Novena of Saint Cyprian 2018 Day 2: Invocation of Archangel Samael

By Frater S.C.F.V.


On Tuesday, September 18, 2018,  I began Day 2 of my intensive Novena to Saint Cyprian of Antioch with ritual bathing and worship, then dedicated my day to community service to serve older adults in the Montreal community. I also continued prayers throughout the day, and listened to two Church services to immerse myself in an attitude of devotion.

At night, I returned to the Temple, where the Novena candle continued to burn on the Altar. Once there, I sounded my Solomonic Bell of Art three times before entering the Circle, as per the Hygromanteia, then 9 times to each cardinal direction as a modified form of the “sounding of the Quarters” based on Leviticus that we find used with the Bell/Trumpet in the Key of Solomon.

Thereafter, I performed prayers, Holy Water blessings, incense suffumigations, Offerings to Cyprian and the Divine, readings of several Psalms, and a full-blown Exorcism / Invocation of the power to Conjure all spirits celestial and chthonic through the authority of Christ. As I called out the litany of Divine Names, a mysterious breeze drifted through the Temple with no clear origin since the window and door were both closed. It felt refreshing and invigourating.

I then asked Saint Cyprian to aid me in a formal invocation of the Archangel Samael through prayers and Conjurations from the Heptameron. After the Conjuration, I greeted Samael with Offerings of Frankincense and a candle Offering. I asked him how best to communicate with him. He did not seem to resonate much with the Crystal in which I had asked him to appear, or with lecanomancy in a glass of water offered to Saint Cyprian.

I asked him if he would prefer another method to communicate At this very moment, the Crucifix at the end of the rosary that I had wrapped around Cyprian’s statue after its connecting thread snapped in half yesterday suddenly began to sway. It had been stationary all of this time and there was now no breeze in the room. It was swaying in the direction of the candle I had given as an offering to Samael. I asked for confirmation if he meant he would like me to scry into its flame via pyromancy and the Cross mysteriously swayed again in confirmation, again with no breeze in the room…

I then gazed into the flame as it contorted in fascinating ways. The Spirit seemed to guide me in how best to sustain a kind of quasi-hypnotic gazing trance while opening up my inner senses. I asked Samael if he could tell me anything about death. “Is death an initiation?” I asked. After gazing into the flame for some time, Samael spoke a brief and cryptic, but fascinating and profound answer into my mind: “Death is life.” I asked if he cared to explain what he meant, but he remained silent.

I was reminded of the equally cryptic, but wise instruction I had received from Cyprian on Day I of this Novena — “Be patient.” The message seemed to be to sit with the idea or carry it with me without pushing for too much to be revealed at once. I respected that. I thanked Samael for helping me to learn how to do pyromancy, a process I had never performed before. I also thanked him for his word of wisdom and patience. I asked him if he would be willing to work together again, and the Cross again began to sway. I further asked him if he could empower me with a strengthening influx of his power and he did so; as he did so, I seemed to stand up taller, feeling confident and yet grounded. The feeling reminded me of his presence — strong and mighty, severe yet calming.

Finally, I invited both he and Saint Cyprian to appear in my dreams if they would like to teach anything more. I thanked Samael once more for his guidance and presence and gave him the License to Depart with prayers, blessings of Adonai, and well wishes. I finished with more Psalms, the Canticle of Saint Cyprian, prayers and blessings and formally closed the Temple. Thus ended a very intense Novena Day 2.


Update:  Last night, I had a powerful dream in which a monstrous green disembodied head with large, gnashing teeth attached only to a neck, with no other body parts, appeared before me, snarling viciously. I felt terrified by it and my first impulse was to move to destroy it.

However, at that moment, a figure in the form of a gentle, but stern woman suddenly appeared next to the monstrous creature.

Her eyes were severe and stared straight at me as if at once protective and suggesting that I pay attention. She placed one hand on the creature’s next and gently began to caress it and it amazingly calmed its aggression and settled down…

I was immediately reminded of the core message of the Strength Card. It occurred to me then that a disembodied head cannot possibly be all that dangerous; and yet, I was moved to destroy it.

I was reminded of Cyprian’s message to me once more, “be patient.” With patience, we can calmly consider options beyond rushing to a fear-based response of attacking and destruction when compassion and strength in gentleness may sometimes resolve a situation and calm aggressiveness just as well and without harm.

I am not entirely sure who this mysterious Teacher was, but its energy of calm, severe power was very reminiscent of how I experienced Samael. “Death is life,” he had said, perhaps alluding to the nonduality of phenomena we humans conceptually categorize as “life” and “death,” which to him, appear as not-two, not-separate, ultimately but apparent waves of relativity on the surface of the Absolute.

Indeed, things are not always as they seem. When Saint Cyprian first appeared to me in a dream, he did so in the form of one of my female friends, calling me to join her in working with him. Life and death may not be ontologically opposed states, but rather more continuous in their core reality than we can understand. A situation that seems to prompt a hard, aggressive counterresponse may really call for a strength in compassion, which holds the alchemical power to transmute an apparent threat into a friend. The Way of Love is not always rosy; it may be firm and severe, like Samael, even in pacifying gentleness — the core of the Martial skill of diplomacy.

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