Traveling in the Spirit Vision Through the Air Sigil and the Esoteric Meaning of the Pelican and Olive Branch


Date: Monday, September 8, 2017
Time: 1:30 PM. to 2:00 P.M.
Sun Phase: Rising
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Planetary Day: Day of the Moon

Planetary Hour: Hour of the Moon into the Hour of Saturn
Mood: Calm
Planetary Hour:
 Traveling in the Spirit Vision in the Alchemical Sigil of Air

air triangle.png

Entering a relaxed and fully-present state of mind, I sat upright in meditative posture, fixating on the image of the Alchemical Sigil of Air in the flashing colours of violet and yellow, following the method described in Flying Roll XXXVI – Skrying and Traveling in the Spirit Vision by V.H. Soror V.N.R.

Closing my eyes, I vividly envisioned the astral form of the sigil until it attained depth like a doorway. Then I projected my consciousness into and through the sigil. As I entered the triangle symbol, it turned into a winding triangular tunnel, through which I plummeted.

At last, I came out of the other side in a space within what V.H.. Sorry V.N.R. calls “the World of Air.” Here, I found myself, astrally garbed in my robe, floating in a sky tinged with blue and yellow.

Looking off to my left, I saw a form approaching. It was a bird, and as I looked at it more carefully, it became clear that it was not just any bird, but a pelican. The pelican seemed to take no real notice of me at first until I greeted it with great love and respect. Hearing my greeting, it swooped down to float near me and greeted me in return. We began to speak.


Me: “Great Pelican! Where are we at present?”

Pelican: “We are in the World of Air, where the wind carries me on its wings. What do you come here for?”

M: “I come here to obtain a deeper understanding of the Element of Air and how to equilibrate its presence within me alongside the other Elements.”

P: “If this is your will, then listen to me carefully. I shall give you a branch. Press it to your forehead and you will have a direct influx of the power of the Element.”

In his beak, he handed me an Olive branch.


I pressed it to my head and felt a flood of moist, warm energy enveloping me. The pelican began to speak:

P: “Air is the element of life. It is the Spirit that breathes into the lungs and animates you as a human being with the breath of life. Without it, there can be no Fire, for Air fuels Fire, and it was Fire that kept humanity alive for aeons. The Air carries evaporated Water in the Clouds of the Sky. I fly over the depths of Water, and a bird of the Air, I draw fish from the Water. Thus, in me, Water and Air are joined; my life is sustained through the union of both. The same is true for you, creature who breathes Air and subsists on Water.

If you would balance the Air within your nature, be not lost in the Fire of your passion and Will, the Water of your unconscious mind and emotions, or the Earth of your flesh. To walk the way of Air, you must walk on the edge of the sword. On one edge, wisdom, on the other, folly. The sword of Air is discerning; it cuts through illusion and ignorance and thereby, reveals Truth. Sharpen the intellect, but do not fixate on it, for the sword of intellect cuts both ways! If you cling to it, it will cut you too; your own thoughts will stir up the Water and Fire of suffering in the Earth of your body. Just as Air can sustain life, but when taken away, can erase it, so can the intellect both preserve and destroy life. Keep it then in balance. Ride its Winds, but be not blown astray.”

I thanked the great Pelican for its insights and bowed to it. It returned the bow, then flew off on its way. I remained a few moments, connecting with the Element. Then, I turned towards the triangular tunnel through which I had come. Flying back through the tunnel, I “landed” back in my upright-seating body. Equilibrating the Air energy with the Qabalistic Cross, I sat for a moment, breathing, before I returned to ordinary consciousness.

In the day that followed, my mind seemed clearer. Thoughts proceeded with ease and clarity, and my mood seemed calmly buoyant and airy. I could feel how the calming perfume of equilibrated air calms the emotions and passions and brings energy and balance into the flow of the body’s rhythms.


Rosicrucian and Alchemical Secrets of the Pelican

At the end of the day, I returned to reflecting on the symbolism of the Pelican and the Olive Branch.

Unknown to me at the time of my visionary meeting while traveling in the spirit vision, the Pelican has rich Rosicrucian and alchemical roots.


In the Rosicrucian symbolism, Fr. William Saunders reports that

“The symbolism of the mother pelican feeding her little baby pelicans is rooted in an ancient legend, which preceded Christianity. The legend was that in time of famine, the mother pelican wounded herself, striking her breast with the beak to feed her young with her blood to prevent starvation. Another version of the legend was that the mother fed her dying young with her blood to revive them from death, but in turn lost her own life.”

To the Christian mystics, the Pelican took on the symbolism of self-sacrifice, compassion, resurrection, charity, and selfless giving for the redemption, healing, and nourishment of others; it thus became a symbol of the Christ-principle.

In support of t his view, Fr. Saunders notes that ”

This tradition and others is found in the Physiologus, an early Christian work which appeared in the second century in Alexandria, Egypt. Written by an anonymous author, the Physiologus recorded legends of animals and gave each an allegorical interpretation. (…) Here too the legend of the pelican feeding her young is described: “The little pelicans strike their parents, and the parents, striking back, kill them. But on the third day the mother pelican strikes and opens her side and pours blood over her dead young. In this way they are revivified and made well. (…) This work was noted by St. Epiphanius, St. Basil and St. Peter of Alexandria. It was also popular in the Middle Ages and was a source for the symbols used in the various stone carvings and other artwork of that period.

He adds that:

Clearly the pelican became a symbol of charity. Reference to the pelican and its Christian meaning are found in Renaissance literature: Dante (1321) in the “Paridiso” of his Divine Comedy refers to Christ as “our Pelican.” John Lyly in his Euphues (1606) wrote, “Pelicane who striketh blood out of its owne bodye to do others good.” Shakespeare (1616) in Hamlet wrote, “To his good friend thus wide, Ill ope my arms / And, like the kind, life-rendering pelican / Repast them with my blood.” John Skelton (1529) in his Armorie of Birds, wrote, “Then sayd the Pellycan: When my Byrdts be slayne / With my bloude I them revyve. Scripture doth record / The same dyd our Lord / And rose from deth to lyve.””

To the Rosicrucian alchemists, the Pelican retained these valences of meaning, but took on additional ones within the alchemical operations in pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone. Here, it was seen as analogous to the vessel in which ‘circulatio’ or circular distillation was performed, as shown in this image:


As the image also points out, in Inner Alchemy, the pelican came to encapsulate the “circumambulation of a problem from different points of view and at different stages of life.” Fittingly, this is also what is involved in the intellectual manifestations of the Air element as pointed to by the Pelican in my vision.

The Pelican circumambulates in the sky, circles, and examines the scene from different angles, and then swoops in to catch its prey. In the same way, we use the Airy power of the intellect to examine, analyze, consider, survey, and envision the aspects of a problem before swooping in to deliver the solving power of a solution. In a sense, the right exercise of Reason, a power of Air, results in the “circular distillation” of a solution or a gem of insight, knowledge, or understanding from the confusing morass of an ambiguous situation or multidimensional problem.

The Olive Branch

The olive branch is also a symbol that is rich in meaning. In Greek Mythology, Athena planted an olive branch in Athens as a gift of sustenance and food to the Athenians. Olive wreaths were also worn by brides and awarded to victorious Olympians, in the Games. Thus, the symbol was connected to Athena and also to the notion of victory. In the Tree of Life, this links it in part to the Sephirah of Netzach on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which means not only “eternity,” but also “victory.” To the Greeks, the Olympians were “victorious forever,” ever-hallowed for their victories, and crowned with the olive wreath as a celebration of their victory.

The Roman poet Virgil (70-19 BC) associated “the plump olive” with the goddess Pax (the Roman Eirene) and he used the olive branch as a symbol of peace in his Aeneid:

“High on the stern Aeneas his stand,
And held a branch of olive in his hand,
While thus he spoke: “The Phrygians’ arms you see,
Expelled from Troy, provoked in Italy
By Latian foes, with war unjustly made;
At first affianced, and at last betrayed.
This message bear: The Trojans and their chief
Bring holy peace, and beg the king’s relief.”

For the Romans, there was an intimate relationship between war and peace, and Mars/Ares, the god of war, had another aspect, Mars Pacifer, Mars the bringer of Peace, who, according to Ragnar Hedlund in “Coinage and authority in the Roman Empire c. C.E. 260- 295,” is shown on coins of the later Roman Empire bearing an olive branch. If Mars as bringing of War symbolizes the aggressive force of the Sephirah of Geburah on the Tree of Life, Mars Pacifer symbolizes the reverse of the same archetype, balancing it in the bringing of peace.

In addition, Appian describes the use of the olive-branch as a gesture of peace by the enemies of the Roman general Scipio Aemilianus in the Numantine War and by Hasdrubal the Boeotarch of Carthage. Although peace was associated with the olive branch during the time of the Greeks, the symbolism became even stronger under the Pax Romana when envoys used the olive branch as symbols of peace, the origin of our English expression “extend an olive branch” meaning to make a peace offering.

In the Christian tradition, Tertullian (c.160 – c.220) compared Noah’s dove in the Hebrew Bible, who “announced to the world the assuagement of divine wrath, when she had been sent out of the ark and returned with the olive branch” with the Holy Spirit in baptism “bringing us the peace of God, sent out from the heavens.” In his 4th century Latin translation of the story of Noah, St Jerome rendered “leaf of olive” (Hebrew alay zayit) in Genesis 8:11 as “branch of olive” (Latin ramum olivae).

In the 5th century, by which time a dove with an olive branch had become established as a Christian symbol of peace, St Augustine wrote in On Christian Doctrine that, “perpetual peace is indicated by the olive branch (oleae ramusculo) which the dove brought with it when it returned to the ark.” These Christian meanings were preserved in some of the Rosicrucian alchemical and spiritual emblems that were created in the 17th century.

All of these symbols are fascinating and interesting since just this morning, prior to doing the Traveling in the Spirit Vision session, I had been working on what I call my “Lesser Rose Cross Lamen,” a smaller, simpler alternative to the traditional Rose Cross Lamen of the R.R. et A.C., which I call the “Greater Rose Cross Lamen,” shown here:


I may reveal my “Lesser Rose Cross Lamen” in a future post. For now, let it suffice to say that given my recent work within the Rosicrucian current, it is interesting that these symbols with Rosicrucian import previously unknown to me, the Pelican and the Olive Branch, were both revealed in my visionary work for the day.

May we learn to extend olive branches in our interactions with one another to bring healing in the wings of peace, that we may crown ourselves with the olive wreath of victory, and soar with the Pelican through the Winds of reason which seeks solutions rather than dwelling on problems, the Sword (Zayin) of Air that cuts through confusion and shines Light where Clouds once swirled and all was draped in Darkness…

Frater S.C.F.V.


A Lesser-Known Secret About the Qabalistic Cross from W.W. Westcott

GoldenDawnlogoToday, Tony Fuller shared a picture of William Wynn Westcott’s handwritten version of Flying Roll IX, On the Right and Left Pillars, which contained a very fascinating detail I have never seen anywhere else before.

Note: that I am linking here to the standard published version, not the  handwritten Westcott version in Tony’s possession, out of respect for him.

In the rare handwritten version, there is a notably different instruction about the Qabalistic Cross as compared with the version that most of us have learned through other sources.

The version most often published, even on the website of the Golden Dawn Research Center (, says:

In making the Qabalistic Cross on your breast it is correct to touch the Forehead and say Ateh-Thou art; the Heart-Malkuth; Right Shoulder, yeGeburah; left shoulder ve-Gedulah, and with the fingers clasped on the breast say, Le, olahm, amen!


However, in the unpublished handwritten Westcott version, the instructions do not simply say that the fingers should be clasped on the breast.

Instead, the full instructions for the QC say that the Magician should:

“Clasp the fingers, raise the hands.

This instruction to raise the hands after clasping them in the QC is one I have never before seen published in any book by any Golden Dawn author before. This point cannot be emphasized enough; in my 12 years of acquaintance with the G.D. system, I never saw it anywhere, either in primary or secondary sources. Even Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn is missing this fine point!

Remarkably, this seems to be how the Qabalistic Cross was taught in the original G.’.D.’. in Britain and it is certainly how it was taught in the the W. R. Temple in New Zealand.

When I asked Tony if this meant that the hands would be raised to the level of the forehead, as I suspected might be the case, he replied that at W.R., he was indeed taught to raise the hands up to the level of the forehead or slightly above.

When holding an implement in banishing or invoking, he said, the same was true with the hands clasped around the implement. This is exactly as I had envisioned since it would end the Rite with a symbolic Qabalistic realignment with Kether while simultaneously lining it up with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra in the Yogic system.

I invite you to try the Qabalistic Cross with this alteration and see if you notice any differences in the overall flow of energy and holistic impact of the symbolism.  It’s no small point!

Frater S.C.F.V.

Consecrating Talismans on the Subway: The Nitty Gritty of the Magical Life

Date: Monday, September 19, 2011
Time: 10-11:30 A.M.
Sun Phase: Rising
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous 58% of Full
Mood: Stressed then Energized and Invigourated 
Activities: Invocation of the Goddess Ma’at, Extemporaneous Creation and Consecration of a Ma’at Talisman, Qabalistic Cross

In an ideal universe, the magician would always have his or her tools, vestments, and temple space on hand when needed.  In practice, however, we often find ourselves in situations where we have none of these things and only our own consciousness and inward connection to the Divine on which to rely.  Today, I found myself in one such situation.

This morning, L. experienced something approaching a nervous breakdown or a severe panic attack.  She said she felt she could not be alone, like she was in a tremendously vulnerable state.  I stayed with her as long as I could, but I had to be on my way to McGill for 11, and therefore, could not stay with her as long as I had hoped.

When we boarded our subway, headed for McGill, L. asked if I could perform something quick for her in order to give her a sense of safety and guidance.  Since Ma’at had appeared to her yesterday and she had already established some connection to the Godform by means of our ‘Chymical Marriage,’ I decided to quickly create and consecrate a Ma’at talisman for her.  I only had 10 minutes.  Precious little time.  I was in a packed subway car without any of my ceremonial tools and also, therefore, had precious little space

I took out a piece of paper and drew a picture of Ma’at from memory with all of her distinguishing characteristics: feather, wings, dark eyes, etc.  I drew two Eyes of Horus within the circle.  I encircled this central circle with a larger circle in which I wrote: MA’AT, THEMIS, TH’ME, and Yod-Heh-Vahv-Heh in Hebrew.  I drew Stars of David betwen the names in the manner of some of the Pentacles from the Greater Key of Solomon, a convention I often use in talismanic magic. 

I then placed my right hand over the talisman and closed my eyes.  I invoked the Goddess in her Egyptian form as Ma’at, Coptic form as Th’me and Greek form as Themis, and saw her appear in my Sphere of Sensation in all three forms.  I asked Ma’at to guide and care for L., to help her find balance, to assist her in discovering and establishing inner peace and release from the mental vicissitudes that plagued her, and to inspire comfort, caring and contentment within her being. 

I saw the three forms of the Goddess point their respective wands at the astral form of the talisman and project their energies into it.  Simultaneously,  I felt the energies descend through my arm and enter the talisman, infusing it.  I thanked the Goddess and the Limitless Light and One Divine of which she is an archetypal image and saw the three forms of the Goddess slowly fade as they walked out of my sphere of sensation.  I opened my eyes and was jarringly thrust back into the waking experience of Malkuth just as I arrived at my metro station. 

“Hold this and keep it with you,” I said before hugging her quickly and kissing her lips. She was surely cognitively and emotionally ill, but as the metro doors closed behind me, I remembered the fundamental profession of the Rosicrucians: to cure the sick and that, gratis.  God willing, she too, would find her own inward cure, the healing medicine of the Self which alone can cure the ailments of the self. 


I walked up to McGill still buzzing and trembling with energy from the rapid invocation and impromptu consecration of the talisman.  I felt very disequillibrated and, therefore, ducked into a bathroom stall at McGill to perform a quick Qabalistic Cross to balance myself.  Prior to beginning the QC, I invoked the Godform of Ma’at once more and saw her astrally hand me the astral form of the Hegemon’s wand, which I felt in my physical hand and used to physically perform the ritual. Upon its completion, I felt balanced and substantially calmer.  Looking at my face in the mirror, I was struck by how much brighter it seemed.  It seemed to glow, not with my own power, but with that White Brilliance which alone illumines all things.  I had only recently woken up and barely slept, but as a result of the invocation, consecration, and balancing, now felt absolutely energized and keenly awake.

As a final note, there are some who would attack me for performing a talismanic consecration in a subway or a rite as sacred as that of the QC in a public washroom.  To them, I have two points of reply: (1) The first point of reply is that living the practical life of the magician sometimes requires us to practice in places we would ordinarily not choose to do so.  When our inner alchemical conditions and introspective insights incline or call us to a particular action, however, we would be wise to listen, for the Higher Self prompts us with its inner guidance in often unexpected ways.  We are foolish if we refuse its call and cast out its guidance simply because it is unfamiliar or seems to contradict our ideas about what is ‘sacred’ and ‘proper.’  The Higher Self transcends our ideas of propriety; it speaks only to lived necessity, to inner needs and the meeting thereof. 

(2) The second point of reply is that from the Qabalistic point of view, every place is sacred and holy, for all things are none other than the Divine itself.  Every place in the realm of Malkuth–even a mere bathroom sall–is none other than a concrete, physical manifestation of that same Limitless Light or Ain Soph Aur, which preceded from the Void of Ain and took form through the various Spheres and Paths of the Tree of Life.  Every place is fitting for the practice of magic, for the Divine is equally present in and as every place.  If we fail to see the Divine nature of a place, person, or thing, this blindness is a reflection of the limitation of our own perception, and not of the place, person, or thing in question.  Practice deepens insight and insight, in turn, deepens practice.

Ritual Work for December 10, 2010 – Dreamwork, Divination, and Venus Talisman Consecration

Date: Friday, December 10, 2010
Time: Dream: 9:30-10:30 A.M. (Day of the Venus– Hours of Saturn and Jupiter), 5:40 – 6:00 P.M. (Day of Venus – Hour of the Sun), 6:40-8:00 p.m. (Day of Venus, Hours of Venus and Mercury)
Sun Phase: Rising
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent, 7% Full
Mood: Morning: Calm and in control, Tarot Divination: Relaxed, but mildly excited, Before Talisman Consecration Ritual: Relaxed, After Ritual: Excited, Aroused with Intense Energy
1. Record of Dream (morning: (9:30-10:30), Rite of Purification by Water
2. Tarot Divination (Split Hexagram Spread) (5:40-6:oo p.m.)
3. From 6:40-8:00 p.m.: Rite of Purification by Water, Fourfold Breath, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Opening Prayer of Intent, Qabalistic Cross, Middle Pillar Ritual, Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Venus, Projection of LVX and Powers of Venus into Talisman (Charging), Invocation of Anael/Haniel, Projection of LVX and Powers of Venus into Talisman (Charging), Invocation of Hagiel, Projection of LVX and Powers of Venus into Talisman (Charging), Invocation of Haggith, Projection of LVX and Powers of Venus into Talisman (Charging), Invocation of the Three Venusian Forces, Projection of LVX and Powers of Venus into Talisman (Charging), Prayer of thanks, Projection of LVX and Powers of Venus into Talisman (Charging), Closing Prayer, Projection of LVX and Powers of Venus into Talisman (Charging), Ending Prayer, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Analysis of the Keyword, Qabalistic Cross, License to Depart, Consecration by the Mystic Serum

9:30-10:30 A.M.: Dream interpretation – This morning, I had a dream that included archetypal symbolism from the Tarot cards. I was assigned to a special position within the administrative hierarchy of a college of university (it seemed to be Champlain college, where I obtained my Liberal Arts degree). This position was “Emperor” of the Institution.

The role of the ‘Emperor’ was to arbitrate and make final decisions based on points of disagreement among faculty, teachers, students, unions, and other school-based groups. I sat upon a throne in my arbitration room. Two groups of people ran into my room, greeted me, and argued over which code of school policies and laws to accept. One was a very thick and old volume that contained extensive older laws. The other was a sleeker an substantially shorter new volume with much fewer laws that encompassed several points, which were dealt with individually in the old code. They argued over which should be accepted.

After considering the case, I gave my formal ruling, which was that a position of moderation be taken; a new code should be redacted that integrated the most relevant, important, and beneficial laws and policies from the two codes.

To the Emperor card is attributed the Hebrew letter of Heh and the Sign of Aries, which is ruled by Mars. It is the Emperor card that channels the energies of Venus (the Emperess and Daleth) through Understanding (Binah) and Wisdom (Chochmah) to balance them with the energies of Mars on the way to Tiphareth (the point of Balance on the Tree of Life). I am an Aries and last night, had been preparing a ceremonial ritual for the creation and consecration of a Venus talisman; Aries drawing down and balancing the Powers of Venus. This is precisely what the archetype of the Emperor does on the Tree of Life. The ruling I gave as the Emperor was one of Balance (characteristic of Tiphareth) and Wisdom (Chochmah) between two extremes based on Understanding (Binah). Therefore, the dream was particularly apt in its archetypal Tarot and Qabalistic meanings.

5:40 –  6:00 – Hour of the Sun – Tarot Divination : Question: “What will be the outcome if I create and consecrate a Venus talisman today?”

The Split Hexagram Spread was the Following:

1.  The Magician                                         2.   The Emperor

3. The Sun

7. The Hermit

6. The Hanged Man

4. The Empress                                                 5. The Devil
My Interpretation is as Follows:
1. and 2. Unknown Spiritual Influences: The Magician and The Emperor:
The Magician suggests that the talisman would bring greater concentration, activity, confidence, conscious awareness, will power, and general Power.
The Emperor, the same archetype that appeared in my dream also suggests an outcome of power, reason, and authority.  The Firey Nature of the Path suggests the power of the desire that could follow as well as male sexual desire (Ares is attributed, which rules Mars).  Together, the cards suggest a boosting of sexual power and confidence, which should, the Emperor suggests, be directed through reason.

3. Spiritual Advice for the Matter: The Sun
The Sun suggests that the ceremony and talisman could lead to happiness and contentment as well as greater vitality and assurance, a positive outcome.

4. Unconscious desires in the Matter: The Empress
The presence of the Empress in the unconscious desires position suggests that I subconsciously want fruitfulness, action, creativity, and sensual abundance.  This sounds about right to me; the card is apt in this position, since it is attributed to Venus.  This suggests that I really do seek sexual, creative, and sensual fulfilment.
5. Conscious Desires in the Matter: The Devil
The Devil in this position suggests to me that I consciously only seem to want something materialistic (e.g. Intimate relations, sexual gratification) and that I want something to happen that, in the long run, will be for the good.

6.  Practical Advice: The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man gives me the practical advice that magic will not be enough to get me the results I seek; I must also be ready to show self-sacrifice and to let go.

7.  Final Outcome: The Hermit
The Hermit suggests that if I follow the advice given here (e.g. Letting go), then the final outcome will be one of spiritual advancement, introspection, and guidance.  The card also advises me to be cautious on the way, which is sound advice.

This is a fairly positive result, which suggests that I will receive happiness (whether spiritual, emotional, or material in terms of pleasure) and spiritual advancement should I create this talisman.  Therefore, I will proceed with the creation and consecration.

6:40-8:00 p.m.Creation and Consecration of a Venus Talisman

Before the Hour of Venus began, I prepared my ceremonial script and prepared the Altar with the Seal and Sigil of Venus, the letter Daleth, the Tarot card of the Empress, the Sigil of Anael, the Sigil of Hagiel, the Sigil of Haggith, a green cap of Thyme, the Cross and Triangle, and three green candles. I performed the Rite of Purification by Water and a brief relaxation ritual. I prepared the disc and the green marker. I got into my robe, sash, and nemyss, took up my wand, and lit the candles as the Hour of Venus began.

I then focused my intent on the talisman and the intent with which I was creating, consecrating, and charging it while constructing it. The front side bore an outer circle in which was drawn two Invoking Hexagrams of Venus, and in which was inscribed the words “Place me as a signet upon thine heart, as a signet upon thine arm, for love is strong as death” (Canticles viii 6), according to the instructions given for the Second Pentacle of Venus in the Greater Key of Solomon. Within the outer circle was an equal-armed cross. In the upper left quadrant was the Planetary Seal of Venus and the Sigil of the Olympic Spirit of Venus, Haggith. In the upper right quadrant was placed the Divine Name associated with Venus, YHVH TZABAOTH in Hebrew characters. In the bottom left quadrant was placed the Seal of Anael/Haniel from the Consecrated Little Book of Black Venus. Finally, in the bottom right quadrant was placed the Sigil of Hagiel, Intelligence of Venus.

On the reverse side of the Pentacle, in the Outer Circle, four Invoking Hexagrams of Venus were drawn. Between each, the name ARARITA was written in Hebrew characters. In the center circle, the Numerical Planetary Square of Venus was drawn, with 175 above it and 1225 below it. On the right of the Square, the Sigil of Venus was drawn. On the left, a Yoni and Phallus were drawn.

When it was finished, I placed the Talisman on the Triangle in the center of the Altar, took up the wand, and performed the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe. I then kneeled and made an opening prayer of intent, declaring the purpose of the talisman and its intended effects and asking for God’s help, blessing, and power in bringing it about.

I next performed the Qabalistic Cross and Middle Pillar Ritual to draw LVX into my Sphere of Sensation. Immediately thereafter, I performed the Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Venus. The opening Analysis of the Keyword flooded me with energy, which nearly made me lose my balance. The entire ritual was quite powerful and visibly altered the atmosphere of the room as four Invoking Hexagrams with Sigils of Venus in their center began to draw Venusian energies into the Temple, where they would concentrate in the altar at the center, and the talisman upon it.

I then declared the intention to project the LVX and the Energies of Venus thus invoked into the talisman, and did so by giving the Sign of Projection in each of the Quarters while vibrating YHVH TZABAOTH.

I then invoked the great Archangel Haniel or Anael. I felt a peaceful, glowing warmth flood the Temple and asked for the Archangel’s help in projecting the powers of Venus into the talisman. With the Angel’s help, I projected the energies into the talisman from each of the Four Quarters, tracing an Invoking Hexagram of Venus over the talisman in the air, a Sigil of Venus in the center, and a circle around the Hexagram to seal the forces within the talisman. I gave the Sign of Projection towards the talisman, drawing Venus energies through each Quarter’s Portal (Invoking Venus Hexagram) and projecting them into the talisman while vibrating the Divine Name attributed to Venus and given in Francis Barrett’s The Magus, AHA.

I thanked Anael/Haniel for her help and proceeded to invoke Hagiel, the Intelligence of Venus. When I had the feeling of his presence—a shift in the energy of the room, a glowing presence—I asked for his help and projected Venus energy into the Talisman from each Quarter while vibrating the Name YHVH TZABAOTH. I thanked Hagiel for his help and bowed humbly. I took up the talisman and moved to each quarter, holding it up, so that it might be infused with the energies of Venus from each direction. I then replaced it in the White Triangle on the Altar.

I then proceeded to trace the Sigil of the Olympic Spirit if Venus, Haggith, (according to the Arbatel of Magic Grimoire), and invoked the Spirit by vibrating the name repeatedly and giving the Sign of Projection towards the Sigil. When I had the feeling of Haggith’s presence—an ancient power, distinct from Hagiel—I asked for his help in charging the talisman. I then projected energy into the talisman from each of the Quarters while vibrating the Secret Name associated with Venus in the Sigil dei Aemeth, INNON. I thanked Haggith for his assistance and bowed humbly. I took up the talisman and moved to each quarter, holding it up, so that it might be infused with the energies of Venus from each direction. I then replaced it in the White Triangle on the Altar.

I then invited the Three Venusian Forces to assist me once more in projecting the Powers of Venus into the talisman, and did so from each Quarter, vibrating YHVH TZABAOTH. I thanked the Powers with a short poetic address, which I will reproduce here:

I thank thee, Great and Powerful Ones of the Sacred Realms, thou Great Spirits of the Undying, thou Powers of Venus who rule the Budding of Friendships, the Blossoming of Inspiration, the Attractions of Sensuality and the Lighting of Fires of Sexual love, for being present here with me and lending your help to me. I thank thee in the Name of Adonai as I again project and seal these Energies of Venus within this talisman.”

I then did so from each Quarter, again vibrating the Name Innon. With this duly performed, I thanked Adonai with a prayer and declared “Let the final empowerment and projection take place through the Power of the Divine and the Forces of the Celestial Ones of Venus.” This was followed by a projection of forces into the talisman in each Quarter with the Name YHVH TZABAOTH.

I then kneeled and gave a final ending prayer. I circumambulated with the talisman once more, and astrally saw the invoked Powers being drawn into it. I then placed it in the White Triangle at the center of the Altar and performed the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe to witness God’s power and offer thanks for His help.

I then took up the Sword of the Hiereus and performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Analysis of the Keyword, and the Qabalistic Cross. I gave the License to Depart and closed the temple.

Finally, I placed the talisman within the three Candles on a separate table and, strongly concentrating on my intent, drew forth the Mystic Serum, with which I finally annointed the talisman. I then wiped it clean and sprinkled it with Thyme from the Green cap. I gathered the things on the altar, placed the Empress card under the Triangle, the talisman on top of it, and all of the Sigils and Hebrew Letters form the altar on top of the talisman. It was finished.

I was very exhausted by this point, and yet I felt incredibly charged and energized. I had the feeling that the operation was a succcess. However, as always, it will remain to see in the following days what results will follow from it.

January 2018 Update:

The talisman proved incredibly powerful and reinforced loving feelings in many friendships and sexual relationships over the 8 years that followed. The effects lasted for years as I carried the talisman with me in wallet everywhere I went. To this day, it continues to be effective in enhancing my friendships, professional relationships with colleagues and classmates, and romantic relationship with my girlfriend.

Ritual Work for Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Time: 1:20-2:51 (Day of Mercury – Hour of the Sun and Venus)
Sun Phase: Set
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent 13% Full
Activities: Rite of Purification by Water, Relaxation Ritual and Fourfold Breath, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the Sword of Hiereus, Invocation of Osiris + Formulation of the Godform of Ousiri, Great Invocation of the Light (QC, R.B.D.L., Q.C., A.K.), Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Themis Meditation, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Maat Meditation, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, THME Meditation, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Assumption of the Godform of THME, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the Hegemon’s Wand, Request for Guidance from THME, Stepping out of Godform, Thanking of the Elements, Formal Temple Closing and License to Depart

Before discussing the ritual work, I should note that today was a productive way in other aspects of G.’.D.’. study.  I continued painting of my Fylfot Cross Badge in Elemental flashing colours, I created study guides for the new Neophyte who is joining the O.’.A.’.L.’. on Sunday, and I printed out and coloured in images of all of the Godforms of the Neophyte Hall.   In addition to this, the ritual work was fairly extensive. Most of the rituals felt more or less the same as last time, with a few exceptions:

(1) I invoked Osiris with the Hierophant’s wand. Once the Godform was formulated clearly, I asked Ousiri to project his energy into the Hierophant’s wand that it might be consecrated thereby and endowed with the power to attract the Light like a lightning-rod attracts lightning. He accepted and I felt a noticeable influx in the wand as he did so. I asked him to make the wand an anchor for the current of Divine power that he represented. He put his hand upon the wand a final time and it was done.

(2) The presence of the Godform of Osiris in the East throughout the ceremony added a noticeable effect to the feel of the rituals. The presence of such a potent source of energy in the East was apparent throughout; I found that the QC and Invocation of the Light felt as if they had an added boost to them. Even though I was not vibrating the Names loudly due to not wishing to wake my loved ones at 2 in the morning, I nonetheless felt the Light almost to a dizzying extent at some points.

(3) After the Themis meditation, I had the decidedly non-Golden Dawn intuition to remove my robe and perform the remaining rituals essentially ‘skyclad,’ with the exception of my Nemyss. Unfortunately, this did not have a very positive effect on the work; it was more distracting than anything else.

(4) After the final LBRP, I asked Themis-Maat-Thme if they could give me some advice for improving visualization/astral senses abilities. Osiris and Maat stated that they would help me, but that only concentration exercises and a great deal of practice would fully develop my abilities. Hard work would be needed; they could not supply me with an easy shortcut. I surprise this came as no real suprise; when was the work of the ceremonial magician ever easy?

(5) During the Invocation of the Archangels, I felt a true spiritual presence in the room, which came with a feeling of lightness and inner peace, which was both pleasant and inspiring.

Overall, the rituals proceeded acceptably, but there were no significant revelations or memorable ‘peak experiences.’ I consider the ‘skyclad’ experiment to have revealed that Golden Dawn work is best done, at least for me, in the robe.
Khabs am Pekht. Konx om Pax. Light in Extension.


Ritual Work for Friday, November 27, 2010

Date: Friday, November 27
Time: 11:20-12:52 (Day of Venus – Hour of the Jupiter)
Sun Phase: Set
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous, 67% Full
Activities: Rite of Purification by Water, Relaxation Ritual and Fourfold Breath, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the Sword of Hiereus, Great Invocation of the Light (QC, R.B.D.L., Q.C., A.K.), Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Themis Meditation, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Maat Meditation, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, THME Meditation, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Assumption of the Godform of THME, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the Hegemon’s Wand, Request for Guidance from THME, Stepping out of Godform, Thanking of the Elements, Formal Temple Closing and License to Depart


Today, I prepared as usual for ritual with the Rite of Purification, put on my nemyss and robe, but left my sash in the East, in anticipation of the coming Neophyte Ritual that I will be performing once more for a new Frater in the Ordo Aurum Lucerna. Instead of placing the Altar in the center of the Temple, I left it in the East, which left me a great deal of room in the midst of the Temple. I lit all of the Elemental candles and incense, and placed fresh water in the Stolistes cup.

I lay on the ground in the center of the Temple and performed the Relaxation Ritual and Fourfold Breath. The orb of Golden Light was allowed to drift into each area of tension and dissipate it. This was quite relaxing; I took the time and did not rush it as I sometimes do. The results proved the old proverb once more; you get out what you put in, the output is a measure of the input.

I placed all of the lamens of the Outer Order officers in their respective places in the Temple and took up the Sword of the Hiereus. I proceeded to the center of the Temple of the East, and there began the Qabalistic Cross. I took time to perform it slowly and with great feeling, visualizing myself expanding more and more beyond the Temple, Greenfield Park, Montreal, the South Shore, Quebec, Canada, the World, the Solar System, and filling all of the Universe (this visualization may have been aided by it being the Hour of Jupiter at the time, with Jupiter governing and supporting all forms of growth and expansion). I then brought down the Light and equilibrated it in the Cross of Light throughout the body and the whole of the Universe. This was the most effective Qabalistic Cross I have experienced in a long time.

I then performed the entirety of the LBRP with the Hiereus’ Sword. During the Invocation of the Archangels, I felt a light, comforting, but strong presence in the Quarters of the Angels, though I only saw them wearing the ‘clothes’ of the canons of imagery prescribed by the Golden Dawn with the assigned elemental robes and implements. Still, this was a comforting feeling that added a sense of protective balance to the ritual.

Upon completing the LBRP, I performed the Great Invocation of the Light, again slowly, and with great feeling. The vibratory formula was effective tonight; I felt the vibrations throughout my body and the presence of the Light as a glowing energetic warmth. After the completion of the Great Invocation of the Light, I performed the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe. I then returned the Hiereus’s Sword to the West and returned to the East. There, I began the process of carrying the Elemental Candles one by one and placing them on the floor in the center of the Temple. I was then able to sit in the midst of them, and there perform the THME Meditations.

I began with the Themis meditation, seeing the Goddess again balancing and strengthening me with the Scale of Justice and nourishing me with the Golden Cup of Divine nectar. This was successful, but not particularly powerful.

I then performed the A.L.U. once more and performed the Maat meditation. The visualization of Maat was a great deal stronger; I saw her standing with her black nemyss, dark eyes, and about her head, a red ribbon and the Shu feather. Her gown was green with red, blue and yellow flashing undertones. In one hand, she held the Lotus wand; in the other, she held a golden ankh. She wore a brightly-coloured colour and around her wrists, coloured wristbands. She attached a Shu feather to my head and, taking up her Lotus Wand, blasted a current of Light into my Kether, Daath, Tiphareth, Yesod, and Malkuth centers. She also projected Light into the other spheres of the microcosmic Tree of Life, completing it. I felt a great connection to her, which filled me with reverence.

I then performed the A.L.U. And the THME Meditation. I saw the goddess standing in a white and black striped nemyss; she wore a black gown with a black and white pectoral collar. About her wrists, she wore black and white wristbands. She carried only the Phoenix Wand. I saw the Godforms of Themis and Maat merge with her; under he nemyss, I seemed to see a lock of the hair of Themis, and her eyes were those of Maat. She spoke to me and as she did, her wand transformed into the Wand of the Hegemon. I felt a great connection to her as she embodied her Greek, Egyptian and Coptic forms. I ended with the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe.

Wishing to connect more deeply with the Godform and the Officer of the Hegemon, I assumed the Godform of THME, stepping into it and feeling its energy washing over me. I then took up the Wand of the Hegemon and performed the LBRP. The experience was energizing; the Qabalistic Cross seemed to be extra powerful. When the Pentagrams were traced, I saw the hand of THME doing it; I saw her arms and her legs as my own, her body as my body, her face as my face.

After the final Qabalistic Cross, I stood, still, in the center of the Temple and asked the Godform “What can I do to prepare for the coming Initiation next week?”

She answered “prepare the tools and perfect the rituals.” I asked “How can I better perform the Qabalistic Cross and the Bringing Down of the Light?” I received a message, the spirit of which was the following:

As you aspire to Kether, raise your awareness up from Malkuth through the realm of Yesod, Tiphareth, and passed the Abyss. Then unite your awareness with the White Brilliance of the macrocosmic Kether. Let Kether become your awareness and your awareness become Kether. When the two are one, draw your awareness down through the Tree until the pulsating Light meets your microcosmic Kether at the Crown of your head. Then complete the Cross of Light, extending the Light out into the farthest reaches of the Universe. In this way, shall you correctly draw down the Light. As you aspire, you shall receive what you require.

I thanked her for this guidance and technique, and stepped out of the Godform. I then gave THME the Sign of the Enterer, which she replied with the Sign of Silence. She then gave me the Sign of the Enterer, which I answered with the Sign of Silence.

I then proceeded to the East and said “I thank the Powers of Air,” before putting out the Elemental Candle of Air. I then proceeded to the South and did the same for the Powers of Fire. I followed suit for the West and North, gave a formal license to depart: “I now release any spirits who may have been imprisioned by this ceremony. Go in peace with the blessings of YEHESHUAH YEHOVASHAH.” I ended with a formal Temple Closing, ringing the singing bowl and ending with the formula of the Extension of Light in Egyptian, Greek, and English. Overall, it was a moving, reverent ceremony that brought me closer to the Powers associated with the Office of the Hegemon.

Ritual Work for Friday, November 19, 2010

Date: Friday, November 19, 2010
Time: 5:40-6:45 (Day of Venus – Hour of the Sun)
Sun Phase: Set
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous, 97% Full
Activities: Rite of Purification by Water, Relaxation Ritual and Fourfold Breath, Great Invocation of the Light, Fivefold Elemental Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (FELIRP), Middle Pillar Ritual, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Tarot Consecration Ritual, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Themis Meditation, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Formal Temple Closing


Today, Frater J. and I performed a whole series of rituals in full temple and regalia, with red socks, sash, nemyss, robe, and ritual belt. We began by purifying ourselves according to the R.P.W., in which we added a modification, vibrating IAO prior to the invocation of Spirit with ETH. This added an additional sense of power since it connected to the Analysis of the Keyword.

We then entered the temple and lay down on the temple floor, where we performed the Relaxation Ritual. This was indeed relaxing and left us feel peaceful and prepared for ritual. We then arranged our tarot decks on the altar, above and below the Tablet of Union, Cross, and Triangle, and placed the boxes for our decks, and the Consecration Cloths I had prepared yesterday. We then took our cards and wiped them one by one with the Consecration Cloth. This was a prolonged process, since every card needed to be wiped, but the process itself functioned as a cleansing meditation, which also prepared us for the rituals to come.

We then placed out Tarot cards and Cloths on the altar, Frater J. took up his personal wand of Double Power, and I took up the Hierophant’s wand. We proceeded to the East of the Altar, where we performed the Great Invocation of the Light. This produced a strong sense of inner glowing for me, especially during the Analysis of the Keyword section.

From here, we moved directly into the Fivefold Elemental Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram. This produced a strong sense of the elemental Powers that, after the invocation of Spirit, was almost dizzying for a moment for me. I felt the flood of elemental energies from each Invoking Pentagram and the wheel of Spirit shining within me. This preceded the Middle Pillar Ritual, which helped to centralize the invoked energies within the microcosmic column.

Thereafter, we offered an Adoration to the Lord of the Universe and moved into the Tarot Consecration Ritual. This ritual was performed in the light of the Spirit Candle on the Altar. When the Angel HRU was invoked, I felt immediately lighter and more peaceful. I seemed to see sparks of energy in the area around us. We asked the Angel to invoke the Light into our tarot cards that they might serve to guide us into the Wisdom of the Hidden Knowledge and lead us in our quest for the Light Divine.

Subsequently, we offered another Adoration to the Lord of the Universe and sat in the West, facing the East, where we performed the Themis Meditation. This was a very visual experience for me, as I sat with eyes closed.
I saw the Goddess stand in Greek robes, where she greeted me. She placed her Golden Scales into me, which equilibrated and balanced me. She then handed me her Golden Cup from which to drink. She said it contained the “Nectar of the Gods and the Fluid of the Lower, uniting the Above and the Below,” and suggested that it symbolized, like the scales, “Balance.”
I asked if she would guide me into a vision of where I must go next on the Path and guide me towards the Hidden Wisdom. She opened up her robe and I saw her beautiful body; her skin turned Gold and my attention was drawn into it. I then saw the image of Osiris, dressed in a Nemyss as a Pharaoh. This morphed into a Golden Image of the Buddha. She spoke, saying “You must become like these images. Like the Pharaoh, you must embody the Divine energy that flows within and without all things, the Inner and the Outer. Like the Buddha, you must walk the Middle Way, the Path of Balance. You must cultivate compassion, wisdom, and peacefulness. Your desires are strong and you see me through your own lusts; transmute them into a purer form. Unite the Divine aspirations and the Lower passions. Then, truly, will you become the Stone, the Osiris risen. In short, seek balance.”
I then asked if she would join me in adoring the Lord of the Universe, of which she was the representative. She stood in my vision and I stood to offer reverence to the One who Alone deserves praise.

Frater J. and I then rose and performed the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe. With great passion, we then performed the final Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, which was very powerful for me, and even moving. I felt an inner warmth that I still feel as I write these words. Overall, it was a successful and productive ceremonial sequence.

We closed with the formal temple closing and knocks followed by “Khabs. Am. Pehkt. Konx. Om. Pax. Light. In. Extension.”

Ritual Work for Thursday, November 18, 2010

Date: Thursday, November 18, 2010
Time: 4:40-5:45 (Hour of Moon into Hour of Saturn)
Sun Phase: Set
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous, 91% Full
Activities: Rite of Purification by Water, Relaxation Ritual and Fourfold Breath, Great Invocation of the Light, Fivefold Elemental Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (FELIRP), Middle Pillar Ritual, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Ritual Charging of a Consecration Cloth, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Themis Meditation, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Formal Temple closing and License to Depart

Today, I performed a ritual purification by water and then the relaxation ritual, which I performed lying down. The effect was very relaxing and drew me into the state of mind needed for magic.

The Great Invocation of the Light was quite powerful; by the time I reached the A.o.t.K. Section, I felt an inner glowing within me. This energy of the Light flowed out through me to energize the Pentagrams and Cross of Light during the QC, FELIRP, and LBRP.

Not much commentary on the rituals is needed. The one thing that was frustrating, however, was that just before the Middle Pillar Ritual, my house-mate started calling my name and would not stop until I answered! This broke my concentration and it took the entirety of the Middle Pillar Ritual to regain it. Thereafter, the rest of the rituals proceeded smoothly, however; during the invocation of Hru during the C.C.C., I saw the hand of the angel sending white Light into the cloths of consecration, Light to which I added with multiple iterations of the Sign of Projection.

The Themis meditation roused psycho-sexual energies within me as I saw the Goddess as an attractive womanly figure. She placed her Scales within me to strengthen and equilibrate me and gave me of her sweet nectar to drink in her Golden Chalice. She then sat before me and spoke, saying something to the effect of: “Adam, I am the representative of your own Higher Self. You must unite the Higher and the Lower. This is your task on the Path. The Great Heights of Spirit must be married to the earthy energies of the Body. Embrace all and synthesize all.

In the final LBRP, I projected the frustration at being interrupted out of me with great, vociferous energy. I felt clear and peaceful upon its completion. Overall, it was not the most well-executed sequence of ceremonial, however it certainly was not dull; spiritual reverence was combined with earthy desire, and angry frustration with deep peace. I must speak with my house-mates to underscore the fact that I must not be interrupted during ritual practice. This is imperative, especially as we move into more protracted ceremonies and group rituals.

Ritual Work for Saturday, November 13, 2010

GoldenDawnlogoDate: Saturday, November 13, 2010
Time: 12:15-1:24 (Hour of Venus into the Hour of Mercury, Day of Saturn)
Sun Phase: Set
Moon Phase: Waxing First Quarter, 47% Full
Activities: Ritual of Purification by Water, Fourfold Breath, Construction of the Three Saturn Talismans, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Circulation of the Light into the Talismans, Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Saturn (RHIS), Prayer, Projection of Saturn Energies into Talismans, Invocation of Agiell, Projection of Saturn Energies into the Talismans, Invocation of Cassiel, Projection of LVX and Jupiter Energies into the Talismans, Prayer, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, LBRP, Prayer of Thanks, Sprinkling of Thyme (Herbal Consecration)

Tonight, I performed the creation, charging, and consecration of three Saturn talismans.  I began to prepare the temple around 11:00 and to get into my robe, nemyss, etc.  I prepared the altar with a number of items with sympathies to Saturn: 3 Hebrew letter Tavs, 2 x 3 Sigils of Cassiel, 3 Sigils of Agiel, 3 Sigils of Saturn, a container of Thyme, a black plate containing Beets, a Black altar cloth, 2 black stones.  Black, as the colour of Saturn, predominated, but dark blue candles were used for lack of black ones.

I performed the Rite of Purification by water and the Fourfold Breath.  Today, Saturday, is the Planetary Day of Jupiter.  I began to create the talismans at 12:15, during the hour of Venus.  The talismans were inscribed with the planetary Qamea of Saturn, the Seal of Saturn with YHVH in Hebrew around it, the Sigils of Cassiel and Agiel, the name יה (YAH or Yod Heh) in Hebrew, a total of 6 invoking Hexagrams of Saturn, (2 on one side, 4 on the other), and a translation of a relevant Psalm, “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness hereof” (Psalm 24.1).

Note: Some may wonder why YAH and not YHVH ELOHIM was used here, since YAH is the Divine Name of the Sphere of Chochmah, not of Binah, the Sphere to which Saturn corresponds.  The reason is that the Gematric value of Yod-Heh is 15, which is the number of each row of the Qamea of Saturn.  Moreover, since one of the intentions of the talisman is to promote the development of Wisdom, which is Chochmah in Hebrew, this usage is appropriate.  However, instead of YAH both in the ceremony and on the talisman, YHVH ELOHIM could also validly been written.  It would be in Hebrew letters as in all other Divine Names on the talismans of the O.’.A.’.L.’. and G.’.D.’.

I said a short prayer expressing the intent of the ritual and performed Adoration of the Lord of the Universe to express my devotion and humble purpose.  This was followed by the Middle Pillar Ritual, after which I circulated the Light into the talismans to begin to charge them.   I then performed the powerful Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Saturn (RHIS).  Due to exhaustion, my focus was not as strong as in the Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Jupiter, but I could still see the Invoking Hexagrams in golden light and feel a current of Planetary energy slowly streaming through them.  The energy was much slower and more subdued, but yet potent, than the more overwhelming and hard-hitting energy of Jupiter.

I traced Invoking Hexagrams and Sigils of Saturn over the talismans in each of the four quarters and projected Jupiter energies into them while vibrating the Divine Name associated with Jupiter and Binah, YAH.  Again, YHVH ELOHIM could also have been used here.

I then prayed to the Lord of the Universe asking for aid in the ritual from the Lord and from the Intelligence of Saturn, Agiel.  Thereafter, I stood in the East facing the altar in the West, traced the invoking Hexagram of Saturn and within it, the Sigil of Saturn, over the talismans in golden Light, and charged them by raising the energies of Jupiter and projecting them into the talismans with the Projection Sign.  While projecting, I vibrated the secret Divine Name of Jupiter from the Sigilum Dei Aemeth, GALAAS. I turned, facing the altar from the South and repeated the same steps.  I did the same in the West and in the North and returned to the West, facing East.   The sense of palpable mystery and magic was strong in the air, but not as strong as in the Jupiter ritual.  This was a more subdued ritual overall.

I then traced Cassiel’s sigil in the air and invoked the great Archangel.  After the invocation had been made, the room became notably more still and a subtle glow of warmth was felt.  I prayed, saying “

Dear Lord, I ask that you allow your Angel, CASSIEL, to Project his Energy into this talisman, that it might acquire the power to clear limitations and obstacles, bring organization, focus, patience, wisdom, and just and fair decisions from members of institutions such as schools to bring good onto the Earth and accomplish the Divine Will without harming any being. This I ask in the Name of the Lord of the Universe, with great thanks to God and to CASSIEL, His Angel.”

I then stated the intent to project the LVX and seal the energies of Saturn in the talismans that they might serve as attractors of magnets the above influences to “bring good onto the earth and accomplish the Divine Will.” I had in mind especially the situation of my friend Alexie, whose cooperating teacher has threatened to fail her for her student teaching field experience, though her supervisor had passed her.  McGill is on the fence and she needs all of the help she can get, not from me, but from the Divine. I  then traced invoking hexagrams with the Sigil of Jupiter within them over the talismans and raised and projected the energies into the talismans from each of the Quarters.  I touched the tip of my wand to each of the talismans while raising my left hand in the air to draw in the forces of Jupiter that they might be conveyed through the arm and wand into the talismans, charging them.

I then made a final statement of the intent of the ritual, a final prayer to the Lord of the Universe, performed the Adoration, and closed with the LBRP.  The Qabalistic cross was completed at precisely 1:24, in the midst of the Hour of Mercury.  We will see whether the talismans bear the fruits that they are intended to; all is in the hands of the One.

At the end of the ritual, I was left feeling energized and calmly peaceful.  I sprinkled thyme herbs on to the talismans, gave a License to Depart to any spirits that had become imprisoned during the ceremony, and declared the temple duly closed.

As a final gesture, I replaced my Altar in the North, the Quarter of the Element of Earth (LBRP symbolism), which is associated with Saturn.   I covered the three talismans in the Thyme from the cup, and placed all of the Sigils on top of them.  I finally placed the Triangle and Cross atop the sigils and left them there overnight in this way, so that the sympathetic energies of  the Sigils and Symbols could coalesce together to provide a final charge to the talismans.

We will see in the coming days and weeks whether they prove effective or not… I will keep one for myself, give one to Alexie, and one to Laney.  This will allow us to have three sets of data about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the talismans.

P.S. The word of the day on was “alchemical” today, an interesting synchronistic connection to the changes and transmutations this talisman was designed to produce.

Frater S.C.F.V.

Update: Tolka shed some light on the astrological situation at the time that the talismans were made; he suggested that “from the hour of Venus, you may have some success; from the start of the hour of Mercury, the pentacles you made will be stronger one because it is a relevant hour to make things and two because of Saturn’s aspect to the MC. From around 1:00 they will be stronger still but carry problems as Mars (the lesser Malefic) and Cupido (rules over relationships) were in conjunct crossing the IC. Then further towards the end, the worse this became. That will cause arguements so I would recommend scrapping any pentacle made outside of 00:45-1:00 if you don’t want that, but still want good effects.”

Thankfully, the three talismans were all finished well within the hour of Mercury, so the latter effects should not manifest.  I have asked Alexie to keep a daily log for a week of the effects she observes while carrying the talisman.  I will also carry mine today (Day 3 after they were created) and see what I observe.

Results: On Day 1, Laney was very productive and organized and completed an entire essay while she had the talisman near her.  I found my own behaviour to be very focused on specific goals, organized, and responsible.  I was able to get to Heritage and do some final work there as well as procure books that I had left with my cooperating teacher.   We will see what effects we observe in subsequent days.

Day 3: Laney and I brought our talismans with us and went to do work at McGill.  I was extremely productive and made excellent use of my time, completing my Action Plan, Philosophy of Education, and Article Assignment.  The organization, time-management and structured-centered influences of Saturn were all evident here.  I also gave Alexie her talisman today.  She took it to a meeting with the Head of Education at McGill to discuss her failed field experience.  Though she was supposed to fail the term, while carrying the talisman, the Head of the program gave her the opportunity instead to do an additional 4 week mini-field experience to make up for what had happened.  Saturn was in a house governing communication, so this was an excellent result.

Day 4: Saturn rules over time and ever since I made the talisman, I have noticed a strange phenomenon on my computer; every time I sign on, the time is different; it may be several hours or even a few days behind! No matter how many times I change the time, the issue persists.  It is quite strange.  Saturn also rules delays and I have found myself procrastinating today.  I must organize myself and get my university assignments done.


Here is Alexie’s log of her experiences carrying the talisman:

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010: I received the talisman from Adam today. I think the talisman worked! I went into my meeting with Dr. Benson hoping to not be set back another year, but wanting more experience…which is exactly an option Dr. Benson gave me! I had trouble articulating it, but she knew what I needed. I found an incredible well of patience within me, which would normally be severely challenged after reading an email my CT sent about how I was not at all ready to be a teacher. I felt very organized, and Dr. Benson even commented on how organized I was.

Wednesday, November 17th: Today I really realized that I wanted to go home this weekend instead of next weekend. I was just home this past weekend, but after such a turbulent time I realized that I really wanted to see my family sooner than later (I was going to go home for American Thanksgiving, not this week, but next week). My mom called me this evening and asked me if it was better for Sarah and I to come home this weekend. It turned out to be better for Sarah so we decided that we would go home. After I decided that I wanted to go home, but hadn’t told anyone. I think that was the only thing.

Thursday, November 18th: Today my dad came and picked my sister and I up to go back to Plattsburgh. I don’t think the talisman did much today. I was not organized or ready for when my dad came to pick us up because I did not manage my time well at all (Note: Saturn rules delays in its Greater Malefic, negative aspect; Alexie may have been experiencing this effect). My dad did many things to purposefully tick me off and I felt no difference in the level of my patience (Note: Saturn also rules all limitations; the limited patience Alexie experienced here may have been connected to this influence).

Friday, November 19th: Today my family had our own little early thanksgiving celebration. I found that I was able to manage my time pretty well today, and found myself more wrapped up in tradition than normal. Not only did we do our thanksgiving dinner, but after dinner we finished putting ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Saturday, November 20th: Tonight I had better non-verbal communication with my boyfriend in bed. When we hung out earlier, I felt more able to say how I was feeling. It felt like the day lasted forever.


Frater S.C.F.V. Note from January, 2018: Over 8 years after this talisman of Saturn was made, I found it and put it on a shelf near my books, forgetting all about it. My friend, Frater A. P., who is a powerful clairvoyant, came over to discuss magic and alchemy. When he saw the Saturn talisman, he experienced a piercing pain in his forehead in the third eye region and experienced an immediate headache! “Turn that thing away from me,” he yelled! I did so, and his headache subsided… Looks like Tolka was right about the potential Greater Malefic problems posed by Mars, the Lesser Malefic crossing the IC in conjunct with Cupido…. I’ll be taking his advice and disposing of the talisman in a respectful manner as soon as I get the chance.




Ritual Work for November 4, 2010

Date: Thursday, November 4, 2010
Time: 1:00-2:15 a.m.
Sun Phase: Set
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent, 1% Full
Activities: Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, Circulation of the Light into the Talismans, Ritual of the Hexagram Invoking Jupiter (RHIJ), Prayer, Projection of Jupiter Energies into Talismans, Invocation of Jophiel, Invocation of Tzadkiel, Projection of LVX and Jupiter Energies into the Talismans, Prayer, Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, LBRP

Since Laney was sleeping in my room, I did not have access to my private temple. Therefore, I was required to perform my ceremonial work for the day in the basement. There, I brought the two Jupiter talismans I had made and charged on a previous Day of Jupiter during the Hour of Jupiter along with the three blue candles that have sympathy with Jupiter. I then passed through a simplified version of the larger consecration ritual I had performed the previous Thursday. As then, the charging of these talismans was performed during the Day of Jupiter and the night-time Hour of Jupiter.

The Analysis of the Keyword evoked a great sense of wonder and power of the Light and the Invoking Hexagrams of Jupiter drew the Planet’s energies into the makeshift Temple space. These energies were projected repeatedly into the talismans with the vibration of the Divine name of אל from the four different Quarters. Adonai was asked to allow the Intelligence Johphiel and the Archangel Tzadkiel to project their energies into the talismans as well. This was visualized as the Spirits performing the Sign of Projection into the talismans, which the magician answered with the Sign of Silence.

The LBRP was performed in the end to balance the space, banish unwanted influences and equilibrate the energies invoked. The ritual set ended with a final prayer asking in the name of יהוה‎ that the talismans function as magnets or anchors of the powers, energies, and forces of Jupiter that they might attract wealth (not for greed, but for the necessities of life), favour, positive influence, and the other Benefic influences of Jupiter while harming none in order to produce these effects. The final feelings that remained after the rituals were a sense of inner calm coupled with exhilaration, reverence, beauty, and awe.

Results: Update: Day 1. After recharging an reconsecrating the talismans, I placed them in the Triangle on my Altar atop an amethyst crystal. On top of the talismans, I placed a cheque I had received. I then went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, I placed one talisman in my pocket and the other in Laney’s wallet. During that same day, she went to school. Her Professor mysteriously gave her a copy of the textbook for the class for free… Later on, she went in to the Student Services office and they gave her a cheque for $1500 dollars  of her student loan after telling her the day before that they had nothing for her. The talismans were a tremendous success. All praise and thanks are due to the Lord of the Universe; “not unto me, but unto Thee be the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, now and forever, Amen.”