-may is-way one-nay other-way an-thay e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay Mass,which I-way ill-way efine-day or-fay e-thay urposes-pay of-way is-thay article-way as:

The ocess-pray of-way iritually-spay empowering-way or-way anctifying-say either-way agicians-May or-way agical-may objects-way ough-thray eir-thay esence-pray in-way e-thay ormal-fay erformance-pay of-way iturgical-lay or-way otive-vay istian-Chray assesmay.

In is-thay article-way, I-way ill-way analyze-way a-way eries-say of-way ey-kay instances-way of-way is-thay oft-neglected ormula-fay in-way ee-thray olomonic-Say imoires-gray, amely-nay, uratus-Jay onorii-Hay or-way e-thay e-Thay orne-Sway ooke-Bay of-way onorius-Hay, oane-Slay 3847 – e-Thay avicle-Clay of-way olomon-Say evealed-Ray y-bay olomy-Ptay e-thay ecian-Gray, and-way e-thay eptameron-Hay or-way agical-May Elements-way. After-way us-thay establishing-way a-way eoretical-thay and-way istorical-hay ounding-gray or-fay e-thay ethod-may, I-way ill-way en-thay oceed-pray o-tay are-shay ome-say actical-pray uggestions-say or-fay ow-hay ontemporary-cay agicians-May an-cay apply-way is-thay agical-may echnique-tay in-way order-way o-tay optimally-way enefit-bay om-fray its-way owers-pay and-way ost-may osely-clay ollow-fay e-thay otocols-pray outlined-way y-bay e-thay imoiric-gray systems.


Inway istory-Hay and-way Manuscripts: onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-thay olomonic-Say imoire-Gray raditiontay

The ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May occurs-way in-way ultiple-may imoires-gray, erhaps-pay ecause-bay e-thay ower-pay of-way e-thay ass-May as-way a-way magico-spiritual eremony-cay as-way ividly-vay apparent-way o-tay e-thay erical-clay authors-way o-whay enned-pay e-thay ate-Lay edieval-May and-way enaissance-Ray exts-tay (Leitch, 2009). In-way order-way o-tay illustrate-way ome-say examples-way of-way oth-bay ow-hay e-thay ethod-may as-way aditionally-tray applied-way as-way ell-way as-way e-thay ontexts-cay in-way ich-whay it-way as-way used-way, I-way ill-way iefly-bray onsider-cay ee-thray imoiric-gray examples-way ere-hay, amely-nay, ose-thay of-way uratus-Jay onorii-Hay or-way e-thay e-Thay orne-Sway ooke-Bay of-way onorius-Hay, oane-Slay 3847 – e-Thay avicle-Clay of-way olomon-Say evealed-Ray y-bay olomy-Ptay e-thay ecian-Gray, and-way e-thay eptameron-Hay or-way agical-May Elementsay.

  1. agical-May onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-Thay orne-Sway ooke-Bay of-way Honorius

First, iber-Lay uratus-Jay onorii-Hay or-way e-thay e-Thay orne-Sway ooke-Bay of-way onorius-Hay as-hay e-thay istinction-day of-way eing-bay one-way of-way e-thay earliest-way extant-way edieval-May imoires-gray available-way o-tay ontemporary-cay actitioners-pray and-way scholars; indeed-way e-thay ost-may eliable-ray and-way omplete-cay anuscript-may of-way e-thay ext-tay, oane-Slay 3854, art-way. 9, ol-fay 117-144, eems-say o-tay ate-day o-tay e-thay 14th entury-cay (Peterson, 2009). In-way is-thay ascinating-fay ext-tay, e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May is-way interestingly-way employed-way, ot-nay o-tay urify-pay, ess-blay, and-way empower-way agical-may objects-way, ut-bay o-tay enact-way e-thay ame-say acred-say ansformation-tray on-way e-thay agician-May. As-way oseph-Jay -Hay. Peterson’s (2009) edition-way of-way e-thay ext-tay ays-lay are-bay, iber-Lay uratusrequires-Jay e-thay agician-May o-tay enlist-way e-thay elp-hay of-way a-way “wary and-way faithful” iest-pray o-whay is-way illing-way o-tay ork-way ith-way and-way urify-pay him–in eeping-kay ith-way its-way istorical-hay ontext-cay and-way edieval-May ender-gay iases-bay, e-thay ext-tay assumes-way a-way ale-may practitioner–for is-hay [sic] Operations-way ith-way e-thay irits-spay. As-way e-thay ext-tay explains,

” Let [the Magician] ave-hay a-way ary-way and-way a-way aithful-fay iest-pray ich-whay ay-may ay-say unto-way im-hay … a-way ass-May of-way e-thay oly-Hay ost-Ghay, and-way in-way is-hay introit-way et-lay im-hay ay-say e-thay 13th ayer-pray, and-way after-way e-thay offertory-way e-thay 9th ayer-pray. en-Thay ake-tay ankincense-fray and-way incense-way and-way ense-cay e-thay altar-way aying-say e-thay irst-fay ayer-pray, and-way ecause-bay e-thay oly-hay athers-fay id-day ust-tray in-way e-thay aints-say at-thay ere-way ere-thay amed-nay, erefore-thay ey-thay id-day o-say, and-way if-way e-hay at-thay all-shay ork-way ave-hay ore-may evotion-day o-tay any-way other-way aints-say, en-thay e-bay ere-thay amed-nay, et-lay im-hay ange-chay ame-nay or-fay ame-nay, or-fay aith-fay oth-day always-way ork-way, as-way I-way aid-say before.”

Then et-lay e-thay 2nd ayer-pray e-bay aid-say immediately-way and-way after-way e-tay igiter-way in-way e-thay Mass; et-lay e-bay aid-say e-thay 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and-way 8th ayers-pray in-way onsecrating-cay of-way e-thay ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray, et-lay e-thay iest-pray ay-pray or-fay im-hay at-thay all-shay ork-way at-thay ough-thray e-thay ace-gray of-way od-Gay e-hay ay-may obtain-way e-thay effect-way of-way is-hay etition-pay. And-way o-say ust-may e-thay iest-pray o-day in-way all-way is-hay ayers-pray at-thay e-hay all-shay ay-say or-fay im-hay at-thay all-shay ork-way, ut-bay add-way othing-nay else-way o-tay em-thay. Also-way after-way e-thay ommunion-Cay, e-thay iest-pray all-shay ay-say e-thay 26th ayer-pray, and-way after-way ass-may e-hay at-thay all-shay ork-way all-shay eceive-ray e-thay acrament-say aying-say e-thay 19th and-way 20th rayerpay.

But et-lay im-hay ake-tay eed-hay at-thay e-hay eceive-ray ot-nay e-thay ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray or-fay an-way evil-way urpose-pay, or-fay at-thay ere-way eath-day unto-way im-hay, erefore-whay ome-say en-may ave-hay entitled-way is-thay ook-bay alling-cay it-way e-Thay eath-Day of-way e-thay oul-Say, and-way at-thay is-way ue-tray o-tay em-thay at-thay ork-way or-fay an-way evil-way intent-way and-way urpose-pay, and-way ot-nay o-tay ave-hay ome-say ience-scay or-way ome-say ood-gay thing; or-fay e-thay ord-Lay ayeth-say “Ask, and-way it-way all-shay e-bay iven-gay ou-yay, eek-say and-way e-yay all-shay finde,” and-way in-way another-way ace-play e-hay ayeth-say “where 2 or-way 3 are-way athered-gay ogether-tay in-way y-may ame-nay, I-way am-way in-way e-thay idst-may of-way em-thay and-way everything-way at-thay ey-thay all-shay ask-way e-thay ather-fay in-way y-may ame-nay and-way e-hay ill-way ulfill-fay and-way o-day it.”

The agician-May of-way iber-Lay uratus-Jay is-way eld-hay o-tay a-way ery-vay igh-hay andard-stay of-way oral-may urity-pay, a-way iritual-spay and-way itual-ray ate-stay at-thay is-way ere-hay agnified-may y-bay e-thay priest’s onsecration-cay of-way “he at-thay all-shay work”–the text’s erm-tay or-fay e-thay agician-May or-way Exorcist–by e-thay ower-pay of-way e-thay ass-May and-way oly-Hay ommunion-Cay (Peterson, 2009).

Two additional-way ings-thay are-way orth-way oting-nay about-way is-thay interesting-way assage-pay. irst-Fay, e-thay articular-pay ass-May at-thay e-thay imoire-gray ecommends-ray is-way a-way ecial-spay ‘votive’ or-way evotional-day ass-may alled-cay e-thay “Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Ghost,” ow-nay alled-cay e-thay “Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Spirit,” ich-whay as-way used-way in-way e-thay 14th entury-cay o-tay invoke-way e-thay oly-Hay irit-Spay and-way ask-way or-fay uidance-gay and-way wisdom; e-thay invocation-way of-way ivine-Day ower-pay and-way isdom-way is-way, of-way ourse-cay, ery-vay elevant-ray o-tay e-thay ork-way of-way a-way istian-Chray Magician.

Econdsay, e-thay ass-May is-way ere-hay iven-gay in-way a-way odified-may ersion-vay in-way ich-whay e-thay ecific-spay umbered-nay ayers-pray iven-gay in-way e-thay imoire-gray are-way inserted-way into-way it-way and-way e-thay iest-pray ays-pray or-fay e-thay uccess-say of-way e-thay Magician’s operation-way at-way e-thay ost-may auspicious-way of-way oments-may, amely-nay, uring-day e-thay “consecration of-way e-thay ody-Bay of-way Christ,” in-way ich-whay e-thay afer-way as-way elieved-bay y-bay atholics-Cay o-tay e-bay ansubstantiated-tray om-fray an-way ordinary-way afer-way into-way Christ’s ody-bay itself-way. e-Thay et-nay effect-way of-way aking-may ese-thay anges-chay o-tay e-thay andard-stay ipt-scray of-way e-thay ass-May is-way o-tay oduce-pray a-way ind-kay of-way imoiric-gray ass-May at-thay is-way an-way explicitly-way agical-may itual-ray in-way itself-way ough-thray its-way onnection-cay o-tay e-thay iber-Lay Juratus ocedurespray.

Aterlay in-way e-thay ext-tay, e-thay agician-May is-way instructed-way o-tay onduct-cay a-way olonged-pray eries-say of-way asts-fay, ayers-pray, and-way urifications-pay, and-way once-way again-way, is-way instructed-way o-tay attend-way e-thay ass-May. ere-Hay, owever-hay, “he at-thay all-shay work” is-way instructed-way o-tay ay-say ecific-spay ayers-pray, ich-whay are-way iven-gay in-way e-thay ext-tay, ile-whay eceiving-ray e-thay oly-Hay ommunion-Cay or-way e-thay ody-Bay and-way ood-Blay of-way ist-Chray in-way e-thay urch-Chay (Peterson, 2009). As-way iber-Lay uratus-Jay explains:

“If erefore-thay anybody-way ishes-way o-tay operate-way ith-way ose-thay irits-spay, e-way ust-may irst-fay arn-way im-hay ictly-stray at-thay e-hay ust-may e-bay oroughly-thay urified-pay, as-way e-way ave-hay aid-say in-way e-thay eceding-pray, until-way e-hay omes-cay o-tay e-thay ourteenth-fay ay-day, on-way ich-whay ay-day e-hay ust-may egin-bay is-hay ast-fay. en-Thay en-whay e-thay ass-May of-way e-thay oly-Hay irit-Spay is-way eing-bay aid-say or-way elebrated-cay, en-whay e-thay operator-way is-way eceiving-ray e-thay ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray (eucharist), e-hay ould-shay ay-say ayers-pray 19 and-way 20 (LXXVII-LXXIX), as-way e-way ave-hay aid-say, en-whay e-thay iest-pray is-way olding-hay up-way e-thay ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray (i.e. aferway), o-tay eveal-ray it-way o-tay e-thay ongregation-cay, e-hay ould-shay ay-pray on-way ehalf-bay of-way e-thay Operationay.”

This assage-pay is-way oteworthy-nay ecause-bay it-way ays-lay ear-bay e-thay otion-nay at-thay or-fay e-thay author-way of-way iber-Lay uratus-Jay, e-thay exoteric-way ass-May and-way e-thay esoteric-way ork-way of-way e-thay onjurer-cay ere-way ot-nay een-say as-way o-tway eparate-say ings-thay, as-way ome-say ontemporary-cay eorists-thay o-whay ostulate-pay a-way igid-ray ivide-day etween-bay e-thay echniques-tay of-way “magic” and-way “religion” ay-may uggest-say. Instead-way, e-thay ork-way of-way e-thay ass-May as-way artof-pay e-thay agic-may and-way upplied-say art-pay of-way its-way iritual-spay empowerment; in-way e-thay iber-Lay Juratus‘s ystem-say, e-thay eparatory-pray urifying-pay ites-Ray and-way e-thay ater-lay allings-cay of-way e-thay irits-spay are-way art-pay of-way a-way ingle-say magico-religious ontinuum-cay. Indeed-way, ithout-way e-thay onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May, e-thay agician-May as-way eld-hay o-tay e-bay unfit-way and-way insufficiently-way urified-pay o-tay oceed-pray ith-way e-thay Operations-way ith-way irits-spay (Peterson, 2009).


  1. agical-May onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way oane-Slay 3847 – e-Thay avicle-Clay of-way olomon-Say evealed-Ray y-bay olomy-Ptay e-thay Eciangray 

Second, e-thay ame-say inciple-pray at-thay e-thay istian-Chray ass-May itself-way as-hay e-thay ower-pay o-tay onsecrate-cay oth-bay actitioners-pray and-way ools-tay of-way e-thay Art-way is-way applied-way in-way another-way imoiric-gray ext-tay, amely-nay, oane-Slay 3847 – e-Thay avicle-Clay of-way olomon-Say evealed-Ray y-bay olomy-Ptay e-thay ecian-Gray. is-Thay ext-tay is-way one-way of-way e-thay earliest-way available-way anuscripts-may of-way e-thay ey-Kay of-way olomon-Say and-way eems-say o-tay ate-day o-tay 1572, e-thay only-way earlier-way one-way I’m aware-way of-way eing-bay -BNFay or-way Bibliothèque ationale-Nay e-day ance-Fray Ital-way 1524, ich-whay ates-day o-tay 1446 (Peterson, 1999). In-way oane-Slay 3847, e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May is-way applied-way ot-nay only-way in-way e-thay onsecration-cay of-way e-thay ools-Tay of-way e-thay Art-way, ut-bay also-way in-way e-thay onsecration-cay of-way e-thay entacles-Pay. As-way ill-way e-bay een-say, e-thay ocess-pray iven-gay or-fay onsecrating-cay e-thay entacles-Pay is-way onsiderably-cay ore-may involved-way and-way emanding-day in-way is-thay anuscript-may an-thay in-way ater-lay anuscripts-may of-way e-thay avicula-Clay alomonis-Say, ich-whay ay-may uggest-say at-thay ater-lay iters-wray ay-may ave-hay abrogated-way e-thay ext-tay o-tay implify-say e-thay method.

In oane-Slay 3847, e-thay agician-May is-way equired-ray o-tay ave-hay ot-nay one-way, ut-bay ultiple-may asses-May aid-say over-way e-thay anetary-Play entacle-Pay o-tay onsecrate-cay and-way empower-way it-way, as-way e-thay ext-tay explains:

“The entacles-Pay e-bay ade-may upon day, and-way in-way e-thay our-hay of-way Mercury,(…). ave-Hay a-way ouse-hay or-way ecret-say amber-chay ean-clay and-way oodly-gay erein-whay all-shay one-nay inhabit-way, ut-bay e-thay eefe-chay oniurer-cay and-way is-hay ellowes-fay, and-way ake-may a-way umigation-fay ere-thay and-way inckle-spray it-way ith-way ewater-yay, as-way it-way is-way aid-say (…) and-way ave-hay our-yay aper-pay or-way etter-bay, irgin-vay aper-pay and-way egin-bay at-thay our-hay o-tay ite-wray e-thay oresayde-fay entacle-pay of-way oble-nay ollour-cay as-way is-way emabrium-way or-way elestem-cay oniured-cay and-way exorsized-way as-way it-way is-way sayd.

For e-thay en-Pay and-way e-thay Inke-way, et-lay em-thay e-bay itt-wray and-way other-way inges-thay o-tay e-bay exorsized-way, and-way en-whay ey-thay e-bay itten-wray erfectly-pay, at-thay our-hay if-way ey-thay e-bay ot-nay ompleted-cay, oe-day ot-nay ease-cay untill-way ey-thay e-bay ullfilled-fay en-whay e-yay ay-may. en-Thay ake-tay ome-say oble-nay oth-clay of-way ilke-say erin-whay e-yay ay-may old-hay e-thay oresayd-fay entacles-pay, and-way ave-hay ere-thay an-way earthen-way ot-pay eat-gray, and-way ull-fay of-way oales-cay, and-way et-lay ere-thay e-bay of-way igno-lay astico-may asculo-may & igno-lay aloe-way, oniured-cay, and-way et-lay e-yay oniurer-cay e-bay eare-clay [24v] as-way it-way is-way eete-may, and-way ave-hay ere-thay epared-pray Arthanum-way upatum-nay [the ill-Quay knife] in-way e-thay uice-jay of-way impernell-pay and-way e-thay ood-blay of-way a-way oose-gay ade-may and-way ompleted-cay upon-way ercuries-May ay-day in-way e-thay augementinge-way [waxing] of-way e-thay oone-may ere-whay upon-way et-lay 3 asses-May e-bay onge-say ith-way ospells-gay and-way umigate-fay it-way ith-way umigations-fay of-way e-yay ife-knay, at-thay e-yay ust-may ut-cay and-way ake-may aicum-may Isopi-way [hyssop], ith-way our-yay ole-whay inde-may and-way umble-hay euotion-day, ayinge-say ese-thay almes-Psay ith-way eoration-yay followinge…”

Nor is-way at-thay all-way. e-Thay agician-May is-way en-thay equired-ray o-tay omplete-cay a-way eries-say of-way ayers-pray over-way e-thay ext-nay ee-thray ays-day, and-way “cause” an-way additional-way eries-say of-way asses-May o-tay e-bay aid-say over-way e-thay entacle-Pay o-tay activate-way it-way and-way en-spirit it-way ith-way agical-may force:

Say is-thay 3 ayes-day ontinuall-cay upon-way e-thay oresayed-fay entacles-pay and-way ause-cay 3 assesto-May e-bay ayed-say of-way e-yay oly-Hay ost-Ghay, and-way one-way of-way Our-way ady-Lay, and-way afterward-way ut-pay e-thay oresaid-fay ignes-say, in-way a-way ilke-say oth-clay ith-way oodly-gay auours-say, and-way ut-pay em-thay up-way in-way a-way eane-clay place.

And en-whay it-way is-way eede-nay, e-yay ay-may orke-way as-way it-way is-way aid-say of-way e-thay artes-way agicall-may, of-way y-thay oth-clay ere-way ecked-day ith-way old-gay it-way ere-way of-way ore-may efficacye-way, and-way en-whay ey-thay e-bay ut-pay in-way a-way eane-clay ace-play, umigate-fay em-thay and-way incle-spray em-thay ith-way ater-way and-way Isope-way [hyssop] and-way oe-say et-lay em-thay alone-way. ey-Thay ave-hay immumerable-way ertues-vay as-way it-way is-way ontained-cay heareafter.

Nor is-way e-thay ormula-fay of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May only-way applied-way or-fay entacles-Pay. e-Thay avicle-Clay also-way equires-ray it-way or-fay e-thay onsecration-cay of-way “the Conjurer’s” ools-tay, uch-say as-way e-thay ife-Knay, and-Way, and-way eedlenay:

“With uch-say a-way ife-knay as-way e-thay ircles-cay ould-shay e-bay ade-may ith-way, if-way it-way e-bay eevous-gray or-fay ou-yay o-tay ake-may uch-say a-way ife-knay, inde-fay ome-say ife-knay of-way e-thay oresaid-fay ashion-fay, ith-way a-way aft-hay all-way ite-whay or-way all-way acke-blay, and-way ite-wray upon-way anicumor-may aft-hay e-thay oresaid-fay ordes-way, after-way e-thay mañer aforesaid-way of-way at-thay ife-knay, and-way upon-way e-thay ate-play begiñinge om-fray e-thay oynt-pay, ite-wray ith-way encausto-way onjured-cay, Alpha-way et-way omega-way, agla-way, a-Jay, el-way, ou-way, emeumaton-pray, yrnel-say, afrnel-way, and-way ause-cay o-tay e-bay ayd-say over-way is-thay ife-knay 3 asses-may, one-way of-way e-thay oly-hay ost-ghay and-way 2 of-way our-way ady-Lay and-way umigate-fay im-hay, ith-way e-thay umigations-fay ollowinge-fay, and-way esse-blay im-hay ith-way ater-way as-way olloweth-fay, onjuring-cay ayinge-say, in-way omine-nay atris-pay ilii-fay et-way -Say. ancti-Say Amen-way, and-way ut-pay im-hay in-way a-way ilke-say oth-clay, of-way uch-say as-way olloweth-fay, until-way e-yay ill-way orke-way, and-way of-way at-thay ife-knay et-lay e-thay ircles-cay of-way artes-way e-bay ade-may, and-way ith-way at-thay ife-knay, et-lay ings-thay ecessary-nay o-tay e-thay artes-way or-way experiments-way e-bay ut-cay, ikewise-lay et-lay Artanus-way e-bay ade-may, ut-bay ey-thay eede-nay ot-nay o-tay e-bay ut-pay in-way any-way operation-way. et-Lay other-way Instruments-way of-way Iron-way, or-way aves-stay, or-way odds-ray excersised-way in-way artes-way or-way experiments-way e-bay onsecrated-cay, on-way at-thay mañer, if-way ey-thay e-bay InstrumtsLet-way em-thay e-bay ade-may on dayes and-way is-hay our-Hay as-way it-way is-way aid-say of-way e-yay ife-knay, and-way Arthano-way [the ill-quay knife], and-way et-lay ese-thay at-thay olloweth-fay e-bay itten-wray upon-way them…”


This assage-pay is-way ascinating-fay or-fay a-way umber-nay of-way easons-ray. irst-Fay, it-way eems-say o-tay uggest-say at-thay a-way ingle-say ife-knay an-cay e-bay used-way, ot-nay oth-bay a-way black-handled ife-knay and-way a-way white-handled ife-knay as-way in-way ater-lay anuscripts-may, ut-bay a-way ife-knay “with a-way aft-hay [handle] all-way ite-whay or-way all-way black” (Peterson, 1999). is-Thay all-smay, ut-bay ignificant-say ifference-day aces-play is-thay anuscript-may ore-may osely-clay in-way ine-lay ith-way e-thay ygromanteia-Hay, ich-whay only-way eatures-fay a-way ingle-say ife-knay (Marathakis, 2011). As-way -Dray. ephen-Stay inner-Skay explains-way in-way is-hay etailed-day analysis-way ithin-way e-thay ame-say edition-way of-way e-thay ext-tay, in-way e-thay ygromanteiay,

“The ade-blay of-way e-thay ife-knay ust-may e-bay om-fray an-way older-way ord-sway or-way ife-knay at-thay as-hay ought-bray eath-day, ut-bay e-thay andle-hay ust-may e-bay ade-may om-fray e-thay orn-hay of-way a-way ack-blay he-goat. -Pay as-hay she-goat instead-way and-way -Gay oes-day ot-nay efer-ray o-tay e-thay andle-hay at-way all-way. According-way o-tay A-way, -Bay, -Gay and-way B3 ertain-cay omina-nay arbara-bay ave-hay o-tay e-bay itten-wray on-way e-thay ife-knay, and-way it-way ust-may e-bay onstructed-cay on-way e-thay ay-day and-way e-thay our-hay of-way arsmay.

Except or-fay is-thay ection-say and-way e-thay ubsequent-say entions-may of-way e-thay ack-blay andled-hay ife-knay in-way e-thay aking-may of-way e-thay en-pay, e-thay archment-pay and-way e-thay ircle-cay, e-thay anuscripts-may ention-may e-thay ife-knay in-way elation-ray o-tay a-way umber-nay of-way independent-way ivinatory-day operations-way at-thay ill-way e-bay eated-tray of-way elow-bay. e-Thay oldest-way eference-ray o-tay e-thay black-handled ife-knay, ought-bray o-tay y-may attention-way y-bay avid-Day ankine-Ray, omes-cay om-fray ashi-Ray (Rabbi omo-Shlay Yitzhaki), e-thay amous-fay 11th entury-cay ommentator-cay of-way e-thay almud-Tay. ashi-Ray, ommenting-cay on-way a-way almudic-Tay assage-pay, says: “He o-whay is-way articular-pay about-way e-thay essel-vay (by eans-may of-way ich-whay e-hay divines), at-thay e-hay annot-cay o-day anything-way ithout-way e-thay essel-vay at-thay is-way equired-ray or-fay at-thay ing-thay, as-way, or-fay instance-way, e-thay “princes of-way e-thay thumb”, or-fay ich-whay ey-thay equire-ray a-way ife-knay, e-thay andle-hay of-way ich-whay is-way ack-blay, or-way e-thay “princes of-way e-thay cup”, at-thay ey-thay equire-ray a-way up-cay of-way glass.”(…)

Another early-way eference-ray o-tay e-thay ack-blay andled-hay ife-knay an-cay e-bay ound-fay in-way e-thay ecension-Ray -Cay of-way e-thay estament-Tay of-way olomon-Say, ich-whay, according-way o-tay own-McCay ay-may elong-bay o-tay e-thay 12th or-way 13th entury-cay. In-way is-thay ext-tay, eelzeboul-Bay says: “Take ifty-fay one-way in-way umber-nay ack-blay unborn-way ids-kay, ing-bray e-may a-way ew-nay ife-knay ith-way a-way andle-hay ade-may om-fray ack-blay orn-hay and-way attached-way y-bay ee-thray ivets-ray, and-way in-skay e-thay ids-kay [baby goats].”

It is-way additionally-way orth-way oting-nay e-thay explicit-way istianity-Chray of-way is-thay assage-pay om-fray e-thay avicle-Clay, ich-whay ot-nay only-way equires-ray “3 asses-May, one-way of-way e-thay oly-Hay ost-Ghay and-way 2 of-way our-way ady-Lay [the irgin-Vay Mary]” o-tay e-bay aid-say over-way e-thay ife-Knay of-way Art-way, ut-bay also-way onjures-cay e-thay ife-Knay y-bay eans-may of-way e-thay inity-Tray, “in omine-nay atris-pay ilii-fay et-way -Say. ancti-Say Amen” (Peterson, 1999). is-Thay ands-stay in-way ontrast-cay o-tay ater-lay anuscripts-may of-way e-thay ey-Kay of-way olomon-Say, ich-whay eliminate-way all-way istian-Chray eferences-ray in-way an-way attempt-way o-tay ake-may e-thay ext-tay appear-way entirely-way ewish-Jay, and-way us-thay, ore-may in-way ine-lay ith-way e-thay eligion-ray of-way its-way eudepigraphic-psay author-way, ing-Kay olomonsay.

In e-thay interests-way of-way evity-bray, I-way ill-way ot-nay ote-quay all-way of-way e-thay assages-pay oncerning-cay onsecrations-cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-thay avicle-Clay, or-fay ere-thay are-way any-may, ut-bay it-way ay-may uffice-say o-tay ay-say in-way ummary-say at-thay asses-May are-way also-way equired-ray o-tay e-bay ecited-ray over-way e-thay “Virgin ax-Way or-way Earth” (“three Masses”), e-thay eedle-Nay of-way Art-way (“three Masses”), e-thay irgin-Vay archment-Pay (“three Masses”), and-way e-thay ilk-Say oth-Clay or-fay apping-wray implements-way of-way e-thay Art-way (a aggering-stay “9 Masses!) (Peterson, 1999).

As ese-thay assages-pay eveal-ray, onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May as-way onsidered-cay y-bay e-thay author-way of-way e-thay avicle-Clay, at-thay is-way, Pseudo-Ptolemy e-thay ecian-Gray in-way oane-Slay 3847, o-tay e-bay a-way undamental-fay and-way essential-way agical-may echnique-tay or-fay onsecrating-cay all-way of-way e-thay ools-Tay of-way e-thay Art-way as-way ell-way as-way e-thay entacles-Pay oduced-pray using-way e-thay avicular-Clay ethod-may (Peterson, 1999). As-way uch-say, e-thay absence-way of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May in-way ater-lay anuscripts-may of-way e-thay ey-Kay, arguably-way a-way oduct-pray of-way attempts-way o-tay eamline-stray and-way acilitate-fay e-thay olomonic-Say ethod-may, is-way emarkably-ray conspicuous.


  1. agical-May onsecration-Cay y-bay ass-May in-way e-Thay eptameron-Hay or-way agical-May Elements-way eudepigraphically-Psay attributed-way o-tay eter-Pay e-day Abano

Third, onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May also-way igures-fay ongly-stray in-way e-thay eptameron-Hay or-way agical-May Elements-way, in-way o-tway ey-kay espects-ray, amely-nay, e-thay onsecrations-cay of-way e-thay entacle-Pay and-way arment-Gay and-way e-thay ord-Sway of-way Art-way. As-way e-thay ext-tay, in-way Peterson’s (2018) edition-way, explains:

“The Operator-way ought-way o-tay e-bay ean-clay and-way urified-pay y-bay e-thay ace-spay of-way ine-nay aies-day efore-bay e-thay eginning-bay of-way e-thay ork-way, and-way o-tay e-bay onfessed-cay, and-way eceive-ray e-thay oly-hay ommunion-Cay. et-Lay im-hay ave-hay eady-ray e-thay erfume-pay appropriated-way o-tay e-thay ay-day erein-whay e-hay ould-way erform-pay e-thay ork-way. e-Hay ought-way also-way o-tay ave-hay oly-hay ater-way om-fray a-way iest-Pray, and-way a-way ew-nay earthen-way essel-vay ith-way ire-fay, a-way esture-Vay and-way a-way Pentacle; and-way et-lay all-way ese-thay ings-thay e-bay ightly-ray and-way uly-day onsecrated-cay and-way epared-pray. et-Lay one-way of-way e-thay ervants-say arry-cay e-thay earthen-way essel-vay ull-fay of-way ire-fay, and-way e-thay erfumes-pay, and-way et-lay another-way ear-bay e-thay ook-bay, another-way e-thay arment-Gay and-way entacle-Pay, and-way et-lay e-thay aster-may arry-cay e-thay Sword; over-way ich-whay ere-thay ust-may e-bay aid-say one-way ass-may of-way e-thay oly-Hay Ghost.”

Similarly, a-way ater-lay assage-pay arifies-clay at-thay e-thay onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May ust-may ot-nay only-way e-bay erformed-pay or-fay e-thay ord-Sway, ut-bay also-way or-fay e-thay Pentacle:

“Let it-way e-bay a-way Priest’s arment-Gay, if-way it-way an-cay e-bay ad-hay, et-lay it-way e-bay of-way inen-lay, and-way ean-clay. en-Thay ake-tay is-thay entacle-Pay ade-may in-way e-thay ay-day and-way our-hay of-way ercury-May, e-thay oon-May increasing-way, itten-wray in-way archment-pay ade-may of-way a-way ids-kay in-skay [goat skin]. ut-Bay irst-fay et-lay ere-thay e-bay aid-say over-way it-way e-thay ass-May of-way e-thay oly-hay ost-Ghay, and-way et-lay it-way e-bay inkled-spray ith-way ater-way of-way baptism.”

As ese-thay assages-pay eveal-ray, e-thay Pseudo-Peter e-day Abano-way of-way e-thay eptameron-Hay also-way aw-say e-thay onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May o-tay e-bay a-way ucially-cray important-way ethod-may or-fay imbuing-way e-thay ord-Sway and-way entacle-Pay ith-way eir-thay agical-may owerpay.

To ing-bray ese-thay ee-thray analyses-way ogether-tay, e-thay agical-may eoretic-thay ogic-lay at-way ay-play ehind-bay oth-bay Juratus’ onsecration-cay of-way e-thay agician-May y-bay ass-May and-way e-thay avicle-Clay and-way Heptameron’sconsecrations of-way e-thay ools-Tay and-way entacles-Pay y-bay ass-May eems-say o-tay e-bay argely-lay e-thay ame-say. In-way oth-bay ases-cay, oximity-pray o-tay or-way immersion-way in-way e-thay oly-Hay ass-May ings-bray e-thay agician-May and-way e-thay ools-Tay into-way ympathetic-say esonance-ray ith-way e-thay oly-hay orces-fay at-thay ey-thay are-way intended-way o-tay elp-hay onjure-cay and-way irect-day o-tay agical-may ends.

To e-thay atholic-Cay agicians-May o-whay enned-pay ese-thay ee-thray imoires-gray, it-way as-way only-way atural-nay o-tay aw-dray upon-way e-thay ost-may owerful-pay eremony-cay of-way ich-whay ey-thay ere-way aware-way, in-way ich-whay e-thay ody-Bay and-way ood-Blay of-way eir-thay aviour-Say ere-way ymbolically-say ingested-way in-way e-thay ystery-May of-way Eucharist-way, o-tay empower-way eir-thay instruments-way, a-way ogic-lay Agrippa-way explains-way in-way is-hay analyses-way of-way ympathetic-say “occult vertue” (Agrippa, 2000). Indeed-way, e-thay act-fay at-thay e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May ecurs-ray in-way o-say any-may influential-way and-way early-way exts-tay only-way akes-may its-way aring-glay omission-way y-bay ost-may odern-may agicians-May all-way e-thay ore-may iking-stray. y-Bay omitting-way it-way, ontemporary-cay actitioners-pray isk-ray eaving-lay out-way a-way ey-kay omponent-cay of-way e-thay agical-may ethod-may and-way eory-thay enshrined-way in-way ese-thay ivotal-pay texts.


Resurrecting e-thay onsecration-Cay y-bay Mass: actical-Pray uggestions-Say or-fay e-thay ontemporary-Cay ractitionerpay

In ight-lay of-way e-thay method’s owerful-pay istorical-hay egacy-lay in-way e-thay imoires-gray and-way in-way e-thay interests-way of-way aithfulness-fay o-tay e-thay ource-say exts-tay, at-whay are-way ontemporary-cay actitioners-pray o-tay o-day if-way ey-thay ish-way o-tay implement-way e-thay onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May into-way eir-thay own-way 21st-century orkway?

Three ain-may options-way emain-ray open-way o-tay ontemporary-cay agicianmays:

1) ey-Thay an-cay ollow-fay iber-Lay uratus-Jay and-way y-tray o-tay ind-fay a-way “faithful and-way wary” ordained-way iest-pray o-whay is-way illing-way o-tay elp-hay in-way erforming-pay asses-May over-way em-thay or-way eir-thay agical-may implements-way. is-Thay is-way ossible-pay in-way ome-say ases-cay, ut-bay iests-pray illing-way o-tay ooperate-cay in-way occult-way enterprises-way an-cay e-bay ew-fay and-way ar-fay etween-bay. is-Thay unfortunate-way ate-stay of-way affairs-way is-way edominantly-pray ue-day o-tay e-thay ontinued-cay igmatization-stay of-way esotericism-way as-way ecessarily-nay and-way intrinsically-way emonic-day at-thay eigns-ray ithin-way e-thay ontemporary-cay urch-Chay. ith-Way at-thay aid-say, everend-Ray Aaron-way eitch-Lay oes-day offer-way a-way ervice-say of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May or-fay ose-thay o-whay ould-way ike-lay o-tay enlist-way is-hay services.

2) ey-Thay an-cay ecome-bay ordained-way as-way iests-pray and-way erform-pay e-thay asses-May over-way eir-thay own-way implements-way ourselves-way. o-Tay aid-way and-way upport-say ose-thay o-whay are-way interested-way in-way oing-day is-thay, I-way ave-hay included-way a-way ull-fay atin-Lay ext-tay of-way e-thay “Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Ghost” alled-cay or-fay in-way e-thay aforementioned-way imoires-gray in-way Appendix-way I-way of-way is-thay article-way. e-Thay ourney-jay o-tay authentic-way ordination-way is-way a-way ong-lay one-way equiring-ray eat-gray evotion-day and-way ommitment-cay, ut-bay is-thay econd-say option-way is-way often-way ill-stay easier-way an-thay e-thay irst-fay, and-way indeed-way, I-way ow-knay everal-say individuals-way o-whay ave-hay aken-tay is-thay approach.

3) e-Thay ird-thay and-way inal-fay ethod-may is-way e-thay approach-way I-way affectionately-way efer-ray o-tay as-way yptoconsecratio-cray, at-thay is-way, e-thay andestine-clay onsecration-cay of-way objects-way erformed-pay in-way ublic-pay. In-way is-thay ase-cay, yptoconsecratio-cray entails-way inging-bray agical-may items-way o-tay urch-Chay and-way aying-pray over-way and-way onsecrating-cay em-thay ecretly-say uring-day e-thay ass-May itselfay.

Oneay allenge-chay osed-pay y-bay is-thay atter-lay approach-way, owever-hay, is-way at-thay, as-way e-way ave-hay already-way een-say, e-thay “Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Spirit” escribed-pray above-way is-way ot-nay e-thay andard-stay unday-Say iturgical-lay ass-May, ut-bay ather-ray a-way otive-vay or-way evotional-day ass-May at-thay is-way arely-ray erformed-pay y-bay ost-may urches-Chay oday-tay at-way all-way if-way ot-nay once-way or-way a-way ew-fay imes-tay er-pay ear-yay (Rex, 2014). ankfully-Thay, actical-pray experimentation-way as-hay evealed-ray at-thay e-thay andard-stay ass-May, ile-whay ot-nay as-way optimally-way aligned-way ith-way e-thay imoiric-gray ecifications-spay as-way e-thay ass-May of-way e-thay oly-Hay irit-Spay, orks-way early-nay as-way ell-way or-fay our-way purposes.

acticalpray ips-Tay or-fay yptoconsecrating-Cray agical-May Objects-way y-bay assmay

Thosay o-whay ould-way ike-lay o-tay attempt-way e-thay yptoconsecratio-cray ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May, an-cay acilitate-fay eir-thay ask-tay y-bay acing-play agical-may items-way in-way an-way unsuspicious-way ag-bay uch-say as-way a-way ackpack-bay, urse-pay or-way atchel-say, ich-whay ey-thay ing-bray ith-way em-thay into-way e-thay urch-Chay. Ideally-way, e-thay objects-way o-tay e-bay onsecrated-cay ould-way e-bay aced-play as-way ose-clay o-tay e-thay Altar-way as-way possible; indeed-way, e-thay grimoires’ authors-way envisioned-way e-thay items-way eing-bay aced-play on-way e-thay Altar-way itself-way. owever-Hay, as-way er-pay Agrippan-way occult-way ilosophical-phay ogic-lay, e-thay items-way an-cay emain-ray in-way e-thay ews-pay if-way necessary; ince-say e-thay ass-May echnically-tay unfolds-way oughout-thray e-thay entire-way urch-Chay, its-way “occult vertue” and-way ympathetic-say empowerment-way an-cay ill-stay e-bay ansferred-tray o-tay any-way ocation-lay ithin-way e-thay urch-Chay uring-day e-thay ass-May ovided-pray appropriate-way and-way effective-way ayers-pray are-way used-way o-tay irect-day e-thay ocess-pray (Agrippa, 2000).

The oser-clay o-tay e-thay Altar-way, e-thay etter-bay, owever-hay. e-Thay oldest-bay agicians-May an-cay it-say in-way e-thay ont-fray ow-ray and-way ereby-thay e-bay as-way ose-clay o-tay e-thay Altar-way as-way ey-thay an-cay ossibly-pay e-bay ithout-way eing-bay e-thay officiating-way iests-pray emselves-thay. If-way actitioners-pray are-way erforming-pay e-thay andestine-clay yptoconsecratio-cray om-fray eir-thay ews-pay ith-way e-thay items-way in-way a-way ag-bay eside-bay em-thay, en-thay uring-day e-thay ass-May, ey-thay an-cay imply-say and-way iscretely-day ace-play a-way and-hay over-way e-thay items-way o-tay e-bay onsecrated-cay and-way ay-pray over-way em-thay o-tay omplete-cay e-thay consecration.

Praying over-way e-thay items-way ultiple-may imes-tay oughout-thray e-thay ass-May eems-say o-tay e-bay ost-may effective-way approach-way, as-way actical-pray experimentation-way as-hay evealed-ray. owever-Hay, e-thay ost-may ucial-cray oment-may o-tay erform-pay uch-say andestine-clay ayers-pray is-way en-whay e-thay iest-pray is-way initiating-way e-thay ansubstantiation-tray or-way e-thay ystic-may ansformation-tray of-way e-thay ead-bray and-way ine-way into-way e-thay ood-Blay and-way ody-Bay of-way ist-Chray (Peterson, 2009). iber-Lay uratus-Jay akes-may e-thay esoteric-way otency-pay of-way is-thay oment-may abundantly-way ear-clay in-way e-thay aforementioned-way assage-pay egarding-ray e-thay ayers-pray o-tay e-bay ecited-ray y-bay “he at-thay all-shay work” (Peterson, 2009). ollowing-Fay Agrippa-way once-way again-way, e-thay agical-may ationale-ray is-way clear; ince-say e-thay iest-pray is-way erforming-pay a-way acred-say ansformation-tray, e-thay oment-may is-way egnant-pray ith-way e-thay ‘occult vertue’ of-way at-thay acred-say ansformative-tray power–quite ike-lay an-way auspicious-way and-way enefic-bay astrological-way election–thus acilitating-fay e-thay onsecration-cay of-way e-thay argeted-tay agical-may objects-way y-bay e-thay ass-May (Agrippa, 2000).

At is-thay oint-pay, I-way anticipate-way at-thay y-may intelligent-way and-way practically-minded eaders-ray ill-way ikely-lay ose-pay a-way ery-vay understandable-way question: at-whay about-way e-thay ord-Sway — urely-say it’s ot-nay o-say easy-way o-tay yptoconsecrate-cray as-way all-smay objects?

Admittedlay, e-thay ord-Sway of-way Art’s ize-say oes-day eem-say o-tay ose-pay a-way oblem-pray. ankfully-Thay, owever-hay, it-way is-way one-way easily-way olved-say. ince-Say e-thay ord-Sway oes-day ot-nay it-fay in-way ost-may ags-bay, it-way an-cay instead-way e-bay aced-play in-way e-thay ase-cay of-way a-way usical-may instrument-way — a-way uitar-gay ase-cay, or-fay instance-way, orks-way emarkably-ray ell-way. Once-way again-way, as-way in-way e-thay ase-cay of-way e-thay ags-bay, andestine-clay actitioners-pray eed-nay only-way ace-play a-way and-hay over-way e-thay ord-Sway as-way it-way ies-lay idden-hay in-way its-way ase-cay and-way ay-pray over-way it-way o-tay onsecrate-cay it-way uring-day e-thay ass-May. Exorcisms-way of-way e-thay items-way o-tay e-bay onsecrated-cay an-cay e-bay one-day in-way e-thay Magician’s ivate-pray emple-Tay ior-pray o-tay oing-gay o-tay urch-Chay or-fay e-thay ass-May and-way inal-fay uffumigations-say and-way oly-Hay ater-Way inklings-spray of-way e-thay items-way an-cay e-bay one-day upon-way eturning-ray omhay.

In ort-shay, ether-whay ough-thray a-way iestly-pray ally-way, ough-thray ecoming-bay iests-pray, or-way ough-thray iscrete-day yptoconsecratio-cray erformed-pay uring-day asses-May officiated-way y-bay others-way, e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May emains-ray accessible-way o-tay is-thay ayday.

A ystic-May egacy-Lay ith-way Enduring-way Value: oncluding-Cay ords-Way on-way an-way Ongoing-way acticepray

In onclusion-cay, e-thay ethod-may of-way onsecration-cay y-bay ass-May as-hay a-way espectable-ray imoiric-gray edigree-pay and-way emains-ray accessible-way oday-tay ough-thray ethods-may uch-say as-way e-thay ee-thray approaches-way uggested-say in-way is-thay article-way. imoiric-Gray aditionalists-tray and-way istian-Chray agicians-May ay-may ind-fay articular-pay alue-vay in-way e-thay ethod-may. Non-Christian actitioners-pray ith-way an-way open-mind and-way a-way uriosity-cay about-way agical-may ethods-may om-fray other-way ultures-cay, owever-hay, ay-may ill-stay ind-fay at-thay e-thay ethod-may offers-way a-way ertile-fay agical-may echnology-tay under-girded y-bay undreds-hay of-way ears-yay of-way esoteric-way istory-hay as-way ell-way as-way a-way ascinating-fay avenue-way or-fay exploration.


 Appendix I-way – e-Thay atin-Lay ext-tay of-way e-thay ‘Mass of-way e-thay oly-Hay Ghost/Spirit,’ ared-shay ere-hay om-fray e-thay ublic-Pay omain-Day (for e-thay English-way ext-tay, ee-say is-thay ist-Lay of-way esources-Ray om-fray -BJay Swayne):

[Adam’s Note: Brace yourself for a truly glorious abomination of Pig Latin-ized actual Latin...]

Missa e-day iritu-Spay Sancto Introitus. ap-Say. -lay, 7.

Spíritus Dómini replévit orbem-way terrárum: et-way oc-hay, od-quay cóntinet ómnia, sciéntiam abet-hay vocis. (T.P. Allelúja, allelúja.)

Ps. 67,2. Exsúrgat eus-Day, et-way dissipéntur inimíci ejus: et-way fúgiant, i-quay odérunt eum-way, a-way fácie ejus. ℣. Glória Patri.


Deus, i-quay orda-cay fidélium ancti-Say Spíritus illustratióne docuísti: a-day obis-nay in-way eódem Spíritu ecta-ray sápere; et-way e-day ejus-way emper-say consolatióne gaudére. er-Pay Dóminum . . . in-way unitáte ejúsdem Spíritus Sancti.

Léctio Actuum-way Apostólorum.

Act. 8, 14-17. In diébus illis: um-Cay audíssent Apóstoli, i-quay erant-way Jerosólymis, od-quay recepísset Samaría erbum-vay ei-Day, misérunt ad-way eos-way etrum-Pay et-way Joánnem. i-Quay um-cay veníssent, oravérunt o-pray ipsis-way, ut-way accíperent Spíritum Sanctum: ondum-nay enim-way in-way emquam-quay illórum vénerat, ed-say baptizáti antum-tay erant-way in-way nómine Dómini esu-Jay. unc-Tay imponébant anus-may uper-say illos-way, et-way accipiébant Spíritum Sanctum.


Ps. 32, 12 et-way 6. Beáta ens-gay, ujus-cay est-way Dóminus eus-Day eórum: pópulus, em-quay elégit Dóminus in-way hereditátem sibi. ℣. erbo-Vay Dómini oeli-cay firmáti sunt: et-way Spíritu oris-way ejus-way omnis-way irtus-vay eórum. Allelúja, allelúja. (Hic genuflectitur) ℣. eni-Vay, ancte-Say Spíritus, eple-ray tuórum orda-cay fidélium: et-way ui-tay amóris in-way eis-way ignem-way accénde. Allelúja. Post eptuagesimam-Say, omissis-way Allelúja et Versu equenti-say, dicitur:


-Psay. 103, 30. Emítte Spíritum uum-tay, et-way creabúntur: et-way renovábis fáciem terræ. ℣. O-way am-quay onus-bay et-way suávis est-way, Dómine, Spíritus uus-tay in-way obis-nay! (Hic genuflectitur) ℣. eni-Vay, ancte-Say Spíritus, eple-ray tuórum orda-cay fidélium: et-way ui-tay amóris in-way eis-way ignem-way accénde. Tempore autem-way aschali-Pay omittitur-way Graduale, et ejus-way oco-lay dicitur: Allelúja, allelúja. ℣. -Psay. 103, 30. Emítte Spíritum uum-tay, et-way creabúntur: et-way renovábis fáciem terræ. Allelúja. (Hic genuflectitur) ℣. eni-Vay, ancte-Say Spíritus, eple-ray tuórum orda-cay fidélium: et-way ui-tay amóris in-way eis-way ignem-way accénde. Allelúja.

✠ Sequéntia ancti-say Evangélii secúndum Joánnem.

Joann. 14, 23-31.

In illo-way témpore: ixit-Day esus-Jay discípulis suis: i-Say is-quay iligit-day e-may, sermónem eum-may servábit, et-way ater-Pay eus-may díliget eum-way, et-way ad-way eum-way veniémus, et-way mansiónem apud-way eum-way faciémus: i-quay on-nay díligit e-may, sermónes eos-may on-nay ervat-say Et-way sermónem em-quay audístis, on-nay est-way meus: ed-say ejus-way, i-quay isit-may e-may, atris-Pay. Hæc locútus um-say obis-vay, apud-way os-vay anens-may. Paráclitus autem-way Spíritus anctus-Say, em-quay ittet-may ater-Pay in-way nómine eo-may, ille-way os-vay docébit ómnia et-way súggeret obis-vay ómnia, quæcúmque díxero vobis. Pacem relínquo obis-vay, acem-pay eam-may o-day vobis: on-nay quómodo undus-may at-day, ego-way o-day obis-vay. on-Nay turbátur or-cay estrum-vay eque-nay fórmidet. Audístis, ia-quay ego-way ixi-day vobis: ado-Vay et-way vénio ad-way os-vay. i-Say diligerétis e-may, gauderétis útique, ia-quay ado-vay ad-way Patrem; ia-quay ater-Pay ajor-may e-may est-way. Et-way unc-nay ixi-day obis-vay, priúsquam fiat: ut-way, um-cay actum-fay fúerit, credátis. am-Jay on-nay ulta-may oquar-lay vobíscum. enit-Vay enim-way inceps-pray undi-may ujus-hay, et-way in-way e-may on-nay abet-hay idquam-quay. ed-Say ut-way cognóscat undus-may, ia-quay díligo atrem-Pay, et-way icut-say mandátum edit-day ihi-may ater-Pay, ic-say fácio.

Offertorium. -Psay. 67, 29-30.

Confírma oc-hay, eus-Day, od-quay operátus es-way in-way nobis: a-way emplo-tay uo-tay, od-quay est-way in-way Jerúsalem, ibi-tay ófferent eges-ray múnera. (T.P. Allelúja.) Secreta. Múnera, quǽsumus, Dómine, obláta sanctífica: et-way orda-cay ostra-nay ancti-Say Spíritus illustratióne emúnda. er-Pay Dóminum . . in-way unitáte ejusdem-way Spíritus Sancti. Præfatio e-day iritu-Spay Sancto.


Act-way. 2, 2 et-way 4. Factus est-way repénte e-day cælo onus-say amquam-tay adveniéntis spíritus veheméntis, ubi-way erant-way sedéntes: et-way repléti unt-say omnes-way Spíritu ancto-Say, loquéntes magnália Dei. (T.P.Allelúja.) Postcommunio. Sancti Spíritus, Dómine, orda-cay ostra-nay undet-may infúsio: et-way ui-say oris-ray íntima aspersióne fecúndet. er-Pay Dóminum . . . in-way unitáte ejúsdem Spíritus ancti-Say (Zardetti, 1888).


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